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Hello and welcome to Ende Des Alten. I will be your tour guide today and lead you through this post-apocalyptic world, half of which is in ruins. But first there are some rules to follow.

1. No smoking in the vicinity.
2. No eating or drinking beyond this point.
3. You can structure your post however you want. But if you forget to do something in your post you can't fix it after someone else has posted afterwards, so be careful.
3-5. If your post is long and complex, put a summary at the end.
4. No complete conquest or successful genocide of nations/races. The winning country/countries can punish the losers, but we aren't going to force people out of the rp. Plus true genocide isn't realistic.
5. The rp isn't about world domination, obviously. Don't expect to triple the former British Empire. Feel free to have an empire and/or colonies, however.
6. If you want to switch nations because you got beat up then just make another cs. Just let me know when you do. I'll make the beat up nation an npc or something.
7. I will be the sole GM of this rp. If you want to GM with me then tell me and I'll consider it. Not being part of the rp is a big bonus since you're unbiased.
8. The point of divergence is the first world war.
9. One turn (everyone posts once) is one month
10. Taking 2-3 provinces per turn is the average for militarily active nations. Smaller-in-number/unstable nations would take one or two on average, overconfident larger-in-number nations can try for four.
11. At the end of each turn I will moderate all the posts, say what the npcs are doing, as well as give events.
12. Events are, well, events. They can be a storm, a harsh winter, a warlord deciding to join you, discovery of a factory, etc. They are here to help things feel more realistic and active instead of just a simple strategy game.

I officially open this RP. I'll probably be the first to post, since I'll post tonight.
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Master Hand

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(You don't need to post the month at the top of your post)​

-Little has happened in government. The old 'dormant' socialist government has not tried any power grabs recently, nor has there been much controversy in the Industrieller Kongress, although one congress member is under unspoken suspicion for the disappearance of funds from the treasury.

-The People's Party has done little internally, the posters and propaganda is mostly the same as from November and December. They continue to slowly develop interest in the surrounding provinces.

Foreign Relations
- The PRP continues its stance that it has held for years: being neutral or friendly with other nations and maintaining/growing support for syndicalism, especially outside of its borders.

- The People's Armed Forces are beginning to stir, as over the course of three weeks the Industrieller Kongress votes to 'help the surrounding communities by freeing them from tyranny and chaos, and replacing that with our fair republic that the Prussian people know and love and wish to spread to the world'. Discussion continues to take place as 'war plans' will be completed near the beginning of February. The excitement of expansion and opportunity and the fear of taking the first steps to another great war almost balance each other out, but the people seem at least slightly pleased and there have been no recall votes for members of the Congress which is always a good sign.

- 5,000 men, 4 bombers, 10 Panzer Is, and 4 Panzer IIs are called into preparation. It is mostly due to not alerting the public that a rather small number is called into action. Training and maintenance to prepare for action in the north of Prussia begins.

- No unrest is to be found within Prussia, and the people find difficultly in complaining about their problems because they are partially responsible for them.

- Efforts to balance the anti-nationalistic syndicalist ideal and Prussian culture and pride continue, especially with the reactivation of the military. Another national museum is opened holding art that holds a variety of Germanic artworks. The hope is to grow patriotism and culture in general and to halt nationalism.

- Efforts to grow the economy and develop technology continue. Working around the command economy is a bit troublesome to say the least, and converting a television into a machine available to the common civilian is taking quite some time.


Her Majesty Victoria



1) Columbian authorities pass legislation making the act of smuggling and the possession of prohibited items punishable by death by public hanging. An offer of amnesty is extended to those that aid law enforcement officials in bringing continued perpetrators to justice.




1) Government subsidies are given to domestic farms and ranches in the hopes of expanding agricultural yields and protecting it from any eminent foreign competition.




1) Emissaries bearing knowledge and gifts are dispatched to the states of arkansas and louisiana, to pave the way for annexation efforts within the civilized lands present there amicable to Columbian interests.

2) Proposed orinocan business deals so long as they are fair in terms are accepted by the comparatively rich and industralized U.S.C. that expects its resultantly greater quantity and quality of manufactured goods will outweigh any domestic interest in the latin american nation's likely most successful exports, exotic agricultural produce and oil resources, creating an appreciably favorable trade deficit.



1) The training period for replacements and new enlistees within the United States of Columbia's ground forces is to be gradually extended by a week every month. Starting immediately, until the two weeks of boot camp becomes ten weeks by September of 1948, eight months from now, army officers hope to appreciably improve the combat readiness of the future soldiers under their command as the majority of the old guard are phased out in the coming years by fresh blood.

