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Fandom endure and survive (tlou 1x1 search)


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hi there! i'm currently searching for a partner in a slow-paced, lit, tlou1x1, i would love to expand on the plot (exact setting, place in the timeline, side characters, and relationships) together! i would like to keep everything realistic and relatively similar to the canon (though i have only watched the show). i would like to have drama, horror, suspense, and romance all added in. overall, i love complexity and having multiple layers to roleplays! i would like to include all of the dark topics explored in tlou, so i would ask that my partner is okay with that (of course we can leave out anything triggering to you!)

looking for these specific pairings:
joel/female oc (would have a large age gap, oc would be around 25)
ellie/female oc (maybe following same plot as season 1 but we age up ellie)
^^^bonus if we include both of these pairings!!!! (ocs would probably be sisters with the older one being immune like ellie!)

about me:
- i am an adult, and i prefer to only write with people who are also 18+ or at least mature writers
- i live in florida, so eastern standard time
- i am a college student doing a double stem major so i can get very busy and disappear for a little bit but i will always come back!
- i only write in third person
- i will only write with advanced partners and i prefer to write at least 500 words per post (though this will vary depending on my muse)
- absolutely no one-liners, i will simply not respond
- if you don't make an effort to contribute to the plot, we won't work out as partners, sorry >.<
- i love to plot together so pleasee tell me all of your ideas!
- i write ooc in all lowercase, in character will always be properly capitalized!
- i highly prefer realistic faceclaims

if you're interested please dm me or comment on here, thank you! <3
(i will be deleting comments after plotting begins or after a week of them being posted to keep the thread clean)

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