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Futuristic experimental procedures: a diffrent kind of lab rp

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ok so iv seen a lot of lab-style experiment rps so iv decided to make a twist on the whole thing anyway ill get things started

OK, so I've seen a lot of lab-style experiment rps; so I've decided to make a twist on the whole thing! I'll get things started.

In the far future, there is a deep-space lab station, known as HarClor labs, a station that's done everything forms telepathic clone mech pilots to super-advanced AI androids, aliens hybrids, genetic experiments and more. The leading scientists of the overall project a husband and wife team; Sandra Gorlso and Mar'zrok Gorlso.

It should be noted that Mar'zrok is a subspecies of an insectoid alien called a kil'peck - this is actually somewhat important no matter how unusual, disorder or dangerous the subjects are to them. Every last one of them are their kids, and are treated fairly. The other staff of the station might have had different views on the subject.

However, a few days ago, the station was attacked and many of the staff and experiments where kidnapped or killed, the main control computers AI stolen, and worst of all - both Sandra and Mar'zrok have gone missing; leaving only a few experiments and staff on the station. To try and piece things back together? Or perhaps go after their employers/parents?

so basically you can play as a subject or staff member but there are a few things you should know and remember

1. staff DO NO need to be humans or completely powerless you can totally play a alien with an interesting set of racial traits and abilities of course nothing too crazy

2. none of the subjects were mistreated or abused. if anything they navie and clueless about the outside world. as well as not holding too much against the staff, the subject tends seeing one another as either relatives or something similar (not necessarily though). they all do 100% see Sandra and Mar'zrok as their parents though.

3. subjects and be a wide verity of things I will moderate thing however once I see CS's

4. where not going to be staying on the station its kinda an adventure into the outside world for the subjects for the first time and the staff trying to keep everyone out of trouble/learn how to work with the subject.

5. staff don't necessarily have to have to like that the subjects are people though, but no being abusive or anything though

anyway, hope you all like the idea, please post your interest
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Hello! Seeing how the monster town has basically bogged down, (partly to me), I take an interest in this RP.

Lab subject or Lab staff? Gee, I don't know which to pick.


There is nothing to fear
Well my sandy friend...considering our last lab rp just died imma need me a new one.

Is both a researcher and a subject doable?

A few more questions...

How long has the resesrch been going on?

Is it possible to play an experiment who grew up and became a researcher.


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...Hunter. Dang it.

I just seen some stuff from "A certain Scientific Railgun" and other stuff from that Anime universe.

Add in a desire to mix cyberpunk weird cybernetics....

I'm in.


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This sounds interesting!
My character can be a kid right? and, can I have more than one character?


The lord of randomness and the warp
This sounds interesting!
My character can be a kid right? and, can I have more than one character?
Yeah children or young teens would be grand

and yes you can have more then one

id prefer maybe a few more staff

but remember staff can be aliens too :D soo abilities for em

just experiments will have the more drastic ones

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