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Sydney was having too good a time chucking down water. But amidst her fun, she almost failed to hear someone shouting up to her from the foot of the building. She had just let go of the water, which then dropped straight onto the head of the lightening haired male who had tried to speak up to her. She looked down as he was shocked at being hit. The girl could not help it as she let out a wheeze of a laugh at his reaction. Poor bastard. He seemed different from the rest of the crowd, mostly because he seemed to have intended to speak to her rather than scream or give her the ‘I’Ll CaLl tHe CoPs!’ which always gave her a laugh.

So sorry about that, must run! Toodle-loo!” she gave him a little wave as she then turned with the intention to leave. She stooped to grab her rum but paused as she thought she heard something that made her stop.

Will you do the honours? I could use a lift.

Sydney’s eyes darted a little. Okay what? She wanted to turn around to look back down but something told her that was a bad idea. Dropping the rum, she grabbed her jacket.

Okay so… You’ve gone quiet down there and I dunno what you’re planning so… I think it’s about time we all mosey on home and Idon’tlikehowyouain’ttalkingsoI’mjustgonnahead-AH!” She yowled as the man seemed to appear behind her and on that note, she jumped down from the roof currently standing on and onto another.

I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD FLY!” she yelled at the man as she roof-hopped. Seriously, how many people could do that?! After all technology they threw into all those stupid drones to catch stupid criminals you would think they’d develop the ability to fly. The necklace jangled against her neck, but at this point. the woman had forgotten what the thing could do. She had only been running and jumping for a few moments but was already tired, but she’d rather drop from exhaustion than get caught. She knew these roofs better than he would. As she landed on the next roof in a roll, she made a sudden right diversion to throw her chaser off and it appeared to give her a window of time. With a mocking laugh, she turned around to face the man. Unbeknownst to her, the pair that had accompanied him were following her every move.

Oooooooh he went off to be a whore; Hung this sing upon his door; A dollar each and three for two; To take a crack at my ring-dang-do-DAUGH!” In the midst of stupid mocking, Sydney seemed to miscalculate how big the roof was, causing her ankle to clip the edge of the roof. With a yelp, she felt gravity doing its dirty work as her misstep caused her to trip and fall from the roof.

But the ground seemed to hit her quicker than she had expected. She opened her eyes as she felt herself land on what she could only imagine to be a sack of potatoes. She was greeted with the face of a curvy platinum blonde and a man with brilliant pink hair. The two people from before. Oh.

…This is a very off day for me so,” she groaned slightly from the impact, “If one or both of you stunning creatures could accompany me to that place there, y’know the one with the big neon X’s and stuff? Well… Maybe not cause, I can’t read and I assume you cant too but I’ve been in there before and woot it’s a riot. Y’know, get in there, Get buzzed, get drunk, get crunked, get fucked up. Unless yer no’ into that that’s cool this alley is nice enough. Could do with some music or… Candles? Big ones. I know a place.” At this point, Sydney’s brain had gone to the shops and left the mouth running. The entire time the woman had been making some bizarre hand gestures, another indication that she was talking out her ass. Where was her rum? Maybe she could knock them out with it. Oh, and drink it. Win-win.
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Once Narson opened his palm, Saka didn’t hesitate. He stepped up onto the young man’s open hand with ease and kicked off just as his new acquaintance angled him toward the roof. Saka swiftly soared upward. The bottom of his heels cracked the shingles underneath them as he stuck the landing. Light hues turned to look over at the female who had splashed him with water without so much as even a hello. She apologized, which was nice of her, but Saka didn’t understand why she felt the need to run. He was even more surprised when she continuously spoke, even after he had frightened her by unexpectedly making his way up to her level.

“I can’t fly.” The young man cocked his head to the side as he watched the female hop onto the next rooftop. She had been exacerbating the situation due to her inability to just sit put. That and the unwillingness to cooperate. Without much time to waste, Saka followed suit. He hopped over to the next rooftop, shingles flying in various directions as the force of his weight connected with the top of the building. Keeping his speed, the man continued running after Sydney but it was clear that she was a bit quicker than he was. At this rate, the only option the girl would end up leaving him would be to make use of his artifact.

After finally catching up to the female, he watched as she turned to face him in jest. He put both hands on his hips and smiled at the female as she performed her soliloquy. The determined look had not left his face for a moment. Well, up until the female took one step back too far and ended up taking a tumble from the rooftop. The expression on Saka’s face shifted to concern as she disappeared from his view, leaving only the sounds of a crash below. He ran up to the edge and looked down to see quite the view.

