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Multiple Settings [✧] 𝘌𝘺𝘳𝘦'𝘴 π˜—π˜’π˜³π˜΅π˜―π˜¦π˜³ 𝘚𝘦𝘒𝘳𝘀𝘩

Sub Genres
Historical, LGTBQ, Platonic, Realistic, Romance, Supernatural


loyal ; brave ; true
you can call me ivory, they/them, six years of writing xp and a heart full of passion. i dig various games, art, music and books. i can be really interested and invested, i'm a social person, i like talking to people (even if i can be socially awkward, bear with me, i'm working on it). i have a college workload and a personal life to manage, be patient with me c:

as your partner, i'm going to challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone, in all aspects of your writing. that's how i believe in getting better at everything, and you can do the same to me. don't be afraid to try something you haven't done before!

just give me enough to work with, okay?
personally, i am; multi-para [lit to adv. lit + novella], third-person [whatever tense i want]. i try to make sure i have stellar grammar but i make mistakes, just be chill w/it. i prefer to keep things on the medium to longer-size, as i find that with too little, i lose interest easier.

i dig the unconventional
i really want people to be able to write openly, i hate being restricted. my interest in specific pairings wavers. for me, i want to give my femininity more love. lgbt+, no gender roles, etc! i don't subscribe to bottom/top ideals or "you play my lover, i'll play yours" + but i am open to doubling + platonic and romantic are welcome

inconsistently consistent
i'll be letting my partners know about my replies, but the general idea; thrice a week. i make no promises. i try not to ghost, you can always ask me if you think i am. i appreciate the communication, and it wouldn't kill you to incorporate it either

long-term, ooc preferred
none of it's required, it's just something i like and thought i should mention.

any of my ideas here, things i've been thinking about. alter it, add, suggest, tweak, do whatever, just be nice. feel free to suggest your own too!

[✧] nightlife
criminals, con artists, gamblers, gang members, mafia clans, the yakuza (maybe?), rich ceos, corrupt cops, golden-hearted strippers, drugs, intent scams, swindlers, all about the art of the con
assassins, hackers, black-market auctions, undercover agents, partners in crime, bands & musicians, raves, art heists
James Bond & Q ;; mob boss' right hand and a newbie ;; the one that got away ;; exes ;; one night stands ;; forbidden relationships

[✧] fantasies
[modern] mythological creatures, gods among earth [renditions of hades + persephone & aries + aphrodite], angels [eldritch horror], demons, spirits, buzzfeed unsolved, monsters, nightmare fuel, horror, vampires, wolves, witches, sacrifices to the devil, reincarnations, old castles, legends, red string of fate, wishing upon a star
[medieval] all-female armies [valkrye + dora milage + amazons], dragons, honourable royalties, heir to the throne, prophecy, magic, herbalism & disease, elves, bards, magic! pirates, sirens
[futurism] aliens, symbiotics, mutations, replicas & clones, time travel, cyberpunk!

[✧] historicals
[1960s] greasers, socs, cliques, class separation, rumbles, dumb teenagers, hippies, experimentation, drugs, drive-ins, old cars, dairy queen
[1940s] world war two, combat medics, soldiers [infantry, navy, pilots], females in the warzone, betrayal, questions of honour & morality

[✧] modern era
slow-burn would be interesting, something with unrequited love

[✧] brief ideas
herbalist & soldier
james bond & q
demon & angel
gang member & gang member
sailor & siren [f//]
beast & knight
descendants of greek gods
symbiotic relationships
criminal & cop

[✧] possible settings, no canons
euphoria [tv show]
new girl [tv show]
extraction [movie]
equals [movie]
alice in wonderland [movie]
mulan [movie]
parasite [anime]

actual plots

[✧] extraction ;; action-packed with no time to second think. a mercenary is hired by a company, for a lot of money, to rescue one of their assets from containment in a foreign country. they agree, in it for the cash. upon arriving, everything goes fucking side-ways. now, they are stuck in hiding together at a safe house, while trying to create a new plan of escape. rescue is not coming easily.

[✧] never not ;; muse a and muse b have always had a tough relationship during high school, an on and off situation. it was always the wrong time. in their second/third year of college [or university], they meet again through mutual friends. it doesn't seem like anything big, they agreed to call it quits at graduation. they even start seeing other people. that is, until they realize they're falling in love with each other again. they've both changed now. maybe it's finally the right time?

[✧] sound of madness ;; just getting out of a rough breakup, muse a needs a new place to stay. they ask their friend and it just so happens, that they have a friend, muse b, who is looking for a roommate. the set-up seems natural, but neither party was really told what they were in for. muse a is an emotional, romantic mess, while muse b is an exotic dancer who could care less about relationships.

[✧] the assistant ;; a lawyer's office. a district attorney and their assistant. no one in the office really knows about the assistant, just that they're extremely good at their job- and attractive, that's the part everyone gets hung upon. many people get shot down by this mystery employee, and it's not until a work party comes up, that the da has a chance to get to know their assistant. they share a hotel room, get drunk and start opening up to each other. the next morning, the da has a new case; they now represent the assistant's troublesome ex.

[✧] marital experiment ;; an organization builds agents to send everywhere, for whatever purpose they deem necessary. the best of the best lives, the others go somewhere else. this company decides to create an experiment; replica. in this experiment, two of their assets will be assigned together in a temporary domestic living situation with a mission fabricated to see if the bond of love could strengthen them. essentially, they plan to use it against them, hoping to keep it as a fail-safe in case one were to go awry. these two assets, aren't aware of this.

[✧] yours truly ;; a second-in-command to a mob boss is introduced to an odd- yet experienced- newcomer. the second-in-command is not thrilled and actively attempts to decipher whether or not this is some ploy. little tiffs turn into playful banters, playful banters lead to flirtatious exchanges, flirtatious exchanges lands them both in the same bed, multiple times. one day, the newcomer goes missing. months later, just as a war is about to begin, they return to the second-in-command, at their front door, begging to see them again.

[✧] unravelled ;; cupid is sent to fix lust's chaos amongst earth, in turn, entering a battle to see which one is better. whoever caves first loses.​
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