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Eternity Beckons

Dice System


Dialectical Hermeticist
"Our origin is steeped in confusion and obfuscation.

We are the forgotten dead, vengeful and rapacious. We are the get of a mad wizard, long dead. We are the whelps of mortal men and Demons...
But I prefer a much older story.

They say that the gods abandoned us because we found a way to murder one. We slew that impossible thing, and drank the divinity from its veins. For this, we were cursed.
I'll admit to ego, in my preference for this tale. To be the inheritor to a deicide! How must one live up to that legacy?

It begins with the same waking death in which you now find yourself, little one. I'll not lie - you are a dead thing, prone to rot, seared by sunlight, burned by pure waters, thirsting for blood to sustain your decaying frame. This will seem like an eyeblink, an awkward adolescence, one hundred years hence. Even now you must feel it, hm? The strength, the heightened sense. Stop breathing, it only makes you look foolish.

No, air is not life, for you.

Let us first teach you to hunt, little fledgeling."

Monster. Outcast. Inheritor. Vampire.

You died because your sire demanded it. You exist between life and death at her will. You hunger because hunger is your nature, now.
Resurrected in your own rotting corpse, blood is the only way to maintain the constant decay of your body, and the best is taken from those still living.
The sun will destroy you, and pure water scorches like acid, but the sickness, the wounds, the mortality which once plagued you is now... gone.
This too shall pass. In time, you will be a lord of the night, for this is the destiny written for you. To be one of the secret kings of the world, playing the mortal cattle like an instrument, doing what thou wilt.


are the mightiest warriors of Vampirekind, reclusive in their mountain fortress. Strongest, perhaps the hardiest. Kindred of flame, masters of earth and stone. No other forges such as you, no other fights as ferociously. When the mortals cry terror and give light to their dwellings to punish your trespass, you laugh and walk through fire. You take slaves and cattle, force your favourites into bloody duels for the honour of embrace.
Even now, decimated from a purge, your elders design the great furnaces whose smoke will blot out the sun.

Yaundae are tricksters, liars, poisoners. Immune to the burning touch of water, you live in the sewers and waterways - close to man, but out of his reach. You lack the hardiness of your peers, but your guile and stealth more than make up for it. You charm the mortals with honeyed words and they thank you for taking their blood. You change the face of the city with the ears of the right people, and the deaths of the wrong with the most cunning venoms.
The elders will not speak of their ultimate goal, but it seems even now the configuration of city streets begin to thrum with power.

Wahran are the serpent-kings of the jungle. You rule from stepped pyramids and call lightning from the skies. The peoples of the land make tribute of their own to forestall your wrath or win your protection. The very trees and vines bend to your will, and where you are benevolent the harvest is rich indeed.
Worse monsters than you prey on them, and their numbers are limitless - the spirits that infest these lands. They hate you and many cannot even comprehend why, but they will act on that loathing. Many of your kin are denied eternity. How the elders intend to halt this, they do not say.

Ithim are the masters of Black Forest. Dwelling in the deepest part of the wood, amid the most ancient trees and the forgotten city built upon them. If it can be known, you know it. You can read memories in blood and ride the winds on leathery wings. Your library is the oldest and largest. While you are surrounded by hateful Fair Folk, your stealth and speed allow you escape into the world where your knowledge might manipulate the mortals.
The eldest lurks in the depths of the library. Waiting. But for what, it does not say.

Uthar are the despised. Their blood carries a sickness which enslaves the spirits of the dead - spirits they rebirth in the bodies of spiders. They are scattered and disparate, each one intent on carving out their own kingdom. Too often, though, they are slain by skilled mortals, their presence hard to hide... but with the ghosts in their blood, who knows if they truly die?

Loxite are the dark and brooding nobles in their ancient homes, refusing any lord but themselves. Masters of both flesh and shadow, each lives to cultivate mortal followers, to alter the course of history to their own ends, and derail the plots of their kin. In spite of this fractiousness, their leadership and intellect cannot be denied - physically weakest of their kind, the Loxite prefer to seize goals with mind over matter.

Aberrations are the result of Necromantic blasphemy - clanless, deranged, pathetic corpses given unholy animation.


