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Fandom F.A.T.E | Character Guide


The Regal Rper

Mad Scientist

Project F.A.T.E. Applications

Rules & Guidelines

1. All RpN rules apply. Clearly.
2. For a work in progress, please clearly denote such.
3. Sheets should be coded in such a way they are both legible on PC and Mobile.
4. While you are free to code your sheet however you aesthetically please, it must contain all noted information.
5. Approved Characters will be added to the roster listed below.
6. There is a high likelihood all characters will have a PM session during creation with a DM.
7. Pictures and theme music are encouraged.
8. Kindly do not create your sheet in the form of an interview or first person.
9. Characters related to canon or major families are allowed, but will be under more scrutiny.

Character Roster


Azariah "Zari" Vasher - Meister - Type D Fate Agent

Sara "Brute Tooth" Middleton - Meister - Type D Fate Agent

Raspopova Nadia Semyonovna - Meister - Type D Fate Agent

Zosar "Loki" Raith - Meister - Type E Agent

Thaddeus "Gauss" Thales - Meister (Utility) - Type A Agent

Emmett James - Meister (Prodigy/Utility) - Fate Mentor

Eloise “Elly” Keegan - Meister - Type E Agent


Adrian "The Maiden" Hackney - Autonomous Weapon (Iron Maiden) - Type A Fate Agent

Noah "Electro Stick" Wiley - Weapon (Polearm / Staff) - Type A Fate Agent

Takada Suzu - Weapon (Bell) - Type D Agent

Jarvis Briseis - Bloodsucker Weapon (Gauntlet) - Type E Agent

Daniella Ethalyn - Weapon (Sword) - Type D Agent

Adrasteia Chandrice - Weapon (Whip) - Type D Agent

Prudence Pontmercy - Weapon (Shield) - Type D Agent

Emira "False Reaper" Foust - Autonomous Weapon (Scythe) - Cyrus' Apprentice

Zelda "Jorguün's Halberd" Zemo - Weapon (Halberd) - Fate Mentor

Magic Users

Maria "The Marionette" Mayer - Witch (Dolls) - Type A Agent

Chanterelle Fuir - Witch (Forest) - Type E Agent

Raphael "Whiplash" Valerias - Sorcerer (Chains) - Type D Agent

Ifechi "Ark" Duulwin - Sorcerer (Earth) - Type A Agent

Koiya "Miko" Miyajima - Witch (Oni) - Type D Agent

Edelwiess Irene Marie Brigitta Ursel Emmy Susanne Karoline Luzia "Weiße Hexe aka White Witch" Schwarz-Junius, the Third - Witch (Imbuement) - Fate Mentor / Assistant

Character Skeleton

Traits: (traits include Weapon, Madness, Ice Blood, and Undead--PM if curious)
Hair Color(s):
Eye Color(s):
General Appearance: clothing, accessories, etc.
Personality: we're looking for character traits, strengths, and weaknesses here
F.A.T.E. Status: why you're in the fate project to begin with and what steps have been taken to keep you field stable
History: All history before and during your time at the DWMA
Items on your person: what does your character carry on the daily or into the field? All equipment listed as general equipment in the lore is considered present unless otherwise stated
Soul Type: a brief description of your type of Soul (if special), Soul Signature, and any special wavelength attributes
Fighting Style: Generalized way you fight, include any formal training or pertinent skills
Wavelength Techniques: Do not just list the technique, but at least give some idea of proficiency.
Resonance Techniques: Do not just list the technique, but at least give some idea of proficiency.
Partner: if applicable

Traits: (traits include Weapon, Madness, Ice Blood, and Undead--PM if curious)
Hair Color(s):
Eye Color(s):
General Appearance: clothing, accessories, etc.
Personality: we're looking for character traits, strengths, and weaknesses here
F.A.T.E. Status: why you're in the fate project to begin with and what steps have been taken to keep you field stable
History: All history before and during your time at the DWMA
Items on your person: what does your character carry on the daily or into the field? All equipment listed as general equipment in the lore is considered present unless otherwise stated
Soul Type: a brief description of your type of Soul (if special), Soul Signature, and any special wavelength attributes
Weapon Type: a picture and/or description of your weapon form(s)
Unique Traits: any unique abilities or attributes of your weapon form
Resonance Techniques: Do not just list the technique, but at least give some idea of proficiency.
Partner: if applicable

Traits: (traits include Weapon, Madness, Ice Blood, and Undead--PM if curious)
Hair Color(s):
Eye Color(s):
General Appearance: clothing, accessories, etc.
Personality: we're looking for character traits, strengths, and weaknesses here
F.A.T.E. Status: why you're in the fate project to begin with and what steps have been taken to keep you field stable
History: All history before and during your time at the DWMA
Items on your person: what does your character carry on the daily or into the field? All equipment listed as general equipment in the lore is considered present unless otherwise stated. This will include Magical tools if applicable.
Soul Type: a brief description of your type of Soul (if special), Soul Signature, and any special wavelength attributes
Magical Potency: equivalent most often to the highest spell cast
Types of Magic: Identify your primary type of magic used, then any other your character may use AND their proficiency
Spells: A full list of spells your character can cast with a general description. Descriptions should include what they can do at their highest tier of casting.
Partner: if applicable
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Sir Les Paul

The Duke of Chords
Adrian Hackney




Adrian Aaron Hackney

The Maiden
October 29th, 2049
New York, NY

Human Soul with purple metallic plates

Medium length, layered

Clothing Preferences: Adrian has a penchant for flashy, longer jackets, typically of some designer with brighter colors such as white, light blue, and yellow. He is prone to wearing no shirt or an extremely thin shirt underneath. His jacket sleeves are almost always rolled up (and pinned) at the elbow. As accessories, he often wears black, fingerless gloves and chokers, often highly contrasting his jacket. If he is to wear pants, he will often wear loose fitting ones, but often prefers shorts in the Nevada heat, sometimes even accompanied by flips. In colder weather, he retains his lengthy jacket, but instead wears a heavier trench coat style accompanied by the typical cold weather clothing swaps such as boots, layered pants, and even... fingered gloves.


Weapon Form

Adrian in his weapon form is the quintessential Iron Maiden. His full form stands eight foot, eleven inches with the top eleven inches accounting for his head. The metallic shell of his body is a dull, bronzed material with black oxide stains in various slashes or blood splatter patterns. Across this form, he has various, randomly placed rivets and two short handles on his hinged, opening doors. On his interior are seventy-six total spikes that he can optionally manifest and lengthen alongside a total of six restraining points: one for each limb, one for the waist, and one for the neck--all capable of shifting form. Wrapped around the body of this form are two iron chains that can connect via a single lock.


Autonomous Weapon Primarily due to the constraints of his weapon form, Adrian is an autonomous weapon. He can manifest any of his four limbs into one of the restraints used in his Iron Maiden form and if all four are successfully applied to a target, he can transform barring any obvious physical barriers to encase them in his closed Iron Maiden form. For additional protection, he can manifest the Iron Maiden head around his own head to act as a helmet. Adrian can manifest either of his arms into the large round doors of his Iron Maiden and coat them in spikes as aggressively as he sees fit. Additionally, he can manifest spikes anywhere on his body, up to sixteen at any given time in various sizes. While there are limitations on his sizes the more he creates, his main two would be two large three foot spikes that would protrude from his hands which he can adjust in length on the fly, up to that maximum of three feet.

CQC As an Autonomous Weapon, Adrian has trained in martial arts, specifically Krav Maga and Vale Tudo. In combat, Adrian is highly aggressive with no restrain, his fundamental goal to eliminate his target with absolute haste and no discretion. Adrian is at no lack of options to complete this task, either. Defensively, Adrian can manifest not just shields, but spikes from any point on his body and his Iron Maiden helmet to prevent head trauma while only gaining slight tunnel vision due to it. Offensively, Adrian is prone to creating spikes from his palms, fingertips, elbows, knees, and even the top portion of his feet at any given time. He his fighting style also has him often starting his combat with his palm spikes only extended to two feet, six inches, so that he can surprise a target with a sudden extension if need be. The only limitation on this particular implementation is that he cannot create a "Spike on top of a spike" meaning the origin of a spike must start at a point on his body. Even if this fighting style is not successful in lethality, the combination of it with his Pain Wavelength can make it highly effective at disorienting a target.

Wavelength Amplification While typically reserved for Meisters, Wavelength Amplification is an important tool for Autonomous Weapons as well. Compared to a Meister of equivalent age and skill, Adrian is nowhere near as refined with this skill and his body has not adapted to using it as consistently, although it has definitely strengthened. This is mostly due to his split time training with Partial Transformations, Martial Arts, and controlling his Pain Wavelength. That said, Adrian can still muster up impressive bonuses to his physical attributes using Wavelength Amplification. His primary focus is on speed and dexterity with his combat method revolving around his spikes. His overall stamina in using Wavelength amplification is little different than a comparable Meister, his primary deficits existing in his gains and skill with the technique.

Soul Perception As Adrian is not intended to be used by a Meister and Soul Perception is an important factor in training, it became a skill he was taught, although it is far from his best. Adrian's Soul Perception is not particularly clear or long range, only being able to identify Soul Signatures in a 10 foot radius around him and beyond that only being able to make out vague types of Souls before his Perception becomes blurs at best. His Soul Perception also requires active effort to maintain. The only notable trait of his Soul Perception is that he can perceive with significant clarity the Soul of any target that comes into contact with one of his Spikes or is trapped inside his Iron Maiden. If entirely encapsulated within the Iron Maiden, his Perception can see through even Soul Protect and Suppression.

Pain Wavelength Adrian has a unique wavelength insofar that he can manipulate the pain receptors of anyone he comes in contact with. He can either completely eliminate the sensations of pain of anyone he touches in any form or subsequently increase their pain to the degree that a papercut would feel like a sword slash. He cannot turn pressure reception into pain, instead he can only enhance or weaken it. This effect will linger for several minutes in a target he applies it to, but will ultimately fade, and with sufficient wavelength can be overpowered and/or removed such as any other wavelength.

Resonance Adrian rarely uses his Iron Maiden form in earnest, although when he does, it is primarily to restrain a target or if his normal spiked combat is proven unsuccessful thus either capturing them or attempting to impale him inside his hollow form would be his last resort. If a target is trapped inside his Iron Maiden for a sufficient time and are punctured by his spikes, Adrian can begin pumping his wavelength into them in a grueling form of torture resulting in intense delirium without the otherwise potentially fatal consequences. Otherwise, his Iron Maiden can be used to store or otherwise protect allies.

Self-Resonance As he functions as an Autonomous Weapon, Adrian has developed some level of Self-Resonance to benefit from Wavelength Amplification. Exclusively when partially transformed, Adrian can resonate with himself to briefly give himself a boost to his physical attributes, but more so enhance his Spikes. Adrian specifically uses this in one of two ways: a massive boost to his physical traits to increase the speed and damage his spikes can do or to briefly enhance all of his spikes to their maximum length of 3 feet and apply his Pain Wavelength. Either use, however, is incredibly draining for him to utilize.


Personality Adrian is competitive, ambitious, and energetic. One might even call him aggressive. He's always up for a new challenge to test his skills and isn't outside of the realm of picking a fight just to see if he can win. Despite this rash nature, he isn't immediately hot headed or stupid in his approach to combat. He is surprisingly creative and intuitive in the use of his spikes and how to use them in unique ways to deal with a target or adjust to the circumstances. While not quick to anger precisely, he does have an abrasive attitude and a fair amount of pride, and often is quite outspoken with these traits. When he is in the midst of battle and his initial plans fail, he tends to gain tunnel vision and attack at faster, more ferocious speeds. This also translates to how he interacts with people. When excited, he tends to speak faster and more assertively to an almost overwhelming degree. And, amidst an argument, when his first statements fail, he is quick to reply in quick statements with an argumentative tone and it isn't outside of his personality to throw mean-spirited insults.

F.A.T.E. Status Adrian is in F.A.T.E. due to his lack of general team work, aggressive nature, and instance of hurting another Agent in the field after getting tunnel vision on a target due to inconsiderate use of his spikes. Adrian is considered a Type A Fate Agent due to his behavior being his primary issue. While his weapon transformations and even Wavelength could be considered dangerous to others, they are in control when Adrian himself is in control. In that sense, he would be no more dangerous than any other weapon. He has since underwent remedial courses for teamwork and communication skills as well as anger management programs.


Adrian was born before the advent of the MIBVI outbreak, but his formative years were spent saturated with the news of the outbreak and the devastation is caused. Like many children of this time, every facet of his life was changed due to the outbreak. Schools were often closed, countries were in a panic, the economy was in a recession due to the impact on world trade and shut down borders. His home life in New York, while not terrible or afflicted with MIBVI, was very reclusive due to implemented protocols and quarantine due to the mass hysteria surrounding the fear of such a populated area being infected. Many of his first friends ultimately moved away to rural areas due to this. His siblings, an older brother and younger sister, were most of what he had, but that wasn't exactly the best for him either. His brother was a full five years older than him and ran away from home, as many did, due to the nature of the quarantine and ultimately landed himself in juvenile hall within New York for thievery and vandalism.

Adrian might have followed this same path with his angsty nature and the sheer lack of things to do during this time, but just as he hit the age of eleven, his first partial transformations occurred and knowing their mother had the Weapon Gene on their side, his family opted to send him to the DWMA. Even during this trying times, the DWMA was still accepting weapons, for NOT or potentially EAT, from families that reported these incidences. The transition was nothing short of culture shock. While the DWMA was definitely different and bustling, it did not have the same lockdown procedures as New York. Yes, there were quarantine zones and precautions, but much more about MIBVI was known there, and even field Agents of the DWMA were taken through a long decontamination process before entering Death City. Unlike his home town, he could go out. Attend school. Visit a park. Play with kids his age.

Adrian found all of his pent up energy being burned through in his time at the DWMA, first in NOT classes. He actually enjoyed school. He was rough and rowdy, played sports when available, but he was otherwise little different from the average kid there. It only took a few months for him to learn how to control the basics of his Weapon Form. An Iron Maiden, a device for torture and completely stationary. Upon proving he had mastered this transformation, typically one would finish their year of education and return home. Adrian picked it up quickly and his weapon form itself was dismissed as not being combat applicable. Thing was, Adrian didn't want to go back and he took the the statement of his weapon form being not suitable for the field as a challenge.

Before the end of that year, Adrian had practiced partial transformations and picked up enough to demonstrate that he might have had use as an Autonomous Weapon. This was a very rare situation, but he was given more time to demonstrate this and more appropriate training. In the additional year he spent in the DWMA, he not only honed in his partial transformations, but took on martial arts offered and it was through that more rigorous training that his Pain Wavelength was discovered. During sparring sessions in Martial Arts, there were consistent complaints of his strikes hurting and causing intense pain, often causing backlash on him. However, as his skills and Pain Wavelength developed, so did the pain it caused. Soon enough, a single strike could debilitate an individual and convince them they had broken bones, only to recover briefly after. This caused a considerable amount of strife for Adrian at first, but again being the DWMA it wasn't long before one of his targets were examined with Soul Perception and it was determined that it was his wavelength, not his individual strikes, that were causing this issue.

These factors all compounded for specialized training for Adrian to learn how to control his Wavelength and when it was active as well as use it with his Partial Weapon Transformations. There was some level of vindication for Adrian during this phase of his life as his skills were coming together to demonstrably be useful, but also that he wasn't actually--or at least intentionally--harming the people around him. His proficiency in his training led to his acceptance into the EAT program and later being taught important skills a Weapon would not normally learn, such as Soul Perception, Wavelength Amplification, and Self-Resonance. With these skills under his belt, at the age of fifteen, Adrian was able to complete the One Star training exam with relative ease, defeating his golem in a mere 7 minutes despite its protective shell.

Adrian spent a large majority of his early life entirely cooped up or having to prove himself. In the field, this led to a complex of him consistently having to prove he was useful. There seemed to be a stigma against Autonomous Weapons as it was well known they rarely surpassed Two Star Rank and their abilities tended to taper off as a single individual could not feasibly hope to compare to two, even two Autonomous Weapons. This resulted in Adrian going out of his way to prove his usefulness and efficacy. And, in combat, you could argue he did. In just six months, Adrian had consumed eleven corrupted Souls. However, his competitive nature and aggression consistently were problems within the field and his reluctance to engage in teamwork even more so.

Just as he had turned sixteen, Adrian was removed from the field due to impaling one of his teammates on a mission to hunt a monstrous scorpion creature within the Mojave desert. His spikes were proving ineffectual at piercing the chitinous armor and when attempting to use Self-Resonance, he placed himself in a precarious situation that required the use of his spikes to retreat. This resulted in the thigh one of his teammates being stabbed entirely through, the failure of the mission, and the necessitation of an extraction team. All of this was compounded on by the additional facts their team leader had called for Adrian to retreat in an attempt to use a ranged approach. Harming a teammate, insubordination, and the failure of a mission marred his record and he was originally to be placed on indefinite relieve while the DWMA determined what do with him, given his record of lesser but similar offenses.

The F.A.T.E. Program was in this stage being introduced and Adrian was offered the opportunity to join it to get back out in the field. While another avenue over months or years might have presented itself to return, the F.A.T.E. Program offered a way to be out, continue DWMA functions, retain at least some title, and perhaps provide some of the actual help he needed. Adrian reviewed the program and weighed his options; the idea of being a Fate Agent was not one he was keen on... but guilt weighed heavily on his mind. He actually quite liked the specific teammate he hurt, and they were still in the hospital recovering with physical therapy on the horizon. Whether it was guilt or impatience, Adrian found himself erring on the side of the F.A.T.E. Program, especially after reviewing that a Type A Agent like himself would be among the more minor problems present. Since then, Adrian has completed several courses for teamwork and communication as well as went through anger management courses with the intention of helping him interpersonally and preventing his tendency for tunnel vision.



- Adrian is left-handed.
- Adrian hates his stage name, but keeps it due to a lost dare.
- Neither of Adrian's siblings demonstrated the Weapon Gene, but his mother did.
- Adrian is a fan of contact sports, such as football, but hates sports where fouls may often be called such as basketball.
- Adrian loves fighting games and is actually quite good at them, stemming from his time in isolation at a young age
- Adrian likes spicy food, specifically spicy sushi rolls

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    ~Full Name~
    Kasper J. Rossweisse
    ~Stage Name~
    Demon Weapon
    ~Height | Weight~
    6ft 3| 149lbs
    ~Weapon Type~
    Demon Gun
    Type C F.A.T.E Agent
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Prizzy Kriyze

Multiple Stab Wounds

Azariah Vasher.jpg
"Oh- oh no. Oh shit. Not again."
Azariah "Zari" Vasher
Basic Information




Madness of Justice - The madness Azariah has absorbed through his wavelength manifested as an obsession with violently righting wrongs in his vicinity. The effect is immediate, and while a Madness like this could have good results in fringe cases, Azariah's sense of morals seldom align with that of the general populace, especially when under the pressure of Madness.

Five Feet, Ten Inches

Hair Color
Bleach Blond

Eye Color

General Appearance
Azariah is tattooed rigorously from the mouth down, covered in skeletal motifs, eyes and dead trees, with "MEMENTO MORI" written out with stacked letters from between his collarbones down to his waistline, all in the same half-finished style, as if someone only spilled the ink on him. Seldom is much more than his hands and neck seen, as he exclusively wears white button-up shirts with every button to the collar done. Always accompanying his long-sleeved shirts are black elastic slacks, sometimes held in place by leather belts and sometimes by equally black suspenders. The lines by his mouth often give the false impression that he's smiling, but rarely do the corners of his mouth move much at all.

His hair is cut but always disheveled and pushed backwards as to stay out of his face. His large pale eyes are also sometimes framed by a pair of black-rimmed reading glasses, but without those and with his tattoos concealed, Azariah is monochrome enough to fade into a plaster wall.


Personality & Bio
Azariah is as blind to the emotional tribulations of his contemporaries as he is desperate for kinship with them. A life long lived with lethal threats and horrifying torments as a day-to-day fact messed with his head, but ultimately he wishes to do the right thing and deserve the respect and appreciation of his peers. Every step of the way to the DWMA and every choice he's made to get here reflects that fact, but his sometimes childish mannerisms have a tendency to make him misunderstood. A certain degree of patience and tolerance is necessary, but he can open up to be a very kind an excitable character.

He has a poor understanding of social norms, and isn't unlikely to use abnormal body language or speak tactlessly about subjects like death and suffering. Contrary to this, he may suddenly have very adverse reactions to some actions and statements, as his sense of nuance is just as poor as his empathy.

F.A.T.E Status
Due to his difficult trauma, mostly former antisocial behaviour, madness infection and detrimental wavelength, Azariah didn't qualify for the regular EAT courses and barely even for the F.A.T.E program. If it weren't for his unique abilities and excellency in passing the one-star meister exam - he was quoted saying "If they could make Golems like me there would be no need for Meisters in the first place." - he would've likely spent the rest of his days in an asylum somewhere. Still, following the fiasco of his first deployment, whereupon he accidentally drained his weapon dry of energy, lost himself to his madness, and caused the DWMA extreme expenditures on damage control, he was removed from the program.

Azariah is on his second application, having been forced to take a year long break to go through intense therapy and Clear Mind training, as well as having to heavily practice Wavelength Suppression as a methods to keeping his wavelength from affecting allies. He's been reintroduced as a Type D agent on the condition that he wears both a Madness Inhibitor Collar and an Incapacitator Collar during active deployment, and that his therapist sends a monthly attestation that Azariah understands the necessity of both these items is a bad thing, and should not be treated as a fail-safe in case things go wrong.


Vasher wasn't his real name, but it's better this way. Azariah is looking to leave his past behind, after all.

The Yakuza of Tokyo is a beast with many heads, and their public image is disputed among the common folk. Some perceive them as protectors, some as scum, some as businessmen, but it all boils down to who's in power in that area. Azariah's father, Katashi, was one of these many Yakuza leaders, and perhaps one of the least competent and most violent. His aim was always to conquer by force, and he had no qualms about using his own children to that end. Following the advent of Black Star's improvement of the world's armies, it was a dream to anyone in the underworld to have their own contingent of Meister retainers, but only Katashi was truly looking to make this a reality. He would make the greatest, strongest killers and troops Japan would ever see.

Azariah was a special case. Not long after his birth he was found to be nearly completely blind, making him completely unsuited for the plans his father had. Instead, he was sent to live with a fringe member of the gang, to be both out of sight and out of mind. The member, unhappy with having a child entrusted to them, passed him onto their parents to be taken care of. Out of all his siblings, Azariah alone was offered a chance to live a normal childhood under these two adoptive parents.

For a while things were well. Every once in a while the Yakuza would check up on him, but other than that he lived normally. A little too normally for a blind child. His adoptive parents noted that even though he couldn't see or read, Azariah didn't need a white cane to walk and was able to find objects without help. They had heard stories of remaining senses being amplified when one is lost, but the effectiveness with which Azariah was able to use his hearing seemed disproportional. On one of the visits from the Yakuza, a member picked up on the oddity and reported it back to his father. Katashi's interest was piqued, and he ordered Azariah to be returned to his care.

Katashi attempted to proceed with the training that Sion had been meant to go through if he wasn't visually impaired, and was surprised to find that he was quite capable of most everything that his siblings had been. Simultaneously, he started hiring doctors and experts to look into Azariah's condition. They concluded both that his hearing was likely the natural manifestation of exceptional Meister abilities, and that his blindness was reversible with surgery. The news had Katashi celebrating, and before long Azariah was down the path of his siblings.
Early Teens
Azariah, on the other hand, was not celebrating. Day out, day in, practice. He wasn't used to this kind of violent environment. As soon as his eyesight had been restored, he was submitted to a brutal training regime that left him sore and catching his breath until he drifted off to sleep from exhaustion each night. All the masters and teachers he had referred to him as young master out of respect or fear for his father. He'd never had a chance to get to know Katashi, but the way all the adults lowered their voices to whispers when they spoke of him made his stomach knot. And why didn't he get to see his siblings? He'd imagined so much about them for so many years, but whenever he caught glances of them someone would turn his head away.

