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Realistic or Modern euphoria — open

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tears of gold
  • hello! i'm sivan, as you can probably tell, a huge geek and a love for being dramatic [i used to be a drama student]. now, when i'm not writing, i'm both working and going to school [school being online because of this quarantine situation]. i try to keep people updated, and i hope you'll do the same for me. i'm super laid back, super chill, and i love chatting ooc. so, since this is a roleplay thread, and i am looking for one on one roleplays [original & fandom], here is some info about me

now, onto some general things i'm interested in! mostly modern stuff with hints of low fantasy, but that can always be talked about. i do have ideas for some of these, so i can elaborate if you choose one! PLEASE NOTE: right now, i am [kind of only] accepting these plots [and certain themes because i have ideas for them]. if you wish to talk about a theme or pairing, please come with a basic idea of what you want so i can gauge if it's something i'd be interested in!

  • mulan but different
    war was not something muse a wanted to participate in, it was not something they planned on joining at all. however, when they volunteer to join to save their family, wanting to prove they can be a rightful and serve their country. the army general's son is there too, muse b, training the new recruits. muse a, however, is hiding something. they're hiding something [transmale, homosexuality], and that might get them kicked out. muse b doesn't really seem to like muse a because they suck at first, but after some private training lessons, the practice makes up for it. however, muse a's secret can't stay hidden for that long... especially not when there seems to be some kind of interest between them and the general's son.

    rewrite the stars
    muse a and b meet once on a train platform. muse a missed their train, muse b is there... for whatever reason they want. they talk, they get to know each other, eventually deciding to try something new, go on a midnight adventure. it comes out that muse a was heading to meet their partner, in an arranged marriage, one they aren't sure they want. they bond, they talk, and it almost, could've been something more but when the next train comes along, muse a and b are forced to say goodbye. it was almost a perfect night. a few months later, after time has passed, both having not quite forgotten each other, the happy couple is on the verge of getting married, and in walks muse b, the wedding planner.

    red string of fate
    muse a is a criminal. muse b is an innocent. muse b can see strings, muse a cannot. muse a wants theirs cut, muse b does not. they're neighbours, and muse b, hates muse a because they know they're soulmates, they know that muse a isn't the most law-abiding citizen. muse a has, or well, at least to muse b, made it very clear that they don't want a soulmate. except, when muse a winds up asking for muse b's help, it ends up in a cycle. no matter how hard muse b tries, they can't stop caring about muse a, and therefore, is the one stitching them up after injuries and checking upon them to make sure they aren't dead somewhere. however, when it comes clean that muse a wants their string cut and is just waiting to find the person to do it, muse b is crushed, and in turn, loses it. they start getting involved in the same sort of crime that muse a is, only, on the other end, the addicted end. roles reversed, muse b is asking muse a for help. and muse a doesn't understand why they care so much...

    wolf in sheep's clothing
    muse a seems innocent, they seem like everyone else. friends, good family, all of it. except, they lead a double life. by day they're the perfect citizen, by night, they're an assassin. no one would ever think to suspect them. their neighbour, muse b, is a hacker of sorts, definitely the cool and calculated type. they start getting into some nasty trouble, and eventually have people knocking down their door trying to find them. muse a, with a roll of their eyes, yanks them into their apartment, telling them it's time to go. turns out, muse a was hired by someone to protect muse b, as odd as that sounds for an assassin...

    glitch trap
    muse a is a working ai, first of its kind, and very much illegal right now. disguised as a normal human, they've been working for a rich family, one in which muse b belongs to. however, things start to go wrong when the ai starts acting up, and its creator isn't exactly around to fix it. muse b, one of the members of this rich family, starts to catch on to weird occurrences in the manor, and can only guess what muse a is hiding.

    feelings are fatal
    muse a works to profile criminals, they even have patients that are criminals. paired up with a detective to catch one of the most dangerous criminals out there, muse b, their skills are put to the test. that's also when muse b decides to show themselves, having heard many good things about this "doc," eventually leading them to follow them around, just because they're interested to know what drew them to work on people labelled as psychos. muse a's largest task is to figure out muse b's mind. and that's when muse b grabs them, appearing randomly once a week for a "session" that eventually turns into them bonding.

    the year 3021
    muse a is a new recruit on a team of special soldiers, preparing them for the outbreak of possibly another world war. the future is here, and now, and threatening to destroy life itself. muse b is a veteran on the squad, tasked with working closely with muse a while they get the ropes of how business works in the RIOT. they're a separate[ish] organization of the government, meant to be hidden and do the dirty work, but the government is hiding some dirty secrets. and it soon becomes muse a's job to reveal them. it's a resistance against a regime.

    when the party's over
    a terrible night, truly, for muse a, who's gotten their fair share of misfortune. on the night of a party, they've been broken up with, rained on, teased, and possibly lost a few friends. they're outside, walking home as their ride won't pick them up. they end up at a park, where muse b is, seemingly just there for their own pleasure. they don't know each other, in fact, muse a is confident that muse b doesn't even go to their school [they do, they're just often suspended and ditching]. in the quiet of the night, muse a sees a part of muse b that muse b doesn't share with just anyone. and when the night ends, and they part ways, muse a wants to see them again. and they do. first thing next morning, muse a walks into the halls, only to see muse b there, acting as if they had no idea who they are.

    a small town is built on the exorcism site of great evil and its loyal creatures [followers], sealed away in another world, locked in to fester their magic, and wait until the time is right. however, that evil has started to leak into the proper world, and stumbles out muse a, unable to remember where they came from fully. they seem normal, except for the fact that they're possessed by one of the followers to the great evil, and are working towards releasing their master. muse b is from the family of the exorcist, having been taught and trained for the day this great evil awakens and tries to return to earth. muse a, however, is their friend, and couldn't possibly be the source of all the leaks... could they?
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tears of gold
— yes, for those of you i spoke to, i was gone for a few days off, and now i am back. message me about old things, if you're interested —

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