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Fandom Endless Galaxies{ocxcc & ccxcc/doubling/craving JJBA,MHA&Danganronpa}

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‪✭‬ Living on Planet Her ‪✭‬

‪✭‬ Opening ‪✭‬


Hiya! You can call me Astra or Star! I'm 18, I work part-time, I'm raising a corgi puppy currently and I'm a college freshman. My pronouns are she/her, I've roleplaying for about 6+ years and I've decided to try and branch out from my usual partners. I roleplay both canon x canon and oc x canon depending on the fandom. I have a slight preference for oc x canon since I have a lot of ocs and I love to write them! I'm also open to attempting oc x oc in fandom settings, not fully set but I'll give it a try

Some fandoms I'll only roleplay “fluffier" versions/AUs since either I don't enjoy writing canonverse or it's a darker series and I like a more light heated theme since those characters go through a lot. I don't have any triggers myself but if darker themes are present I just ask they're treated with respect.

I can respond up to three times a week, more if it's mainly OOC chat and plotting but my response times are usually two times a week for full roleplays.


♡ Rules ♡


✎You must be 18+. Please please respect this rule, I rather roleplay with someone my age or older

✎I will not roleplay off site. I may be an avid Discord user who's in a lotta servers and run a few myself but, one too many bad experiences from handing out even a burner email or secondary discord

✎I'm ghost friendly! But I will try and say if I've lost interest despite being prone to ghosting

✎For writing at least a paragraph minimum. I myself can write up to 1-3+ paragraphs if inspired, I prefer quality over quality

✎I love chatting and plotting and bouncing ideas off each other! Please just give me any plot ideas you have, I will read them all

✎I double and triple! I actually prefer doubling & tripling, I don't like having someone just write for me and vice versa. And am LGBTQ+ friendly with shipping so fxf, mxm, nonbinary are all accepted here

✎I do not write OCxOC, I'm just uninterested in them when it comes to fandom centered plots

✎If I do not list the fandom I do not roleplay it. An example being, TLOK. I prefer the original ATLA and post canon plots around the comics but not the newer series

✎For MHA, I will not write for Overhaul or Endeavor out of personal discomfort

✎Please do not bump me hourly or daily if I don't give a quick response. I have a job, school and a puppy that requires a lot of my time and attention

✎I love OOC chatting but it's not a requirement if that's not your thing. I just like gushing over OCs and fandoms like the dumb nerd I am


♡ Plot candies/Plots ♡


✎Romance is a must, anything romance is enjoyed. Enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, slow burns, fake relationship, arranged marriage, all of it!

✎Soulmate AUs are enjoyed. Especially matching marks, writing ones, things of that nature

✎Monster AUs are enjoyed. I love supernatural things

✎College, coffee shop, Modern AUs like that are enjoyed

✎Royalty/Fantasy AU is enjoyed

✎I like building chemistry instead of established romantic relationships, it gives me more to work with and I just prefer building up that chemistry

✎Post-canon is very much enjoyed(especially atla, mha, ohshc, etc)

✎Canon divergent plots like royalty AUs are enjoyed

✎Drama is enjoyed

✎Taking plots from movies is very enjoyed

✎AUs specific to certain fandoms are enjoyed(like talent swap for Danganronpa)

✎Fairytale/Disney inspired plots are enjoyed

✎Period AUs like the 50s, 60s, etc are enjoyed

✎I'm open to genderbent AUs! Especially for Disney since I love the designs

✎I'm highly highly interested in arranged marriage plots for ATLA, MHA, OHSHC. I'm very into playing with the idea of those especially MHA and the whole quirk marriage thing

✎I'm not the best at writing fighting or combat scenes so please keep that in mind if you're more fight scene oriented


♡ Fandoms ♡


-Fandoms are in alphabetical order
-Cravings will be colored
-Some will have a note for the type of AU I'll do
-For canon x canon who I'd like to play is bolded since I have a preference

✐‪˚◞♡ { Attack on Titan(fluffier au preferred) }

Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Eren

Who I can play for you: Armin, Mikasa, Sasha, Jean, Levi

✐‪˚◞♡ { ATLA }

Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Zuko, Sokka

Who I can play for you: Literally anyone, just ask!

Zuko x Katara
Zuko x Sokka
x Toph
x Katara
x Sokka
x Ty Lee
Zuko x Mai
Mai x Ty Lee
Ty Lee x Suki

✐‪˚◞♡ { Danganronpa(Non-despair only) }

Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Mondo, Leon, Byakuya, Kazuichi, Akane, Rantaro, Kaito