It all came to be revealed when he hit his eleventh birthday, and the conditioning started. According to his father, a good soldier is one who does not question orders, doesn't fear death, and carries out his tasks. Pain were to become a blurry memory after this severe abuse, insubordination a bizarre taboo after the Kafkaesque indoctrination, and morality a pointless farce after seeing the horrible things humanity is capable of. His siblings had all gone through the very same thing, but by the time Azariah got to meet them he had become too similar to them to realize what lifeless impersonations of people they were. Like good little soldiers.

Power belonged to those that would take it, and any acts of charity or mercy made you weak, lazy, and frail; this was the idea that had been beaten into him.

Azariah trained with fledgling demon weapons to practice his capabilities as a Meister. Be they the children of other Yakuza members with the weapon gene, or trafficked kids with nowhere else to go, they were the only source of socializing that Sion was spared; and the power dynamic was not fair. Azariah was learning how to fight quickly, but his latent unique wavelength was starting to make itself known. None of the untrained demon weapons could keep up with its draining power for long, and they were being worn to their bones and disposed of on the daily. The practice, repeated for weeks, months, and years, turned Azariah malicious and sadistic. He performed evil actions, so in his mind he naturally had to be evil. Evil people enjoy being evil. Cruelty became second nature, and Katashi could not be prouder. Not only was his last born son a natural killer, but in his ignorance Katashi presumed that Azariah was so powerful that no weapon could keep up with him, when in fact it was his inexperience with spiritual abilities that broke them. One or two of his instructors tried to tell him as much, but they were never heard from again.

Being placed on a pedestal, only interacting with the demon weapons that he was given as slaves, and the physical and psychological pressure cracked his mind. He was becoming sadistic, angry; apathetic to the suffering of those around him and only vaguely aware of the voice in the back of his head desperately trying to save him. His pride swallowed everything that wasn't praise, and hid it deep in the corners of his mind. It all came to a head when he was sent on his first mission along with three of the demon weapons. It was a simple raid on a warehouse, but it went very, very wrong. They ended up getting caught in an explosion, and only Azariah managed to get out alive. He spent a long time recovering from his injuries, and in those quiet moments he was forced to reflect on how he'd failed such a simple task. He, who was promised to be so infallible. In his poor sense of self and confusion, he mistook the guilt of letting his partners die for disappointing his father, and a sense of hopelessness set in.
Late Teens
In an attempt to hide his shame, he covered his scarred body with tattoos. Morbid artworks pertaining to death, loss, and the inevitable end. He kept pushing forward blindly, giving up his free will more or less completely to let senior Yakuza order him around as a mindless mercenary. Subconsciously he felt guilt for the damage he'd caused. Consciously, he thought that his imperfection prohibited him from making his own calls. If he wasn't faultless, what right did he have to make his own choices? He struggled finding ways to conform to his surroundings, but somewhere in the depths of his mind, a seedling of doubt had begun to spread. He began to question. He began to feel that knot in his stomach again.

Unbeknownst to him, the repeated warfare against criminal opponents was taking a toll. His wavelength, still poorly understood, had been siphoning the soul energies of his enemies each time he fought, and a large subset of them were nurturing Madness wavelengths either from prior exposure to the MIBVI virus or due to their decadent lifestyles. A little flicker of darkness was beginning to grow in the crevices of his mind.

But he was older now, and whether or not he still liked it, violence kept coming to him. Attacks on his apartment, his father's power-hungry missions, and the expectations of his contemporaries within the Yakuza. It was a lot for a teenager to have on his shoulder. He had to have one or more of his demon weapons at his side at any and all times, and sleep was a faint memory. It didn't help that things were beginning to go downhill for Katashi's branch of the Yakuza either; most of the other leaders were tired of his power fantasies and they were slowly getting cut off. The kind of slow methodical disconnect from any and all businesses they ran that the Yakuza leveled against them wasn't something Katashi was capable of defending against. He only knew might, and didn't have the brain to back up his operations.

The eventual downfall came from Azariah. In the times where he'd had very little oversight from his father, he had presented his mad, childlike questions about morality and the human condition to his shocked demon weapon slaves. They were horrified to find that he had such a rudimentary understanding of people at his age, and half out of fear, half out of genuine concern answered and guided him in his strange dilemma. They started to become important to him - perhaps even friends - and slowly Azariah began to value companionship more than violence. The emotional warmth he'd gotten a taste for made more sense than the cold and loveless environment he lived in.

The change in his nature didn't go unnoticed. Before long, one of his siblings noticed how friendly he was being with his demon weapons and reported it back to their father. Katashi wouldn't let this weakness go unpunished, and one morning Azariah awoke to none of his "friends" replying to his texts. Concern became fear became neuroticism. The Madness in him urged him to seek them out, and as he reached the first one's home he came face to face with one of his very siblings leaving the apartment with blood spilling over the threshold. He froze in his tracks and could only barely register his brother's voice as he tried to lecture him on becoming too chummy with his subordinates. The lecture turned to pleads of mercy as the Madness Wavelength finally overtook his conditioning, and Azariah executed his first family member.

The following weeks are a blur. Azariah vaguely remembers sleeping on the street, stalking out his siblings' apartments. Only when he stood over the brutalized corpse of his father did the madness retreat from his eyes, and he put his bloodied and aching hands to his face and cried for the first time.

There would no longer be a future for him in Tokyo, he understood that much. The rain poured as he torched his family home and disappeared into the night.

But now, unhinged and afraid, he managed to stay lucid enough to know that he needed help. Neurotic, he turned his hopes to the DWMA.

Skills & Equipment
Madness Inhibitor & Incapacitator Collars - Azariah was notoriously bad at keeping his madness in check before his therapy, and to prevent an event like the one leading to his original expulsion he's forced to wear these during deployment. Originally a Wavelength Disruptor was planned in place of the Incapacitator Collar, but this idea was quickly scrapped when Azariah's wavelength proved completely immune to this effect.

GPS Implant - Though it is no longer especially necessary, Azariah himself asked for a GPS Implant in case he lost control again as he "had no future outside the DWMA".

Magitech Communicator - Standard Magitech Communicator unit.

Survival Combat Knife - Ten inch combat knife Azariah keeps as an option, should he lose control of his wavelength and have it affect his partner.

Fighting Style
Azariah has received masterful training in most traditional weaponry, reached the highest honor in half a dozen martial arts, spent a lot of time at gun ranges, and has the experience to improvise with any unholy assortment of scraps to get ahead in combat; but the constant switching back and forth between different weapons as the situation dictated left him diversified and perhaps even uncomfortable with the idea of specializing himself in the ways of a single weapon. He is fast and flexible, opting to narrowly dodge attacks and deliver swift counters with his wavelength, turning his opponents wavelength against them and conserving his own energy until he needs it.

In battle he strikes fast and hard, with ingrained brutality that serves to cause potential secondary opponents to waver. Years of non-stop warfare has left him with honed instincts and a surprising aptitude with analyzing his opponent, in spite of his otherwise often lacking mental faculties. There's no such thing as fighting dirty; the victor writes history anyway. Whatever knowledge he lacks only having been trained by freelance meisters and non-spiritual martial masters, he more than makes up for in experience. He's seen all sorts of fighting styles, and has a counter up his sleeve for almost anything. His high tolerance to pain, however, sometimes cause him to simply receive blows for no good reason.

Soul Type

Soulfire Wavelength
Azariah's soul looks like a ball of pale fire.

When introduced to another soul, his wavelength absorbs it like fuel to burn even brighter. Mechanically, this means that while Azariah is in physical contact with another creature with a soul, he weakens them as he empowers himself. This effect serves as some resistance against magic and soul-based attacks as well, but forces him to experience the unique wavelength of their casters, should they have one. After years of spiritual training Azariah has learned to prevent this ability from affecting allies that he can maintain close bonds to, but if he loses focus it's still likely he "burns" his partner from time to time. The spiritual training also enabled him to increase or decrease the ability's power somewhat, but the more he burns his opponent's energy the less he benefits from it himself.

Originally he referred to this wavelength as a "Parasitic Wavelength", but at the suggestion of his therapist he changed the name to something less condemning.

Wavelength Techniques
Soul Sense - An ability based in the essentials of soul perception, but with a lack of formal Meister training comes different iterations. Azariah was born nigh-blind, and his first Meister-like qualities manifested as his ability to nearly perceive like a normal person by sound alone, and sense souls. Sion hears exceptional wavelengths like the rustling of leaves or the rustling of chains; like booming cannons or soft music, each unique in its own pattern and unique to each person. He doesn't quite know what to make of the sounds he hears, but it aids his awareness and allows him to somewhat track certain targets by the sound they make. This made him uniquely receptive to sound-based attacks, but with years of practice under his belt he can dull this ability as long as he keeps focus.

Wavelength Amplification - Amplifying his physical attributes with the fire that is his soul came naturally to Azariah, and he's become expertly proficient with it. He sometimes uses it unconsciously, with clumsy results.

Soul Perception - It took long, but Azariah is now capable of rudimentary Soul Perception. His range is short and his visions fuzzy, but he's capable of perceiving souls finally.

Soul Force - Thanks to his wavelength, Azariah tires his opponent rather than himself with this ability, as he uses their own energy to power his attack. He has learned to compound his own power on top of it as well, increasing its power twofold.

Soul Drain - An ability unique to him and his wavelength, as far as Azariah has understood it. It requires prolonged exposure and isn't effective in the middle of combat against an unwilling target, but might be able to achieved during a grapple or some such. Azariah accelerates his wavelength to a raging inferno, at which point he's expending too much energy to benefit from his wavelength, but quickly exhausting the energy of his opponent. This can be initiated against friendly targets for a quick boost to Azariah's power, or against a foe for a nonlethal victory. This ability is far too difficult to control for Azariah to keep it from affecting any ally he may be in physical contact with.

Wavelength Suppression - Zari is largely incapable of diminishing the presence of his soul, but thanks to a year of practice in wavelength suppression he's learned not to let his Soulfire Wavelength affect his allies and hide the immediate excitement and intentions of his soul.

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    H | W
    5'11 | 168

    A | Meister

    False Name
    Jacob Zose Straugg

    True Name
    Zosar Everett Raith

    June 21, 2047


    American | Oregon, Portland



    Stage Name


    Eye Color

    Hair Color
    Black With White Streaks, Long Bangs, Short


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The lord of randomness and the warp
but cat-sized

Name: Xander Shino
Age: 18
Gender: male
Species: monster cat
Traits: monster kat?
Height: 6'2
Hair Color(s): white and black
Eye Color(s): blue
General Appearance: prefers somewhat tight clothes or thin shirts and the like. a cape or big cloak for keep warm sometimes too

Personality: Xander is a cat by nature through and through, he loves attention physical or otherwise mostly due to a dislike of being lonely. Can get overly cuddly and flirty when the mood suits him. And can be a bit lazy at times. With the cats similar slightly malicious tendencies towards things on tables. This doesn’t magically change around friends he maintains his cheeky streak but like a cat, he will be there to comfort and help out in his own cat-like way, tho he’s been trying to force himself to be a better person and well less of an asshole cat, as that one of the conditions of him getting out of this program

F.A.T.E. Status: constant behavioural issues involving abusing his powers purely for his own enjoyment, and causing using for teammates during missions leading to multiple injuries.

Xander was the Bastard son of a Male monster cat and a regular house cat. As such the kitten litter was sold by the owners as pet without much thought about the matter. Sold to a pair of siblings by the names of Samantha and Jessie Shino. Everything was fine and normal for the first few months Xander was just like any house cat, of course eventually, the Magic started to build up and thusly intelligence as well. To put it simply when your role models are a set of sometimes squabbling siblings it isn’t the best environment to learn about the world. But that was all Xander had and he wasn’t intent on giving up the attention and free stuff that came with being a house cat over this. The siblings however did notice their cat was acting kind of strange. As Xander just seemed a lot more aware of everything than a regular cat to them. Without much proof to gone on this continued as they were for the next three years Xander occasionally just disappearing to blow off a bit of steam usually to the detriment of gardens and other places. What Xander had not expected was Samantha following him out of the house, and actually saw their cute cat turn into a person.. The girl's reaction was one of disbelief and excitement, Because first off, what the hell my cat was a person… and secondly OMG our cat is so cool.

This incident resulted in Xander asking Samantha to keep it a secret.. Of course, being a kid she didn’t, telling Jessie and subsequently, the siblings told their parents about Xander leading to him having to come clean about what he was. The family took it, ok not exactly well since it was fairly uncomfortable to think the pet cat that had been hanging around with your kids was an intelligent humanoid shapeshifting cat. But he sort of ended up becoming part of the family and neither Samantha nor Jessie wished to give up their cool pet. A few more years passed, both kids having grown up considerably, having their own friend group and people to socialise with leaving a lot less time for Xander who felt kind of abandoned at that point. So Samantha and Jessie parents suggested he properly enrol into the mage guild so that he could do something productive with his spare time, and to just get rid of the annoying cat for a while. Seeing no better option Xander went along with the idea, of course, his cattiness followed him and the monster cat was a definite troublemaker even though he was passing fairly well, graduating after some years, Jessie and Samantha having grown up considerably during this time having gotten jobs and somewhat more distant, but with the return of there childhood magical cat and the sad reality of it be really weird to have a man cat hanging about especially with the relationship built up between them all. both told Xander his powers would be better as an Agent of DWMA seeing as that's what he'd known for so long Asher Trusted the Siblings judgment wholeheartedly reapplying as an Agent, and while everything was going fairly well its hard to take the Cat out of the monster cat fully. despite his best efforts, Xander proved to be an effective but relatively Hazardous agent just to his kattiness

Items on your person: tends to carry a somewhat blade-like umbrella that's for personal self-defence a pocket watch and a large oversized cape

Soul Type: monster cat soul
Magical Potency: level 2
Types of Magic: fireworks: a mix of destructive spells and dazzling illusions and the like.
reconstruct: allows for the repair of small inorganic objects like glasses and mugs at level one it can repair things like bowls or vase

Dazzling barrage: up to 8 basketball Sized orbs of colourful fire form closely around the user and are then launched at an opponent spinning through the air exploding upon contact in a fiery detonation dealing respectable damage.

flashbang dazzle: a sparkly but harmless explosion of light colour and sound can be caused in a target area the flashbang effect doesn’t discriminate best not be looking at it if you like seeing effect lasts for about 20 seconds.

shrieker: the caster fires a single large glowing rocket from there hand after a few seconds flying through the air with its distinctive shrieking noise upon impact or remotely detonated causing burning explosion and a thunderous grumbling shock wave of damage that somewhat directed forward from the point of impact

iridescent simulacrum: allows for the forming of a single glowing illusory copies of the caster or others for now easy to tell apart from the original will also be coated In the same iridescent glow
Partner: N/A

extra stuff: what the siblings look like
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Runs with Axes
Roleplay Type(s)
Name: Nadia Semyonov (Raspopova Nadia Semyonovna)

Age: 21 - DOB: August 24th, 2046

Gender: Female (Heterosexual)

Species: Human - Jorguün Hybrid (multi-generational)

Traits: Ice Blood

Height: 190cm (6'2") - Hair Color: Silver - Eye Color: Blue

General Appearance: Nadia wears a stylized black pinstriped suit top with white sleeves, collar with embroidery and ribbon tie, a stylized black skirt, black stockings, combat boots and black fingerless gloves with a maid headpiece and two hair ribbons, though small. She is rarely seen outside of this getup though she does seem to have other clothes or at least several changes of what she currently wears. Also wears a pair of hip/leg holsters with mounting straps for her knives and some other equipment. Has two pockets on her top for additional items.

Alternative View
Nadia's personality could be summed up as a demanding battle nut that believes in the worth of the strong and unrelenting battle who is cold as ice, and while correct it still doesn't cover everything in detail.

Nadia was at her core a child that knows and knew next to nothing about her past, origin and minus the native tongue of her Mother Russia she has fragmented memories and came to know of America via the refugee camps and her long journey to there and nowhere to return into her adulthood, of war and strife. Professing and having a Loyalty for Black Star thanks to his Dojos and to the DWMA for giving her a future, she never exactly got the "team" aspect of being a hunter down. She believes in the rule of the strong and fought for her existence during one of the worst disasters in modern history among people that did not care and took on the mindset of a wolf with her natural aggression being heightened by the Jorguün blood that runs through her veins. Believing in her own power and having a sense of gratitude she would each passing year of growth in her power become more certain in it, less trusting of allies and considering many to be weak.

Her Philosophy on team missions became personified as "Okay, there is one speed. Mine. Don't step up if you can't keep up." And her brutal and direct manner of fighting and enjoyment of it left her ever more estranged in the following years of massive change with the advent of Magitech and the massive downsizing of the DWMA, coupled with her sheer power led to her promotion to the ranking of two-star and no further, frustrating her to no end. This with the rising hostility to the people she regards as her saviors led her to see quality above quantity to be more important. However, her latest antics and lingering PTSD and uncared for mental and emotional issues led to a brutal assault towards an ally, beyond what one would have expected of the clean dressed woman. She is still sore over that and comes to see any who judge her as being too weak to do what needs to be done, too soft, too blind to the war engulfing them all even now.

Bringing up her past or her nature as a slum refugee that found a home in America in a negative way is one of the few things that will set her off if one should learn about it and invites a reprisal from the Strong (Wo)Man. Nadia is unforgiving of weakness and holds a heavy armor up around herself, not tolerating failure or sympathy, strength is what one operates with. Power is what gains one's way. The long winters never ended; these people had forgotten that.

She does have a nicer side to her and will give her protection to those under her as she tests them or if she sees them to be of worth, something very few can claim. At heart she wishes to not have an ally to fall, but to grow strong, though she has never been able to voice this properly and in the heat of the moment tends to burn bridges when pressed. Her hair ribbons hint at a feminine side and she is known to enjoy cups of hot tea. In spite of seemingly being a brute she is rather cleaver and somewhat educated for a slum refugee with a love for Russian Art and song. Or mayhap because of it. She wears a maid ribbon in remembrance of her mother.

F.A.T.E. Status: Type D mix of B and A. Nadia's personality issues and so-called lessons of history combine to make a Meister that is difficult to deal with and down looking upon others. Because of her potential and history as a Two-Star the DWMA is hesitant to let her go for her value and fear of her becoming an enemy. Something that she made very tangible to her ex partner Klaus Rufford.

Into the beginnings of the Virus, to a Father named Artyom and a mother Natalyia, and brother Nikoli, Nadia remembers nothing of this period or even the early years of the outbreak, but the further one gets into it, the more she remembers, with some memories dating back to when she was five, when MIBVI was starting to rip across the world, not even the far-flung regions of the Russian Far East were safe. Growing up in Vladivostok, Nadia was but a normal school child, well one that was always a bit stronger, more durable and bigger than the rest, she recalls with some embarrassment and anger being called Giant Nadi by the other children, she also recalls the lockdowns and the Russian Army being at every intersection with units of the MVD. She recalls her father being a large man with blue eyes, a Captain in said Army, her mother being a servant, a maid to be more spot on, a bother who was a few years older, big and strong. The long winters, the short summers and the occasional gunshots, the terrors and her missing father. For seven long years until an event known as the Vladivostok Cleansing took place in the early spring of 2053. Though the "Cleansing" wasn't the initial plan or intention. And because of this she remembers the fires and smoke, the bodies and the struggle.

After the previous years combating the Virus on an exposed outpost, Russia applied for Aid with the United Nations and the DWMA as did many others, Vladivostok became its own tomb as regional efforts were focused upon the area's principle major city as an ultimate form of Irony took hold. The virus broke out among the defense units sent to defend the selfsame city that they now turned their guns upon in a senseless orgy of violence and destruction. The situation quickly got out of control and a half year into it the Russians addmitted to having lost all control of public order as it desperately attempted to move more forces in, even going so far as to ask other nations for help. For her part the Family survived off of the food supplies of the city, what supplies Moscow brought in and going so far as to fight and to steal, living among others, paranoid civilians and military officials who would execute any that were found to be turning, the vaccine not yet being made, and efforts of quarantine being largely broken. Every day someone would not return home. One day it was her mother, but she still had her brother and just maybe her father was still out there alive, and for that did girl endure. Seeing an opportunity for Geopolitical maneuvering the United States responded to the situation with a Marine Landing Group, only to find a war-torn city as they partnered with unaffected Russian Units to combat the Hotspot but finding the situation all but lost as Civilians were evacuated both East and West. The US Marines helped and the camp she called home was now no longer such.

Nadia found herself handed off by her brother with a few other Russians, children mostly on the US Marine LST, with the promise he would be on the next ship. Making landfall in San Fransico, the Russians would be taken to a UN Refugee camp located on the outskirts of Reno Nevada with eventual relocation to their homelands when the crisis was abated if they so wished. Which ended up being a better fate than most of those who went West on the Trans-Siberian Railway, where the DWMA recommended containment protocols could not be followed. The military conflict ended up wiping out huge segments of this city and even till this day is it being rebuilt once it was calmed with military force and the vaccine. For the next couple of years, she would look for her brother and bully and fight her way around the other children and the mean American English teachers that came time to time. Quickly earning a name for herself among the other children into something of a gang, as she awaited her brother still. A brother she gave up on seeing.

Durning all of this and till she turned twelve, Nadia became something of a "boss" among the other children and a troublemaker for US forces keeping the camps contained and law enforced in and around Reno with what containment and isolation they could enforce over a foreign population in a foreign land. A mesh of cultures with a largely uncaring local population fearing that these outsiders would bring the MIBVI down upon them all. As a result, outside of official involvement the people in these camps were largely on their own with the food supplies from the UN and US Government being just enough to meet the Refugee settlement act. The children and adults did receive a bit of an education and Nadia would take up stealing extra food rations from the city or fighting other youths or adults in the camps with her physical abilities being noted by American Soldiers that found the preteen to be rather difficult to restrain and catch up with, something that would reach Reno's Dojo, though not before the start of her personality difficulties would develop. It was stealing and fighting, to live, to survive, the Americans just shot people less as far as she seen it.

On one of her gang "heists" against some teenage Central American refugees that had been hoarding supplies from the distribution centers things went poorly and while Nadia held her own her friends did not. While the girl ultimately won, many of her comrades were badly beaten and battered and while the girl returned the favor to teenagers in turn it had awaken something in her. There was no point in running with others that could not keep up, it was better for them that they did not run at all. Or so she reasoned as she stood over their bloodied bodies, this action did not go unnoticed as US forces arrested her soon after before a world warry judge was contacted by a trainer at the city's Amazing Star Dojo took a direct interest in her requesting to take her under there care and supervision, reasoning that she likely had potential for being a Meister, though the ultimate reasoning of "why" was never shared with the judge. While not a great life, Nadia was grateful to have a stable source of food and found people who were as strong or stronger than her allowing her to grow, keeping her complex in check. Though it was noted she would fight and attempt to assert dominance over some of the other students around her age. More so if they made fun of her origins.

Wavelength Amplification was the primary focus the Dojo made and with the Vaccine rollout everything seemed "fine", or as fine as they could be in these troubled times and the girl's use of English improved rapidly, though still inflicted with a slight accent. Curiously the girl seemed to have a way with the training swords and became largely self-taught with some knife fighting thrown in.

