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Fantasy (F/M) Okay so i have a Sudden Craving 👀

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Mystery, Romance


A Tired Veteran Weeb™
Hi hi!! My name is Ariana and i'd KILL for a good F/M high fantasy rp w/ a soft magic system and a slowish-burn romance subplot.

I honestly dont have to many plot ideas aside from a possible skeleton of an idea:
where muse A (my muse) finds muse B (your muse) trapped in stone/in a statis in the middle of nowhere, and the two end up working together to try and figure out who the hell muse b is-- or was.

Again-- kinda skeleton of an idea, so im open to anything!!! I love brainstorming w people, so please Dont Be shy to send me your ideas ♡

Overall, im craving to deal with the more Magical side of the fantasy genre, wanting to play a witch myself. I'll dabble in any mythology elements (Im well versed in Irish/Celtic mythology, Most European Mythology, Japanese Mythology, Polyneasian Mythology, and Carribean Mythology) im MORE than and willing to make a vast world with you for our characters to explore. Honestly, aside from character creation its?? one of my favorite things to do! Id also like to delve a bit into the magic system aswell, since ill be playing a magic user afterall~

Im down for either a more intimate story or a more sprawling adventure, as long as we can get some Serious Character Development/character scenes in, since thats a big thing im looking for rn (along w maybe some romance if the chemistry calls for it).

Now Before i forget, a bit about me, rp wise:

• I'm 22 myself, so id prefer my partner to be +18 aswell

• I only Play Female mains/any gener npcs, mostly because im just getting back into the swing of things and dont feel confident doing a Male Main yet

• I prefer not Doubling Up, but rather picking a Main and taking the time to really flesh them out and interact with one another. I dont mind playing NPCs when need be!

• Im ok with rping in Therads, Pms, Over Discord, or in a google doc! Though for OOC chat, pms and Discord are your best bet.

• I dont need you to post daily, but i can loose muse pretty quickly, so either maybe 3-5 posts a week or maybe some ooc brainstorming/random headcanoning should keep me satiated.

• Meanwhile I can easily post more than once a day, unless something comes up. And ofc id love to talk to you OOC!!

• my Post length MADLY varies depending on the scene/my muse, so i dont need you to postmatch me! just dont give me one liners. a medium sized paragraph or two should do me good if you dont wanna write a lot of fluff

•If youre curious abt my wiritng style, i can happily PM you a sample!

• Im fine with Mature themes when the situation/scene calls for it

• uuuh Id prefer either Drawings or Descriptions for Face Claims/Apperances, mostly because id like to draw a ref sheet for my character. If you only do IRL fcs, i wouldnt mind discussing/doing it if i really like the face you have in mind 👀

• HM CANT THINK OF MUCH ELSE, so if youre intrigued at all, feel feee to PM Me, or send me a message on Discord (Ari™#9301) and well talk it out!!

Thanks for reading this quick and messy request ajcjxkxkjehfkx ♡
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Struggle Sprite


...I actually have trouble to find anything to say after that. Curses.

Anyway, so, I'm interested! If you receive a Discord Friend Request, it'll most certainly be mine! (MkΩ-TWAGGY#9192). In the meantime, I'll use my next post after this one to introduce myself a bit more so you can have an idea of what to expect before we start chatting.


Struggle Sprite
Because might as well keep it fair

So, hai! We're on the internet, I loooove nicknames, so you may refer to me as Lylatt! It's pretty much my gamertag, as I usually use Tortwag/Twaggy everywhere else.
Anyway, nice to meet you, Ariana. Or Arinemone! Or Ari. Whichever makes you comfier, really.

•To begin with, I'm also experimenting on a magic system currently, so I'd be interested to know if I can either use it, or creating one alongside you, assuming you're not already taken (since I'm not the first to answer here, and all).

•As for that skeleton of an idea, welp, it does sound brainstorm-able! Since you're lookin' to restart with F-lead, I wouldn't mind going male! I'm male myself, anyway, so it won't feel particularly strange.

•Right, so magical side of the fantasy genre. Got it! If you're playing a Witch, I'd personally love to have to do something with either toys-that-can-be-used as artifacts, or anything that allows me to mix magic with... hmm... not necessarily hand-to-hand combat, but some sort of martial art. I have some knowledge in a few of them, so I know I could make something using that!
Currently, my eye's set on the Kendama, toy-wise. I'll send pictures over Discord, but it's basically a ball-in-cup type of toy (though if you're a tired veteran weeb, according to your wonderful title, then you prolly know what it looks like).

•I don't have anything for or against romance, so I guess I'll go with the flow on that one? It would depend on the chemistry of our characters, I'd say. I can confidently say that I can definitely write romance, at the very least.

•3-5 posts a week... Hmm, I think it's doable! I'm also 22, currently locked in a job 8 hours a day, but I can write and scheme things during it and come back home to write after it, so I'm certainly not out of time - and if I am, I'll have to try my best to warn you.

•Oh, right, so, I enjoy scheming, and usually like to get a read on who I'm working with by asking them the whys and hows behind their writing, because the more I know about a person, the more I get them, and the more I can either adapt to them or just... Not get in their way. I reveal quite a lot about myself in the schemin' process for the same reason! You don't have to do the same if it makes you uncomfortable, I'm just the kind to try and communicate clearly. I do care about restraint and boundaries, though! I just might miss 'em if they're not stated.

•My post length usually goes for the long-side, but I can adapt! It depends on what the scene requires. So, like, if my next post is just dialogue and limited movement, it's not gonna be as long as, say, a fight scene.

•Mature themes are fine by me as well, for the reasons you stated!

•Okay but my brain is terrible at using descriptions and convert them into real people's faces, I'm also just not an artist (at least not yet), Sooo, I'll be using descriptions for character appearance, as well as references to existing material. Hope that's okay!

Oh, and I do have writing material to share as well, if you need it to see how I typically write. You'd just have to ask me what you want me to share, or to ask me to bring over my "best works", so to speak, and I can share that!

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