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Realistic or Modern EXPEDITE TO ALIFA, a paranormal expedition into an alternate reality.



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A pristine shimmer glistened with an ethereal majesty that grazed upon the opulent horizon far yonder. As the solar midnight emerged in resplendence over the barren escapades in a lustrous haze, cascading the winterscape into a nebulous twilight, the expedition group at once realized the anomalous properties of this treacherous environ. Upon the vista a shimmer did glisten except that the sun was... terribly weary. A dreary gloam as if besmirched by plague, or obscured by an eclipse. It piqued wonder amidst the group but consternation brewed in common consciousness with the academics, for the moon was present at an opposing arc. A strange celestial body - they surmised - had dampened the Aethertica. Despite this anomaly, the reddish plumes exalted the landscape before us and cast the milky snow and cerulean ice into sparkling sleet. The properties of an empyrean sunrise were maintained but done so in undulating gradients as if the sun itself was struggling against something. Sporadic gales of wind chimed with horrendous cadence and wallowed through melancholy peaks like specters performing a ghastly ballet down the wintry ridges. Somewhat sentient and imitating a deranged abstraction, submerged deep within the psyche, made sense only through focused and introspective meditation. Yet it was impossible to afford such concentration.



We awoke from a slumber confused by liminal evanescence. I think most of the expedition group had suffered from dreams of a harrowing nature. None of us dared to mention it but, we all might have experienced the same terrors. Our heads were pounding and our bodies ached but the soreness was all but evaporated during camp breakfast. After we had finished our meals, checked our gear, and consulted the map offered by Professor, we packed our sledges with the equipment and trekked onward towards a former expedition route. We were uncertain whether or not it was still active but the prospect was exciting, or worrisome, that others had explored this immense region before.

Our minds hearkened back to the ill-fated "Task Force 88" excursion in which both the Professor and Pegas had assumed some kind of role in its foundation. Despite having 'vaulted the pole' once or twice before they had never gone beyond the High Barrier itself. We had passed an old encampment long since abandoned on the upper polar fringe, though preserved by the arctic temperature, it was the primary semblance of a settlement immediately after climbing the ice wall. We carried on through the snow with our sleds attached via harness in tow. It wasn't grueling but definitely an exhausting feat. Pegas had made the decision to make camp a little further away from the former base, two miles out, in case we had been followed and our throats cut during slumber. It gave us all a chance to recuperate.

We journeyed on until the bleak outline of sparse foliage became apparent. It was perplexing. How could anything grow out here? We approached furthermore and realized that... a forest wasn't supposed to be endemic in a climate such as this. It was dense, seemingly grim and foreboding. Pegas stopped the group and ordered everyone into a single-line formation. He took out his binoculars from the expedition gear and observed that impossible treeline from a distance with the group close behind him.


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for those about to post - this is the starter/gm post to establish the plot and such. i'll post as my characters soon.

join the expedition group after packing up camp
trek through the harsh snowscape with sled and skiis
stop at a distance from the edge of the forest

continue into the forest or avoid it entirely?
objectives are to maintain roleplay cohesion and ensure we're all on the same page.
before reaching the forest you can establish your character, thoughts, feelings, etc. at camp or during the trek. a good time to establish dialogue with other characters would be where we are waiting now.
thank you for your interest and i hope to make this an enjoyable experience for all=)
Even though her heart was still pounding she still carried on with what she's supposed to do.  Moss stayed silent through the whole ordeal as her thoughts bounced back and forth from the many thoughts that were racing in her mind. After packing her things once again , she held onto the straps of her bag looking around a bit. Such a shame that our situation has come to this kind of state. Looking at each member of the group she tends to lean closer to professor since he reminded her of her father. Even though she hasn't said much to the people in this group she did see some sort of family within them. Maybe it was just her feeling a bit empty inside after she left home to find out what else was out there in the world. " So um does anyone have any exciting stories that's happened before this whole group formed?" She asked, wanting to break the ice. After all, if they were going to travel together might as well socialize together right?  Moss looked at each member with a curious look and a soft smile. As they trek through the snow she follows through the footsteps of pegas who were a few meters in front of her. Once she heard pegas orders to stop she did so looking up and seeing the tree line. Furrowing her brows in confusion she could see the tree line ahead now she was standing in between pegas and professor wondering what was happening " that forest shouldn't be there. It's impossible. " She whispered mostly to herself as she started getting this weird feeling.
It was fascinating to behold something so peculiar so early on in our expedition. I had to assuage my excitement at the behest of Pegas' order to file into what I assumed was preliminary caution. Gosh, I wanted to just run in there myself and take the reigns of exploration! I obeyed his command, though. We held back and observed the treeline for some time which I would imagine was owed to his experiences in the war. I trusted Pegas, the man had an air of professionalism about him that I admired, and I could respect his staunch resolve in the face of adversity (we had worked together in the past, you see). Unfortunately, he had become somewhat withdrawn and more austere from whence I last knew of him. Nevertheless, I found company in a budding young naturalist who went by the name of Moss. We had conversed earlier, albeit briefly, about our research and what endeavours we found ourselves reluctantly assigned to. The struggles we faced. I think we all shared the same sentiment about the old world - we mustn't allow it to hinder our advancements. I found her delightful to speak to.