Because of this and her own progress and lack of communication from her family, she would make the choice to remain in America and enrolled into the DWMA at the age of 15. With her training under the Dojo and confirmed suspicions about her origins, she was placed into the EATS class where she was slated for intense training and focused upon her core skills with rapid effect where she also came aware of her natural Ability of Ice Blood in which she seen she had the ability to refract magic aimed at her own person, though not to the same level in which a true Jorguün could nullify a spell. Though it was found she had difficulty in dealing with any Weapon that wasn't a blade type, leading to her specialization with such, because of her enjoyment of battle and cold attitude would push others away, leaving her partnerships short.

Over the next six years she would climb up the much-reduced ranks of the DWMA with noted skill as Meister to Two-Star. And even found a seemingly stable partnership, one that would not care about her dismissive attitude, one that was kind, good natured, humored a man named Klaus Rufford who was about her age, one year her junior. One who's prowess actually forced her to keep up. Though his lack of a sense of battle and his lack of doing whatever it took to win troubled her greatly, a fact she would berate him about continuously. But he always found a way, he always made friends with others, he was always the focus of her team... A weapon being the face of the team. It grated her so it was like having a leash around her neck. She did not know that was exactly what the DWMA intended, and it did not matter that Klaus was significantly weaker than her in combat or had less of a battle sense.

Bit by bit this grated on her more and more until she stated to see she was stronger and so she would lead from the front pushing him more and more, surpassing him as she had others before. Coming to hate more aspects of his personality and being reminded of her brother the more she came to resent him. And the more she did this the more he would get in the way as they stated to fail more and more missions or their sync would be broken up, until one mission proved one too many failures for the Ice queen. They were hunting a bloodsucker when she was going in for close combat, the foe made use of some traps in his residence which prompted Klaus to change from a weapon to save her from a trap that would have likely only wound her rather than did lasting harm. It was enough of a distraction to allow the target to escape.

Turning on him in a rage at a local DWMA office, the man tried to help her one time too many. Telling her to be calmer and to take it easy, nothing major at first but he made a dire mistake thereafter. Stating he understood she came from a rough area but that the DWMA was not about battle alone, but in helping the living world and to being a bridge in society. He then made his third and final mistake.

"Nadia the War is over, you need to let go. You know there is a blade that is too sharp, I can't keep dealing with you like this." To which she punched him in the face and knocked him over before reenacting an MMA fight on top of him in the sudden surprise of the assault, going so far as to chipping and breaking the flooring around and beneath them in her onslaught.

"The War is never over! You lie here bleeding as you are weak! You understand nothing!" In kind fellow DWMA agents intervened and broke up the fight while Klaus was sent to the infirmary for treatment in the one-sided fight. As a result of this outburst and her attempts to fight back, forcing agents to restrain her, Nadia ended up selected for the F.A.T.E. program in quick order. Had her partner been weaker or a normal human the situation could have ended much differently. With some reluctance and not knowing what else to do she enlists.

Items on your person:
Survival Combat Knife x2: 10" variation serrated blades. (one on each hip in holster)
Magitech Watch: Standard issue, hers differs by the fact it is stylized into a stopwatch. (left pocket)
Magitech Communicator: Standard issue (ears/left pocket)
Drinking Flask: A silver flask, said to have Vodka by some snickering sorts. A fact which is true. (right hip holster belt)
Lighter: A zippo pop open lighter as one never knows when they need a fire. (right pocket)
Spare Cash: Her time in the Dojo also taught her it is better to buy things than to steal them. Tends to carry 300 USD or equivalent in local currency to all areas she travels at, outside of what a mission may give. (right pocket)
First-Aid Kit: a standard medical kit with some water purification tablets and suture thread. (Left leg band/holster)
A book: Surprisingly on every mission she will bring at least one novel with her to read so as not to be bored. (left hip top strap)

Soul Type: Nadia possesses a soul looks a bit like frigid ice in a frothy blue hue and otherwise looks to be a normal soul with an intense flame. Which in olden times was often called the Giant's Shade or Vanguards Heart and was found among the vanguard of the hybrids during their early conflicts with the agents of an early DWMA and exceptionally rare in the current era, it is believed to be a genetic leftover of the race's warrior days and may contribute to her seemingly battle frenzy state and Ice-Blood.

In the modern era this soul could be said to be one in tens of millions if not hundreds of millions. Those who possess this soul tend to have exceptional Wavelengths and are rather powerful physical combatants. The downside of this soul is those with it tend to be rather violent and seek the thrill of Combat and conquest.

Fighting Style: Trained under one of the Amazing Star Dojo's but largely used a self-taught and improvised style than any official taught style, she is chiefly skilled with sword or other bladed weapons with some skill towards other melee types. The bare foundations of her style seem rooted in European Martial Arts rather than East Asian, but as noted is heavily improvised. In addition, she picked up the use of throwing blades and combat knifes, though these are made from composites and steel rather than any Weapon Soul. Is also a somewhat capable hand to hand combatant. Typically, her battle style can be best explained as "One speed, go." with maximum force at the get go and an almost homicidal enjoyment of the conflict. It focuses on overwhelming physical force backed up with a weapon, mixing in kicks, punches and unrelenting assaults with pure power put behind them. When in a resonance this is amped up to even more with some tactics intermixed with speed. Her hand-to-hand fighting seems to at least some Russian Sambo as the basics and employs counters and hard attacks based around grappling or head grabs with slams.

Wavelength Techniques:

Soul Perception: What is to be expected of a Meister, Nadia is not overly skilled at this but can sense the souls of general targets up 280 feet away, a clearer picture tends to be from a much shorter range of fifteen feet, though with focus on one target her detection range reaches out to 50 feet at the cost of ignoring most else around them.

Wavelength Amplification: Nadia shines here from her Jorguün ancestry, unknowingly even as a small child she had physical abilities that were on par with full grown adults and athletes. As she got older this has only improved with hard training and combat her skill grew more and more, till in her passive state she has the ability to pick up and throw a car or tip over a large truck and run at a "moderate" speed of 30 mph, and to simply run through many wall types.

Her Endurance is as scary as her strength leading to marathon like performances with solid control over her wavelength. When fully released she burns through energy quickly, but her performance is akin to her original hybrid brothers and sisters, which is also the level she can hold in union with an applicable weapon. Her training focused on full body mastery, and as a result she tends to go all out in a battle rather than precision attacks or homed in singular strikes. It should be noted she has absolutely no ability with soul suppression and considers it a coward's way out.

Soul Force: Manifesting her wavelength to enhance her physical strikes, adding more raw power and disrupting the flow of wavelength through a target, causing a moderate level of rejection or destabilizing resonance to a target, she used this against her partner in the brawl that got her recommended to F.A.T.E. Nadia in addition has made an improved version, though still not on the level of Soul Menace, called;

Soul Force Icy:
Nadia's Soul Force move takes on the aspects of her Ice Blood nature drawing in an elemental affinity into her strikes. With a buildup of condensation, as sparks and bits of light appear as a vapor like mist forms, white in color and turning bluer in its center, able to be formed with one hand, though two works better, being struck by this aspect of Soul Force is akin to being in a deep freezer or an extreme cold. To those it hits it is often reported that a deep cold washed over them followed up with a numbness and limbs becoming stiffer as their body temperature lowers to the degree of exposure to bitter cold unprepared.

Repeated hits do not increase the effects of temperature lowering or lead into more serious effects, though it does prolong the effects of the icy wavelength. In addition, this form drains her energy at a much faster rate.

Resonance Techniques:

Basic Resonance: The ability to resonate with weapons to join wavelengths to enhance one another and trike out at a foe as one. Nadia is as skilled as she is limited in this, able to form a resonance with most melee weapon types with a preference towards blades. The main problem with resonating with her is the constant and powerful wavelength from the get-go.

Additional Note: Ice Blood gives her the ability to refract and breakdown many types of magic used against her, though a far cry from her ancestor's nullification abilities she is able to withstand the forces of magic bit by bit.

Partner: Daniella Ethalyn

-Faceclaim is Sakuya Izayoi of Touhou Project, from the Koumajou fan games.
- Has several changes of her normal clothing plus two more occasional outfits and one formal dress.
- In her own room she has an antique record player that she mostly plays orchestral pieces on and a samovar with other refined looking furniture.
- Is ambidextrous, though shows some favoritism to her right, an accomplished duelist with her knives or other blades simultaneously.
- Though unknown to most, Nadia is an accomplished knitter and seamstress a fact that is hinted at in her room by balls of yarn and spools of thread.
- While not observed as drunk by her coworkers she is known to be able to drink a lot.
- Has a fear of deep bodies of water and of boats given the conditions of when she was last at sea, prefers to take a flight.
-Theme song is too long to type here. Click.

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A little Valkyrie of a healer.

  • 926a09f66cb45d5fbb43d4572a82d156.jpg

    Name: Takada Suzu (高田 鈴)

    Age: 18

    Gender: Femme

    Species: Human - Weapon

    Height: 158cm || 5'2" Roughly

    Hair Color(s): Black

    Eye Color(s): Ocular Albinism, depending on the light, Suzu's eyes can look reddish pink, or a deep violet colour.

    General Appearance: Standing at a meek 158cm, Suzu is rather plain looking in most circumstances, usually covering her left eye with her straight black hair and minding her own business. Seldom to expose much, Suzu dresses commonly with a white button-up shirt with a vest overtop, with black pants and shoes. The most distinguishing features for her, are her eyes, being often seen as a violet, they are actually blue, however, the blood vessels in her irises are quite thin, giving them their usual violet colour when not directly exposed to light. When her eyes are exposed directly to light, however, her eyes are a scarlet colour due to the albinism she has. Often seen as pale, it's not uncommon for someone to believe she was anemic, especially when considering how low-energy she is normally.

    Ethnicity: Japanese

    Birthplace: Takashima, Japan

    Items on your person: Normally, Suzu always has her cellphone, eye drops, about fourteen days worth of prescription contacts, a jacket, and a notepad and pencil which seems to have songs written in it. She always carries about a dozen or so earbuds that block her Soul Wavelength.

    FATE/DWMA Rank/Type: One-Star Weapon, Type D

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Am I a Boomer yet?
Name: Daniella Ethalyn

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Demon Weapon

Traits: Demon Weapon, Madness affected

Height: 5’11”

Hair Color(s): Pink

Eye Color(s): Azure

General Appearance: A young woman with an almost cartoonish palette. Dani is a somewhat tall young woman of a fit build with bright pink hair, piercing blue eyes, and sharp features. Her choice of apparel differs, usually consisting of shorts or a skirt, though almost always wearing some sneakers, her old blazer, and a bow.


Dani comes off cold at first glance, a striking contrast to her appearance. She's rather terse, to the point, blunt, and foul-mouthed, which would probably be funny if she didn't carry that sad scowl all the time. To say she's mean is somewhat inaccurate, as she isn't going out of her way to hurt anyone or be harsh. Crueler outbursts and a short temper come at the best of her madness, though she often appears regretful and attempts to silently seethe rather than vocalize. She gives off the impression that she's, on the one hand, bitter and angry and, on the other, tired and lost. Her emotions seem to be mostly locked behind her trauma and emotional issues, save for anger which rears its head fairly often. However, getting her to smile or laugh is a test of skill, one that seems to be displayed little and less as time goes on. However, while keeping most people at an arm's length, Dani is shown to not completely disregard those around her. Oftentimes she will show concern, though with dry comments or sharp criticism rather than doting empathy. She would prefer it if no one around her got hurt, of course, however her logic follows that in the case that they do, her behavior will make it hurt all the less.

F.A.T.E. Status: Type D. Dani’s issues center around behavioral issues and residual madness from the MIBVI outbreak. Since the loss of her brother, she is hesitant to pair and her madness-induced anger issues leaves her not only difficult to work with, but also has created a dangerous alteration to her wavelength. Steps have been taken to counsel and mentor her, though her response to these attempts has been cooperative, if not wholly unmotivated and with less than preferential results. Accordingly, Dani’s been issued a Magitech disruptor as a precaution to her wavelength induced by madness.

History: Daniella was born in the U.S. early on into the outbreak of MIBVI. Unfortunately, given everything occurring, the timing of her birth as well as her sibling’s was ill-conceived. While the family may have been able to underestimate the outbreak in its earliest days, it quickly proved itself to be all too real. Dani spent the beginning of her life being evacuated and quarantined and, before growing past childhood, the family diminished to only her brother and her.

Of course, despite losing their parents to madness, the two weren’t so lucky as to survive quarantine uncorrupted. Though ultimately rescued by DWMA agents, the two were exposed to the MIBVI virus. However, unlike their parents, they lasted long enough to be provided the vaccine and given the opportunity to recover.

Though the vaccine cleared the roadblock that enabled the siblings to progress down the road of recovery, it was hardly the magical cure-all that was prayed for. Though better off than in quarantine, remnants of the madness remained and exhibited in them. Therapy helped better on some days and less on others. In the end, only magitech and wavelength training seemed to help. Her brother sought to join the DWMA, hoping their teachings further streamline the pair's recovery and Dani followed, more so out of an apprehension to leave behind her only remaining family rather than out of a sense of optimism for their condition.

However, this did appear to be a step in the right direction. The both of them seemed to improve as time went on, her brother even acquiring something of an ambition to continue on the same track of being a meister. Dani was more so interested in the ironic structure and normalcy the program provided. However, the job was anything but safe, a realization that came when the duo began being put to the grind.

Needless to say, Dani is here, alone and without her brother. Her placement in the F.A.T.E. program is partly behavioral, however her residual madness played arguably the largest part. It was a concern that proved legitimate as the two fed off each others madness. The last mission prior to Dani's invitation resulted in a madness outbreak. Not only did Dani lose her brother to their target, the outbreak condemned her to requiring more serious intervention.

One might wonder why she seeks to remain and not go elsewhere, yet that is a question she herself doesn't have a solid answer to. Partly out of some base hatred and animosity for those creatures that took her family, partly as she doesn't have a better idea. She is, at the moment, rather aimless and proceeding down the only road that she knows.


Items on your person:
  • Standard Magitech Communicator
  • Standard Combat Knife
  • Magitech Wavelength Disruptor
  • Some spare cash
  • Journal
Soul Type: Dani’s soul is depicted as a pinkish orb with two protrusions at the top of her head, resembling the shape of ears or a bow. It is a typical soul for a human with otherwise no special qualities in and of itself than the uncommon hue.

Murderous Wavelength: A concerning wavelength feeding off Dani's temper and residual madness. Though the aberration in wavelength itself predates the death of her brother, her wavelength has over time sputtered and corrupted to what it is now. Anger and rage that she knows not what to do with gave birth to this change. It can be a frightening thing when harnessed, amplifying her power past any prior heights depending on how much she gives into the desire for retribution. The racket produced by the wavelength is constant and deafening, giving her resistance to sound-based forms of wavelength control.

Still, Dani isn't all that conscious of it nor does she intentionally seek to exploit or utilize the wavelength, since it is more than anything, fueled by her rage and madness. On top of that, the risks ran by indulging too much could lead to her own demise. It is a double-edged sword, though not one that has bled anyone just yet.

Dani is still madness touched, recovering from being affected by the MIBVI outbreak. While the girl has made progress and doesn't show severe symptoms normally, she is more sensitive to potential outbreaks and this creates some difficulty when harnessing her wavelength. At the moment, Dani cannot confidently call upon her wavelength normally. In a maddened state, the girl is noted to grow extremely fixated on a specific target of ire to potentially a psychotic degree. She focuses solely on the act of eliminating that target, granting physical boons to her wielder powered by her anger and urge to kill. This enhanced state of focus is potentially the only reason Dani's wavelength is utilized in such a state and with significant more difficulty normally.


Weapon Type: Demon Bastard Sword

Unique Traits: Dani’s weapon form takes on the appearance of a rather pristine bastard sword.
The blade protrudes outward at the base to form a spike on each side before expanding out then narrowing as it extends to the tip. The front side of the guard forms a barb while the other curves back around to form a handle guard and serpents into the pommel. Holding a mostly blue hue with some pink or ruby accents, the blade holds no attributes out of the ordinary of most Demon Weapons.

Resonance Techniques:
  • Absorb: Basic Demon Weapon ability. Can consume souls to eventually become a death scythe.
  • Bond Resonance: Considering that Dani has only ever partnered with her sibling, she is fairly skilled in utilization of it. Of course, despite the ease of it, she was never able to acquire that large of a power increase in it alone nor is the skill relevant since her brother's passing.
  • Complex Resonance: Dani’s attempt to make up for the weaker boost of the base Bond Resonance. Finding themselves typically outmatched by other meisters, of which the melee were stronger and the ranged unreachable, they honed their control and evolved their resonance. Though Dani’s base form is that of a sword, the added bonus is the expulsion of energy from the blade. In the duo's case, this was used to at least be able to fire back or counter against ranged users and provide greater clashing power against close quarters combatants.
  • Partial Transformation: A skill Dani acquired just in case, though has seldom utilized. She has a basic grasp, enough to transform her extremities into a blade or protrude it from her skin. Typically, she'd prefer to fully transform and fight with her brother, though that is no longer an option.

Partner: Open

  • Faceclaim is Aubrey from Omori.
  • Dani's birthday is October 8th.
  • Favorite music is rock & rap.
  • Dani's journal was a suggestion by her therapist. She addresses each page to her brother as if writing to him.
  • Dani exercises quite often. Another method to help moderate her anger and anxiety.
  • She's tolerable of horror, but is weak to jumpscares.

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White Masquerade's Blue Oni

Name: Celeste P. Aragon

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Traits: Weapon

Height: 5’8’’

Hair Color(s): Silver

Eye Color(s): Blue

General Appearance: A girl with long, silver hair and ice blue eyes, Celeste’s lovely appearance is quite deceiving…as it is meant to be. A daughter of the Aragon family, she tends to wear dresses, keeping her appearance classy and neat, if not a bit simplistic compared to her half-sister. Black is her preferred choice in color and she often wears accessories like gloves (to mask finger prints) and earrings/necklaces (that contain compartments for her various poisons). The hard truth is that Celeste doesn’t really care what she looks like at all and just leaves her appearance to the family maids.

Her hair was originally black, but turned white due to all the poisons she’s ingested as a child.

Personality: Cold and blunt, Celeste is a reserved person who doesn’t like to interact with people outside of work or necessity. Her mind works like an assassin – cool, calm, and calculative. She doesn’t like speaking when she doesn’t have to and suffers from mild alexithymia. Understanding and expressing emotions is difficult for her and she has a hard time connecting with others, let alone forming bonds of the soul. However, she does have a system of morality and understands kindness to a degree…just not when it applies to her…or in situations that make it impractical. Despite her utilitarian nature, Celeste is diligent, dutiful, and will act to preserve what she deems to be good for the world. Even if she can’t seem to feel emotions (trained out of her), she has little problems with acting like she does, especially for assassination jobs.

Due to the dangerous nature of her wavelength, Celeste insists she works better alone. That, along with the fact that assassins tend to work solo, means she’s not very experienced in working with others.

F.A.T.E Status: Type B (actually Type E). Her poisonous wavelength makes her a health hazard to any partner that works with her (which is true) and she regularly takes specialized wavelength suppressants to prevent herself from accidentally harming the souls around her with the poisonous aura her soul gives off (This is false. She actually has fairly good control of her wavelength and was sent to FATE for leaking DWMA information to the Aragon Family, attempted assassinations of Death the Second, and all the kills she made as the assassin, Scorpion…which should rightfully land her in jail).

History: The Aragons are an extremely wealthy family with strong ties to the Spanish Royalty and Celeste is a daughter of theirs…or rather, a child born of infidelity. The product of a one night stand between a singer from the slums and the Head of the Aragon Family. When her birth mother died, the babe was taken into the Aragon household where no one, not even her birth father, wanted her. However, they found use in training her to an assassin for the family, especially when her weapon gene was discovered.

As a child, she was fed daily doses of poison (in small quantities) to help her build her body’s immunity to them. Combat training. Weapons training. Celeste was given an extensive education to build her up for the role she was meant to play and taught various ways to kill people. She is especially knowledgeable about poisons and the various kinds in the world. One could almost say her wavelength is a reflection of what she’d experienced as a child and developed in such a poisonous manner as a result…but who can say? Perhaps her soul had always been inclined towards poisons—towards taking a life, making her job the perfect fit for her. Take a class on soul theory if you want to discuss such trivial details, but Celeste neither knew nor cared. “Scorpion” made her debut, taking her first life, at the young age of 8 and never looked back. She’d become a tool for the Aragon family.

What changed? Well, it started a mission to keep an eye on Death the Second and kill him should he become a threat, which led her to infiltrate DWMA. Her family did not like the changes he’d implemented, especially regarding the Reformed Monster Houses. The Aragons were traditionalists that did not like their children interacting with monsters (or witches). All that, along with MIBIV outbreak which ushered DWMA into a new era of fame as the world’s savior, left them highly suspicious…especially since the origins of said virus occurred on DWMA grounds. Enrolling into DWMA (with perfect scores) along with her half sister, her first few years started with her subtly attempting to assassinate Death the Second: anonymous poisoned letters, anonymous bombs, etc.

Needless to say, she did not succeed. However, in the course of attempting to uncover Death the Second’s weakness, Celeste grew to like the school. Having befriended Lucien Boulanger, a half-vampire in her weapons class, Celeste’s opinions of monsters in DWMA gradually changed. However, it wasn’t until her partner accidentally got involved in her “Scorpion” activities, nearly costing him his life, that Celeste decided to turn herself in. All the kills she’d made as “Scorpion”. All the info about DWMA she’d given to the Aragon family. All her attempted assassinations of Death the Second. Celeste revealed it all.

After much debate about what to do with her, Celeste was introduced into the FATE program.

Items on your person: Various poisons (hidden in her accessories), specialized antidotes developed by DWMA to counter her wavelength(pills), wavelength suppressants (more pills), a gun (with silver bullets), wallet, and phone.

Soul Type: Poisonous Wavelength—Her soul exudes an aura that is toxic to other souls around her. Extended exposure to her wavelength will result in the gradual deterioration of the soul…which in turn causes the physical deterioration of the body. Souls do not die. A poisoned soul does not "die" - just looks shriveled up and tastes disgusting (according to Lucien). However, a soul poisoned by the her wavelength (an ill soul) will wreck havoc on the body (and mind) it plays host to, gradually (or quickly) leading it to death depending on amount of her wavelength injected.

Her wavelength manifests as a sickly green color.

Weapon Type: A whip sword


Unique Traits:

Celeste is a poisonous weapon and, if paired with an incompatible partner, her wavelength will gradually “sicken” their souls. Heck, even with a compatible partner, mistakes in resonating (or any lack of control on her part) will result in her poisonous wavelength affecting her partner—which is why DWMA’s pharmacy developed antidotes, specifically made to counter her wavelength, just for her.

She can coat her weapon form with her wavelength and inject it others, making it a poisonous weapon that can sicken/kill any living thing she successfully stabs them. The more of her wavelength she injects, the more deadly. She can sense those who have been poisoned by her wavelength.

Resonance Techniques: During resonance, the toxic lvls of her wavelength becomes many, many times stronger, causing the deterioration of the soul at an extremely rapid rate should she successfully stab the target.

Poisoned Aura - Enhanced through resonance, her wavelength can manifest itself out as a poisoned miasma that covers the field, causing the gradual poisoning of those who breath in her wavelength - except her meister who (if they managed to successfully resonate with her) would gain immunity to her poisonous wavelength.

Dance of Unending Blades - While during resonance, the chain that links her blade together is no longer limited to a certain physical length and can extend as long as the meister wills. She can also separate the bladed segments and have them attack separately, re-forming back into a blade as needed, making tricks and traps possible for those who know her weapon form to its true extent.

