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Violet A

A fustercluck of fun
Okay so I have posted a LOT of search threads. A LOT. And frankly I am kind of tired of looking through the search portion of the site to find everything. This is my fault because I am not the most organized person. Anyway! Here is what I am going to do. I am going to make this GIANT search thread, complete with all my rules, fandoms, original ideas, preferences, etc. If I over look anything, feel free to ask!
I would also like to add that just because you see a fandom that doesn't look dark or angsty does not mean I will play it regularly. Slice Of Life, Fluff and light hearted roleplays in General are not and usually will not be something I would enjoy sorry if it's not what you're looking for but I'm not going to mislead you.


    1. My school, VA responsibilites, and loyalties to my own projects will come first.
    2. Please do not pester me for constant responses, depending on the post length and how much I'm enjoying myself along with my life outside of roleplaying, I might take longer to respond. Don't be afraid to bump me, but please be understanding
    3. MY opinions, are just that. YOUR opinions are ones I will not judge on, but do not ghost me over my opinion, and don't ghost me if I have done or said something wrong. Please just TELL ME so I UNDERSTAND and can work on it.
    4. I AM a minor, I'm 17 in fact and I'm turning 18 in August of next year (2020), sorry if that makes you uncomfortable. I don't care how old you are, please just be respectful of me

      [*]I am willing to do doubling, and you have to be too (unless it is a canon x canon rp). I do not require romance, but it is usually a sub theme, also note I do prefer dark gritty themes because it's more interesting and there seems to be more creative freedom.
      I am open to things not dark and gritty (rarely!!!) but considering the fandoms I'm into, very few can't be turned dark and gritty
      [*]Be open to OCs! I cannot stress this enough, if you aren't willing to at least try something with OCs then I'm probably going to be less interested!
      On the topic of OCs, don't make it all about your OC unless we're doing a specific kind of roleplay. If both of us are using OCs in the same roleplay and some stuff happens, if it's alllll about your OC, I would rather discuss it than be like 'Okay, can I do something with my character now?'
      I only ask these things of my partner, please have good grammar, be respectful, and be understanding.
      I like OOC chatter. Sorry if you don't!
      I am fine with MxM, FxM, and FxF pairings but I heavily prefer FxM and MxM, I MIGHT be able to be convinced to do FxF
      If you aren't feeling it, tell me, maybe we can do something else or fix what you don't like. I am ghost friendly though and I understand if you don't want to continue just as I expect you to be understanding of me.
      Another thing to note, when it comes to us roleplaying, I don't mind long starters at all, and I will respond with a fair amount. However, I will have a bit of trouble responding. So just tell me "This and this is just for detail, you don't need to blah blah blah". Okay? Okay. Thank you.

      I swear. A lot. Sorry.
      If there is a fandom that is NOT listed you can ask me about it, if I'm interested enough I might to do research to roleplay it with you!
      DO NOT STICK ME TO THINK OF EVERYTHING. I want a partner willing to match my response length or try to come close to it (within reason), and hopefully plot with.
      About my response length. I try to match my partner, and depending I can write a lot or very little, I tend to do 1-8 paragraphs.
      Sorry if this seems discriminatory but I don't roleplay with characters that are completely anthro (the exception being ACNL since... That's kind of the entire game), no offense and nothing against, it's just not my cup of tea.
      Do not. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. EVER get snarky with me. I understand that some of what I say may come off the wrong way, but if I make small critiques on a character or plot, or point out that I don't like something and you aren't willing to compromise but want to bitch at me, unless I get a warning of your attitude (and I mean a sorry in advance and an apology afterward) before hand I will drop you without notice. Sorry not sorry, I don't put up with that for the sake of my own mental health.
      NOW! Relaying back to Rule 17, don't be afraid to talk to me if you aren't enjoying something but don't judge my characters too quickly either. I know you might not like them, and I'm sorry if you don't right off, I AM willing to take constructive criticism as long as you are.
      Yes I have a Discord! I CAN Roleplay off site but I'm not doing this exclusively, and am willing to roleplay here full well.
      I am going to attempt to list all the pairings I can do, if you want to do one that you don't see please do feel free to ask
      Darker themes that I like that I tend to enjoy include but are not limited to... Abuse, addiction, angst, betrayal, depression, eating disorders, murder, suicide, and more, I am open to suggestions and DO NOT ALWAYS include these themes however do keep in mind when contacting me that I do enjoy them and while I most likely will not throw them in your face or will ask if it is okay to include them, I will most likely give hints and insinuations toward it. You have been warned.

    To show me you have read all of the rules, please, tell me what the 15th rule was, one or two of your limits, your favorite fandom or genre, and something you've wanted to try but haven't been able to, and your favorite rule, and a possible question you may have (if you have none, just tell me that)
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Violet A

A fustercluck of fun
New Fandom Added: Naruto!
Cravings updated: Black Clover, Boku No Hero Academia, Pokemon (games not anime), Naruto


writer of angst
Hello? I messaged you absolutely AGES ago about a possible WKM rp, and was wondering if you'd like that? If not, I'd love a Victorian era plot!

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