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Realistic/Modern Enemy Mine (Paddiextoplofty)


The Piggie Lord
Gregor Alden
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance:Gregor has dark brown hair, pin straight, that reaches below his shoulders, He often keeps it tied back in a low ponytail or braid. He has hazel eyes and olive skin. He has a heart shaped face with a slight pointed chin. His nose is straight, perhaps a little too large for his face but not overly so. His eyes are narrow and there are noticeable lines under them. His eyelashes are a dark brown though rather short, eyebrows messy though not particularly large.

Gregor is about 5’10, he is not very large, though he is on the stocky side, with broad shoulders and wide hips, though not as much muscle as he would let on. His clothing style tends to be loose fitting clothing, tee-shirts and hoodies, perhaps a little too big for him, often in simple colors, blacks and greys, blue jeans (often ripped), and converse sneakers. He tends to wear a black and white checkered scarf wrapped around his neck, and there is a long silver earring hanging from his left ear, the end of which dangles a small onyx flower.

Personality: Gregor comes off as someone easily manipulated, though this isn't the case. He comes off as shy, but is generally just very reserved. He tends to keep to himself and not bother others. He's rather sarcastic, though he keeps his comments to himself or under his breath. He tries to be friendly with others, but finds it difficult to do so, becoming easily annoyed with others even if he doesn't appear to be.

Once upon a time he was an incredibly shy young boy, but it has since been replaced by a cool indifference towards most, keeping a generally calm air about him. He doesn't get angry quickly, or at least not so that it's visible to those around him.


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