Medicinal Form - Poison is medicine to some~ This technique only occurs with certain, pure-hearted meisters (the exact specifics of which are unknown). However, upon resonating with them she will take on a new form and her poisonous wavelength will become medicinal wavelength that repairs souls, "healing" them, instead of sickening them. During resonace with these meisters, her weapon form loses its poisonous trait and takes on a medicinal one instead.


Partner: TBA

Theme: TBA
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Into the cat night
Prudence Pontmercy


  • Name: Prudence Pontmercy

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Traits: Weapon

    Height 5'8| 172 cm

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye colors: Gray

    Ethnicity: French

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Weapon Type: Tower Shield

    Partner: None

    General Appearance:
    Her dull, uninterested eyes, very pale skin, and habit of standing or sitting in one spot, sometimes unmoving for hours on end, give Prudence the appearance of a very unanimated ghost. She wears her hair in a small side braid to her left. Her fingers are slender and long, which could have been the prettiest thing about her, if not for the white gloves she always has on. Her wardrobe consists solely of the Pontmercy’s approved outfits, classy and elaborate.

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  • about

    Adrasteia Chandrice
    June 3rd
    There is no rock bottom, it is just the lowest you have been.
    Demon Weapon
    Weapon Form
    Black Chain-link Whip that shines shades purple and green accents in light similar to oil. The whip end is a flagrum whip, three smaller chains with a knife at each end.
    Her soul is a purple orb with pulsating green and black at the core.
    Usual attire is either sweats or flannel and jeans. Her hair is in one long braid and has a set of bells tied at the end.
    FATE Status
    Agent D for issues with Madness and Empath Ability, Adrasteia is here to become a strong and efficient weapon solo or partnered if needed. She has a collar to inhibit her abilities and inhibit her madness.

about psyche history misc
© reveriee
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White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Name: Jarvis Briseis

Age: 17…when he underwent the ritual. His actual age right now is 33.

Gender: Male

Species: Bloodsucker

Traits: Weapon, Undead

Height: 5’11’’

Hair Color(s): Silver-Bluish.

Eye Color(s): Red

General Appearance: Disheveled? Jarvis can’t be bothered to brush his hair on most days, but a fluffy hood solves all his problems; Lets him rest his head in comfort as well. Typically seen donned in a blue jacket, white pants, and long black boots, Jarvis has a limited set of clothes—since he can’t be bothered to shop—that he washes and re-wears because his appearance hardly matters to him at this point. Most of the time you see him, he’s slouching, or sleeping, making him look fairly unimpressive as far as bloodsuckers go. The heavy bags under his eyes and his nearly constant half-lidded eyes do not help.

Personality: Jarvis is as lazy as they come. If he could sleep all day (and night) he would. If he could lounge all day, snuggled in the comforts of his coffin, it would be a dream come true for him. He hates work. He likes comfort…and soft, fluffy things---like pillows and blankets. Cats as well. Jarvis’s discipline isn’t exactly zero, but, if he could find a shortcut to get work done quicker, he would. Avoiding hassles is a given for him. Doing more than what is required as well.

Jarvis dislikes confrontation. It’s not so bad that he would actively avoid fighting if he felt he had to, but given the choice between extensive arguing and keeping his mouth shut, he’d opt for the latter. If given the choice between a fight and peaceful solution, he would opt for the latter. He feels no shame in running away either. There’s not much a competitive bone in his body, He is generally calm in the heat of pressure and it would take a lot to get him riled up. Even he himself doesn’t really know the exact criteria to do so…he just gets angry when he’s angry. It’s like eating and sleeping. No need for too much thinking in that regard.

Jarvis generally has a depressed, pessimistic view of the world…which lends into his general apathy for most things except sleep. And video games. And sleep. A part of it stemmed from trying so hard when he was alive, but he doesn’t believe there’s any human meister that can pair with his now monster soul and he no longer cares. If it happens, it happens, but he’s no longer counting on it.

On a more positive note, Jarvis is a loyal individual that would give his life for someone he cares for. Despite being a lazy procrastinator with the discipline of a slug, he does hold a sense of responsibility, hence his return to DWMA.

F.A.T.E Status: Type E

History: Born a bright-eyed kid in 2034 to a normal couple in the U.S., Jarvis had a decent life growing up…until discovering his weapon gene. His father was an ordinary doctor and his mother an ordinary teacher. Perhaps somewhere in his family tree was a weapon, but he never really looked into it. It didn’t matter. The revelation that he was a weapon brought lots of excitement from his family who were all too happy to enroll him in DWMA, especially given the fame the school had been drawing.

It was there, in DWMA, that the 12-year-old met his first partner and love. Starting together in the N.O.T classes, he and Atli Ciar grew up together in E.A.T. A glove and meister pair. I’d bore you with all the details of all the interesting things they did together, but it’s not particularly relevant. They worked well together and were a well-known pair. Jarvis was well on his way to becoming a Death scythe…until the MIBVI outbreak started.

On one of their missions, Atli caught the virus and went mad, leaving her confused glove behind. Jarvis looked for help from DWMA, but the school was too busy with all the chaos to look for a single student. Atli wasn’t the only victim of MIBVI and, back when the virus first appeared, there was no cure in sight. People were still trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Teachers and students tried to console him. Told him to choose another partner…but Jarvis refused. He would find Atli alone if he had to.

While following Atli’s trail, he learned that his parents had died, killed my his former meister who, by then, had gone suitably mad. It was there, at his parents funeral, that he encountered the woman that would change his life forever: Valerija Elvira. She offered him the power to put a stop to Atli’s rampages and he took it. Simple as that. Why she offered to make him a bloodsucker, to let him use her blood for the ritual? Who knows? Jarvis certainly wasn’t thinking straight at the time—otherwise he might’ve remembered that DWMA banned the ritual for someone of his age. He only knew that he wanted the power to stop Atli. To save her. In the end though, the only way to save her was to consume her soul.

Since then, Jarvis Briseis all, but disappeared from the world. Avoided DWMA for fear of being hunted by them. Pretty much a drop out really, except he didn’t have the courage to go through the formal procedures—to meet eyes with old friends who would undoubtedly be disgusted by what he’d become.

He journeyed with Valerija a bit, learning about a his new life as a bloodsucker, adapting to all the changes, getting over all his losses, etc. Then she left him one day. No surprise really since many Bloodsuckers tended to operate solo. With nothing to do and no goals to live for (he was technically dead now anyway), Jarvis settled in Siberia, living as a reclusive shut-in for 10 years or so (only ever going out when he really, really needed blood)…until Valerija showed up again one day, apparently an interest in the Reformed Monster Clans. She demanded that he do the same. It was around that time that the FATE program was launched…and Valerija insisted he apply.

To say that Valerija Elvira was the sole reason for Jarvis’s return to DWMA would be a lie. He wanted to move forward with his life. Somewhere deep in his soul was the memory that he had wanted to be a Deathsycthe. It had been his dream. Both his and Altli’s dream. And now that she was gone, it fell on his shoulders to see that dream through. At the very least, it didn’t hurt to apply. Even if he didn’t get in, or got burned at a stake, he could at least tell Atli in his grave that he tried.

Items on your person: Standard Magitech Communicator, Standard Magitech watch, Survival Combat Knife, phone, wallet, Incapacitator collar (He doesn't really need it, but helped with the trust issue thing when he first applied to the program so he still wears it)

Soul Type: Monster/Bloodsucker Soul.

A reddish orb with fangs and lazy look about it that gives off a generally sleepy/drowsy feeling. Doesn’t seem to give off much malevolence for a bloodsucker. If you're paying special attention to his wavelength, you might hear a relaxing, lulling rhythm that might make you yawn, but otherwise doesn't do much (unless his wavelength is amplified).

Bloodsucker Abilities:

Heightened Physical potential--of a 30-year old bloodsucker. Even after living like a hermit for 13 years and limiting his blood intake, it's nothing to scoff at.

Heightened Sense -- especially regarding blood. He can smell blood from a mile away. Different people based on the scent of their blood as well.

Bloodsucking -- He has strong fangs that lets him bite into the victim and suck their blood. Blood heals his wounds.

Cold Resistance - He's an undead. The cold doesn't bother him too badly. He doesn't need to breath either...so drowning him or burying him alive won't do much.

Hypnotic Eyes – A bloodsucker magic that enhances his soul's wavelength and channels it through his eyes. His gaze can induce feelings of drowsiness/tiredness to those that look into it long enough. Those that do not have some form of mental enhancement fall asleep. His eyes also tend to glow when he's angry.

Transformation – Just his weapon form. Being a bloodsucker gives him a high aptitude for transformations and he can perform partial transformations with ease.

Blood Manipulation – A specialty of his bloodsucking "parent", Jarvis can telekinetically manipulate blood when its outside the body (any blood he can see essentially), hardening it or re-shaping it for offensive (or defensive) purposes. Unless his opponent is bleeding, or there's a bloody victim nearby (he can smell blood), he generally manipulates his own blood. The more blood he loses however, the hungrier he gets. Given his bloodsucker physiology, Jarvis doesn't die from blood loosing too much blood. He just goes raving mad with bloodlust.

Note: He's nocturnal, avoids sunlight, and dislikes fire...though any normal person would avoid touching fire, undead or not =P As a creature of the Night, he gets most of his energy at night.

Weapon Type: A bloodsucking black, clawed-gauntlet with a red gem at the center that lets the wearer manipulate whatever blood it registers as its own. Its current limit of manipulation is 25 galleons of blood in a 30 foot radius from the gauntlet, so long as said blood is connected to the gauntlet (or its blood extensions) in some form.


The embedded gem is a container that can hold 1.5 galleons of blood.

Unique Traits:
  • When properly worn, the fangs near the opening of the gauntlet(see the pic above) pierces the skin of the wearer and the gauntlet registers the wearer's blood as its own. It can then transfer the wearer's blood to the gauntlet and back as needed, increase/decrease blood circulation, removes blood impurities, and alter the wearer's bloodtype. To be more precise, the gauntlet is can remove impurities from the blood (cleaning it so to say) and alter the bloodtype of whatever blood it considers to be its own so as to safely transfuse blood with out harming the host.
  • It is able to control the hand it is put on to a limited degree (so long as the meister lets the glove take control. Most of the time Jarvis is too lazy to and just lets the meister take the lead unless asked)
  • It can absorb any blood it (or any of its connected weapon constructs) manages to come into physical contact with and store it in the red gem (Active, Max of 1.5 galleons at a time). Whatever blood it manages to drain it registers as its own. Rate of drain depends on the level of resistance of the victim (the more willing the easier) and, once the 1.5 galleon cap is reached, it can't drain any more blood unless the container is emptied.
  • It can summon the1.5 galleon of stored blood and manipulate it into varied weapon constructs of its (or its wearer's) choice (Active, constructs must be connected to the gauntlet). Technically, it can drain from the wearer to add to this pool summoned blood (because the gauntlet registers the users' blood as their own), but the cost of doing so comes from the wearer. More than 750 ml of sudden blood loss and the the meister can go into hypovolemic shock (assuming they are human).
Resonance Techniques: TBD

He achieved Wavelength - Enhanced Resonance with Atli when he was a live, but has yet to even reproduce basic resonance with any other meister in 16 years. Self Resonance is looking very hot right now. Perhaps he'll learn from that Iron Maiden.

Partner: TBA


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Merciless Medic

Walking Pokemon Dictionary
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)

Sara Rhea Middleton

  • F.A.T.E. ID

    Legal Name
    Sara Rhea Middleton

    Stage Name
    Brute Tooth


    August 22, 2046

    Blood Type


    Type D Fate Agent - Meister

    Name: Sara Rhea Middleton

    Stage Name: Brute Tooth

    Nickname/Alias: Wolf-Girl / Pocky Lady / Wolf Ears / Brute Tooth / Anti-Loner Girl

    Date of Birth: August 22, 2046 (Leo)

    Location of Birth: Mojave Desert, NV (Werewolf Biome)

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Biromantic Heterosexual

    Species: Werewolf

    Ethnicity: American/European

    Traits: Meister

    Partner: Noah Wiley (Merciless Medic)

    F.A.T.E. Status:
    A Type D Fate Agent, Sara has a combination of mental health issues and an unstable werewolf transformation when under emotional duress that could be potentially dangerous to all nearby, including her weapon partner. Sara wanted to become a Meister similarly to Black Star when she was younger, idolizing the crazy man. She cared for those she was with and she's always wanted to be a part of the fighting force against kishin and to show that werewolves can be reliable.

    She has medication (Buspirone) to ease her anxiety, and she has a list of things to do throughout the day to mitigate her paranoia. These include exercising (something she does already), getting enough sleep, not drinking too much alcohol or caffeine, eating well-balanced meals, reframing her thoughts, writing it down, or talking to someone. However, she may forget these, which is why she has the safety net of her medication and her partner to remind her. The Buspirone has side effects that include dizziness, headaches, nausea, and strange dreams, which she has all of them. She also has weekly visits to a therapist to keep track of her progress.

    If she has a full on anxiety attack and she's close to becoming a full werewolf, she has another medication to stop the anxiety attack when it hits or right before so as to calm her down. She compartmentalizes between different situations to make sure that doesn't happen too much, as she doesn't want to keep taking her extra, more addicting medication to avoid getting dependent on it. The medication she takes is Valium, which also causes drowsiness, muscle weakness, headache, cotton mouth, nausea, constipation, and confusion as side effects. The other side effects she hasn't had as of yet.

    To control herself when she becomes emotionally unstable, she firstly tries to force herself to be positive against her therapist's wishes, which may make her happiness almost toxic happiness. Using mental exercises to better control herself in the heat of the moment, it's worked well in social situations unless she's incredibly stressed or in the midst of combat, where these mental exercises do nothing but stress her out because it suddenly isn't working. In a high-octane situation, she may forget she has her Valium and her anxiety attack comes on much faster than in any other setting. This stress and emotional instability may cause her to transform into her full werewolf form, where she has to wear an Incapacitator Collar to knock her out and force her transformation back so she doesn't become a danger to her partner or others. Because there is a chance that she can completely lose herself and become a sitting duck when knocked out, Sara and Noah will have to be paired with another Meister/Weapon pair to protect them.

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Merciless Medic

Walking Pokemon Dictionary
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)

Noah David Wiley

  • F.A.T.E. ID

    Legal Name
    Noah David Wiley

    Stage Name


    October 16, 2044

    Blood Type



    Type A Fate Agent - Weapon

    Name: Noah David Wiley

    Stage Name: Electro-Stick

    Nickname/Alias: The "Why?" Man / The Lightning Staff / Zeus' Bolt / Zappy Smacky

    Date of Birth: October 16, 2044 (Libra)

    Location of Birth: Portland, OR

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Biromantic (male-leaning) Demisexual

    Species: Human

    Ethnicity: American/Japanese

    Traits: Weapon

    Partner: Sara Middleton (Merciless Medic)

    F.A.T.E. Status:
    A Type A Fate Agent, Noah has behavioral issues, finding it difficult to do anything when told to do so when it conflicts with what he wants to do at the moment when he's not being dragged into doing it by someone else. He also has an issue controlling his emotions when they do surface. He wanted to help out his partner, but after talking with someone at the facility, he realized that he should probably join the FATE program if he wanted to be an even bigger asset (which he was practically dragged into filling out the documents by Sara anyway).

    While he really doesn't need any medication, he has therapy sessions at least once a week or talks to someone about his trauma and his emotions that he constantly suppresses, and he needs a reminder to have some "Noah Time". During this time where he locks himself in his room and becomes primal incarnate of throat-tearing screams and smashing objects, he can become very volatile and irrationally upset for a short time when interrupted before he goes back to being his normal, stoic self. Other times, he uses music to help him sort through his emotions for him. Because his partner may become unstable and therefore would be incapacitated in a mission, they have to work with another Meister/Weapon pair to protect them if that ever happens.

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Omniverse Explorer
Roleplay Type(s)
Click Fingerprint

  • Basic
    Alias : Athena Kinley

    Age : 18

    Gender : Female

    Species : Human

    Traits : Beserker Wavelength.

    Height: 5'8

    Hair Color(s): Pale Blonde

    Eye Color: Gold / Amber / Yellow

Coded By:



Sir Les Paul

The Duke of Chords
Thaddeus Thales




Thaddeus Damini Thales

May 4th, 2046
Indian / Greek

Human Soul, blue with yellow top and bottom
Utility Meister

Medium length, layered

Clothing Preferences: Gauss has a fairly diverse set of clothing options, typically dressing to suit the occasion. Common trends in his wear is a shirt and some type of matching jacket, often intentionally layered together. He does not wear any form of jewelry, unfortunately; a sacrifice made to avoid interfering with his wavelength. Gauss very strictly utilizes plastic, wood, or organic buttons in his jackets, never utilizing zippers. This applies to all of his jeans and footwear as well for similar reasons. If a part cannot be plastic, wood, or some type of bone/horn, then he simply has to find a way to make it work without. Part of his versatile look is the custom nature of most of his clothing. He must be aware of all metallic objects on him that could become ferromagnetic. There are instances, however, such as his winter clothing or niche instances where zippers or other fixtures are necessary. In such cases, he opts for a non-magnetic stainless steel alloy. In a similar vein, his mobile devices are constructed with as little magnetic components as possible and shielded in Magitech EMF blocking cases. The sacrifice of battery life for a high resistance to his magnetic is a requirement.

- Custom Magitech Communicator: The only modifications are a similar Magitech EMF field. This field must be deactivated to utilize its RF communications.
- Magitech Watch: Stylist buffalo horn band with mother of pearl construction and watch face, minimizing metallic components, and the same Magitech EMF field. This field must be deactivated for RF communications.
- Survival Combat Knife: Gauss has opted to have his knife remain magnetic for combat purposes, but its sheath specifically has an EMF field. Until removed, it resists his magnetic fields. Otherwise, he has opted for standard G10 scales at 10 inches.
- Wavelength Disruptor Color: Gauss has a disruptor color placed around his neck built designed entirely with Magitech and comprised of a titanium core.
- A band on his left wrist (opposite his watch) of similar construction to his Wavelength Disruptor for the sole purpose of acting as a GPS. Due to his magnetic abilities, dermal implants are not feasible for their side.
- Up to 4 belt-clip containers full of steel ball bearings he can utilize with his Magnetic Wavelength. Each dispenses one at a time similar to a change machine in two difference sizes. Each has an EMF field to avoid affecting them until dispensed.


Magnetic Wavelength Gauss both as a person and as a Meister is defined by his magnetism. Whether it is by nature or a byproduct of his Wavelength, Gauss has what is defined as a "superficial charm" and "charismatic attitude" that encompasses much of what he does. This is a matter of contention as by some his Wavelength should have no bearing on his communication skills, but to others is a yet another gift of his Wavelength. His Wavelength has more measurable, verifiable effects as well. Gauss is capable of generating magnetic fields around him through virtually any use of his Wavelength. This is often used in conjunction with various forms of even low-powered Wavelength Amplification to solely to create Magnetic fields instead of actually gaining a physical benefit from this ability. The drawback, however, is that for Gauss to use his Wavelength without creating a magnetic field, he must effectively do so while suppressing that particular effect of his Wavelength--resulting in a weaker and more straining endeavor. Gauss is capable of magnetically charging any ferromagnetic object for a short while, can interact with metallic Demon Weapons in the same vein, and can even disrupt electronics (yes, he can wipe a hard drive in a second flat) with his Wavelength. Without a Demon Weapon, his Magnetic Fields have a 1.2 meter radius range around the furthest extended point of his body. Gauss can expand this range up to five meters per Demon Weapon he is resonating with, only capping out when he cannot feasibly maintain another connection. At their maximum power without a weapon, Gauss is capable of lifting approximately 200lb with a magnetic field, stopping a canon ball at point blank range (a party trick he loves to do), and fire a metallic ball bearing at 120 fps. While using Demon Weapons, his range increases, but not the strength of his magnetism. When Resonating, however, Gauss can magnetize his weapon up to 1200lb of force required for separation[/url] and can generate strong enough fields to lift and toss small cars at his current level. Gauss is also able to accurately perceive and measure magnetic fields within a small margin of error around him, although he loses this ability when using Soul Perception.

Utility Meister Gauss is capable of effectively wielding and resonating with multiple weapons simultaneously, although he has never maintained resonance with three for more than a few minutes or established resonance with four.

Soul Perception Gauss is is capable of utilizing Soul Perception in an area up to forty feet around him to pick up a Soul Signature, but cannot see such detail further. Within an eight foot radius, he can see Souls with vivid clarity, capable of reading basic emotions and fluctuations within a Soul. More specifically, Gauss can use this to help gauge how to match a weapon he is Resonating with. Notably, when using Soul Perception, Gauss loses his ability to perceive magnetic fields as the visions "replace" one another.

Wavelength Amplification Gauss is capable of extremely large ranges of Wavelength Amplification including small acts merely effecting the muscles in his hands to full body amplification on par with other One-Star Meisters, although he does typically fall short of those that specifically train it to their max with the Star Clan. The reason for this high range is to effectively generate Magnetic fields in the exact places he wants in the strength he requires. Too strong or too weak can be problematic and placement is important for efficacy. Of course, Gauss also gains the standard strength, speed, and endurance benefits from Wavelength Amplification, he just also has the added side-effect of generating magnetic fields.

Soul Force Gauss is capable of utilizing Soul Force both to enhance his strikes and to magnetically charge anything he touches. While his strikes may not carry as much force as those of his peers, he can leave a portion of his Wavelength on anything he touches to create a small field that will pull magnetic objects with up to 60lb of force for roughly thirty seconds. Consecutive strikes do not increase the force, only the longevity.

Magnetic Charge A derivative of his Soul Force ability, Gauss can magnetically charge an object he touches if he remains in contact with it for a sufficient period of time to a force of up to 100lb of pull for a few minutes. More notably, he can drastically weaken this magnetic field to fractions of a pound of force for multiple hours of which he can then track with his perception of magnetic fields--which can range up to half a kilometer.​

Amazing Star Style Gauss has been trained in the Amazing Star Style as have many DWMA students. While Gauss utilized its training to further develop his Wavelength Control, he also honed his close quarters combat by specifically dedicating himself to Karate. While many students, particularly of the Amazing Star Style, go on to either utilize the style in their own way or transition to more aggressive fighting styles, Gauss spent years specifically honing skills in Gojo-Ryu and Shito-Ryu for a focus on counterattacking and precision strikes. He has become quite skilled utilizing his Wavelength Amplification with the specific kata in Karate, making his overall fighting style more about timing decisive moves than all out aggression.

Soul Resonance Gauss is considerably capable with Soul Resonance, in part due to his nature as a Utility Meister and in part due to his clarity with Soul Perception aiding him in matching a Watch. Gauss is skilled enough to Resonance with two weapons simultaneously and notably capable of Chain Resonance in a group setting. While performing Basic Resonance, Gauss and polarize anything he touches for up to two minutes in a similar fashion to his Magnetic Charge ability.

Complex Resonance As Gauss has experience with various weapon types, including ranged weapons, he has developed skills with Complex Resonance.


One might say Gauss has superficial charm. One might also call him a narcissistic asshole. Both would be correct. Gauss has a fixation on bettering himself constantly. Each milestone he has reached, each victory he has won, they add to his pride. He never thought twice about using others and his mind was singularly set on achieving his goals. He didn't precisely have a code of ethics behind this. However, Gauss is notably quite honest. While he will bend facts until they're barely recognizable and withhold information that changes an entire story, he will not lie. Also, if asked directly, he won't avoid providing an answer--one just has to know what to ask. Above all, however, Gauss will not cheat. He values his accomplishments too highly to sully them with the concept of cheating. He isn't above using underhanded methods or his wealth to influence others if his own charm is not sufficient.