I then noticed that Moss had situated herself betwixt Pegas and I, who were making hushed remarks about certain preconceptions... he went quiet immediately though I welcomed her to invite discussion about the anomaly. I was jovial about the discovery but something seemed to bother them. Confused, I raised the question to Moss:

"What do you think?"

I knew this forest was impossible - which is what made it so remarkable! The temperatures were below freezing which meant the soil, if any, would be frozen solid and incapable of harbouring any lifeform whatsoever. Judging by an immediate assumption of the pines, young oak, and hickory, I reckoned the area was in its 'intermediate species' phase. This forest could be anywhere between a decade or ten-fold more!

But, why hadn't it shown up on former surveys? I was about her age at the time. Our research mapped out a circumference of at least three miles - we knew everything! I was puzzled. And I think that's when, for some irrational reason, my own distress sank in.

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I couldn't quite fathom what I bore witness to. The pines swayed lazily in the wind and a chill crept up my spine. I had seen numerous forests such as this, fought in them galore, but this. It wasn't natural. The scene felt wrong as if I wasn't really there and experiencing it in the present moment. I can't describe the feeling it gave me but my gut churned the longer I looked at it, yet oddly enough, I was further drawn to it. I checked the map and couldn't quite possibly tell you where we were. I had been counting my steps this entire time and made an approximation that we were a mile away from the route that the Aksais had charted for us all those years ago. But there was no graphic to discern any kind of forest here. I raised my concern with Professor until suddenly I felt the snow shift. Moss had joined us. I piped down and kept the thought to myself.

My associates in Task Force 88 made no mention whatsoever about the pine anomaly or none that I cared to commit to memory. I don't know. It just felt wrong seeing it there. Fuck it. I was being paranoid. I knew that the Aethertica was strange but not like this. I peered deep into the forest which seemed to swallow my gaze like a void amidst its tenebrous and stark trunks. Professor asked Moss a question and I listened in before making a decision about what to do. Regardless, I summoned the more combative members of our group to take point and pull security.

We had to make haste to reach this fucking outpost, and circumventing the forest wasn't an option unless we dared to strain supplies.
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 Moss looked over at professor before looking at the forest once more. She thought carefully about her answer before saying " unless some how the dress have mutated and instead of getting nutrition from the sun light they must be getting it a different way". Though she could be completely wrong about all of it " to clarify I could be wrong. I've seen a few cases of plant life not needing any light from the sun. Some of witch grew in pitch black but Im not to sure " she added as she puts some hair behind her hear as if nature would some how give her an answer.  Moss looked over towards their comrades that came over before fumbling with her sleeves waiting for pegas new orders.  Moss still had this intense feeling as if they shouldn't go into the forest , to her it was basically a danger zone. As much as she would love to be wrong it wasn't her decision to not go there. It seemed to get colder or maybe it was just her over thinking it because of the wind. So she fixed her scarf as she used it to cover her nose and mouth then used her head band to cover her ears so that it would some what minimize her chances of getting sick which would cause the group to get held back. That wasn't the case she wanted to make she then looks up at pegas and professor once more " what do you think would be the cause of this?" Moss asked them curiously. It was best to discuss the possibilities and to talk about what they could do next in this situation.