She had fell right on top of both Narson and Selene, who had been chasing her via hoverboard. That timing was certainly impeccable. Saka wrapped his arms across his stomach and hunched over slightly, laughing rather hard at the sight. While it was unfortunate that the three were forced to meet in such a way, the entire recount of events that led the four to this point in time was almost unbelievable. This would be one of those chance-moments in his life that Saka had obtained a story worthy of telling. After a few seconds he collected himself. There was still a mission at hand, after all.

d4f1pci-eff0111b-1567-4c6b-a239-5ee56259ea92.jpg He carefully dropped down from the rooftop before walking over to the woman who had been leading the trio on a chase. Sydney had been speaking and Saka was not really the type of person to interject, but she most definitely was not in the position to be making any requests. Saka crouched down, resting both of his forearms on his knees. He examined the female’s facial features. He might have gotten too close. Uncomfortably close. The young man felt as though he had seen her before. If not, he definitely recognized her from somewhere. He just couldn’t put his finger on it.

“People who claim to have an off-day usually live an off-life.” He stood back up, placing a hand on his chin. Saka momentarily looked away from the three. It seemed as though Ghorra and Edin were similar temperatures, obviously being warm. The main differentiating factor was the humidity levels. Ghorra had a lot of water around it, making the air thick. Saka never felt too hot. Despite how warm or cold it was, he usually wore the same clothes.

“I don’t think that’s a saying. We’ll call it a Sakaism!” The man enthusiastically looked back at the three to see their response with a childish grin.

“Get it? Because my name is Saka! We just wanted to talk to you but you started running away. You know, you shouldn’t do that. It’s rude! At least give people a chance to explain. I wasn’t trying to get in any cardio today, but thanks to you it’s now completely unavoidable.” The young man sighed. He was going to have to eat double the amount he normally ate at dinner-time just to make sure he was maintaining his weight. For Saka, it was more of a struggle to keep the pounds on rather than keep them off. He once walked into a buffet and cleaned out three racks of meaty ribs but he didn't even gain a pound.

c: “Reel it in, you space cadet.”

“Right! Anyway, you fell on my friends Selene and Narson. First I was sent out from Denbourgh to Edin to find anyone with an artifact. My job is to collect as many people who have them as possible and bring them back to Denbourgh under special orders.” Saka raised an eyebrow. That was a question for another time.

“I work for the government. Narson and Selene also have artifacts. I collected these two in Desetto then we flew out here and just happened upon you. Didn’t even come up on our radar at first. For your time, I can promise you money. If that isn’t enough, you can make your claim as to what you desire to my boss. You have to come with us back to Denbourgh, though. If you refuse, that’s fine, but i’ll have to take that artifact from you. I don’t want to do that, i’d rather you just come with us and get paid. If you don’t like the proposition my boss puts on the table, you can walk away. I’d give you a bit more time to make a decision, but honestly that’s not on our side today. What do you say?”

Saka extended a hand toward Sydney to help her up off the pile of people she was still lying on.

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The former soldier took a deep breath and let it out in the form of a sigh as he watched the buildings and well-dressed citizens of Eindra speed by from the window. Today had been more annoying than he thought it would have been and with the additional revelation of the pseudo-mob's meddling, it had soured Hathom's mood further.

Stahl had taken notice and did as he always did. He motioned to Long to pay attention and then made a gesture that implied drinking. Almost immediately, Hathom nodded his head in agreement, "Yeah, I could definitely go for a damn drink right about now. Jakobs!" He called out to the front, getting his driver's attention, "Change of plans. Take us to Vivian's."

Wordlessly, the driver known as Jakobs adjusted their course and started headed towards the well known lounge & bar establishment known as "Gold Haven"


True to its namesake, it was a high class lounge whose color decor primarily consisted of gold with accents of silver and black to compliment it. The patrons were few but one could tell at a glance that they were not only rich but also born intobtgeclap of luxury. Those individuals always carried a certain air of superiority that ticked off the lower class and with good reason. Hathom gave off a different air.

While it was obvious he was a man with many resources, he didn't carry that holier-than-thou attitude. The man's demeanor commanded well-earned respect while still maintaining an aura of approachable-ness. Clearly influential but sociable.

Hathom took a seat at the bar and gave the bartender a friendly wave. Vivian, the bartender and owner of the establishment, waved back and headed over. "Hello, Mr. Long! It's been quite awhile since you last came 'round here. Stressful day today?"

"Unfortunately, Vivian. Unfortunately. How have things been since the last time I was in? It's been almost a year already."

The barkeep chuckled and flicked his thumb over towards the other thousand-dollar-suit patrons, "Never much activity but the money is always coming in. So, business as usual. What are ya havin' today, Mr. Long?"

Hathom quickly scanned the wide selection of exquisite spirits with a critical eye before finally deciding on top shelf whiskey.

"Double, please."

"Right away, Mr. Long. By the by, are your friends drinking with you today or are they on duty.

"On duty today, Viv." Stahl quickly responded.