With his therapy, however, Gauss has came to recognize these incredibly toxic traits. As with any challenge set in front of him, he perceives them as something he must overcome. Arguably not the most healthy mechanism for change, but Gauss still has intentions on being a member of the DWMA Elite in his lifetime. It is debatable if he actually feels empathy or remorse for his thoughts or actions, but he does actively attempt to now consider the ramifications for his actions. It is a much colder way of "not being a dick", but it's thus far been somewhat effective and the best he is capable of doing to avoid allowing his toxic traits to impact others again.

F.A.T.E. Status
Gauss is a Type A Fate Agent. He is equipped with specialized equipment for his Magnetic Wavelength, but most of it is a precaution as his therapist believes he still may be at risk for reverting back to his previous mental state. He and his abilities are not considered an inherent "danger" to others as much as his personality and antisocial behavior is considered heavily detrimental to social lives and team dynamics.


Gauss was not born into just any family. While he may blow his name out of proportion, as does the bulk of his family, the Thales are a success story of early adopters and family money. The Thales come from a long line of electronics importers and manufacturers. For generations, one of their factories was likely where the screen on your top end smart phone was made. While they weren't the name on the product, they were the ones selling to and importing parts for multiple brands. Why restrict themselves to only one retailer? The Thales were, and in fact still are, a family of capitalist sharks. With Magitech coming into the world, they only saw this as an opportunity. The Thales not only helped pave the way for Magitech integration into commercial technology, they pushed it into the market faster than anticipated by retrofitting factories and even building more to accommodate projected need on a complete chance, and that chance paid off. The Thales family as a whole with Thaltek is the second largest manufacturer for Magitech parts worldwide, providing parts for everything from smart phones to electronic cars and even including military-grade tech.

Perhaps they were no Hoshi or House Yngling, but their name--or at least their company--is one known worldwide.

Gauss is the third son of his father, Viraj Thales, by his second wife, Chloe Thales-Carras, although he is one of seven siblings and his father has since, of course, remarried. Despite that, he has always stood out among his family and more specifically his father as a favored child. Gauss grew up being doted on by his father, perhaps because he was the first son that did not inherit a weapon gene. His two older brothers, and sister, were all weapons carrying the Thales name, even going off to the DWMA eventually in their own right. Perhaps it was the fact his siblings simply were not there, so Viraj had more attention to focus on Gauss. Perhaps because he didn't have a weapon gene, Viraj felt like his efforts would be less wasted on his son as he wouldn't go off to the DWMA like his siblings--who all rose through the ranks in the EAT classes. One might think this would be a point of pride, but to Viraj it was merely a waste of the money he poured into their early education and grooming.

Anything Gauss wanted, he had. Anything he wanted to do, he did. Gauss' life, unlike most, was hardly impacted by MIBVI growing up. While the virus certainly cared little for wealth or status, what did it matter when every safety precaution money could by was set in place? Not to mention, Thaltek would eventually become one of the manufacturers for the MIBVI injector unit, their name branded on a third of the life-saving vaccines given out in the world.

Gauss was not simply some spoiled child, either. He was intelligent. Always pushing his personal tutors for more information. When he found a subject he enjoyed, he explored it fully. He was no stranger to math, literature was hardly a bother and he even enjoyed reading--history was drab until you learned its secrets--but his focus and what pleased his father was his intent focus on the sciences. The way the world worked. His father always told him that learning how the world worked would make him a powerful man and when he came to age, he would show him everything a textbook couldn't.

Thing was, Gauss wasn't destined for that path. While he did not have a Weapon Gene, he did have a Unique Wavelength. In his pre-teens, his Magnetic Wavelength manifested. At first, as small nuisances, but eventually it became impossible to ignore. Gauss honestly became a walking magnet. Viraj saw this and did his best to avoid sending him to the DWMA. He hired tutors. Elites from the Amazing Star Dojo. Freelancers, even. It wasn't that the young Gauss could not control his ability. Quite the opposite. He caught on quickly. The problem was that he wanted to control it. He loved the sciences. He loved knowing how the world worked. He wanted to know how this gift of his worked and once he got a taste, he was addicted.

His father was devastated, but Viraj did love his children. He would not deny Gauss the best opportunity he could to follow what he loved. Gauss went off to join the DWMA at age 12, even by then already having some idea of how to control his Wavelength. Soon after, Viraj divorced Chloe, but she was set for life with what she received in the divorce and Gauss and his only full-blooded sibling would have no problems. Besides that, Viraj still had a soft-spot for Gauss more so than he did his other children, at least until the next set with his next wife were to be born years later. Viraj had no problem providing for Gauss and even followed up with him in the DWMA--something he did not do with his siblings.

The DWMA was a whole new environment for Gauss, however. New people. Less supervision. And, of course, his ability. Gauss made friends quick and learned skills quicker. By the time he was 13, his status as a Utility Meister was found, and his skill with his Magnetic Wavelength was growing. By age 14, he was in EAT and finished the year a One-Star Meister wielding two weapons, which made the test no small feat as he had to defeat three golems. The harsh reality came to the youth in the form of field missions. His natural gifts were not enough to succeed. He had to train. Gauss, as he always did, gathered a dedicated group of individuals to help train with him, many older than him showing him things they had learned or giving them their words of wisdom. He learned quick that splitting up his training into multiple fields would be a mistake, as mentioned by others.

So, he stayed focused.

He focused in honing his use of his Magnetic Wavelength. He trained hard in how to use his Magnetic Wavelength in very fine, controlled ways. When his old training partners branched out into different martial arts, he stuck with Karate and became proficient in it. It was at this time that his darker side started appearing. His superiority complex. His desire for control. The friends he had that left him for their own training regiments, he always resented they did so. Sure, he could find others, but the fact they would leave him despite the benefits of focusing on a single style... it rubbed him the entirely wrong way.

Between his missions and training with his partners, he focused intently on training his own martial arts and found great benefit in learning how to amplify his kata with his wavelength. It was not an uncommon thing to do, but with repetition, it became easier. Stronger. It wasn't quite second nature, but it gave him an advantage in speed and application. When he was confident--as if he wasn't always--he challenged his friends to a few sparring matches. In sequence, he beat the three down. With his fine movements and agility, he was able to counter their attacks, then land precise empowered attacks to completely drop them. His arsenal was not as diverse as theirs, but what he was good at, he was great at.

They were impressed. Why wouldn't they be? They started out learning karate. It was a martial art many of them saw as a building block, or a start for others. But Gauss proved quite definitively that it could be more than that with dedication. Suddenly those that were teaching him things were asking to be taught. But they lacked what he had: dedication. They were not dedicated to him as a friend, and after beating them, he didn't see their impressed faces as complimentary. He saw them as sad would-be agents that had been surpassed. He moved on and he didn't take them with him.

This trend of finding new people to help him grow then pushing himself to surpass them continued on, and even when called out about it, Gauss was typically able to gaslight his poor victims and turn public opinion on them. He had no qualms with using people as stepping stones, nor empathy to those he hurt along the way. It was all for the goal of furthering himself in the DWMA and growing his skills. It wasn't as if he didn't put in the effort, too. Iron sharpens iron, but when the axes around him grew dull, he tossed them aside like trash. Loyalty was not a word in his dictionary.

His mentality was considerably different for his weapon partners, though. Gauss had no less than twelve Weapons in the DWMA that were willing to be his partner due to his skill and the general thrill of being used as a duo, which for many was a different experience. That, and fighting with the magnetic wavelength in play was often an entirely different experience. Gauss was also much more considerate to his weapon partners. Weapons that worked well with him weren't tools to be thrown away, but instead tools to be selected for the mission at hand. With that mindset, it's exactly what he did. Gauss often requested Weapons, even those in formal partnerships, accompany him on missions when needed and had little regard for the other Meisters they may have briefly left alone. This did result in him never pushing a weapon to a new form. Still, he was capable of Resonance with multiple weapons and using Complex Resonance interchangeably.

Gauss was well on his way to becoming a Two-Star Meister. In fact, the evaluation for such was brought up. This fed his ego and his lust for growth all the more. It also became his downfall. Gauss was placed on a mission to hunt an Outlaw Witch whose family had been imprisoned and ostracized for their believed involvement in the MIBVI outbreak. She cried they were innocent, but she plainly was not. Wanted for murder and endangering the general populace on her renegade streak, she was no small target. This type of mission would normally have never been given to a One-Star, but Gauss had a single unique factor in this that put him on the mission. One of his various Weapon Partners possessed an Anti-Magic Wavelength and its use could have been crucial.

They did not complete the mission. It's not clear if better teamwork might have changed the outcome, but one thing is for certain. Gauss and his pride were not only factors contributing to the failure, but directly endangered his teammates. Once the Witch was caught and the conflict ensued, Gauss was only concerned about one thing: killing the Witch. He did not support his allies. He did not assist them, even when both his own and his Weapon's Wavelength could have. He went on the offensive fast and hard, trying to land a decisive hit with an Anti-Magic Resonance attack. Thing was, Gauss alone was not strong enough. He was just a One-Star. Gauss alone couldn't even put his weapon into a stronger form. Gauss let his allies get injured and when even he realized they needed to run, all he did was call them weak and blame them for the failure.

The report, including that from the mission leader, read entirely different from what Gauss described.

After this incident and the hospitalization of one his teammates, Gauss entire history in the DWMA was reviewed. Former friends, weapons that refused to work with him when needed, even certain mentors that had seen how he treated his peers... the picture became clear. Gauss, for all of his talent and ability, including that of creating social networks of friends for training and weapons for missions, had antisocial personality traits and years of history indicating he had been abusing others like this. He was suspended from the DWMA. He attended suggested therapy and while he made progress, he saw the F.A.T.E. Program and inquired to it. He was not initially considered a candidate as he was primarily there for his personality issues which they felt could be resolved otherwise.

But, Gauss being Gauss, convinced them that getting the chance to see others in his same position and how low he had came when he thought he was soaring so high would be a good punctuation on his current status. Gauss always had a way of getting what he wanted.



- Gauss is ambidextrous.
- Gauss picked up his stage name as it is a unit of magnetic induction and sounded cool.
- Gauss is one of seven children from his father, but is one of ten total siblings combined.
- Gauss is still funded by his father basically without question and has access to large sums of money via his phone or cash. He tends to de-magnetize credit cards.
- Gauss' favorite food is a French omelet, and has perfected cooking them himself due to his love of them.
- Many of Gauss former weapon partners and friendships were also sexually exploitive, I just left them out of his history for reasons.

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“Salt looks just like sugar."
basic information
Emira Foust
Stage Name
False Reaper
date of birth
Weapon | Scythe
years in DWMA
5'8 ½
Hip Level Length

Sexuality: Pansexual​

“Pixie Pink strands of hair that frame a rather innocent looking face. Stark red eyes that mirror the color of blood and porcelain skin that looks even paler in the nightly hours. Petite frame that usually is adorned with whatever attire she can get her hands on; spanning from baggy and comfortable to tight and revealing.”
Emira is definitely unstable but that is not visible on her expressions nor is it laced in any words that may tumble from her lips. She enjoys downplaying things or playing them off, responding to most with a statement that is meant to leave things open to interpretation. Some might think she’s joking or toying with them, others might find her oblivious or innocent. In reality, there is an immense amount of truth behind everything she says. When faced with or approached by someone showing emotions that are more angry, she can’t stop herself from smiling, that innate desire to fan the flames extremely appealing to her. The weapon has an obsession with life and death, not able to discern between the two. She doesn’t believe things are actually dead after they’ve departed which has been assessed as being delusional and in denial. How can she? They live on in her head. She’d cuddle a dead body just as quickly as she’d wrap her arms around someone still breathing. It’s all the same to her, warm or cold. Her view on things is quite morbid due to her strange childhood, one that she doesn’t see as traumatizing as others who know of it. Due to the circumstances she was exposed to as a child she sees the world as her own big open playhouse. This doesn’t mean she approaches things immaturely, she’s definitely mature for her age, in more ways than just mentally. It simply implies that her surroundings are considered a dollhouse and she’s playing with every piece and part of it, human or not. Emira, after being alone for so long, tends to look out for herself first out of habit but when it comes to the program, she is a very dedicated part of it. More so faithful to Cyrus since she’s eternally grateful to him for helping her quiet the voices to a dull whisper. The side she doesn't relay or show is her fear of abandonment which stems directly from her childhood. She tends to stay away from emotions that would make her lose focus like rage. She is in fact, almost always, unperturbed when around others and she is quite proud of her ability to be since it took her years to achieve such a level of being composed without the help of medication.
The younger years;
Emira’s childhood memories are blurry, like most of that age harnessing a younger mind. However she can tell you it was a time of glee, moments that were usually filled with laughter and reflecting the wonders of the world within her wide eyes. She was oblivious to the horrors that lurked around every corner and the only thing she feared was the ‘monsters’ in the closet. As did many children, only swayed into a scare by the bedtime stories that were meant to prepare them for the world around them that they would one day walk through without the comfort and innocence they were granted as a child.

That was until…MIBVI - Like many, the virus wrecked havoc within the lives of everyone around her. It took away mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, you name it. This was not a time of zeal. The rose tinted glasses had been ripped off so abruptly that the color had drained from her eyes. This was about the time that her father had fallen ill, another victim of the outbreak. Another statistic to the numbers that were growing at an alarming rate around the entire globe. Another casualty. They had immediately ‘escorted’ him, if you could call it that, to a quarantine facility. Even as they hauled him off, he’d shot her a semblance of the smile that he used to wear before it started to get tainted with notes of madness. Little did she know, the naivety, a blessing some would say, didn’t allow her to register the situation as it was.


Mum? “ Her breaking voice spoke through the black of the night, the house once veiled in quiet until a series of sobs from the other room reached her ears. It wasn’t unusual for her mother to cry when she thought Emira was asleep but this time the sounds were less contained, almost a wail. It was enough to startle her from her sleep, her soft footfalls drowned out by the cries as she poked her head into her mum’s room. That night was when the ideas of hope were ripped from her world and the innocent light that burned in every child was set to be snuffed out. Her father was gone. If this had been the only news delivered to them that year, as Earth shattering as it was, they would’ve recovered together; had eachother. Alas, life was never fair and the gamble of what cards one was dealt was never controlled. Her mother had been diagnosed with cancer. Another virus, much different than the one that had claimed her father but it would play out to have the same end result. They’d both be taken from her. Her mother’s ticking clock was set to have something short of a year on it. She spent that time rising above much of the pain, pushing herself to be there for her daughter in an attempt to give her memories that she could carry with her. Eventually she started to get worse off, a couple months in, declining rapidly one day after playing with dolls with the small girl. The days that followed started to crack the facade of everything being okay. Truthfully, Emira’s mother should have talked with her more from the beginning, prepared her for what was to come, and helped her understand. It took a while for her to gain the courage to face her daughter with the grave news. The weight she’d been carrying around, shouldering alone. Emira was finally sat down as her mother scooted in beside her, taking her tiny hands within her own. It was silent for a bit until the words started to flow from her mouth and as the words began to flow, so did the tears. Emira however was wracked with a variety of different emotions as she remembered her father’s smiling face. She took another look at her mother and saw that same smile, a fake promise of reassurance, amidst the pain she was dealing with. Emira lunged forward and wrapped her small arms around the woman’s torso, burying her face into her shirt and just hugged her in an attempt to bring them both some comfort. That hold only tightened as she felt an ache grow in her heart, only for it to be ripped into pieces by the feelings she couldn’t comprehend at the time. Her mother tried to gently unwrap herself from the hold but Emira held on tighter, not wanting to let her go in fear that she’d somehow be accepting what she had been told. She didn’t accept it. As long as she was holding onto her, her mother couldn’t go anywhere. Even though they’d been in a pretty dark room, Emira didn’t notice the show of light that had appeared within the enclosed space. All she heard next was a broken sob that sounded guttural and that body warmth that was so comforting soon starting to feel wet. The small girl pulled away and stared in horror at the growing color of crimson that was spreading along her mother’s shirt, along with the impalement that was visible. Her eyes widened and her pupils began to shake as they rose to meet her mother’s strangely calm daze. Even in torment, even though Emira had somehow done this, her mother was still trying to comfort her. Emira’s weapon gene had shown itself for the first time and as she pulled further away and dislodged her still transformed arm from her mother’s back, her mother had smiled. “ You’re going to be okay. I love you, Emira, my little Emie. I’ll always be with you. “ Emira started sobbing, shaking her arm around as if trying to return it back to normal but it was to no avail as it remained the way it was. “ Shhh, shh. I’m here. I’m here. “ She continued to console her daughter and through eyes obscured by wave after wave of tears, Emira watched the light fade from her mother’s eyes until there was nothing left. There was only darkness. Darkness. All night she continued to cry and even though her mother was no longer alive, she was still met with those reassuring words being repeated over and over in her head.

I’m here, you’re going to be okay. I love you.

After a few days, Emira had taken it upon herself to pull her mother up into a sitting position. She had conversations with her throughout the next few weeks. Soon those one sided talks in bed turned to games being played around the house, the whole scene turning into her own real life game of house and her mother’s body was the toy.

Close to a year she’d been left like this, taking care of herself and trying to keep her mother ‘pretty’; she was just a skeleton being carted around, body held together by very creative means.

One day while going through the usual notion of bathtime, the bones started to fall apart in her hands and the sounds of screaming started to fill the air. Mentally she had finally snapped, not even aware that the screams were erupting from her own throat, face contorted into an induced panic. She didn’t stop either. Those shrieks continued until the door to her childhood home had been busted down and a couple people came flooding in, horrified and confused by the disgusting scene they had discovered. Without hesitation they knelt down beside her, only seeing an innocent girl stricken by grief. Then their hands were upon her and Emira felt something dark bloom inside her, coming alive as if rudely awakened from a deep slumber. It was her weapon gene, one that was willingly surfacing now unlike before. The man who was next to her trying to console her quickly fell backwards, trying to avoid the sharp blade that was arcing towards his face. The other person touching her was a woman but she didn’t seem too fazed, maybe a little unnerved by the scene itself. A call had been made and before she knew it, Emira was plucked from the only place she’d known to be brought into the care of the DWMA due to the weapon gene the woman had seen on display.

Age Eight; (a few months after she had been ‘rescued’ from her grotesque and unstable living conditions)

Emira?Emira. A woman’s voice in her head echoed.

Emira responded to her name with an idle shrug, head tilting from the notion, her neck and shoulders working in tandem. Her gaze had casted off to the side, secretly trying to find the source of the familiar voice she’d heard ringing within the confines of her mind.

The therapist sighed and pushed his glasses further up his nose, stopping to pinch at the bridge of it in silent disapproval. The girl before him refused to give any sort of insight of the situation she’d found herself in. All he had was the bare skeleton of a report to go off of, which even while short, was extremely eerie and sickening. He’d seen a lot of things in his time, treated a lot of patients, but this one was… hard to swallow. He peered down at the folder on his lap, flipping it open and staring at the front page. There was a looming picture of Emira, her crimson eyes bearing back at him, peering into his very soul. He shivered a little and instead turned his attention to the words beneath her image. >Patient spent months dressing up and moving her mother’s corpse around the house, pretending she was still alive. Delusional, obsessive, heavily traumatized. It is unclear if the mother was killed by the patient.<

Are we done or what, Doc? “ She inquired, pulling his attention from the file before him. “ I’m sure you don’t want me to miss pill time. “ A small smile tugged at her lips, head tilting the opposite of where it had been hovering.

You may go, Emira. “ He conceded, not giving her the satisfaction of acknowledging her last statement. While she was correct, it wasn’t professional to let a patient get under his skin. He neatly tucked the ‘diary’ away within her folder and closed it.

Next time we should play with dolls, Doc. I have a feeling you’d enjoy it.

Age 11; NOT Class

It had been three years of medication, which was definitely still ongoing, and many many therapy sessions. However, that voice was still there. No amount of medication had suppressed it or made it go away. At times she’d try to ignore it and other times she’d begin talking to it. She’d been cycled through different therapists as they tried to get a clearer picture of the girl sitting before them, to try to understand the way her mind worked. They thought they had. They thought they’d figured her out. A girl of trauma, a father who was infected and a mother who died almost two years later to another body riddling virus; cancer. A mother who Emira was not ready to let go, so she kept her memory alive, and pretended. She used her biggest tool that her mum said was beautifully giant; her imagination. A poor girl who had lost everything, unable to cope with the loss so she tried to deny it by playing doll house with a corpse. Emira had smiled, an upside down representation of a grinning scythe, when they cleared her, wanting to enroll her into the NOT class to hopefully provide some sort of stability and purpose into her life. That could only help, right? The DWMA seemed like the perfect fit for her, being that she held a weapon gene. She’d been freed from the clutches of the everyday regime that she’d been in for years, finally going to be integrated back into society. What better place than somewhere to fight the very demons they said plagued her. Little did they know, she had embraced them. They were her friends. When the skeletons in your closet were all you had, you either ignored them, or you befriended them.

The first year of school started steadily in the NOT class, to get her up to speed and teach her to utilize that side of her that she’d not properly been trained in. A year of smiling and going through the motions. She’d made friends. She’d lost friends, students who just couldn’t cut it. They tried pairing her with a boy who she thought was rather cute. His mannerisms were innocent, they reminded her of a childhood version of herself. She had giggled when he asked if she would like to try to see if they were compatible. “ Of course! “ She’d transformed eagerly, landing within his awaiting hands, fully expecting to be rejected like she’d seen a lot of the others in their class go through. However, she wasn’t dropped like she thought she would be. The boy seemed a little unsure and shaky but they were indeed compatible to some degree. This became her first partner who went by the name of Kris. They spent the first few months getting more used to one another and adapting a fighting style. At this point in time she wasn’t known to have any special sort of wavelength or anything resembling something uncanny. She was most plainly just a scythe. In her second year of NOT she lost her partner due to him being eligible to move on to the EAT class, which once again left her without a partner.

Age 13 ; EAT Year 1

Her training continued, without a meister, until she was accepted into the EAT class. At this time she was still classified as a pairable weapon but she had been assigned to a team to work alongside a few pairs. She found herself once again getting to partner with Kris after she joined the new class when his own partner had moved away. To say she was ecstatic would be putting it lightly. After about half a year of being in the EAT class she was cleared to go on missions with her team which brought her an unsettling amount of excitement, just like being reunited with Kris had. Each and every mission they went on honed their skills and compatibility but each mission however meant a corrupted soul here and there being devoured, which to her surprise was quite tasty. But she found that another soul meant a new voice to reside in her head. However, with each soul she felt stronger so that became the trade off. Or did it? It happened gradually, the voices. The whispers. They were different from the one that resided in her head since childhood. Sinister, dark, bloodthirsty. Some had voices that spoke, others just made noises. She mentioned this to her therapist, who she had yet to shake despite her progress, apparently it was a requirement, and she had been given more medication. Medication that didn't help. Her partner strangely had been radio silent about the fact that he had been hearing them too, so when he finally brought it up she was indeed surprised and definitely confused. Another soul or two was added to her count the next couple months and that seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for Kris. He had begun talking to himself, showing more psychotic behavior that was unexplainable. Lashing out at things whenever they were in the middle of a fight and screaming at nothing. It got so bad that he’d accidentally swung at one of their teammates, injuring them pretty badly, and that was when the two were separated as partners. They had been classified as unfit, mostly Kris even though she indeed was the seed of the issue at hand. Emira, alongside Kris, was subjected to a series of tests to try to figure out what had gone wrong. They finally came to the conclusion, with the same result from different meisters wielding her, that she was somehow breaking down their psyche with voices in their heads. As to where those voices came from, that was an entirely different matter that would take more extensive research.

