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Realistic or Modern EXPEDITE TO ALIFA, OOC; a paranormal expedition into an alternate reality



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MKAY additional information will be edited within this post due to me wanting keep the lore under wraps.
for now, some information you need to know regarding character creation and roleplay start.

ALL CHARACTERS have their own personal sled to transport equipment. You also have skis and poles.
CHARACTER nationalities are inspired by those in our real world but you have creative liberty over what they are. Mix and match cultures to forge something unique, remember, Existan is somewhat of a parallel reality to Earth.
MULTIPLE CHARACTERS are allowed, and maybe a good idea. Aethertica is unforgiving. (If you do create a second character, there's a coin-toss chance either one of them might perish at key points). Otherwise, your original character will at some point suffer something horrendous that impedes them (to make things a bit more interesting).

Characters will have on them what they can haul over the ice wall. Don't worry, starting equipment isn't affected, but it would be impossible to drag a snowmobile two miles up a wall. Rest points with harnessing systems were carved into the High Barrier but cannot accommodate something so cumbersome. But with Aethertica, the prize is in the pudding... wink wonk.

REGARDING NAMES your character must use a nickname. The reason behind this is that names are sentimental and hold personal value. Following the collapse of society in Existan, the population's life expectancy was reduced to the short term. Survivors began to adopt nicknames instead, based on perceived personality traits or merit. For eg, Strider (for a runner), Rabbit (for an acrobat), Pacifist (for a conscientious objector), Smoker (you get the gist).

SPECIALIZED KIT? Yes. If your character has only a secondary weapon or melee, they're entitled to specialist equipment not part of their former profession. CBRN suit, demolitions, mechanic's toolbox, engineering tools, mortar, flamethrower, smoke grenades, flashbangs, etc. (message me with your proposal!)

INTEREST CHECK: Realistic or Modern - THE POLE-VAULT, a paranormal expedition into an alternate reality.
CHARACTER CREATION: Realistic or Modern - EXPEDITE TO ALIFA, CS; a paranormal expedition into an alternate reality
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