"I'll let you guys raid my liquor closet later."

"Deal." Both bodyguards replied in unison. This bar had top quality stuff but they knew Hathom had the Real Good stuff back at home.

They both turned around to face away from Hathom and act as sentinels, scanning the room quietly for any potentials threats and mapping out potential escape routes. Something all three of them constantly did even without provocation to do so.

Hathom slowly nursed his drink and absentmindedly rubbed the ring on his right hand. A habit he developed recently within the last two years. A memento from a time when things were simpler. When the only thing you had to worry about was keeping your surrogate military family safe and not feuding with a family who still had their minds stuck in the heydays of the mafia centuries ago.

Sure, your life was always in danger, but life was as simple as could be. He often found himself wishing he could go back to those times. At least, until he remembered he needed to uphold his responsibility as the only child of the Long family. His parents were older now and they werent as sharp as before. Soon, he was going to need to figure out how to manage the entirety of the Long family businesses and take care of his aging parents. Father some of his own offspring as well.

Responsibility. Hell of a thing.
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Saka made breif conversation with the captian, taling about the person, that after a moment of scanning buildings Selene found, who appeared to be doing nothing but dumping water on people. She couldn't help but chuckle, since she knew this must have gotten this person into a good amount of trouble since everyone here were stuck up prudes. It was always fun to watch however. Anyway, before she could think more about it, Saka began making his way off in the direction of the unknown trouble maker, Selene waiting about 6 paces before she followed after him, her heels clicking rhythmically as she walked. The sun and cooler air felt nice on her skin, this was a wonderful change of pace from Edin, and even the ship. Mostly because she could now stretch her legs. Anyway, it didn't take long to reach their destination for their confrontation, hopefully just conversation, she needed new lashes getting pelted in the face with water wouldn't go well for them. The crowd below seemed ready for a fight, though most of them seemed like they'd collaspe if the wind was too strong. Selene recognized these types of scowls, it was a similar look to people learned she was a prostitute. Well, Escort everywhere other than Desetto. She could feel a few of those scwols being directed twoards her as well, since of course, nobody dressed like she did, they all had modesty or some shit. Anyway, that didn't bother her" hadn't for a while, what did was the small snort she made while trying not laugh watching Saka get pelted with a ball of water. The look on his face was priceless.

The steam raising off of him however, was an indicator of what his artifact allowed him to do. Something to do with heat that was possibly triggered by his emotions? There was a chance all of theirs would be triggers by their emotions, or at least affected in some sense, as that seemed to be the case in a lot of science fiction stories. Of course, this wasn't a story but real life, so who knows, Selene could just be talking out of her ass. She got to experience not only a small taste of Saka's, but a bit of Narson's as well. Nobody could life a grown man above their head and vault him to a roof a few feet further with no training unless you were under the influence of something extreme. Or had top of the line cybernetic enhancements that Narson most likely did not posses. Selene wasn't informed of which type of artifacts the other two possessed, having to witness or ask in order to learn, or maybe she was told but just didn't remember. It didn't matter now anyway, she was suddenky faced with a choice. Narson was iffering her his hand, to get on a hover board, which he declared he didn't know how to use. She could just chase after Saka and the unknown woman, as running in heels wasnt an issue for her, the issue at the moment was her bra. Shs was not wearing one for for a chase, and so, since walking wasn't an option, even a brisk walk through the city streets, she got on the hover board with Narson wraping her arms around him. "Just don't fall! We're too pretty for that!"

And fall they didn't! It was a bit wobbly at times, and she was certian it would give out since it was not a model designed for two people, they soon found the woman Saka had been chasing, seemingly a few moments before Saka did. The woman was on her back, rambling on, and in a little bit of pain. A sorry sight honesly, no woman, man, or anyone in between should be laying on a bag of potatoes soliciting strangers. First off it was rude, secondly, it showed you had no dignity. Saka once again took over the talk about joining them, Selene giving the woman a playful wave when he mentioned her name, before going back to a rather relaxed cross armed stance. She would shift occasionally, tugging at her dress to readjust the exposed midriff area and to keep it midthigh. Every lady had a look, and they all wanted to keep it no matter what. They also made sure they were comfortable while they were wearing it, and dresses while cute, like to shift. Anyway, once Saka had finished talking, Selene spoke up. "Saka, once we're done here, I'd like to take you and Narson to Vivian's or The Nior. They're lounges in the south-east part of the city, and I'll pay, my treat." She smiled, glancing down at the other woman, "If you decide to join, that invitation extends to you as well, and it will put us in the area of the next artifact, yes?"

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People who claim to have an off-day usually live an off-life.

