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Fandom Eris new family RP


So this was a idea that I've had for a while, about a year or so ago. A friend of mine actually introduced me to this idea and at first I thought it was stupid... But I actually love the idea now a days.

So basically the idea is Aizawa adopts Eri... Pretty simple basis for the idea, but in reality that would be more of a end goal.

Aizawa would be tasked to just watch over Eri, as the girl still doesn't really have control of her quirk so he would be the only one that can cancel it if it flew out of control again. So it would be more of a foster situation to begin with. Aizawa just has to watch her but eventually it would lead to adoption.

This is a slice of life RP, which I love these kind of ideas in action packed shows. I love the scenes where the 1A students are just hanging out acting like normal teens. So there's a lot of slice of life ideas in this RP. Aizawa having to help Eri basically go through kindergarten-2nd grade, taking her to the park, working on the girls social skills. Then there's the bit more MHA norm ideas; her quirk training, her witnessing Aizawa battling.

Of course if you have any ideas Id love to hear them.

Edit: Not a huge edit... But figured maybe OCs could be fun for this. So it doesn't have to just be Aizawa
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