People moved out of her way when she returned to class and Emira shot them a casual smile whenever they did. She had easily and quite quickly gained the reputation of being the class psycho. To keep others safe from having to endure such a strange wavelength they decided to point in her another direction; autonomy.

After becoming solo she started to depart on missions with her team, without a meister, and under supervision. As long as nobody touched her or got in her way, things went smoothly. It would seem Emira was doing better this way. She was becoming faster, more agile, and more confident without the need of a partner but her weapon form was very sought out. The poster child of weapons; a scythe. She was approached time and time again by meisters who wanted to pair with her. At times she’d humor them and some of them lasted a while before the voices in her head became too much for them. She was a casanova of a weapon partner; alluring but ultimately having to toss them to the side for someone new, which admittedly she didn’t quite enjoy but who was she to deny them if they wanted to try? Secretly, as her therapist mentioned, there was a deeper reason for these notions but Emira was in denial about the reasoning. The more rejection she was faced with, the more hyper fixated she became on her autonomy and less on actually trying to find a partner. Eventually it just became second nature to shy away from others. Emira was getting fed up of trying, of appearing to be this perfect weapon, only to lose them and find herself in solidarity again as she had when she was a child. That started to show as she started to become more reckless on the field, clearly acting out in some sort of brash juvenile way.

Age 14; EAT Year 2

This year had been pretty normal for her and not very different from the last except for a small gain in her soul count and a few situations out on the field where she was scolded quite harshly for her carelessness. She’d cycled through a dozen meisters total, less this current year than the previous, and was still unable to control any aspect of her wavelength. So when the end of the school term came and the one star rank test was presented to them… well, Emira had to enter as an autonomous weapon. Not that she minded. She’d been practicing and she felt self-assured that she’d pass. She had to. Others might not believe she had any sort of advantage being on her own since they had the luxury of a partner but they would be surprised. Alas, she did surprise everyone when she passed the test, albeit barely with less than a minute to spare, it was still a pass.

Age 15-18;

Emira remained amongst her peers, simply honing her abilities as an AW for the next few years. Her soul count grew, which of course only worsened her condition. She hadn’t found a way to drown out the voices even though she started to become desperate in trying to. She’d gone through a nasty cycle of doing anything and everything to get them to shut up, which was to no avail. Drinking. Her pills. Both at the same time. She even tried a more physical approach and cycled through people faster than she’d cycled through meisters. It finally got to the point that she started to slip up on the field, forgoing her partial transformation to stand there with her hands in her hair, screaming to try to hear anything but the voices echoing about. Thankfully she wasn’t alone, as another pair had to step up and cover for her during her mental breakdown to assure she didn’t come home wounded or worse, in a body bag. After this incident she had been pulled from being able to go on any missions and she felt herself fall into a deep depression, despite the medication that was trying to level her emotions out. She wasn’t allowed to fight, she couldn’t pair with a meister, and most importantly she couldn’t find a moment of peace. She’d reached a hurdle that she couldn’t leap over with ease, a wall that was looming over her, and she began feeling weighed down by a sense of helplessness.

(this part of the backstory was written with help from Sir Les Paul Sir Les Paul )
This, of course, was long before the advent of even the Paean Program. While her issue itself was quite unique, issues like these were still common. Emira was present on a list of problem students to find a solution for, but unlike most which were overseen by Kidd, her case was handled by Cyrus. And, while he might have played it off as another assignment to him, he was personally invested. This had begun due to her status as a Scythe as well, but eventually grew into a personal mission into seeing her succeed after understanding the nature of her Wavelength.

The beginning of her interactions with Cyrus seemed little different than prior. Therapy. Medication. Training. Cyrus personally fought her plenty, so he was aware of the toll her voices could take. With approval from the therapists and staff, Cyrus opted for a different approach. While the therapy continued, the medication did not, and he had her put through rehabilitation for her substance abuse. He took her out of the field to focus on her mental health without reliance on medication or crutches. In effect, he made her focus on herself. Not her missions.

Age 19-22;

Once Emira was in a considerably better mind state and had become accustomed to life without the stresses of being an Agent, Cyrus chose a new direction for their training. What he had done was made her a “clean slate”, and in a way, it felt like it. No dependence on a Meister, a focus on being independent and using focused martials arts, and a lifestyle that reduced her overall stress to let her cope with the voices. That phase came to an end.

Cyrus introduced her to Calm Mind training. This training was intense, typically only taught in small classes or one-on-one, and only used for the Madness Response teams. While the benefits for preventing Madness were clear, that was not the focus. Cyrus wanted her to gain control over her mind state. Calm Mind training, he hoped, would give her a level of control and restraint that would open new doors for her.

And, open new doors it did. While spending one’s twenty-first birthday committing to perfecting a serene state of mind, it is what Emira did. The benefits of Calm Mind training had already paid off in quieting the voices inside her head and even allowing her to begin using techniques she never even knew what felt like before in Wavelength Amplification, which made her far more effective in combat. But by the end of that same year she committed herself, she had finally reached a state where she could meditate to the extent of creating a true mental barrier for her abilities. Once she achieved this, her potential truly opened.

With her voices suppressed to the point where sometimes they were completely inaudible outside of her mother’s, she was able to excel in training with Cyrus. Better yet, she could train now without Cyrus. She could train in the Black Star Dojo or with other members of the Scythe Corps she was being admitted to. While she was still behind in terms of her peers and their training, her renewed vigor and now clear focus pushed her to learn all of the skills she never did before. Soul Perception, Soul Force, and even the beginnings of Self-Resonance. Here, she truly bloomed into the dangerous Autonomous Weapon she would be known for, and taught the ins and outs of being a Scythe by the most high ranking weapon in the DWMA.

Age 23-24;

While she was still a One-Star, she straddled the line in-between. With more time, she may have even pushed herself further. She was successful on multiple missions once Cyrus was sure she was stable enough and capable in the field, and she did him proud. Even consuming more souls was virtually no problem for her. It did make Resonance much more difficult, but with the right Meister–or more specifically one that also had Calm Mind training–it was shown that she had the potential to even be paired.

But these two years marked a departure from just focusing on herself. Cyrus was placed over the F.A.T.E. Program by Kidd. And, while Emira was far from the most decorated member of the Scythe Corp–or even near its top ranks–she had become the shadow of Cyrus. Her nickname “The False Reaper” was sure, in part due to her nature as a Scythe, but also as a joke aimed at Cyrus whose original Stage Name was “the Blue Reaper”.

Emira was informed she was to join F.A.T.E., but not necessarily as a Fate Agent. Instead, she would be the eyes and ears of Cyrus. She would report back to him with progress on not just the Agents, but the Mentors. She knew how strict he was. She knew what he would look for. Because, for years, he looked for those things in her.

Fate Status; Type E.


Cyrus-> A death scythe who she looks up to as not just a mentor but also as a parental type figure outside of the regular authority he has. daddyuwu
Autonomous Weapon
Demon Scythe

Soul Type; While the core of her soul is a bright, pink sphere, the soul itself is shrouded in a coating of tiny fragments of skulls constantly cycling over her soul like a lava lamp with the distorted faces of those she has consumed. To perceive her true pink Soul, one would need Soul Perception at least capable of identifying the minute details of her Soul Signature. Upon meeting her initially, it may take a slightly longer time to see her Soul Signature as one would need to “see through” the coating of souls.

Weapon Type; Traditional Scythe.

Wavelength; Infinite Echo Wavelength – Voices of the Damned
Emira retains the pain and anguish of the souls that she devours / absorbs in Weapon form to add to her infinitely echoing Wavelength. These echoes reverberate within her Soul, both repeating the darkest phrases, fears, and memories of their original owner and screaming from the hellish limbo they are caught in. Much like a Murderous Wavelength, these infinite echoes make Emira nearly immune to Sound-based wavelengths and resistant to most wavelength affects being applied directly to her.

The echoes of these souls also become voices in her head and these voices can also be heard by anyone wielding her, though with calm mind training she has lessened the volume considerably to a whisper. During resonance they go back to their original volume. The whispers become louder, more frequent, and more intrusive as she gains power and consumes more souls, creating a vicious cycle. This effect is worsened as she resonates due to the amplification in power. One voice that is never heard by her partner is the voice of her mother, however. This voice is not a part of her soul, but is a core part of her psyche. The memory of the final words said by her mother often repeats in her mind akin to the other souls she has consumed, but that voice is her own personal damnation. When touching another person, Emira can choose to extend her wavelength to them, making them subject to the voices in her head at full blast, since her calm mind does not transfer to them.

Partial Transformation; Emira is capable of transforming any of her limbs or extremities into her scythe weapon head, although her primary offensive attacks are done with her arms. This has many advantages in the field and allows her to train as an autonomous weapon. To be more precise she can transform even the smallest parts of her into a smaller version of the head of her scythe, like her fingers, her feet, or even her tongue. Aside from the blade head, she is also capable of transforming the length of her scythe pole at either wrist at any anchor point and using it for shifts in momentum and distancing herself with her Silambam.

Wavelength Amplification; Emira has heavily trained in this as well as learning control over her wavelength, something she struggled with for longer than she’d care to admit, while under the tutelage of Cyrus. He helped her finally grasp the strings of her wavelength and find a way to reign herself the puppeteer of it, no longer the puppet she once was. Learning amplification has given her a huge edge being an autonomous weapon and not just a student who can utilize partial transformations in the field. It takes an immense amount of concentration on her part and she’s only willing to use it when going solo. The mental rumble that goes on with her meister already being forced to concentrate on blocking out the voices the best they can is admittedly enough strain to put on them and Emira isn’t crude enough to add more. This ability she has honed to focus on giving her boosts with her speed and endurance. Being the type of weapon she is, these are the most crucial to her success against an enemy.

Soul Perception; Emira is capable of using Soul Perception to see finer details of a Soul and a Soul Signature with approximately 20 feet, but beyond that the details of her sight and her ability to hone in on individual souls depreciates significantly.

Soul Force; Emira is capable of Soul Force to empower her strikes as one would expect, but she can also opt into reducing the amount of raw strength obtained from the ability to instead impart her Wavelength onto the target for up to thirty seconds wherein they are forced to hear the same echoing voices inside her head until it resides. Depending on the resistance of the individual, these can range from screaming wails to meager whispers.

Self Resonance; Emira has been taught to briefly utilize Self-Resonance by Cyrus. While her skill with it is still in its early stages and not as refined as it could be, she is still capable of amplifying her raw physical attributes for a brief few seconds. This is typically used in an attempt for an assassination or single, powerful strike.

Calm Mind Training; Calm mind training was the turning point for Emira and her self-development. Prior to Cyrus introducing her to Calm Mind training, Emira primarily functioned as an Autonomous Weapon while utilizing her touch-based Wavelength to disorient targets. Once she had learned to hone her mind and focus on her Wavelength use without the migraines and distractions of the voices inside her head, she was able to expand out to learn skills such as Soul Perception, Wavelength Amplification, and Soul Force.

Calm Seal; Emira presently has trained in Calm Mind training to such a degree she possesses a mental barrier (called a Calm Seal) that passively helps to suppress the voices from her Wavelength. With this Seal in place, she is able to prevent herself from causing voices inside those she touches and be wielded as a weapon, although Resonance bypasses this. The detriment to a Calm Seal is a slight reduction in the potency of her Wavelength abilities. Releasing her Calm Seal will result in a slight boost to her abilities, but she will be subject to the echoes of her Wavelength and lose the ability to prevent others from hearing it.​

Basic Resonance; Emira is capable of Basic Resonance, although it does expose her Meister to the echoes of her Wavelength. Because of this trait, she has minimal experience with Resonating as most Meisters cannot withstand resonance for more than a few minutes. As with most Basic Resonance, she is able to amplify the Wavelength of her Meister considerably and their attacks gain a substantial boost in output. A giant being, a skeleton in nature, is summoned from resonance. It attacks and does its masters bidding, its rumored to be all of the souls of the voices that she’s devoured manifested into one skeletal being. An echo of them in physical form.

XXX Resonance ( Classified as weapon amplification, cannot utilize this technique yet ) Technique; Reaper Hunt - Her scythe form grows tremendously, the blade a deep ebony but completely translucent and ethereal. One can hear the many whispers and wails of the souls she has devoured.

Weapon Space; It started out pitch-black with nothing there to be seen but certainly things to be heard. Now there’s a small end table with a candle on it. Its flame is dim and only lights up the immediate area around the table, to show a singular chair, before the area is once again swallowed with darkness.

- Survival combat knife - Holstered at her ankle.
- An arrow-head necklace from her “boo”
- Magitech Watch
- Magitech Communicator
- Earbuds


+ Emira has a tattoo of a skull and crossbones through it between her shoulder blades.

+ She is obsessed with spicy food and has never been introduced to anything she cannot handle.

+ Usually has some sort of music playing in her ears to distract her from the whispers but she’s very aware of her surroundings.

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Runs with Axes
Roleplay Type(s)

Name: Maria "The Marionette" Mayer
Age: 19 DOB 4/7/47
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Sorcerer)
Traits: High Mana Affinity (Sorcery)
Height: 162cm 5'3" - Hair Color: Blonde - Eye Color: Yellow​

General Appearance: Tends to wear a think and long running blue dress with a white shawl, a red ribbon around her neck, head and waist and a pair of black low heel boots. Tends to be rather clean kept and her hair is cut short and neat and clean. She in addition wears a belt with a pouch of tools and seems to have some sort and often carries around a suitcase, in addition she has silver rings on some of her fingers.

Maria is a rather meticulous individual, from her appearance to the craftsmanship and care in her dolls, often she will resort to makeshift repairs rather than replacement, leading to a frightening appearance found in some of them. Typically, she is rather terrible at socialization outside of work and can come off as creepy even when she does not intend it to be so. She is rather interested in folklore, European and American of note knowing little bits and pieces of them all which she uses in her work. Her manner of dress often stands out as being old fashioned and rustic. She loves to do several craftsmen hobbies and is an accomplished seamstress and woodworker with some minor skills in metal working and leatherwork. Has a curious hobby of sewing together plushy dolls of those she likes, with button eyes or otherwise unintentionally creepy, that she gives to those she's come to like as friends.

Her attempts to be friendly can backfire or go nowhere more often than not, which discourages her at times. She also has largely no interest and limited knowledge of popular culture trends and happenings. Likes hot tea, old world antiques and dolls, tends to dislike rude people, rogue witches and those who dismiss her creations. Given this Maria is prone to self-doubt or social awkwardness to a large extreme, such as pulling a knife out on others before attempting something helpful with it for them. A bit absorbed in her work, she has a terrible sense of time unless reminded by others and has an interest in tinkering. She also because of her early history is rather tolerant of magical beings and some of those who are madness afflicted, considering them not so odd. Her attempts of winning over others is problematic given she seems to have a limited to nonexistent range of facial emotions. As noted, she is very obsessed with her hobbies and enjoys talking about them or old-world things. In addition, she is known as The Marionette, a title given half mockingly by some at the Magic Guild that became a title of respect with her advancements in Enchanting. She largely considers social dealings a waste of time. Curiously for a creative sort, she doesn't mind sending her creations to battle, seemingly to giggle during these happenstances, she is a pretty dependable supporter in battle or limitedly on the frontline with her Enchantment Magic.

F.A.T.E. Status:
Type A: Maria is mostly in the fate program in the hopes that socializing with other, well, less than normal figures may help her out of her shell and to learn about others. Normal DWMA agents often were either tired of dragging her from her workroom or creeped out by her at one point or another. As a result, she's not considered a massive case, if not for her all the more depressing mood and staying shut up she would not be a cause of concern. Or so it would be if she did not have a nervous breakdown of sorts, collapsing on the DWMA steps when one of her gift dolls were torn apart. She cried to anyone that would listen, in this case a member of the senior staff, looking at them as she cheered up with something of a crazed expression. Maria then started leaving gifts and had to be told why this was not done. Being hard to read, she seemed to rather to take this all rather well and was assigned back to field deployment.

On this next mission the team she was part of, including a two Meister's and two Weapons were met with fierce resistance by a rouge witch and her summoned minions. During the battle, Maria was tasked with using her medium doll as a battering ram to press in on the witch who countered the man-sized golem with fire and flame, causing significant damage, which broke something in the girl, pulling her doll back the battle plan fell apart and one of the Meisters was seriously wounded and his weapon took some burns when converting back to a human form to shield him from the fire. While the mission ended in the death of the Witch and with Maria shakingly using her smaller dolls to help turn the tide, the damage was done. When seeing what she had done all Maria could do was say I'm sorry, over and over as she pulled at her hair before fleeing the mission area. Fortunately, she did not go rogue or went on the run but returned to the DWMA and shut herself up in her mobile workshop awaiting punishment. In review it seemed she was at least earnest in realizing her mistake but could not say with honesty she would not do such again an executive decision was made to offer the course to the agent in hopes of correcting her personality flaws or at least finding those that could work around them.

Maria's personality issues become easier to understand when one looks at her history. Born at the start of the MIBVI spread in Rural Pennsylvania, her family situation deteriorated rapidly as her family was lost to the virus, that she somehow had escaped infection. Their loss of functions happened slowly over the following years and her mother left rather morbid paintings and other artistic creations around their house. Her father was more problematic in his own decent into madness and took to bringing strangers to the house and killing them in the backyard. To the little girl this did not seem strange at all, fortunately she had not become the object of their "affection" nor attention. But the attention of the DWMA was brought upon her home and agents would be dispatched with local law enforcement when the surrounding area started to develop into a hotspot, drawing other infected beings to the area. Being only five at the time Maria does not physically remember most of the events of the following night, but a Meister took a direct interest in her as a promising sorcerer, the same as the mother he had killed but not yet lost. Seemingly neither had known of their traits or if they did had never made use of it, no notes were made, and the mother was too far gone to save.

Bringing her to the Mage Guild great precautions were taken with the girl, for fear she may be a latent carrier of the MIBVI virus, already in isolated conditions for the most, she herself was handled more directly, though her talent, or rather potential talents for mage craft could not be ignored. The witches being the curious sorts would take the girl under their wing and care, and while she had no family, she did have a home. Her primary caretaker was a Witch known as Instructor Mirai. A woman that valued creativity and the eccentrics above else that was on hand to tutor a few aspiring sorcerers and young Witches.

Over the following years she would be taught the art of Demon Tools and allowed to browse the library, and the workshops and she fell in love instantly with the art of Enchantment. Mirai, finding this to both be foreboding and pleasing to her sensibilities, decided to allow it, to see where curiosity would take the both of them. As much as she could allow it, Maria would have full access to the workshops and to her own crafting materials. While this was a case of curiosity for Mirai, it was having a mother for Maria and she sat through the lessons and underwent the next several years studying both arts until she made a rather interesting Grimoire that could hold immense power and form itself into a bladed arm gauntlet and synced well with the girl who then immediately went about using it to power her enchantments. Dolls, she had turn to dolls to fill the void that her isolation had left. And bit by bit they became all the more splendid, pleasing Mirai to no end, praising Maria as the best of the Sorcerers under her care as it stood for her fine creations, dolls that could work and move, with articulation second to none and their maker all the more a doll herself.

Once the vaccine was rolled out Maria was thrust into the general student population with mixed results. While she was more skilled than many of her peers, her inner personal relationship ability was rather poor, and out of jealousy and fear most of her fellow peers laughed at her or called her "Doll Maker" or later on "The Marionette" a title she decided to prove right. The only major emotional flares came when one of her dolls were broken and she went berserk on the offending student with another doll and when people tried to befriend her or praised her, she would attempt to make or do things for them. But her awkwardness would always be a problem and she retreated into her workshop, only speaking to Mirai who still did not grasp the problem in allowing this as a witch sticking to their workshop was not so unusual was it? Or so she reasoned until bit by bit it dawned on her the error she had made with this student.

Nonetheless she was gifted and had skills in constructing and powering golems, everything else could be fixed with time and patience. Recommending Maria for the DWMA, where some use could be made of the girl, she hoped they would be able to fix what she had ignored, and she would remember this with additional students.

Feeling as if she was not wanted and depressed, Maria would eventually relent and join the DWMA at the age of 17, with how pressed the DWMA was for recruits she was overlooked in some of her oddities so long as she could perform, physically and mentally. She would hardly be the first oddity in the DWMA and such problems could be sorted. After a brief basic training and testing of her Enchanting abilities would be put to the test in actual field deployment where she performed admirably, aside from her quirkiness and seemingly hesitant nature to damage her dolls outside of needed scenarios all seemed to be fine and she was encouraged to take part in the new E.A.T. class and to undergo trials for her 1 Star Rank, given that Sorcerers could not construct a Death Scythe, this test was carried out to test her magical talents and abilities, with a strong foe waiting at the end of a Maze. Having only her dolls and an obstacle course she was tested in problem solving, force and will power, using her smaller dolls to solve puzzles and retrieve keys in a maze her medium doll was then brought in to combat a seasoned Meister in a spar, holding her own for long enough to gain the Meister's approval, she was considered a good enough asset for further investment within the DWMA. She seemed to flinch a bit over the damage to her medium doll and set about working on it.

However, this would lead to the incident in her F.A.T.E. report a few weeks later, of curious note is the fact she still studies magic and is working on a massive construct to impress the one woman she seen as a mother. A fact she does not share with anyone. Alone and confused, but feeling useful in the DWMA, Maria signs up for F.A.T.E. in hopes she can find some way forward. Provided she is aware of the time to meet up.

Items on your person:
Grimoire of Maria: A simple looking book that gives off a magic field, it is used in combination with her soul wavelength and natural mana to fuel her magical constructs, moving them as an extension of herself. The book also can shapeshift into a rather nasty blade that sparks electricity, this uses up her power at a faster rate and is normally a last line of defense of if she *must* personally join her dolls in an attack.

Small Type doll x4: Crafted from wood and cloth and imbedded with the magic of enchanting and empowered by Maria's mana and Grimoire in concert, these dolls stand roughly around two feet tall, some taller and some shorter by a few inches, typically she carries four of these dolls with two in a suitcase and two under her dress strapped to her inner lower leg. It should be noted she has imbedded one doll with alchemic explosives to use as a magic controlled suicide bomb when needed.

Toolkit: A belt mounted toolkit that has a pouch with a wood carving knife, load bearing nails a small hammer, needles and thread to allow for field repairs of her dolls or mending of a brave ally with little choice.

Carrier pouch: A simple belt pouch that contains a wallet, cell phone, driver's license for Class C and B vehicles, 6inch Survival Knife, some money and some strawberry flavored hard candy.

Magitech Communicator - Standard Issue

Magitech Watch - Standard Issue

Medium Type Doll*: Normally transported by freight, van or her mobile workshop cargo truck. It is roughly human sized and looks a bit like Maria with long hair, this item is mission dependent and takes a lot of her attention to move. It has been equipped with metallic armor beneath its robes and is armed with two dual primitive swords. Given this it is rather difficult to bring it around and to maneuver it to follow her in a mission in public. This doll is heavily battle scared. Has been attempting to find ways to more easily transport or move the doll.

Silver Rings: Puppeteering rings, nothing too special to note, other than feeding her strands around and in-between them, so as to not cut her fingers.

Journal: A simple journal, used to keep a diary where she makes notes of the missions they have done, people she notes, random if not strange drawings and random thoughts.

Demon Tool Control wires: made from a steal alloy that is reinforced with alchemy, they are rather durable but can be cut or tangled up.

