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Fandom Epithet Erased: Highway to Nowhere [Closed]

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Here Be Dragons
You looked up to see the world flying past you and a group of people stuck in their seats just as yourself, you couldn't help but notice the bus driver was forcing a smile on his face for no particular reason, even though he looked like he could fall asleep and slipped from his seat like a rag doll on the spot every moment, practically dead inside, not a good sign. There was a lingering musty stench on the bus, and your skin or scalp against the seat felt itchy, almost as if you could feel the sea of dust mites swarming to tear off your dead skin. And then there was the obnoxious music blasting in your ears, you couldn't wait to get off the bus, off to wherever you want to go......You wanted to believe things couldn't get any worse, but you couldn't be more mistaken. It seemed like this was going to be a long journey.

Hello, this is basically an Epithet Erased-inspired RP. In Epithet Erased, some people have special powers called Epithet that is decided by a single random word rolled before character creation. In this particular story, the bus appeared to slip out of reality into a strage plane of existence, and the ultimate goal is of course to figure out what happened and go back to your familiar world. That's all you need to know for the premise. I want to gauge interest here before we start a group and have some fun discussions and whatnot.

I wish to see more rp based on this system, I think the core concept of randomizing power seemed quite fun. I think if I am going to host this thing, I will only adopt the epithet randomizer and simple dice rolls, solving problems and making combat happens with weird or extremely underpowered power always seemed very fun to me.
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Forever Wandering
I haven't done much of dice roleplays but the idea of randomization sounds appealing as both a challenge and stimulation for creative thinking (which I need as of lately). Count me in for interest.


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Having seen both Anime Campaign and Epithet Erased consider me interested


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I'm interested, a roleplay of a YouTube series based on that tabletop campaign I was gaslight into thinking was a fever dream after watching them both.


Here Be Dragons
Dreamtique Dreamtique how many players were you thinking of?
Hullo Juju Juju ๐Ÿค— sending you a hug and my best wishes!!! The original plan is to have around 4-5.

I am glad people are interested, I personally really like the idea of creating characters off random epithets as a creative exercise/challenge as well, would love to see what you all come up with if we successfully host one!

I am spiraling into assignments season sooner than expected so hosting this as of now seems not very viable.
I can't promise anything now but I'll let you all know once I think I am ready to host this!
For now, all I can say is that things should slow down for me at the end of July.
A song that I think is eh... semi-related to the rp? Not really relevant now but enjoy! :D
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