Sydney mentally rolled her eyes. Well duh. She wished she had gold stickers to stick on his nose. He then began to talk on and on about how running away was rude and unhelpful and blah blah blah, cry me a river. She stayed rather quiet, sporting a bored look despite the pain running through her joints from the fall. As the men took a moment to finish up his little shpeal about all of this, she paused as he stopped talking (Jesus what a chatterbox) to answer.

Look… SoCo, Lemme ask you. If you had spent the last week being chased by cops, would you wanna stay and talk with someone you chucked water at? On that note, apologies for that… well. No, not really cause it was fuckin’ funny heh- but hm, I rather like your hair flattened like that.” She said with a satisfied smirk. She knew it was not clever or anything but still, she didn’t care.

But what then caught the woman’s attention was his proposition. As he mentioned an artefact, she took off the necklace around her neck, “What? Artifacts like this piece of shit?” she said as she gave it a little toss in the air, catching it again, “Hm. I wonder if I could create a tsunami… that’d be fun.” She said with a slightly psychotic grin but it then changed to one of curiosity as he then mentioned money. She tilted her head and looked up at him. That would be something. Sydney had only had a large amount of money once. And she only had it for a moment before she had to drop it and run. Her mind started to wander. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. She could send some to her uncle! He could move out of Edin somewhere nicer. He did deserve it. She looked up at the man.

“Eh. What the hell. Sounds more fun than this.” She said as she grabbed his hand to stand up. As she did, she turned to the lady, Selene as she spoke up, offering to take them all to a local club. She tilted her head. She had never been to any of those lounges. So money and a night at a lounge? Not a bad deal. She looked at the group with a smirk, tipping an invisible hat.

Sydney Ryder at your displeasure. Still dunno what you want with these artefacts but hey, if you guys want it then… eh, who am I to get between a man and their stuff.” She continued to play with the necklace for a while before putting it back around her neck, “Also apologies for any broken bones or the loss of eyes. I’ve been meaning to lose a few pounds.” She said with a smirk, though truthfully under her clothes, they would see that her ribs and spine if they had the displeasure. She leaned against the wall, still staring at the blue heart in the necklace. It was like a jewel so had that weird kaleidoscope effect. Just as she admired it, she heard a loud screech.

"OH SHI-!" She dove into a pile of rubbish as a Trigger launched from the air and nose-dived right into the ground, its sharp beak tip impaled in the ground. Sydney peeked out, "Uh yeah if we could go soon, that'd be smashing. These stupid drones won't leave me alone." Looking around, she half expected a ton of Triggers to rain down on her like that scene from 300. As crap-shot as those drones were, having a ton of them come down at once would have been the stuff of nightmares.

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c: “The next artifact is on the move. It seems to be heading in the direction of Gold Haven. Looks like Selene is going to be able to stop off after all! At the very least, you’ll be heading in the right direction.”

Gold Haven was one of those fancy type of places that Ghorra was well-known for housing. Selene, Narson and Saka would be able to hear the captain’s instructions. Unfortunately, Sydney was out of the loop as far as her commands went for the time being. The next few artifact users would be stuck in the same position, until the group finally got to the ship. While the city wasn’t the largest in New Oceania, it was the place most visited. Seeing as it existed mainly as a vacation spot, one would only imagine the finest establishments would be available to Erabus’ richest folk. Unlike Edin, Saka did not know the lay of the land in Ghorra. For him, it was his first time. He was equally as blind as Narson - but Selene knew the way. She was obviously aware of the place, seeing as she had mentioned it well before the captain did.

“All right.” Saka turned to the woman, with a smile on his face. "Let's go. We'll follow you, Selene. You know where it is, after all."

With no time at all to spare, the group was off. For someone who was walking in heels it was odd to see the woman’s finesse. It seemed as though she was at home wearing them. Most of the people Saka met in his life who had wore heels on a normal basis often complained about them. This woman seemed to wear them for fun. Maybe for some women, fashion always came before comfort. However, that was not something that Saka could relate to. He only wore clothes he was comfortable in. The ones that only existed to hide his appearance were at least decent to spend a few hours in. Hell, even his gas mask fit on his face just perfectly. Saka was extremely fickle about what he wore in terms of what he was comfortable in.

Thirty minutes had passed. The four had traversed through the middle of the town, headed toward the south side. Naturally, Ghorra existed on the side of a hill. Buildings and establishments on the south side of the city rested on piles and docs, just barely above water. Moguls were constantly trying to extend the city any which way they could, to add more establishments and acquire more revenue. To the point where they didn’t even care if their businesses were being built on solid ground.

Saka’s hands gripped the railing as he bent his torso over it to get a closer view. It was beautiful! He was beginning to understand why people enjoyed spending their money in New Oceania. The view was breathtaking. Certainly more beautiful than both Edin or Denbourgh had to offer. That was for sure. Looking back at the rest of the group, the young man grinned. Killing two birds with one stone would be relatively easy in this case. Selene, Narson and Sydney could take a load off while Saka handled business.

c: “The building to the left should be it, according to your position on the map.”