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"Gosh, how interesting! A very interesting hypothesis indeed," he proclaimed while retrieving a journal from his gear. He clicked a pen and began scribing research notes. "It's quite possible the forest could be retrieving nutrients through photosynthesis as we know it, or by entirely different means not yet registered by science. Fascinating." he pondered.

"Moss, would you be so kind as to aid me in sampling the snow at their base? Once we set up camp we'll study our findings."

I considered the possibility of autotrophic minute algae existing within the topsoil but I was doubtful that any kind of organism would survive such a frigid climate. All thermal motion would cease to exist thus rendering cellular respiration impossible. Despite being adorned in insulating layers of the most advanced degree, even I was beginning to feel the bitter cold. This was made worse by the wind, which hadn't ceased in its unrelenting choir. I was stumped and would to gather further readings for analysis. Moss had most certainly piqued my curiosity and served to emblazon my determination in ascertaining this mystery.

I watched as Pegas holstered the binoculars into their housing and then slung his rifle. I finished jotting down my speculation and secured the journal and pen back into my equipment, trading them for an aluminum snow tube and spring scale used for retrieving samples. I gave her a couple of vials to hold onto as well as a retractable shovel.

"Once Pegas has secured the area we'll commence our sampling," he divulged to Moss. "I'm not quite sure what to think of it all, really. No organism or event we know of would be capable of transmitting the much-needed nutrients, at least from the ground."

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Bacchus dragged his feet through the snow beneath him as he finally caught up with the rest of the group. They were all just talking amongst themselves but Bacchus didn't care much to listen to all of the fluff. All he had to focus on was making sure everyone stayed healthy for the long journey ahead as he would rather not be forced to bury another body. However, that would be difficult as the extent of his abilities were tending to bruises, cleaning infections, and administering antibiotics, painkillers, or any other drug he could find in the first aid kid he had. If he had stolen a few more supplies they'd be much better off since the whole camp he was from should've been dead with their leader now gone. But he decided to be a decent person and give them a chance of survival and in the end he just took a first aid kit along with the bare necessities. Somehow he encountered the group of people he is traveling with now and as the days pass he worries more about their safety, having constant nightmares and night terrors. This has developed into a drinking habit and although it has helped with the stress, he has recently found keeping up with the group very challenging with every morning starting with a hangover.

"Moseying about are we Bacchus~? Were you admiring the view as I was? Quite the spectacle I'd say~", Djuhty teased as he glanced back at Bacchus. "If you crack another joke and I'll snap your neck, smartass", Bacchus hissed as he marched over to him.

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She woke up in a cold sweat, head pounding. The imagery quickly vanished from recent memory as she joined the others for breakfast after getting ready. Afterwards, everyone tore down camp and packed everything into their personal sleds. The group went forward after consulting the map and after another two miles we had reached a forest.
"What the fuck..." I muttered under my breath, eyes wide, brain shaken at the unconvincing reality before us. This... wasn't right... something... was wrong. Yet felt all so, familiar? I was stuck in wonder. Gazing, thinking, feeling. It wasn't right. Nothing should exist out in these barren wastes. Photosynthesis, technically, is possible, but there's no chance of thermal motion in order to accommodate whatever I was seeing. And especially not to this degree. The longer I stared the more of an uncomfortable aura I got from the place. Dark, dense, and completely alien. I took a deep breath and armed my crossbow before trudging through the snow to inquire with Pegas about our next move. Surely, he wasn't expecting us to advance through?

I met with Pegas and overhead Professor talking to Moss. They were discussing a preliminary theory or something to establish their reason to research. I was amazed but anxious. I couldn't explain my anxiety even with a gun to my head. Not for the life of me. But something about that forest was just... so surreal. I nudged Pegas. We had talked a little before camp, in fact, Professor made our acquaintance. He wasn't much for words and seemed a little grumpy but he was well-mannered and really seemed to care about us all. I turned to Professor and Moss.

"Hey, am I the only one equally amazed as I am worried about this? I'm sure that forest is more artificial than it is natural."

"What are you thinking, Pegas?" I asked. I watched the treeline and scanned it through the ACOG scope.

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