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Fantasy ETH: [LORE] The Lore, The History



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Welcome to the Lore thread, where the GM rolls out details about the land, the people, the magic and the such.
You can suggest possible entries on the OOC thread, and will be given permission to post the details on this thread once approved.

-Please do not edit your character sheet and/or lore entries without permission from the GM once they've been approved.
The world, the land New


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The World, The Land

The earth you tread on is ancient, magical, and in war.

map with names.png

-Pole of the People
The North Pole of these lands, a chunk of land mostly covered in snow and deadly cold. Life here has adapted to the unforgiving nature with special means. Native wildlife are beings of high magic potential, basic prowess innate to help survive the snowy lands. Civilization here is not big enough to form a kingdom, let alone a city. Small tribal villages remain here, away from the flames of war.

-Crypt of the Great Worms
A long time ago, Great Worms of unfathomable size plagued the entire world. They dug through lands to create caves and openings that collapsed once too much of the earth was moved away. Not only that, but the Worms would feast on life that walked the lands and battle each other causing terror in the vicinity.
So a war began, to hunt down the Great Worms and fend off the surviving ones to a prison they would be put in forever. Many of the beasts fell against seemingly the entire world uniting as one. Now, the Great Worms are not as Great as they once was- their old glory nothing but tales and their physical size considerably smaller than before. The Greatest Worm was inflicted a fatal wound, surviving only by the mercy of the victors.
The Crypt of the Great Worms is a bizarre mixture of mountains of dirt dug up by the Worms and landscapes ravaged and renovated by these creatures. Not a lot of things inhabit these lands other than the Great Worms.
During the Last War of All Things Comprehensible, the Great Worms, lead by their Deity Greatest Worm, started digging out of the Crypt. Though many of them failed on their conquest against the world, plenty has started terrorizing everything.

-Nine Beauties' Land
The name of this continent is from times lost in history. Its namesake is a mystery to people now, and the deities of pantheon seem uninterested in uncovering the details too(especially considering the fact that there is a war going on now). This continent has a long lasting history, where there are ages of war, ages of peace, and ages of mystery. Magic developed here are mostly deeply linked with nature, and the energy that flows through the universe. Major usage of such arts is medicine, healing, and divination. Deities hold power here, some major and countless minor ones.
There used to be one great kingdom with a few smaller ones centuries ago, only for the great kingdom to split into smaller ones.
The Last War of All Things Comprehensible had various effects to this land, such as some minor deities suddenly rising through the ranks of divinity with their aggressive interference in the defending of their followers. And along with that, peaceful arts of magic turning to darker sides of nature to corrupt, maim, and destroy enemies brought beings of unpleasant nature from the deep, forgotten underground realms.

-Archipelago Union of Starfalls
The Starfalls is a gathering of islands, along with a peninsula surrounded by some of those islands. While Kingdoms and royal families warred against each other forever ever since the dawn of civilization, just before the Last War of All Things Comprehensible, they created a rather miraculous union. Magic here is destructive, focusing on usage in war. The mending of flesh is for warriors to return to the battlefield, and the flames are for burning down the castle doors and the armors. They also made great progress in the science of weapons, especially around the peninsula region with their high grade metal. At the Dawn of the Last War, they started producing flintlocks for lower ranking soldiers.

-Reign of the Seven Lords
Each island was united by one Lord, with bloodshed. The pure amount of deaths that took place in these lands were enough to render the whimsical beings of this region hostile and deadly to civilization, making the magic developed around here focusing on the clearing of minds and banishing of whimsical creatures. The same three deities held their positions on the islands, only using slightly different names per region. The Firstborn Sun(who oversees fertility and life), The Lastborn Moon(who foresees death and the afterlife), The Plotting Fox(who hides among the whimsical creatures, keeping them in control yet always scheming and generally being mischievous).
The Seven Lords formed a shaky alliance, all of them looking to overthrow each other in search of more power. This delicate balance maintained until the Last War of All Things Comprehensible, where all seven Lords pulled a betrayal against others and died at their first meeting during the Last War. Now Chaos ensues, no mortal in clear reign and the three deities working hard to protect the lands from complete devastation.