Say no more fam.

The young man led the group down a large, wide spiral staircase made out of wood to his left. It eventually led him to a concrete floor on the left-hand side of the outside shopping area. Saka hopped the railing separating the ground from the wooden docs the bar was built on. Then he opened up the front door and waited from the troop to pile in. Much to Saka’s surprise, it was pretty desolate. Perhaps it was the time of day; thinking about it, there weren’t too many people outside either. Did Ghorra have off-seasons?

“Go enjoy yourselves. I got this covered.” Saka spoke as he walked past the group of three and closer toward the back of the establishment. Each pace he took was relatively slow, as he examined the potential artifact holders in Gold Haven. Some of the people who were sitting at the bar to his right were rowdy. Even if Saka wanted to handle things as smoothly as possible, having to deal with drunkards was not on the table. He’d much rather take the gem by force than have an intellectual conversation with someone who is inebriated. Mostly because both options would eventually lead to the same result. Two men dressed to the nines stood outside of a booth. Saka was going to check there first, before dealing with the patrons bar-side.

c: “It’s just ahead of you.”

As he got closer, Saka immediately noticed that Hathom was rubbing his ring. One of the body guards stepped up and placed a hand out toward Saka’s chest. In response, he was forced to stop his forward advance. The man in front of him was physically much larger than he was. Same went for the second bodyguard as well, but that was to be expected. Saka liked a good fight, but there was a time and a place for such proposals to be made. The young man took out his cellular device and snapped a quick shot of the man sitting at the booth. This brought noticeable distress to the guard who had been trying to keep Saka back, who asked him what he was doing. He kept silent as he sent the captain the image. She came back with a name less than thirty seconds later. Saka continued avoiding the security detail, instead looking over at the man sitting in the booth.

“Can I have a moment of your time, Mr. Long?”

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Hathom's head turned slowly to the…. Oddly dressed individual. If he was honest, the entire get up, in a place like this made the young man look like a terrorist of some kind and that was reason enough to make Hathom cautious. He pretended to straighten the folds in his suit, feeling the shape of his new firearm to make sure of its position but he didn't hide the suspicion from crossing his face.

That being said, Hathom didn't like jumping to conclusions. So, he decided to give this suspicious fellow the time of day, “It's alright, gentlemen.” He said to his bodyguards, who looked back at Hathom in what appeared to be incredulity, but they let Saka pass to get closer. Their eyes still watched the agent closely and their hands hovered by their hidden firearms on their waists.

Long turned back over to the bar side and gestured for Saka to take a seat next to him. “Can I get you something?” He asked warmly.

Saka moved past the two men with a smile, taking his seat opposite of Hathom. The guards’ lack of trust was not something that was surprising or insulting to him. In the same position it was more than likely that Saka would have been equally as cautious. He was a stranger, as far as they were concerned. It was nice of Hathom to offer him a drink. He was going to decline at first but definitely didn’t want to insult the gentleman by saying no.

“A glass of orange juice would be spectacular, thank you.”

On the other end of the communication line, the young man from Denbourgh heard his superior clear her throat.

“So, my name is Saka. It’s not really important, but my mom always taught me that it was the nice thing to do to introduce myself before speaking to someone I hadn’t been acquaintanced with previously. Anyway, I work for the government. A few of my associates came in the bar with me. Erabus has a special task force designed to utilize the powers of these gems called artifacts - apparently a bunch of people on this planet have them. I found two in Desetto. It seems there’s a handful here, too. We’ve already collected one girl here - and I assume you too have an artifact. I want to give you a proposition, though it was quite easier for the others as all they required was money…” Saka placed a hand on his chin, his hues looking down at the table top as he took a moment to think.

“Though I guess it’s probable that the captain would be willing to listen to any request you may have of her.”

Hathom stayed silent and quite frankly, he didn't believe a word coming out of Saka's mouth at this point. Being a military man, he had never met a happy-go-lucky agent before and he had no reason he had met one now. He nursed his drink quietly for some time before finally speaking up. “I'm a military myself. So, I'm sure you'll understand what I mean when I ask if you are here officially. Depending on how you respond will depend on my willingness to assist you with… whatever your objective is. That and of course, what is in it for me. As you said, money and resources wont hold much sway over me.”

The bartender, Vivian, brought the requested drink and gave the two gentlemen a nod before moving on to attend other customers and leaving them to their business.

“I understand.”