Soul Type: Her soul seems to glow an indigo and is the standard size, minus a unique kaleidoscope design that marks her mana trails showing her mana reserves are rather suited towards sorcery and fairly significant.

Magical Potency: Tier 4

Types of Magic:
Tier 1 Demon Tools: Knows the basics of alchemy and uses them in the creation of some of her materials and of note her Grimoire and control wires.

Tier 4 Enchanter: Her primary means of fighting, spending most of her life under the Mages Guild studying it, her skill equally matches that of a summoner, but at cost and dedication, making her other fields of study theoretical or bare basics. She knows how to inlay her constructs to breathe life into them, creating advanced forms of Golems and earning her the nickname she so proudly wears.


Gear of Creation: A basic line spell used in the creation and rebuilding process of the dolls to imbue the various materials with the flow of magic or channels to allow future flow for operational use, while a beginner spell it is not easy to master.

Gear of Effigy: Able to control a small doll with limited commands and movements within a limited range, connected her own mana and wavelength with thin red lines to empower them, at her current level she can command four of these small dolls at a given time

Gear of Embodiment: A step up from Effigy is Embodiment, with the aid of demon tool strands or concentrating her mana lines, Maria is able to attune her dolls into launching speedier and more pinpoint attacks and complex moves. Her range of movement seems to be limited to 9 feet in this finer formation.

Gear of the Body: The ability to make and empower a doll made to the form of the human body with many more points of articulation and movement than the smaller dolls, it serves little purpose outside of commanding the medium sized doll to follow at a distance and issuing basic commands.

Demon Tool Creation Tier 1: The ability to use Alchemy to make some basic alchemic concoctions and basic tools. Her greatest achievement in this field was her Grimoire, though she is well acquainted with making an explosive mixture and her control threads.

Mana Shroud: By sacrificing the use of her dolls, Maria is able to form a gride like patter from her personal mana reserves to make a spherical dome around herself to block attacks. If used in principle to the abilities of a Meister it would be akin to using one's wavelength to provide greater endurance and defense. This red lined dome extends a few inches past her person and is difficult to keep up for too long but can make the difference in life and death from a number of attacks, though robbing her of offensive capability.

Grimoire Talon: By using her lingering mana within the book and from her own personal stores, Maria is able to transform her book into a large blade that could be said to be equivalent to a soul blow or weak soul force attack but is partially physical in nature, crystalizing into a solid impactor that turns more atheral towards the ends. Given the power consumption of this attack and keeping it active she normally is hesitant to use it unless hard pressed.

Strands of Dominion: Able to form red encased demon tool strands to connect the medium doll to the movements of her own body, with a 360-degree range of movement within a five feet radius of Maria causing the doll to be more akin to a shadow suit that mimics the master's commands perfectly, allowing for greater ability to battle. In principle in this use, the wires and mana lines flow into the doll and connect her own signature to the weapon, replicating the ones nervous system flipped into lay lines so the Doll becomes akin to wearing a second skin without the feelings of pain. This allows her to control the doll as if it were herself, the shadow of the master

In addition, when not connected to the medium doll the strands seem to have the force and pinpoint accuracy to push back debris and add some defense to guard against melee attacks. In principle flowing out of her own mana and in combination with her demon tool wires, these "shields" are rather flexible and are good at meeting cutting and blunt attacks to try redirecting them if even so slightly from her core. They cannot hold up to the abuse of a weapon or the strongest of unknowns, one could consider this to be the equivalent of guarding against a blow with a chain or thick cloth, it is not dense nor durable but can cushion against blows or slow down bladed and blunt weapons to provide more defense than if she blocked with her body.

- Faceclaim is Alice Margatroid of Touhou Project with alternative eye color.
- Accomplished craftswoman, rather skilled at making various objects out of wood, metal and fabric.
- Seems to live around several of the other FATE team members, rumor has it in a basement of an apartment complex that she uses for living quarters and as a workshop.
- Seems to primarily be right-handed though she seems adept at using both hands very well in concert and in separation of one another.
- Is a bit protective of her dolls and practices there use till it almost seems to be living things. While she'll use them as tools the time and care she puts into them is obvious, will speak with them time to time.
- She will go through great efforts to repair her dolls in place of replacing them, something the DWMA has wanted to break her of for some time, given this however she is rather skilled at repairing and refurbishing some furniture, clothing and wooden objects when and where possible.
- Likes classical music and can play a violin and piano rather well.
- Has been known to carry blocks of wood with her for whittling and repair purposes, its not unknown for her to take her knife, some scrap wood, the blocks, or part of a fallen branch to curve a small figurine or the like as a gift. Though grander presents are also possible from her, or creepy depending on ones view. Such as her cloth made plushie dolls that look like the person with some disturbing alterations such as stitched mouths or button eyes.
- Fears being alone in the truest sense of the word, is reluctant to send her dolls into situations that will absolutely destroy them and tends to be rather set in her ways with an interest in some magical or Magitech arts.
-Theme song The Girl who played with people's shape.

Repaired dolls
Medium, Small and small explosive variant.

Blade formed and in use with four small dolls.


Black Dress
Partner: N/A
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Prizzy Kriyze

Multiple Stab Wounds

Emmett James.jpg
"Don't worry, I patched that. There's eight new bugs to fix now, though."
Emmett James
Basic Information

Twenty Eight



Six Feet, Three Inches

Hair Color

Eye Color

General Appearance
Though the value of first impressions is not lost on him, the matter of the fact is that it isn't very realistic to expect to show up all properly dressed when you've gotten out of bed 5 minutes before class. Emmett is a mess, sleeping far too little and relying far too much on coffee, and his outfits reflect that. The suit jacket loosely thrown on, shirt untucked, and tie only hanging off of his neck (hey, at least it's there) is how he usually appears at the DWMA. He doesn't particularly care though, there are far too many things occupying his mind to dwell on how homeless he looks.

Contrary to popular opinion, he does know how to dress up when the situation calls for it. Usually when presenting a new magitech designs or in preparation for important meetings, Emmett likes to comb his hair back and relearn how to tie a tie. He owns several three-piece suits for these occasions, as he'd like to be taken seriously when presenting important ideas. Of course, this is rare and infrequent, as whenever Emmett has a say of his own he wears nothing but sweatpants, hoodies and t-shirts.


Personality & Bio
Emmett is unstructured and eccentric at heart, working days in a row only to sleep on a park bench after one too many of his "combat stimulants". Very few recognize him as the three star Meister and Magitech engineer prodigy that he is at first glance, as his aloofness and scatter-minded nature often comes across as arrogant or nonchalant to strangers, but it's no coincidence that he rose to a position just below Professor Davis in his bare decade working with Magitech. Emmett's work ethic knows no equal, and no matter how little sleep he gets he always has time to meet his contemporaries with a smile or a joke. Difficulties or opposition just serve to redouble his motivation, and he's not the kind of guy to let emotions rule him. He always retains his relaxed aura.

Despite how he sometimes has the vernacular of an outdated teenager and dislikes confrontation, he's not afraid to take matters into his own hands if he should have to. He's taken on the responsibility of mentoring the troubled agents of F.A.T.E with a strong understanding of the hurdles ahead. Years of experience eliminating fringe cases of MIBVI virus outbreaks alongside Zelda has given him plenty of insight into the dangers of Madness and a lot of sympathy for those affected by it or other darker traumas, perhaps to make amends to a younger version of himself that never had those resources.


It's curious how life can turn out.

For example, when Emmett's father decided to make a milk run late one fateful evening, lost control of his car in the rain, and suffered a frontal collision with a meeting vehicle. Or, when his mother, tired after a long day at work, didn't see the meeting vehicle hydroplaning and swerving into her lane. Life, indeed, turned out with resounding finality then.

Emmett was far too young to ever really realize. He was just about to turn one year old, snoozing away peacefully in his crib. He never fussed when it came to naps, and besides, dad was only going to be gone for five minutes or so. He'd be fine.

He'd be fine.

Being orphaned wasn't as bad as you'd imagine. Of course, when he couldn't recall a time before it, it's hard to form an opinion. He spent a long time being moved from family to family, but it was poor luck rather than anyone's fault why he never found a permanent home. The many parents would break rules or otherwise mismanage themselves within months, orphanages closed down for many different reasons... The only friends he ended up keeping were delinquents. Troubled kids with no stability to set them right in life. Emmett too struggled with respect for his contemporaries, and came to direct all his creative energy inward since nothing on the outside lasted. There wasn't ever a time he felt consciously sad or disappointed by this - rather, seeing people live their lives around him while he silently tinkered away at his little hobbies became his comfort. Siblings he'd never have to remember the names of came and went, parents that seemed hopeful but eventually gave up... He didn't mind. It meant he didn't have to care. He had his books, a place to sleep, food when he got hungry and school on the weekdays. He didn't need much more than that.

One family he stayed at for more than a few months even loved him; the younger siblings were curious and interested in the same things as him, the parental figures were both gentle and kind. It was there his adoptive father was perceptive enough to figure out that he had an interest in tinkering when they briefly visited a toy store. For his birthday, Emmett received a lego technic set, and for weeks he wouldn't put it down. Every little piece was turned back and forth as he digested the design, expanded on it, swapped pieces for one another and attempted to repurpose it. A passion had awoken in him, and he began cultivating an ambition in life.

As it turned out, when this family too failed to uphold the standards and he was moved once again, Emmett was old enough that he had the option of enrolling at a school instead of staying in the system; and he'd been fully prepared to take advantage of that. The advent of Magitechnology hadn't been all that long ago, and Emmett had heard all about the wondrous inventions of the DWMA on the television. He wanted to enroll in NOT, to the surprise of his social worker. Never before had he seemed to have a goal or a future in mind, and never had an orphan seemed so very determined on what they wanted to do.

"Why not?"

The process for getting a kid like him with no particular talents to speak of but the fire of motivation in his heart was hard, but he wouldn't let up on bothering his social worker before something happened. Eventually he submitted a charming albeit faulty design for a magitechnological gauntlet that earned enough traction on social media to force the DWMA to recognize him. And then, standing in a spotlight bigger than he could've imagined, they granted him a spot in NOT. Because, after all, why not?

Late Teens
His brain was wired for learning, so he consumed the curriculum in nigh-record time and spent his evenings working on pet projects. In only a few short years he graduated from not only his NOT classes, but also several advanced extra-curricular classes on Magitechnology and pair resonance. While he didn't excel at the physical sides of training, he wasn't afraid to make up for that with sheer determination to reach his goals. So hard did he work that he readily placed well within his right to advance to EAT at the young age of 11, and proudly climbed the grand staircase for his very first time.

Seven years of fantastical progress followed. Emmett was a natural genius at wavelength manipulation, quickly being classified as a utility Meister and moving beyond the typical resonation phases to practice more difficult techniques with upperclassmen. The physical aspect might not have been his favorite, but he self-enforced a workout routine to keep up with his peers nonetheless. It soon became clear he wasn't very interested in making Death Scythes or really completing missions at all, and it seemed he'd likely rather go into combat armed with a socket wrench than a demon weapon. It took rather quite a lot of convincing from the school before the young Meister acquiesced that he might want to prove his work ethics if he was hoping to find a place within the branch of Magitech development.

And so, he needed to shelve his toys for a time. The goal became to graduate EAT with full honors. Evenings once spent in his workshop became evenings spent dipping his hands in soul sapping water while reading through the collected research on wavelength manipulation developed by the legendary Franken Stein. He begged, borrowed, and stole for advanced training, and methodically combed through every Demon Weapon in the DWMA in search for one he could develop his skillset with. Even as he rapidly improved and mastered even rare wavelength techniques, he seemed to miss what the school really wanted to get out of him.

Emmett's one-track mind seemed almost inoperable. Though he was actively engaged in gathering souls for a few partners he'd become familiar with, over time the partnerships always split albeit on friendly grounds. Not only did he go through most of his missions with earbuds in the entire time and barely considered plans put forth by his partners, but how often he fell in with unsavory crowds and showed up late for assignments rubbed off poorly on his image for the school. Even as he pushed his physique to the limit and established himself as a three star Meister with outstanding grades, it didn't seem he'd gotten any closer to his goals. It irked him deeply. Instead of ever successfully helping to cultivate a new Death Scythe, he began submitting designs to the Magitech branch. With the money he earned he'd set up a workshop in his garage, and grew more and more isolated in his ambition to be recruited for Magitech development.

Eventually the school was forced to concede. Emmett was an excellent three star Meister and his Magitech prototypes weren't of poor quality, and the constant back and forth to try to push him down a more orthodox Meister path only seemed to make him less willing to do so. When he submitted his most carefully laid idea of spell-infused Magitech hand grenades at a much cheaper production cost than corporate and with the tagline "The power of a sorcerer in the palm of your hand", a tired and defeated Davis finally allowed him in for an interview and offered him a job under the stipulation that he didn't forget his Meister duties.

But that was enough. Emmett had made it, and with a cheeky smile he signed the dotted line and was finally allowed into the world of wonders he'd always wanted.

At the time there was the new cases of outlaw Witches across the world. As a test of his loyalty and devotion, Emmett was deployed both as Magitech maintenance worker and a Meister to a Serbian outpost under the command of three star weapon Zelda Zemo. She was a fiercely strict and disciplined European woman, known for her no-nonsense attitude that imprinted itself on the entire operation. Emmett, on the other hand, strolled in through the front gates of the camp, earbuds in, whistling along to his music without so much as greeting anyone before he sat down and began to work. The earful he received for his insolence that day still haunts him.

Still, it didn't take much more than a week before Zelda began to see his unspoken competence. Gear was constantly in tiptop shape, not a word needed to be said for him to go exactly where he needed to to patch something up. It didn't take long for Emmett to appreciate the obvious care Zelda showed, either. Though he hated having a pair of eyes over his shoulder on principle, Zelda very clearly was a passionate and hard-working woman; and even if he'd never admit it, chances were that without the constant threat of her micromanaging looming over him he probably wouldn't have done half as good a job. Over time, Emmett even began to enjoy their banter. She'd demand a status update about a security concern, he'd reply with a witty and thinly veiled insult, she'd shake her head and leave. Time and time again, until he finally managed to crack a smile out of the stone cold woman. It became a project, like many other, and perhaps his first real friend.

When push finally came to shoves and they headed into combat, they were both pleasantly surprised to find that their wavelength matched quite naturally. Zelda was clearly surprised at his skill as a Meister, which he rolled his eyes at, but he was just as surprised to find himself wielding an excellent elemental halberd. Setting aside their prior difficulties completely, they paired up officially and Emmett even tried to learn some traditional halberd fighting styles. Tried, of course, being the keyword.

Eventually came a time when their business in north Asia concludes, and while Zelda returned to Death City, Emmett had to continue showing his virtue through international missions. The experience had changed his perspectives enough that he now felt satisfaction from doing a good job, and began to carry himself with greater dignity as he traveled far and wide. It was somewhere between these stressful months of endless work and lackluster rest he began research into an old defunct combat stimulant project to try to keep himself quicker on his feet, though where exactly that's gone these days is kept secret from all but perhaps the suspicions of Zelda.

Nine years passed since, and with countless more missions and endless workshop time logged at the Magitech branch, Emmett has finally been extended a badge of trust by the DWMA in the shape of a promotion from field to homeroom activity. Emmett was offered the chance to take up permanent residence in Death City once more and mentor a group under the new Project F.A.T.E alongside his old partner Zelda. Emmett was ecstatic at the prospect of more time in his home workshop and finally having time to revisit all his old friends, but the deciding factor ended up being the job itself. In the wake of the MIBVI missions, a sense of sympathy for those stricken with misfortune and madness had taken root in his heart, and with Zelda's aid in the matter, Emmett jumped at the chance to look after the troubled youth and hurried back to Death City.

Skills & Equipment
"Combat Stimulants" - Though only joked about in passing to Zelda, Emmett keeps a stock of... less than legal substances. Officially, it's to research the potential beneficial and detrimental effects on wavelength manipulation and applicability for combat stimulants, but it's all mostly under the table.

Magitech Communicator - Customized and advanced prototype unit. The kind of magic Emmett can do with this bad boy puts some sorcerers to shame.

Magitech Gear - Ever-changing and impossible to pin down, Emmett tinkers with cutting edge technology on the daily and always keeps some on his person "just in case". Expect any fight involving him to go all sorts of directions as magic and technology creates a unholy mass of military might.

Magitech Thimbles - Emmett's reputation is largely based around his experience and trickery using the infamous Soul Stitches technique in many creative ways, but without these custom wire mesh magitech thimble-looking contraptions, he'd never learned to use them so well. When paired with Zelda he doesn't need them to make Soul Stitches, but Emmett isn't the kind to discard a Magitech Tool that'll make things easier for him. They help spin the "weave" and form Soul Needles that hang a little off his fingers, and with great experience in utilizing them, Emmett can even use them to attack a low range.

Fighting Style
Unpredictable and completely unfit for tutelage, was the first grading he ever received. Emmett only ever learned as much martial arts as he needed to to reach a three star rating, but more than made up for it with his genius level application of Magitech and masterful capacity for wavelength manipulation. Since pairing up with Zelda he's been forced to remain somewhat within norms to achieve any level of teamwork, and has become expertly skilled with the halberd.

Soul Type

Broadcast Wavelength
Emmett's soul looks like a series of blue vectors overlapping and mixing in a circular shape.

Perhaps the real reason for his surprising level of comprehension and skill with resonating. The broadcast wavelength makes it much easier for an individual to share an idea, as their soul constantly radiates their "vibe", for a lack of a better word, mildly encouraging all other souls around it to get on his social wavelength. It was a weak and barely detectable wavelength before his training to expand on soul energy in anticipation for the three-star exam, but now, injected into an opponent while under mind-altering effects, it shares those effects with his enemy.

Wavelength Techniques
Superior Soul Perception - Emmett, in spite of his nature, is extremely attentive; so much so that it might be a secondary attribute of his exceptionally honed soul perception - albeit not without equal nor able to fully surpass all forms of soul suppression. On the other hand, he's found that with particular compounds in his body, he can reach the pinnacle of perception if only momentary - though those same compounds make him otherwise... less than reliable.

Wavelength Amplification - Everybody and their mom knows wavelength amplification. Emmett lives it. Breathes it. Besides having a lot of energy in reserve to expend in this way though, it isn't particularly noteworthy.

Soul Menace - Admittedly it was tricky for him as well, but since he learned it he never stopped using it. It is the very definition of what he values - massive damage with bare physical effort.

Adjust - Complex wavelength control means nothing unless your target is worse than you. Emmett knows how to neutralize a wavelength attack intrinsically, and sometimes holds workshops on how to protect oneself against rogue Meisters.

Forced Rejection - Not exactly a focus of his, but with a deep understanding of wavelength he came to understand both what makes it tick and what makes it stop. If nothing else, it's a good method for showcasing for young and headstrong Meisters why they should pay mind to their education.

Soul Stitches - The method once used by the famous Professor Stein. Nigh-impossible to use without his trusty Magitech or the assistance of a Demon Weapon, but Zelda he's managed to turn it into an art, and makes a point of stitching inferior opponents to walls or the ceiling to insult them.

Wavelength Suppression - If Emmett doesn't want to be noticed, he usually isn't. His unassuming and quiet nature must have helped in this. If someone decided to look specifically for him with Soul Perception though, he's not all that hard to find.

Resonance - Up to and including Wavelength-Enhanced Resonance, Emmett knows his way around a Demon Weapon. It was the result of the arduous training required to become a fully-fledged three-star Meister, but with this under his belt Emmett joined the masterful inner cadre of Meisters.


Merciless Medic

Walking Pokemon Dictionary
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)

Zelda Zemo

  • D.W.M.A. ID

    Legal Name
    Zelda Zemo

    Stage Name
    Jorguün's Halberd


    December 23, 2036

    Blood Type


    3-Star Weapon

    Name: Zelda Zemo

    Stage Name: Jorguün's Halberd

    Nickname/Alias: Ice Queen / Halberd / Queen Bitch

    Date of Birth: December 23, 2036 (Capricorn)

    Location of Birth: Minot, ND

    Age: 31

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Species: Human

    Ethnicity: American/German

    Traits: Demon Weapon

    Partner: Emmett James (Prizzy Kriyze)



Ecopunk Cryptid
Roleplay Type(s)

Chanterelle Fuir
Female, 18, 5'5" 106lbs

Magical Abilities
Chanterelle is capable of third tier spells expanding on her innate magic, which have been the focus of her studies thus far. She aspires to adding healing magic to her repertoire, and to understand her toxicity at a greater level.

  • There’s something wrong with the machine clicking along inside her chest. It sputters and flickers, giving off a faint impression of smoke, and is leaking something awful out the bottom. It permeates the bloodstream. Bioaccumulation of this substance gives it a spot to sit and brew. It makes its way back through the network, but it’s different, now. It’s toxic.

    It lurks just below her skin, but she’s not immune to the toxin, and it quickens the pace of her heart. Manic emotion. Pupil dilation. Light sensitivity. Really good hearing. Seeing extra things, sometimes, but more rarely as the years have gone on. She got used to it eventually.

    Chanterelle’s skin permeates enough of it to affect others through touch. It won’t incapacitate a person (probably) in reasonable doses, but it is often uncomfortable (and panic inducing if the victim subject is not expecting it) and mimics the easiest mushrooms for her to grow. Her conjurations are, generally, fuelled by it. It takes effort to strain out the toxin.

General Information
Chanterelle is a child of the elusive traitors of House Dubois. Her application to the DWMA was completely unexpected – her grandmother, who commented only that it was “about time” when she heard about Spirit’s killing, led a house exodus from Mabaa’s royal council and the Witch’s Realm altogether after considering her cooperation with the DWMA. "Trusting a Reaper will be the death of you all." Sixteen forest witches departed into the woods of Earth - and communication was overwhelmingly declined - although violent encounters with the outlaw witches were in fact common. The return address on Chanterelle's application simply read ”Wouldn’t you like to know?” Chanterelle arrived alone in Nevada a week and a half before school started this year to inquire about the status of her application and promptly found herself hauled into the Realm.

Her soul is sangria, the colour of red wine and blueberries, which flickers as if by white-hot fire. It vibrates excitedly in her chest, popping bursts of flame resetting the rhythm.
Chanterelle has russet brown hair and dilated amber eyes. She stands at about 5’5”, and has a slight frame that is usually hidden in oversized clothing, along with a large canvas rucksack that sags down her back. Chanterelle dresses like she’s on her way out the door to go walk in the woods or tend the garden. It seems that she might not be aware of contemporary formal expectations, or she just doesn’t care. It’s common to see her in grass-stained jeans with a few dozen pockets (some of which may have been patched on) and a baggy sweater or gardening smock. There are dresses in her wardrobe, but these too suffer from an excess of fabric patching and pocketmaking, while still short enough to necessitate stockings and discourage ticks from latching on.

She is not devoid of accessories, of course. Her red hiking boots may as well be glued to her feet. She wears a thin pair of white cotton gloves with the wrists tucked into her top – long sleeves, always. The gardening gloves in her bag are pulled on over them whenever prolonged contact with others is necessary (or when she feels disinclined to wash dirt from her nails). She takes her theme extremely seriously – some days she may don a large toadstool witches’ hat, and others might display it more subtly, like with little novelty earrings. Chantelle even has a pair of cufflinks to match – but she lacks a dress shirt to wear them on. Others might call her cutesy, but she considers her wardrobe utilitarian.
Chanterelle always knows what she wants, even if those desires are borne of idealisation. It’s difficult to deny her aspirations, as she possesses a dry insistence that is more durable than the will of most people. She is naturally very manic – her movements erratic, her mood elated or extreme, and her hands quivering underneath her gloves. Although she experiences the pull of magic acutely, the nature of her abilities allows only for larger-scale destruction, and she prefers the experience of exhausting meticulous effort on magical-organic creations that can pilot such destruction in her stead. “I want a garden,” she had explained repeatedly and (increasingly) exasperatedly, “and I’m just not going to be able to do that if my life is ruled by wanton destruction. I’m so tired of walking.”