-Heart Islands
Heart Islands are lands of mystery. Mystic beings that call themselves the Seons (Seon for singular/ pronounced like Sun) inhabit the center of these lands, four for each direction(East, West, South, North). Not a lot of mortals, or other deities, managed to travel deep inside.
The North Seon is the Legless Horse, trotting ever so slightly around the world. Its manes descend downward and its tail rises to meet up at the start of its manes. The North Seon has a seemingly indestructible body, yet it ripples at the slightest exhale of a newborn baby.
The East Seon is the Bountiful Serpent, said to have whispered to people the way of farming far before civilization, giving them the blossom of life and rain of clear water to grow and harvest food.
The West Seon is the First Killer, said to have first made a weapon that was used to kill a beast that threatened to swallow the world whole. It is said the First Killer taught the first blacksmiths how to tame metal out of rocks.
The South Seon is the Feathers All Done, said to have records of all things that happened in the world and all things that will happen in the world.
But that was all before the Last War of All Things Comprehensible.
The South Seon, Feathers All Done, was killed-silently, undetected. Its feathers had corroded away when it was discovered, its bones rotten down to a pile of fine dust.
The East Seon, the Bountiful Serpent, left the Heart Islands to provide for people in need, only to be slain and be feasted upon by a group of greedy deities(who were soon slain by the West Seon and gone forever).
The West Seon guards the center of the Heart Islands now, threatening to slay all who dare to approach. The North Seon roams.

Inhabitants of the lands of the Heart Islands are followers of the Seons, and their allies. In the time of the Last War, they battle hostile forces that seek to reach the center of the Heart Islands.

-Flesh and Bones of the Killers
Bottomless pits reside, monsters ascending from the depths of its abyss to ravage all in their way. The Flesh and Bones of the Killers carried the heavy burden of keeping these monsters contained. The origins of these pits are unknown- some say that it is the curse that the Greatest Worm left to the world when it first lost during its conquest before the Crypt became its prison.
Magic in the Flesh and Bones concentrates on making warriors that rival the monsters they fight, maybe even becoming monsters themselves. These magical boons were strictly used only to battle the monsters coming out of the bottomless pits, never used in wars.
Their magic concentrates on enhancing a lifeform to be able to perform magical and physical activities beyond an average person- quite literally, making them into champions. They are also able to forge weapons that would not break against the monsters from below.
But the Last War changed things. Some seeked to attack the Killers of the Flesh and Bones, and take their magic away. This made openings in the defense measures against the monsters, leaking some of those horrors into the world.

-Sea out of reach
None tell tales of this sea. Even the North Seon is silent. Ships venture out and do not return. Even the mightiest of the deities fear to tred these waters.

-Pole of the Beast
The Greatest Worm eats and spreads its children. It has no fear.... with an exception. One beast swims in the waters of the Pole of the Beast. The Greatest Worm lost half its body when it carelessly entered the freezing pole, which had its continent-sized ice broken just because the beast residing under it wanted to swim around in different ways.
Legend says the pieces of the lost half of the Greatest Worm flowed North from the Pole, salvaged in the Flesh and Bones to create some of their greatest weapons.
The beast that dwells in the water of the Pole seeks to be left alone, and many beings that tried to test their might have proven to be good food. Thus, the pole remains a desolate place even during the Last War.
Kingdoms of the Nine Beauties' Land New


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Serpent's End.png

-Serpent's End
Serpent's End stands between the Archipelago Union of Starfalls and the Reign of the Seven Lords, making an ideal point of conflict for two sides to invade one another from. This status marked the history of Serpent's End with countless wars both with and without bloodshed. Deities with the nature of good, bad and the inbetween all dwelled in this kingdom in a treacherous atmosphere, but at the brink of extinction they have all allied together to protect their home.
The Serpent's End is a battle hardened kingdom, its people strong and tough to crack-sometimes coming off as a bit too selfish for outsiders. But once you earn their trust you will be given a warm welcome.

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