With a smile, Saka removed the communication device from his pocket. He unplugged his earpiece and placed it onto the table. As his digits wrapped around the glass of juice and brought it to his lips, the voice of the commander would come through on the communicator. While Saka was not the person with all the information that Hathom wanted to hear, she certainly was.

c: “Captain Madeline Tousey. Badge 59749, Borealis District in Denbourgh. You are Hathom Long, born in Ghorra of the prestigious Long family. Twenty five years of age. Multiple tours in the military. Your father gave you control of a few businesses in Edin, Denbourgh and the Grasslands when you got back from active duty. You operate your business out of Eindra. Your artifact is named Empathy, and most recently you’ve been having issues with the Krestnokov family. We know of this because my former partner when I was on street duty has active ties with a few employees of his own. Does this sound about right?” After slurping up the remains of his orange juice, Saka placed the glass cup on the table beside the communicator.

“Mine is Plasma.” The young man interjected afterwards, turning his titanium arm over and simultaneously lifting his sleeve to reveal the gem engraved into his forearm.

“If we can help you figure out a way to get rid of the Kresti-kovinoffs, then maybe you can take a vacation? Though, it’d probably be more work listening to the Captain talk.”

c: “It’s Krestnokov.”


The well dressed man sat there stroking the stubble on his face. One could see the gears in his head at work as he considered all the possibilities of accepting or refusing this call to action. He decided rather quickly that he needed a little bit more to go on.

“You say the artifacts have power and that I contain one called Empathy. Forgive me, Ma'am but I'm hard pressed to believe that this ring I found on one of my tours has anything special about it other than I simply like it. I have neither felt nor seen anything… supernatural from it.”

Hathom considered Saka's words up until this point before shaking his head with a sigh, “That being said, I can offer my assistance if I can get equal compensation for my efforts in the way of taking the Krestnokovs down. As I'm sure you are aware, they have been using underhanded, and even downright illegal, tactics to try and put me and their other competitors out of business.”

c: “We are aware of how they do business. Unfortunately, despite our knowledge, Mr. Crawford still has the ultimate say as to when the raid takes place. However, if someone was to stumble upon certain findings and alert the proper authorities, well Mr. Crawford’s plans would have to move along much more swiftly, now wouldn’t they?”

Upon hearing what the captain had to say, Saka smirked. He connected the auxiliary jack into the communication device before placing it back in his pocket. In his ear, Captain Tousey was relaying coordinates to a place that Saka was unfamiliar with. There was no expectation on his end about what the group would find inside of this building, but chances were it would be enough to provide Hathom an avenue to generate a bit of faith in these operations.


“So, Hathom - for you, believing is seeing?”

The young man asked as he turned over his right arm and pointed a finger toward the man. At that very moment, the lightbulb belonging to the hanging fixture that had dimly lit the table above them popped. The electricity provided by the contact of the bulb and the socket quickly struck his titanium arm. At first, it slowly rotated in circles down his forearm. With time, that small band had formulated into a small ball resting within an outstretched palm. The static electricity had been enough to force Saka’s hair to lose all resemblance of gravity and weight it once had. Just as quickly as it had been requested, the young man was able to flick his wrist upward, dissipating the stream of energy in the process. Upon doing so, his hair fell back to its natural shape.
“How many people did you meet during your tours who can do that?” Keeping the grin across his face, Saka crossed his arms over his chest. “We can teach you how to use yours. Takes a little bit of time, though. You must be pretty lucky to just happen upon it.”

Hathom had flinched at first at the sudden pop of the light bulb but the show that followed left him admittedly befuddled. One could tell he wasn't awestruck or even shocked but his raised brows pointed the fact that he was certainly surprised.

Though it may have been better that way, as Hathom's bodyguards had immediately turned when the bulb had popped, weapons drawn and ready to put the young man freely controlling electricity 6 feet under.

It was only due to the fact that Hathom didn't seem panicked that prevented them from open firing. Once the display ended, the older gentlemen waved his hand in a passive gesture to have them lower their handguns. That all was perfectly fine.


Hathom stood and began to seriously study Saka's person. He placed great scrutiny specifically on Saka's arm, searching for any possible giveaway that the display he just saw was due to cybernetics rather than what was being suggested earlier. He checked around his shoulders for anything that may have made his hair appear weightless as it did. As if suspended in stasis or in Zero-G.

Alas, unless Hathom removed the man's entire cybernetic limb and took it apart, there would be no way for him to genuinely tell if this was a trick of technology or something much bigger than he realized.

The former soldier looked at his ring with renewed interest, as opposed to the solemn comfort it offered before.

With a warm chuckle, Hathom placed his hands behind his back and nodded at Saka, “Very well. As long as someone stumbles upon something interesting that may or may not cause a swift delivery of justice, I am willing to cooperate with you. It will be a pleasure doing business with the government once again. Albeit, this time as a civilian and not front line infantry.

“No point in waiting, right? We have a date to attend, between Brighton Terrace and Eccelston Place.”

