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Fandom Evv's Lit + Longterm Search (Double Friendly)

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Ello everyone! You can call me Evv. I've been getting the urge to write again and thought I'd throw up a search in hopes for a new partner or two. I'll try to keep it on the shorter side of what my expectations are and what I'll give in return. Feel free to pm me to discuss further if you have any questions or are interested in discussing a roleplay :)
I'm 25+ and would prefer my partner to be at least 18 for no other reason than my own personal comfort. I'd just feel weird writing with a minor.​

I've been roleplaying for probably close to 15 years. I've gotten to the point where I now tend to write longer posts. I'd say around the 3-7+ range. It really just depends on if it's a more dialogue heavy post or if there's a lot going on and that sort of thing. I'm fine with not so lengthy posts but I'd just prefer at least a few paragraphs as I tend to loose interest if it's just a few lines all of the time.​
I am going back to full time but I could probably do at least 3 posts a week depending on how active my partner can be. Real life comes first! I'm not gonna hold expectations of fast responding.​

Drama, angust, conflict, fluff. I love it all! I do want romance in a story (or for my side at least) but not JUST that. I like the mixture to keep things interesting.​

Typically I find myself into m x f. I am completely fine with other pairings/sexualities just note that I've not gotten to experience writing it much. (There's only a few fandoms I'd be interested in a f x f pairing for my side and my partners never seem to ask for anything other than m x f.)​

On that note I'm down for doubling. I feel bad just asking someone to play a canon for my oc but if you're okay with that I wouldn't oppose. Canon x oc is more my thing but I'm cool trying a canon x canon or whatever for your side 😊

Off site I typically prefer email. I've just found that the easiest and it doesn't make me feel as pressured for responding fast like Discord or other messenger platforms would. OOC chat I would be absolutely cool with and gushing over the story/our characters on Discord but I'm just hesitant as far as an actual rp. I'd be open to trying some other platform like Google Docs or something too. On site I prefer PMS but I could possibly be persuaded with a thread rp.​

I do love chatting and making friends. Sometimes it takes me a bit to open up but I think actually being friends helps a roleplay last longer. Which if you loose interest please just let me know. I know it's way easier to ghost but if possible I'd just appreciate the heads up so I don't wait for a post that's never going to come.​

What I'm looking for;​

I'm not gonna lie my main craving at the moment is Attack on Titan. I found the show recently thanks to my guy and I've been bingeing it up to what's currently out in the dub. (Eventually I'll watch the sub though cause I'm that into it lol.)​

I'm kinda leaning towards wanting to do something involving Levi but there's maybe a couple others I might be into too. I'll let you know though if you ask so I can see who you'd be interested in before I list other names ~​

Willing to give anyone a shot. Not gonna lie, I'm not sure I can list who I think I'd be best at just based on one watch through lol.​

Here's a small list of what else I'm familiar with and would possibly consider.​

The name listed beside the fandom is who I'm looking for someone to play against my oc.
A * means I'm kind of craving it​

*Kingdom Hearts - Riku​

AHS Roanoke - Ambrose​

Walking Dead (I'm not fully caught up on season 11) - Daryl​

Vampire Diaries/The Originals - Klaus​

*The 100 - Bellamy​

Game of Thrones - Robb Stark​

Twilight - Alec (aged up of course)​

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Hi there! I’d be interested in doing a doubling kh rp with you if you’d be willing 😊I’d be asking for Axel. Were very similar in writing styles and I’m 25 myself so it be nice to write with someone close in age 😊 lmk!

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I'm looking to double for a TWD RP. I could write Daryl for you if you'd be okay with writing Rick for me? That is of course if you're interested in TWD currently.

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