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Dice Exalted 3E - Tale of a Falling Empire Lore



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(Edited image, original created by Kashi. Will be updated as new locations are added.)

  • Kandara
    The city-state of Kandara is a Realm satrapy located within the Southeastern Threshold, roughly 400 miles southeast of Jiara. Encompassing the settlement of Kandara itself, as well as numerous villages and farms within the surrounding countryside, it was founded by survivors of the Balorian Crusade shortly after the birth of the Realm, and became an official satrapy but a handful of years later, the newly-formed Scarlet Empire using it as a base to strike out against remnants of the Fair Folk within the area. Under the Realm's protection, Kandara has expanded to become a wealthy and populous city over the course of many centuries, as well as a hotbed of Realm culture; the city's architecture bares much resemblance to that of the Blessed Isle, and peasants are far more likely to speak Low Realm than Flametongue or Riverspeak.

    The city of Kandara has an approximate population of 40,000 people, with an estimated 400,000 living within villages, farming communities and other settlements within the nearby area. Satraps of Kandara have traditionally been of House Ragara, the house of bankers mining seemingly never-ending amounts of jade, silver and gemstones from the surrounding regions, and investing money in the form of loans into the city-state's prosperity, all for the sake of ensuring increasingly larger returns from it. Other Great Houses with notable influence within the region are House Cynis, who own the vast majority of Kandara's gambling dens, brothels and opium houses, among other investments, and House V'neef, who operate a number of large tobacco and qat plantations nearby, as well as a game reserve where one can hunt ox-dragons, hellboars and even tyrant lizards

    With the Great Houses preparing for civil war following the disappearance of the Empress, Kandara has suffered like many other satrapies. The Realm garrison has been all but pulled back to the Blessed Isle, leaving the Kandarans open to attacks from bandits and monsters. The extortionate tributes demanded by House Ragara have beggared the populace, impoverishing many and working others to beyond the bone. And the brutal measures taken to enforce House Ragara's rule, as carried out by a self-righteous and sadistic satrap, have turned the common people against both the Realm and the Dynasts.

    As if sensing this hatred, a group calling itself the Cult of the Illuminated has come to Kandara and begun preaching defiance of the Scarlet Empire and the Immaculate Philosophy, galvanizing the Kandarans against the Realm. The once great city-state is now a pile of firedust and lit candles; a single gust of wind could destroy everything in a great burst of fiery chaos.
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Allies of the Scarlet Empire

  • Ragara Satori
    Appearance: Ragara Satori is a slim and buxom woman in her twenties with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a near perpetual arrogant expression (Appearance 5). She typically wears form fitting silk robes in House Ragara colors (white and gold), but when called upon to do battle, she will don an ornate set of White Jade Lamellar Armor gilded with Orichalcum.

    Background: Having graduated from the Spiral Academy at the top of her class, Ragara Satori soon found herself appointed Satrap of Kandara. Despite being young, and possessing senses of entitlement and sadism beyond those of any other Dynast, she did surprisingly well for herself in the position, but this was mostly due to her negative urges being kept in check by her four chief assistants, three of whom were appointed by the Scarlet Empress herself for this exact purpose. And all that went out of the window when the Scarlet Empress disappeared a year after Satori's appointment.

    Before long, all but two of Satori's chief assistants - her military commander and her Ragara-born financial advisor - were stripped of their positions and executed on alleged charges of treason, and replaced by more sycophantic members of House Ragara. A year ago, following the fall of Jiara to a group of Anathema, Satori killed the King of Kandara after discovering that he'd been corresponding with the Anathema about getting their help in liberating his domain from Realm control. His twelve-year old son took the throne afterwards, but was soon made into a figurehead when Satori declared herself his regent. Today she controls Kandara with a jade fist, demanding large tributes and loan interest payments in order to fund her house's war effort, and inflicting horrific cruelties on the people of Kandara whenever they refuse to acknowledge the divine right to rule of the Dragon-blooded, something that has been happening increasingly often in the last few months.

    Abilities: Satori is a Dragon-blooded of the Earth Aspect with Essence 2, and Bureaucracy 4. She has Resolve 4 and Guile 2.

    Merits: Besides the aforementioned armor, Satori also possesses a White Jade Daiklave. Her position as Satrap gives her Resources 4 - her stipend plus money gained from loan interest payments - and Influence 3, among other benefits. Her palace is a Manse.

    Known Intimacies:
    Minor Principle: I have failed in my duty, and I bear responsibility for the consequences.
    Minor Tie: Cynis Manato (Affection)
    Minor Tie: Cynis Manato (Respect)
    Minor Tie: Sesus Asuna (Gratitude)
    Minor Tie: Sesus Asuna (Lust)

    Major Principle: "I do not wish to suffer the dishonor of being driven from my post".
    Major Tie: Sesus Asuna (Affection)
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