Saka nodded, digits grasping the communicator before he plugged his headset back into the auxilary jack. Then he deposited it back into his pocket before standing up from his seat. He turned to face the two bodyguards with a large smile on his face. They were large behemoths of men - who at the end of the day had a job which they were paid to do. There was no need to be bothered by them despite getting antsy display of power. Saka had to put his faith in Hathom for that one moment to make the right call and not blow his ass away. It paid off, luckily.

“I hope you boys have a fantastic day. Thanks for your time.”

And with that he stepped between the two men, with the intention of leading Hathom back to his grew of rag-tag delinquents. Well, two of them, at the very least. The third was homeless and seemed to be dehydrated. More of a poor soul rather than a miscreant. Upon finally reaching the group, Saka stopped and placed a hand on his hip. The alleged group Saka brought along hung around the entrance and when Hathom turned to look, a stunning but familiar figure stuck out to him. It took a few seconds for him to recognize that one of the supposed “artifact holders” was actually someone he was familiar with.

“Ah. I was not aware that Ms. Ola was one of the few artifact holders.”

As he remembered her, Selene was not the type of woman to go along with some crazy crackpot theory. Even if the promise of money was in it. She was far too sharp for that. So, if she was here, then this added a great amount of legitimacy to Saka and his captain's story.

Not to mention that it was comforting seeing a familiar face.

“Gentlemen,” Hathom said quietly to his bodyguards, “Contact the head of security to do the task we agreed upon beforehand and after that, you are free to go. I'll have your day's pay wired to your accounts.”

In a less official manner, he turned and clapped both muscley men on the shoulders, “I'm gonna see where this rabbit hole goes boys. I'll give you a call in a few hours with an update.”

With that, he paid for his drinks, Saka's drink, and deposited several hundred dollars for his bodyguards to drink their fill on his tab before following Saka to the rest of the group.

After watching the bodyguards sink to the bar top, it became apparent that these three men had quite the arrangement. Either Hathom seemed to be a really great guy, or he was a superb businessmen. Regardless, the impression he had made on Saka was positive. Sure, taking down the Krusty-noffs was a matter of helping himself - but based on what the captain had described, it seemed as though this family had been on the radar of the government for quite some time. All that the group really needed was a piece of usable information that was worthy enough. Call the Ghorran authorities to wrap it all up and bounce. This, in turn, would undoubtedly force the hand of Madeline’s previous partner but that was not his problem. Nor the captain’s, who had her own job to do.

“All right. There’s two more artifact holders we know of in New Oceania. We’ve been making really good progress. After those two, we can go back to Denbourgh. Anyway… This is Hathom. He’s born and raised here. Must’ve been nice.” The young man joked, with a slight chuckle.

"Greetings." He said as he bowed his head slightly.

“Hathom, this is Narson, Sydney, and as you already mentioned, you already know Selene. Narson’s artifact is Somatic. Sydney’s is… I forgot the name. She can do water balls, though. Selene is called Noir. They all do different things. Narson is from The Grasslands. I have no idea where Sydney is from, but if I had to guess, probably Desetto. Selene is from Desetto as well, more specifically Edin - though you might already know this. I’m from Denbourgh. So, all in all, we’re a pretty diverse group!”

Saka raised both of his palms up to the ceiling, enthusiastically.

Hathom raised an eyebrow at the energetic display and couldn't help but shake his head and smile.

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you."
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As the group set off into Ghorra, Sydney was remarkably quiet as they went. She was hugely uncomfortable with walking through the streets on ground level and among all these crowds. She was pretty sure that she had stolen from at least sixty percent of these people, but they were too dumb to notice or remember her. She kept her eyes on the lady, Selene with platinum hair as they walked, she seemed to know the way better than she did. As they walked, Sydney could not help but keep looking around, even after they had been walking for at least half an hour. Thankfully, only one Trigger had attempted to snag her on this walk, and it ended up flying straight into the sea. She let out a nervous chuckle when it happened. "Hah... those things are relentless. Stupid as rocks but relentless." she said as she kept close to the group.

As they walked inside the building, Sydney gasped a little at the beauty of it all. While she did hate Ghorra, she had to admit, it was pretty beautiful. At Saka’s words she started to wander around a little. There were quite a few drunk people populating the place. She shrugged and took out some coins from a pocket. She decided to go for the cheapest drink, which happened to be some kind of rum. Even then, the drink was stupidly expensive. It took up all she had in her pocket. The woman took her drink and decided to wander.

The place was full of rich snobs. None seemed to be aware of her presence, which was a relief. Funny, her face was everywhere yet these folks were too blind to realise that she was right here in front of them. She considered trying her luck with some of them, but she knew that she would need to be careful if she was going to attempt nicking something. Seeing a woman with an open handbag, flirting with a man, Sydney saw her chance. She was wearing a tight and sparkly dress, showing far too much skin. She quickly reached into the handbag and pulled out a couple of small items, and upon pulling them out, she opened her palm to see a pair of very expensive looking earrings. With a smirk, she put them in her pocket.