Who I can play for you: Kyoko, Makoto, Byakuya, Mondo, Sayaka, Yaushiro, Chihiro, Toko, Aoi, Sakura, Peko, Fuyuhiko, Nekomaru, Akane, Chiaki, Mikan, Gundham, Ibuki, Shuichi, Maki, Kaede, Kiibo, Kirumi, Rantaro, Kaito, Gonta, Angie
Kyoko x Celeste
x Sayaka
Celeste x Sayaka
Kyoko x Makoto
x Sakura
x Hina
x Ishimaru
Mondo x Chihiro
Mukuro x Makoto
Hajime x Chiaki
x Sonia
Chiaki x Nagito
Chiaki x Akane
Akane x Nekomaru
Peko x Fuyuhiko
x Chiaki
x Akane
Gundham x Sonia
x Mikan
x Kazuichi
Shuichi x Kaede
Shuichi x Kokichi
Shuichi x Kaito
Shuichi x Rantaro
Kaede x Rantaro
Angie x Korekiyo
Kiibo x Kokichi
Kaito x Maki
x Kaede
Kirumi x Kaede

✐‪˚◞♡ { Danny Phantom }

Danny x Sam

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ [ Disney(would definitely love to test some genderbent plots ]

Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Hercules, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Esmeralda

Who I can play for you: Tadashi, older! Hiro, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Li Shang, Tiana, Naveen, Meg, Hercules

✐‪˚◞♡ { Free!! }
Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Rin
Who I can play for you: Haru, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, Nitori, Momo

✐‪˚◞♡ { Genshin Impact }

Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya

Who I can play for you: Childe/Tartaglia, Kaeya, Jean, Lisa, Beidou, Albedo

✐‪˚◞♡ {Haikyuu }

Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Kuroo, Suga, Mattsun, Iwaizumi

Who I can play for you: Kiyoko, Yachi, Tanaka, Suga, Oikawa, Hinata, Kagayama, Daichi, Kenma, Yamaguchi, Noya, Asahi, Kenma, Lev, Akaashi, Bokuto, Tsukki
Kiyoko x Yachi
x Tanaka
Kiyoko x Suga
Yachi x Hinata
x Hinata
x Yamaguchi
x Noya

✐‪˚◞♡ { JoJo's Bizarre Adventure(Mainly Parts 2-6) }

Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Caesar, Jotaro, Kakyoin, Josuke, Narancia, Abbacchio, Buccellati, Ermes

Who I can play for you: Joseph, Lisa Lisa, Suzi Q, Jotaro, Polnareff, DIO, Okuyasu, Koichi, Yukako, Rohan, Mista, Giorno, Narancia, Buccellati, Trish, Jolyne, F.F.

✐‪˚◞♡ { Kakeguri }

Yumeko x Mary
Kirari x Sayaka

✐‪˚◞♡ { Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler }

Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Soma, Joker

Who I can play for you: Sebastian, Grell(I use she/her pronouns for Grell), Undertaker, Ronald, William, Beast, Older! Ciel, Mey-Rin, Finnian, Baldroy

Grell x Sebastian
Ciel x Doll
x Joker
William x Grell

✐‪˚◞♡ { MHA }

Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Bakugou, Kirishima, Tamaki, Hawks

Who I can play for you: Aizawa, Jirou, Momo, Izuku, Mina, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Todoroki, Mirio, Kirishima, Kendo, Kaminari, Hagakure, Ojiro, Nejire, Dabi, Toga, Mirko, Fat Gum, Ms. Joke
Bakugou x Uraraka
x Uraraka
x Kaminari
Jirou x Bakugou
Kirishima x Bakugou
Kirishima x Mina
x Kaminari
Sero x Mina
Momo x Jirou
x Todoroki
x Uraraka
x Tsuyu
x Iida
Aizawa x Mic
Aizawa x Midnight
x Ms Joke

✐‪˚◞♡ { Obey Me! }

Who I'd like you to play for my oc: Beelzebub

Who I can play for you: Mammon, Levi, Satan

✐‪˚◞♡ {Osomatsu-san }

Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Choromatsu

Who I can play for you: Anyone, just ask!

✐‪˚◞♡ { Ouran Highschool Host Club }

Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Tamaki

Who I can play for you: Anyone, just ask!

Tamaki x Haruhi
Mori x Haruhi
Hikaru x Haruhi
Kyoya x Haruhi

✐‪˚◞♡ { Tokyo Revengers }

Who I'd like you to play for my OC: Ken "Draken" Ryuguji, Keisuke Baji

Who I can play for your OC: Manjiro "Mikey" Sano, Takamichi Hanagaki, Chifuyu Matsuno, Takashi Mitsuya, Ken "Draken" Ryuguji, Hinata "Hina" Tachibana

✐‪˚◞♡ {Powerpuff Girls (Obviously highschool or college au) }

Blossom x Brick
Bubbles x Boomer
x Butch
Brick x Buttercup

✐‪˚◞♡ { Teen Titans (Cartoon Network cartoon) }

Raven x Beast Boy

Starfire x Robin

If any of these interest you just send me a pm so we can plot something!​
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‪✭‬ Living on Planet Her ‪✭‬
‪✭‬ Still looking for partners. I'm sorta carving arranged marriage plots


‪✭‬ Living on Planet Her ‪✭‬
‪✭‬ I'm seriously craving some MHA since the discord I'm in isn't as active.

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