This is a Crucible: Dark Age campaign.

Players will begin as Fledglings, freshly raised Vampires. They'll need time and courage to grow stronger and transcend undeath, since the best prey is the most dangerous.

But you'll start innocent, unknowing, with much to learn and - if you are clever - eternity to learn it. Ancient conspiracies, secret wars, and your own terrible ambitions lie ahead.

Five players max. No prior experience necessary.

May be of interest to Epiphany Epiphany particularly if NBN falters.

still watching fma

Anti-Magic Eight Ball
I'm sort of interested, not gonna lie, I am bigoted against vampires after twilight. 😂 But I'm always up for a good dark fantasy rp. If you're not full by the time I'm done reading the rules, I'll join.


Dialectical Hermeticist
You will be hard pressed to make comparisons between anything I have ever written, and Twilight.


Dialectical Hermeticist
Buh-bump. Someone out there must be craving transhuman vampire intrigue.


Dialectical Hermeticist
When are vampires out of favour? You know you want to sign up; you probably won't have played anything quite like this before.


Dialectical Hermeticist
Just look at some of the crazy nonsense you too could pull if you played this game:

Uthar Clan Sorceries

The primary Sorcery of the Uthar, which leads them to be outcast by other Vampires. With a touch or bite, the Uthar can infect an individual human. Communicability is based on the rank of this Sorcery.
The symptoms of the Plague are fever, persistent nightmares, hair loss, light sensitivity, hunger for raw meat, and increasingly severe brain damage. Death by the Plague fetters the ghost of the victim to the Uthar responsible.
Victims also become obsessed with the Uthar - either an inchoate fear that makes it impossible for them to face the Vampire, or a sense of peace or that their symptoms are alleviated in its presence that makes them pliant to its orders.
Uthar can sense Plague victims within a number of miles equal to their rank in this Sorcery.
It costs 1 Blood per Rank per Victim
Rank 1: The Uthar can decide whether a victim will suffer terror or become servile. The terror is immediate and death can follow within a week. The servitude takes a week, starting with nightmares, then fevers, then hair loss, then light sensitivity, loss of faculties, and increasing hunger for raw meat. Somewhere in the second week of infection, if not sooner, the victim will seek out the Uthar and pledge to serve them. If not fed with the Uthar's blood, they will die in the next two weeks and their mental faculties will degrade rapidly until they're functionally ghouls.
Rank 2: The Uthar can now spread the infection through their pet spiders. Servile victims can survive up to a month but are essentially near-mindless revenants by then.
Rank 3: The Uthar can now allow the infection to be spread by victims. Servants who have not been fed can survive up to six months.
Rank 4: The Uthar can force the Plague into dormancy before symptoms appear, and trigger it at any time after the first week. If this is not triggered with six months the effect wanes. Servile victims can survive up to a year.
Rank 5: The Uthar can telepathically command and communicate with servile victims. Servile victims can survive indefinitely through cannibalism.

The secondary Sorcery of the Uthar. Deadweaving allows them to see and manipulate ghosts, and peer into the World Without Sun. In practice, this means the Uthar can interrogate ghosts for information or witness a murder long past. ‘Natural’ ghosts are under no obligation to cooperate in any fashion. The Uthar can use its Blood to bind willing Ghosts into service.
Ghosts killed by Plague treat the Uthar as their Haunt, and are not required to be well disposed toward her - but they will still suffer the Social penalty the Plague inflicted in life, making them adoring servants or terrified slaves. At the lowest levels, the Uthar can demand information from their haunting ghosts, and even empower them with a little Blood to fulfill simple tasks. As their power grows, the Uthar can even undertake a kind of reverse possession, allowing a ghost to ride in their body in order to access skills or memories the ghost had.
Around the mid-range of power, Uthar can transfer the ghost via blood into a host spider. The spider must be prepared for some time first, allowing it to grow fat and huge on Vampire blood. The ghost suffers a mental recalibration and is shackled to the will of Uthar, becoming a Dreadcrawler - an intelligent and largely autonomous servant. There are stories of some Dreadcrawlers being being twisted into half-humanoid monsters; a person from the waist up, bloated abdomen and skittering legs from the waist down.

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