And it was just taken right from around my neck!” Sydney heard a shrill voice that got her attention. She turned to see, lo and behold, the same woman from this morning, now in a sapphire dress with large white furs and ivory gloves, talking to her girlfriends. Sydney glanced around, feeling the necklace from around her neck. Okay… if she just kept herself to herself nobody would notice she was there. Hoping to avoid attracting attention, Sydney drank more of her rum while absentmindedly playing with a small tornado of water in her hand.

She noticed the group once again and walked up to them as Saka had brought over a stranger to introduce them to the group. He was a well-dressed gentleman, one of wealth, she could tell. She rolled her eyes as Saka said that Hathom had grown up in this area. Well great. She probably stole from him without knowing it at some point. As he then talked about the rest, she looked at Saka with a tilted head. And when Edin was brought up as where Selene and herself were from, the younger woman scoffed.

You mean we survived Edin.” She snarked, “Fuckin’ hellhole.” She added, flashing the man a look. Now, Sydney was not typically one to talk about Edin, but she could not shake off the annoyed thoughts in her mind. All these high and mighty toffs probably looked down on the likes of Selene and herself. What made this guy any different? She continued to play with water a little as Hathom then said it was a pleasure to meet all of them.

Hm, yeah.” She said with a slight sigh, unable to stop herself from looking around constantly. Surely she was going to be recognised by somebody here. And she was in a building. No escape. Great… What made her think this was a good idea again? Oh yeah, nothing because Sydney's brain didn't fucking exist.

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Sydney was smart, and decided to join them, though it wasn't like the young woman had much choice anyway. Money was the only way out of whatever dreadful situation she was in, and it didn't take a genuis to see it. Not to mention the Trigger dropping in and speeding up their departure. Selene was allowed to take the lead, showing them the way to the closest of her two favoritie bars, which happened to be Vivian's. It was popular, but never really seemed to be busy except for on holidays, or really, anytime Selene wasn't there. The owner and Selene were friends, but in a rather lose sense of the word, business partners would maybe make more sense. They occsionally would share the secerts they found out in exchange for more vauable ones. There was a lot invovled you don't want to hear about, blackmail and faceless boogymen aren't that interesting anyways. Selene was looking forward to getting a drink, treating herself a little before having to do some work, as she didn't know when the next opportunity would be or if she would even be allowed to. Which would be unfair honestly, no fun in working for the govrnment if you can't have any fun.

Walking into Vivian's again was like a breath of fresh air Selene didn't know she needed. Like she expected, it wasn't busy, but it wasn't too deserted either. There were a fair amount of peoole in there, most taking up the tables which prompted Selene to approach the bar. She was greeted bya vodka martini when she sat down, Vivian noding as she walking off to attend to other patrons. Selene was, as you may have guessed, a woman with expensive taste. It was an aqquired one unfortunately that came with her job, but she felt like sometimes it was justifed. She grew uo in an absolute shitholeb she's been through hell, whats wrong with liking the finer things? And this wasn't even that bad, it didnt cist as much as some of her bras. Or her shoes. Her job required that she looked good, and so she made sure she looked good. Sometimes however, it got her in trouble.

She could feel eyes on her from around the room, men and women alike because her name, her face, and what she did was not unkown. And just like how she was judged about from where she was born, she was judged harshly for how she made a profit. In her circumstance, Selene knew damn wrll that most of the women in this bar would crash and burn, and not be able to handlr half of the mess she's had to, but Selene for now, has to ignore the eyes boring into thr back of her skull. As she sipped on her drink, she coukd see the sideways glare of man further down the bar, older then her and while welk dressed he looked scruffy. She glanced back at Saka, and then at Narson who were both busy and Sydney wouldn't be much help. Another woman, somone who clearly didn't belong here. So long as nobody go the suddne urge to knock her face against the bar counter, everything shoukd be fine.

She was able to drink the rest of her martini in peace before Saka called everyone over, or at least, made it clear that everyone should come back over to the door. That made it better, she coukd feel some of the eyes leave her, some of that tension lift. It was now however, that she noticed who Saka had been trying to convince to join. Hathom Long, a former client of her's actually, one who had just hired her to act as arm candy for a fancy party. She didn't really remember the exact purpise of the party, something for one of his companies, but it was a nice night. A break from what she normally had to do. She had to admit, it was nice to see a familair face, and she knew some of his character, bur Selene still had mixed feelings aboht his type. The rich, and those mixed feelings mainly being hatred, jealously, and distrust. Still, Selene gave him a smile and small wave, "It's nice to see you again Hathom."

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