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Fantasy Exiles - A mythical based Fantasy RP

Sub Genres
Adventure, Dystopian, Magical, Realistic, Supernatural


True Hero
Each of you is -- was -- from a prominent tribe. Before your exile, however, you sensed something was amiss, it didn't help you though, you were sent out, nailed to a cross and left to die in a desolate wasteland. A mysterious person saved you. They didn't say anything and left as fast as they appeared.

You look at your wrist and find a bracelet, an odd yet alluring piece of jewelry. Getting a hold of your surroundings you head north only to be stopped by what seems like a barrier, you look around and see a glowing green barrier, the bracelet prevents you from leaving. you look to the opposite side and see the same thing, it appears to expand 50 square miles in every direction from the center. Getting your bearings, you look around and get a lay of the land, to the east you see a jungle and ruins of what seems like an ancient civilization, in the north lies more desert, to the south a volcano surrounded by an icy wasteland and finally in the west, a rainforest filled with tall trees and predators. You set out to try and survive in this wasteland until you stumbled upon what looks like a city, its full of exiles. They seem friendly so you enter the city, upon further exploration, you find a friendly blacksmith who fits you with armor and a weapon of your choice... where will you go from here?

In this RP, the goal is to find a way to remove the bracelet upon your wrist so you can leave this hell-on-earth. You can explore, adventure or ask others on what they might know. It's semi free choice what you do. Interested? Post down below.


True Hero
Yo, I’ll join a Conan exiles RP. I’m interested
Inspired by, the way you would get the thing is rather different and the only mythical beast is a dragon. Everything else is either like a tiger or panther or the like or a human and there's resource gathering or anything like that.


Praise the sun
I may need to back out. It sounds like fun but RPs with a heavy focus on combat have never really been the most enjoyable to me.


True Hero
I never said there was. There's gonna be plenty of hanging out or exploring but there are some elements of gladiator style combat.

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