Despite her anxiety surrounding the DWMA and its associates, she knows that participation in the culture of the school is her best chance at understanding the conflict she had became privy to by chance and is accustomed to keeping her head down. The cultural shift is interesting, in addition to being jarring and uncomfortable, so she finds that biting her tongue is a necessary skill in these challenging days. Chanterelle writes everything down to examine later, from conversations to the colour of the flowers she’s seen in the gardens. She seems irritated by the habit, somehow, but when diligence is due there is little Chanterelle will neglect. It’s rare to see her pull the book out during a conversation, but moments alone are often filled with haphazard, runic scrawling into a pocket-sized leather binder with a replaceable pad. The change that she most appreciates so far (silently, of course) is the allowance and expectation of casual magic use.

Chanterelle might have considered herself good with people, at home. She has a firm grasp of her place at the bottom of the hierarchy and managed to get along with the other children close to her age within the coven. Here, she is challenged by the disconnect of her experiences with that of urban life, and her lack of a common cultural background with the people she has met so far. She can’t remember a time that things were awkward within her coven – but then again, she reasons, you can’t be good at meeting new people when you’ve never really done it before.
“To destroy what you despise and, eventually, to create utopia in its place… that is the right and the power that the acceptance of magic bestows upon a Witch.”

That is the mantra of the outlaw sect of the Dubois house. A schism, borne from their leader on the council at the time (Chanterelle’s grandmother) persists to this day, and although the separatist sect that objects to alliances with humans generally and the DWMA specifically seemed peaceful at first… well, a fanatical adherence to the pull of magic that could had been quelled by isolationist rhetoric quickly led to destruction and violence, in the sort of hit-and-run guerilla-warfare style so characteristic of outlaw witches. The members of the house left behind did their best to repair their reputation. They cooperated with Maga’s efforts to hunt down the witches, of course. But the outlaw sect worked slowly; efforts to track the witches were hindered by their flighty nature and tendency to threaten settlements years in advance – only to come back and wreck the place when the extra security measures were finally dropped (at first, only after months, but some incidents [such as the burning of the inland city, Behrl] occurred many years after the initial issued threat).

Their descent into general terrorist opposition had occurred before Chanterelle was old enough to have any real thoughts about the conflict. It seemed to her to be spurred along by loss; witches she had never met were revered within her family for their dedication and ultimate sacrifice. When the living become more important than the dead, a certain lust for violence is awakened, and it begins to be thought that it is more honourable than attempts at peace. Things were simpler, though, when Chanterelle was still young. Attacks were mostly planned based on slights or killings of clan members; some vendettas lasted years and were vastly disproportionate to their inciting events. The death of a witch quickly, in the ongoing conflict, led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians. The display of strength was quintessential to her upbringing. The older witches seemed to relish the media attention of their misdeeds, when they could get hold of records of their achievements, and the scale of their plans became larger and larger. Their impulsiveness had grown substantially; the deaths of twelve of the original sixteen dissidents stoked an incoherent rage that the witches were not inclined to quell. Attacks on meisters – which had, always before, been absolutely avoided – were incited. Their slow, bloody war was over. Her closest friends, as younger and more inexperienced witches, bore the brunt of these encounters. The descent of the sect began to accelerate. It became to feel, to her, like she was born a soldier to die – and indeed, in such circumstances, the sect could be considered a death cult. Loss of life was no longer considered a concern.

Chanterelle, however, found herself somewhat ostracized from this misfortune. The nature of her magic necessitated careful planning for optimal results – and was not useful in a purely offensive sense. She was spared most of the bloodshed of such encounters, pulled back due to her inability to stand alone in combat, and the value of exit-eliminating walls and hazards that trapped those foolhardy enough to try to run. The last aggression she can remember being directed at her took place when she was about twelve, during a raid of a small settlement in New Mexico. A close-range meister – with a wicked knife – had found her spilling her blood on the ground inside a hayloft with a dirt floor. He displayed no hesitation in his reaction. In an instant, he pulled her from her objective, but the river of blood that jettisoned from her back as he cut across her uncovered shoulders quickly covered him as they struggled. A minute into their struggle (made difficult by her writhing and biting), his hands began to shake, and she managed to dislodge his hand from her mouth. The thorns that sprang from her hallowed ground wrapped around the meister’s ankles, and when she violently distangled herself (assisted by her trusty knife), his partner did not follow. He crouched beside the other man, and he sounded quite concerned, but she hardly stuck around to find out as the weapon slashed at the vines that enclosed his meister with urgency. She ran.

The girl did not know then that he had been mutilated for his attempt. She would not find out that she had been assigned as a “Do Not Engage” target due to her potential to seriously injure aggressors and general disinterest in combat. Many hours were spent poring over footage following the incident, but of course, a hayloft was not equipped with video surveillance. That was why she had chosen it in the first place. The event was widely troubling to their opposition, who worried about the possible teaching of blood magic among the outlaw Dubois sect, but the lack of repetition of the ability against the most capable combat witches of the sect all but destroyed that assumption.
Chanterelle became viewed as a harbinger of sorts. A glimpse of her became enough to send a request for backup from the DWMA and any other near combat unit available; the fear that she appeared as a forthcoming warning of fire and blood. A warning of impending disaster, but not an immediate instigator of one. It was rare for the girl to dirty her own hands. Her connection with death was the work of decomposing the corpses of those that had wandered too close to the camp.

Still, it was not the proximity to death or propensity to violence of her forebearers that discouraged Chanterelle from participation in the raids that she was certain would cause her own demise. That came much more recently. An encounter with another agent, this one seemingly alone and in the woods (perhaps seeking the group – she was never sure), seemed to make her reconsider her position. The pair had seen her before she had seen them. They approached her cautiously. She was alerted with a snapping of a branch underfoot, spun on her heel, and the man stopped. Chanterelle imagined, later, that he must have been praying.

They stood looking at each other for a long time. Chanterelle made no particular movements, especially not any that could be misconstrued as violent, and . The girl had been caught practicing the slow growth of large, incandescent mushrooms, and she stood in between them as if they could shield her. They were… pretty to look at. Chanterelle cursed herself, examining the meister closely. He was a tall sort of fellow; the man was almost lanky, but she was sure that his appearance was deceiving because of the defined musculature of his exposed forearms. He held a long, historically-styled pike, though she could place neither the style nor period. Blonde hair, pale skin, paler eyes. She had never been so close to a human for so long. It made her nervous. She shifted from foot-to-foot nervously.
But the man, after his own period of introspection, lowered himself toward the ground and dropped his pike. Chanterelle beckoned him forward. He obliged her – moving about fifteen feet toward her and closing half of the distance between him. It was not far enough, if the weapon was in fact alive. The girl gestured again, more urgently, this time. The man came forward laboriously slowly. When he finally spoke, it was softly, as if he was afraid that there were others listening.

“So… who are you?”
Chanterelle would learn many things in the two-hour walk back to her coven’s active encampment. It was exhilarating to have such an object of her curiosity within arm’s reach, but terrifying just the same, and she enforced enough distance to make the man worried of her trust. He had grabbed the pike before he left, and held it on his side opposite her, so though she had it in some visibility… well, she did not know enough about demon weapons to glean anything useful. The meister’s name was Ian. He did not name his weapon, nor acknowledge her presence at all in their conversation, although he did admit when pressed that he was a graduate of the DWMA. They spoke about the school at length; the mention of mages in the institution perplexed and intrigued her. The pair shot questions at each other, rapid-fire, but neither came anywhere close to understanding the other in their short conversation. It would not continue after their arrival to the camp-

“Drop the weapon, you fool.”
Ian did not offer any resistance to the first adult witch to oppose him. Perhaps he was hoping for the peaceful resolution that Chanterelle hoped for but did not expect to come; perhaps Chanterelle had led him astray with her curiosity and understatement of the danger in the interest of her own safety. A witch descended upon the pair, restrained the meister, and demanded that the weapon shift. Chanterelle didn’t see that happen. She was pulled away far too quickly. Chanterelle found herself sitting in the kitchen silently, waiting with her father for her coven’s decision about the fate of the interlopers. His face betrayed a cloudy, looming sort of anger, but she would never expect him to confront her about something like this.

Late into the evening, Chanterelle was summoned, into the clearing where such deliberation had taken place. She was told in no uncertain terms that she had created a problem, damaged the trust that her coven bestowed upon her irreparably, and shirked her responsibilities. The meister (and weapon, although it took Chanterelle a moment to realize that was what she was) were restrained on the ground, arms and legs tied together, and to each other as well. There was only one way to solve a breach so severe. She would have to destroy the error altogether. To correct the wrongs of providing such knowledge to an outsider.

It was not hard to kill two humans who could not move, even with Chanterelle’s skillset. It was harder to muster the will to do so, although she knew logically that the meister’s niceties had likely been a ploy to attain her trust, but then – wasn’t that what she had done as well? She’d brought them home to die. The disposal process, really, was longer and more emotionally strenuous. Chanterelle tried not to look at him as she worked. She could not feel much sympathy for the woman, as they had not spoken, but Ian was perhaps the first victim that she (as silly as it might sound) understood as having some sort of empathy or vivid experience including deep connections to others.

Maybe it was a search for connections like those that led her to submit her letter to the DWMA while covertly gathering supplies. Maybe it was a need to confess. But the doubt that started in those fleeting moments seemed to grow larger and larger, suffocating, and Chanterelle was drowning in it by the time she left for Nevada.

Her appearance at the DWMA caused immediate panic. More people from outside her coven than she had ever spoken to before showed up to apprehend her, although she offered no resistance, and did not speak until delivered to the sitting head of House Dubios – an older, kind-looking woman named Magnolia, who looked at her first with a deep frown and a gaze verging on hatred. It would have been poetic (she thought later) if she too was sent to her death. It would have been better if she was sentenced as such by the head of the DWMA.

Chanterelle’s consistent statements of her desire to integrate into society, over the course of about a week-and-a-half, seemed to be convincing enough to persuade Magnolia to allow her to learn about humans through time at the DWMA. A long list of conditions (and several ethical arguments) later, they had a plan, and one that included a backup story. Chanterelle was to tell the truth, to some degree. She had lived as part of a hermit coven in the woods. She had little knowledge of the outside world and came to the DWMA to learn about people. She was definitely NOT a terrorist actively being reformed, and furthermore, not a mage in any way concerned with blood – at least not until she was less suspicious in every other way.
Fate Status
Chanterelle is a type E classified student, masquerading as a type A student because of her manic tendency and self-medicating behaviour, and although type D classification was considered because of this fact her actual type A classification was dropped based on her level of functionality.

As a recent defector from the coven of outlaw witches in which she was born, Chanterelle was delivered on arrival to the DWMA to the remaining matriarch of the Dubois house. After four long days of discussion and argument she was granted pardon by Magnolia Dubois (that matriarch) for evidential crimes committed in the presence of her coven and permitted to attend the school under a list of conditions as part of the plan to integrate the girl into mainstream society.

Although Chanterelle was not privy to much of the discussion between the DWMA and Witch Magnolia, the terms she was diplomatically offered are as follows:
1. That she will agree to be assigned a ward of House Dubois.
2. That she will not, under any circumstance, contact any member of the Dubois traitors or their known affiliates.
3. That she will disclose to the House Dubois the last known location of the Dubois traitors and any information known that may be useful to their prosecution. Wax-sealed letters written in the witch script should be dropped off in the main office of the DWMA for mailing.
4. That she will refrain from making public statements about the Dubois traitors, including the text of this agreement, and her status as a former outlaw witch.
5. That she will participate specifically and firstly in the FATE program, despite being a new student, because of her status as a known security risk and the projected likelihood of reasonably expected conflict with her peers.
6. That she will allow the implantation of a transdermal GPS device that will store data made available to those responsible for her well-being within the DWMA and the House Dubois.
7. That she will notify a representative of the House when leaving campus for reasons unrelated to class activities and when she returns.
8. That she will keep regular contact with a cultural tutor within House Dubois to work on written human language and discuss cultural disparities and expectations and will disclose all issues that arise in integration within these sessions.
9. That she will attempt contemporary treatment for mood disorders and participate in pioneering efforts to quell the nature of her elated condition if necessary.
10. That she will act with integrity, prioritising the interests and values of the DWMA in her time as a student, and demonstrate loyalty to her house at large.
11. That she will honestly and earnestly attempt to find fellowship within her peers and build a network of trust within the DWMA that will leave her mentors confident in her ability to succeed in the general student population.
12. That, upon completion of the FATE program, she will return to the House Dubois to be introduced as a functional member of the House and discuss her future studies, which may continue at the DWMA if integration is successful and will otherwise continue within the House.
Mushroom Knife – A rudimentary demon tool given to her by her mother for her sixteenth birthday. It is purpose-made to dissolve magical-organic constructs along the seam of the cut it produces, allowing for the separation of aboveground construct components from belowground ones (which will cause them to ‘die’ and the residual stem and root to shrivel into the ground). Mostly useful in maintaining discretion.

GPS Implant – Stores information on an external server through her cell phone, as well as utilizing the default connection provided to the DWMA.

Cell Phone – Monitored, but also provided and paid for, by the Dubois House. It doesn’t allow her to install new apps, but Heather (a particularly tech-savvy member of the House) has taken the initiative to install some of the messaging apps commonly utilized by the student body and half a dozen mobile games. Chanterelle will have to remember to thank her again later.

Magitech Communicator – Standard Issue.

Do Not Touch!
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Roleplay Type(s)

Raphael Valerias

  • F.A.T.E. ID

    Legal Name
    Raphael Valerias

    Stage Name


    November 3, 2045

    Blood Type


    Type D Fate Agent - Sorcerer

    Name: Raphael Valerias

    Stage Name: Whiplash

    Nickname/Alias: White-Eye / Weak Link / Raph

    Date of Birth: November 3, 2045 (Scorpio)

    Location of Birth: Manchester, UK

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Bisexual (male-leaning)

    Species: Human/Sorcerer

    Ethnicity: British/Irish

    Traits: N/A

    F.A.T.E. Status - Type D: While he may deny it, his therapist has marked his personality as unstable. Because of his Madness, he has a sense of superiority over others, which is exacerbated with his sense of inferiority when people try to usurp his social standing, either trying to make themselves seem "better" than him or even trying to knock him down a peg. He's not against being nice when he needs to be, doing so to gain favors from others. However, this may be seen as fake, as the therapist noted. Any untoward comment has caused severe backlash on the target, minutes to sometimes days later. Grudges are very difficult for him to set aside or bury, but he tries to make himself seem like he doesn't care. He has been shown to use denial and projection as safety nets in his social behaviors when he is criticized, placing blame on those who he deems are similar to him and gaslighting or outright denying he's ever done anything wrong.

    He also doesn't care how potent his magic is. He has hurt others with his magic before, which are supposed to be support spells to help his allies. He doesn't care if it hurts them, just as long as people see he's better than his ally, his ally fumbling up, and in turn Raphael saving the day with one of his offensive or defensive spells. While he seems to have a basic understanding of how to control his magic, he doesn't seem to exert any control over it to lessen the amount of stamina he's using up unless he's trying to play the long game.

    He also has Madness of Pride, a madness that makes him see himself as better than most others, manifesting through his vanity. Those who try to sully his looks or expect him to stoop down to someone else's actions (whether he's been shown to do so or not and he'll deny if he has stooped) will spark ire and irritation in him. Too much will cause his Madness to spark, maiming those to look uglier than him or ruining them socially so he can still stay above them.

    As he took therapy sessions, he has started to see his behavior as wrong and troubling, and has done mental health exercises and thought awareness training to curb these behavioral tendencies. The therapist has done a great job in using his pride to make him want to change himself to be seen as better than the others. Through this, he's been working on how he communicates with others. However, he still has a mean streak, is a rebel, and won't abstain from making derogatory comments or flirtations to those he deems as equal or lesser than him.

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    Age: 23

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    - Wiccan Sorcerer

    Dec. 18, 2043

    Element Mage

    English | Liverpool, Britain




basic info
Miyajima Koiya
    Miyajima Koiya
    Field Name - Miko (Shrine Maiden)
    Nickname - Koi
    Lone Oni
    Race - Witch
    Fate Status - Type D
    Age - 18
    Birthday - June 18th
    Height - 5'7"
    Weight - 112lbs
    Gender - Female
    Partner - N/A
    If you close your heart off to the world, you deny it the ability to let anything in. Not just the inevitable hurt, but love and kindness too. I want to feel all of it, no matter the cost.

    This is more difficult to pin down since Koiya uses transformation magic and is known to swap between three different appearances.

    Her natural form, the one not changed by magic, is that of a more dusky blonde that seems to switch colors depending on how the light hits it. Her eyes are more of a honey gold, mixed with a bit of red, with a weird symbol etched into them. A pair of crimson horns protrude through her strands of hair, the most visible discernment of the physical aspects that go along with the type of witch she is. Her teeth are extremely sharp and they’ve been known to have people mistake her for a more predatory creature.

    The form she switches into sometimes is a red headed woman with golden-yellow eyes. The mark in her eyes shift dramatically but they remain in some form or another. The horns are no longer visible and her hair is considerably shorter in length than her natural form. Those teeth become normal, no longer jagged or razor-like. This one eludes a much more mature vibe.

    The secondary form she switches into is of a woman whose eggplant colored hair is shorter than the other two. Strikingly bright verdant eyes peer through those plum strands. Out of the three forms she has, this one appears to have the most ordinary looking eyes. This appearance also lacks the oni horns and sharp teeth but instead has a more childish and playful vibe.

    Each form of hers is petite in size with porcelain skin though the attire is drastically different between them. The oni one wears more traditional clothing to her heritage or opts for a mix between the styles of the other two. The red head dons a more tomboy approach, opting to wear a suit or more ‘mature’ outfits and the lavender haired girl wears what she can only describe as daintily cute clothing. One of the forms is the image of the girl in her soul space, the madness entity that is trapped there. As to which, that’s a secret.




    Despite the hand dealt to her before she’d even entered the world, Koiya is an incredibly optimistic person. Life is meant to be lived. In this belief, she thrives, always reaching out to try new things but having a very innocent outlook on the world around her. Some might assume just by engaging in conversation with her that she’s a nervous wreck, or even imitating a deer staring into headlights when it comes to most things. This isn’t to be mistaken with lacking intelligence, though she does hold an air of naivety. When anxious, she stutters, a hand always finding the other to play with her fingers, bottom lip resorted to being chewed on. Expressional and friendly, softly spoken unless she’s feeling utterly inspired, and curious beyond belief.

    She’s the type to admire people from afar, never wanting to burden them with her thoughts, even if she believes they’re the best thing since sliced bread. It’s easy to feel a bit standoffish or distanced when those around you have always watched you like you’re a ticking bomb that is destined to go off at the most inopportune time. Regardless, she does try to close that social gap, even if feelings of uneasiness of not truly belonging come up from time to time. There’s an affable air about her that comes across with each smile, a smile that touches her eyes. When she finds something or someone to care about, they become under her unwavering protection perpetually. If she feels those things are threatened, it’s one of the few times she’s unable to keep herself composed or from becoming an unhinged unstoppable force. There’s a passion within that soul of hers to protect that burns brighter than the cackling sun that rises in the sky.

    On the inside, she’s being torn apart, tearing at the seams with the madness that stirs, daring to claw its way out. It is much akin to a beastial entity, one that is empowered by the magic she wields. It has its own personality, more a demon than just a source of madness. There’s theories as to how this thing was born or came to be, to have bloomed as a dark seed within someone so bright, but she believes it's the soul of her twin that she consumed. Due to this, she has a softness and benevolent approach to the mad presence instead of fearing it. She never saw it as a crutch or a terrible thing, even if others did. She wanted to ‘befriend’ the beast. This extends to anything that is more ‘gruesome’ or animalistic in the world. This madness is kept at bay by the sheer amount of will at her disposal since she doesn’t want to see anyone be harmed by its influence or by its hands. The collar helps with that now, which allows her to rest a bit easier, not having as much concern that it’ll surface if she loses control. The device itself embarasses her to wear, since it acts as a visible beacon of her plight, but it’s a necessary evil.

    Emotions like jealousy or grief tend to make her a bit more unstable as they are unpredictable and she’s never sure when things like that will arise. It’s rare for her to experience these outside the use of her yaksha mask but it just seems to be in the nature of the mental characteristics of an oni for them to surface.

    Koiya has a weird obsession with pain that classifies her as an actual masochist. However, she doesn’t understand why and refuses to acknowledge the odd reactions that may result when inflicted by it. It can be unhealthy at times since she’s been known to put herself in harm's way just to expose herself to it. In battle, she’s guilty of pouring her magic into shielding everyone else while leaving herself defenseless simply because she gets an adrenaline rush from the pain or being hurt.

    • Extremely giant appetite - primarily carnivorous
    • Loves music and dancing
    • Masochistic Tendencies
    • Knows the sacred Kagura dance
    • Absolutely adores cats and dogs


    Koi’s madness that resides within her is different from your typical bout of madness that spikes or grows. It was a part of her before she even came into the world, rather, it was something that came into being before she was born. Madness had infected her mother, herself, and her unborn sibling. Koi had absorbed her parasitic twin in utero, and in doing so gave her Madness a new form. It’s an entity of its own; however suppressed, it lingers within the recesses of her mind. In practice, her Madness is not unlike the Little Ogre manifested by Soul. Her Madness exists, albeit sealed, deep within her soul space with its own thoughts and emotions, its own drive, and an unfettering hunger for human flesh. While it would be classically described as a “Madness entity”, she refers to it more amicably as her sister.

    When she begins to lose control over her Madness, she hears it manifest as a voice similar to her own; a voice she recognizes as a sibling. At times when she was younger, she was known to try to bring out this side of herself simply due to the longing of wanting to hear it or be closer to her. The end result was not just an outburst of Madness, but a chaotic outburst of various magic. These were contributing factors to the ritualistic sealing of her Magic and Madness.

    While her Madness has definitely taken on the persona of the mental image she has of her “sister”, it is without a doubt an entity of Madness. While its behavior is hardly standard, it is still ultimately manipulative and opportunistic. It wants to get out. Spread like a disease. Release its Madness Wavelength. Her Madness is an eternal hunger, wanting to consume flesh, souls, and delve into depravity. It may hide this intent with a desire for interaction and release, but it is never sincere.

    With the use of her Oni Masks, she is able to release small parts of her Magic and Madness in more manageable amounts, but by doing so allows the voice of her sister to emerge through, growing louder and more influential over time. If she does have a Madness Outburst, she would be in a battle of wills against this sister of Madness she possesses. It is even possible for her to allow this to occur within a time of crisis, doing so corrupting her magic further but allowing it to become unbridled in its full potential. This results in Madness outbursts being of even greater danger for her as battling a sentient form of Madness is a much greater task.

    With no Masks in use, her Madness is entirely contained within her. Sealed in a portion of her Soul Space behind bars it cannot escape. Outside of rare times of stress, her only method to communicate with it would be to enter her Soul Space–a skill she does not possess and is told to never pursue. This leaves her Madness, ideally, to exist isolated in a cage environment inside of her, only feasible due to its status as a Madness entity.

    Items on person

    Magitech Watch
    Magitech Collar - Madness/Magic
    GPS Tracker Implant
    Gohei staff
    White Horn Ofuda
    A bracelet with charms on it - it belonged to her mother


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