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Exalted 2e interest check


Inverted spork?
Have room for one more character? Now that school doesn't have it's metaphorical claws in me for the summer, I should have enough time to keep track of my RPNation games.


New Member
I have a few questions here.
1) Do you have all the characters you need?
2) How do we rp here? Is this a play by post?
3) I'm wondering if this adventure is still going? I've noticed that a lot of the posts are from, like, 6 months ago.
4) What edition of Exalted are you running here? 2nd? 2.5? 3rd?
Happy Holidays!


Luna's Concubine
Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, but this week has been very busy for me.

At the moment, I have a full batch of players in my Exalted game and I can't handle any more. If I get anyone dropping out, then I can open things up to new players. Thank you for your interest, though.

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