2) The 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, and the 4th cavalry divisions, in coordination with the 1st and 2nd infantry divisions, and further supported by the 1st and 2nd armored divisions, are to conquer the remaining two provinces of southern missouri. Twenty-four assault craft of the navy, along with the two fighters and the bomber of the air force, will, respectively, travel down the mississippi river and provide intelligence in addition to air superiority and air support. Once completed with their task, they are to prepare to push onwards to northern arkansas.

3) Two more garrison divisions, formations to become the 9th and 10th garrison divisions, respectively, are recruited from the civilian populace in the hopes of further securing the border and consolidating Columbia's newest coming southern conquests.

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Domestic Politics and Economy

  • Farmers rejoice- food imports have been cut again, leading to higher local prices. To alleviate the cost on buyers and businesses, the government has issued minor subsidies to all major companies.
  • Budget review for the new year:
    • General education 30%
    • Defence 24%
    • Public services (health, police, etc.) 26%
    • State industry 19%
    • Administration and "crisis treasury" 1%
  • The current shipping issue has been hotly pressed by traditionalist and Seven-Foot supporting politicians who advocate for higher tariffs. This is as of yet unresolved, and a higher budget to bolster naval research and production is being considered.
  • The luxury furniture and clothing industries, already small, have started to charge more for their products growing scarce from a lack of lumber workers. Craftsmen are growing anxious and demand state intervention such as wood imports before this market collapses.
Foreign Relations

  • Gutiérrez, the Orinocan Leader, has praised his southern Brazilian neighbours- during the state address, a fairly lengthy and apparently sincere event broadcast by radio- describing the "Novo Estado do Brasil" as "one proud exemplification of South American and Caribbean independence." He continued after this to address his population at home.
  • The USC has been addressed via diplomacy- a message has been sent by official telegram to propose potential trade deals between the Columbians and the Orinocans.

  • 8,000 infantry, and 10 anti-air crews have been sent south-west as a "Yellow Division". "Red Division", with 20,000 infantry, have been deployed along the east, with 15 anti-air teams in the south-east mountains.



A Servant of King and Country
The Empire of Russia
Turn 1

russian flag.png
Domestic Policies:
czarina.jpg - To fund research and development, a 2% tax is levied against the estates of the Boyarin that remain loyal to Czar Nikolai. The tax is to be enforced by the Army if necessary. To gain the support of the populace, a lower class government official is appointed to oversee the collection of the new tax. Additionally, the Czar pledges not to raise taxes again for at least twenty years.

- Work crews from Moscow begin to reestablish rail connections with independent Russian states to the east and west.

- Construction crews begin attempting to restart two metal refineries and a vehicle factory in St. Petersburg.

Foreign Policy
imperial guard.jpg - Czarina Petrovina Romanov, daughter of Czar Nikolai, is offered in marriage to the ruler of Kiev in an effort to foster closer political ties with the old Russian provinces of the Ukraine.

- Russian agents approach a prominent warlord in Tallinn, Estonia, assuring him that they will install him as lord of the Baltic Provinces if he will support Russian annexation of the territories.

Military Actions

- 20,000 Russian soldiers and 1,500 Horsemen, including 400 Cossacks are mobilized to the western border and quartered in Smolensk.

- A dreadnought and two submarines are broke free from the ice in the port of St. Petersburg and steam south for the port of Tallinn.
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Dutch east indies.png
Het koninkrijk van de Indische indies, Turn 1
Military Actions
The Colonization of Maleisië en Singapur

"At approximately 16:00, 6,000 KNIL soldiers were dispatched to the Malaysian peninsula. The peninsula is to be pacified through force, as around 10 planes have been moved to the newly conquered city of Singapore. The destroyers Mila and Juliana currently are patrolling the nearby waters for any hostile actions, and to support the troops tasked with pacification. Upon arrival, what would soon become known as the Battle of the Baylin Docks commenced. Around 400 KNIL troops landed in a small industrial center in the city, and were met with small arms fire and shelling from small mortars. The boats that had unloaded their men exited as quickly as possible, while those who were still unloading waited and prayed. Through the quick thinking of platoon commanders, the soldiers were able to establish a base of operations in a small shipyard, and create a safe unloading zone for our ships. During the next six hours, our boys would push onward, and eventually became the troops hoisted our flag above the former government buildings. Corporal Umar Aarden, a native from Sumatra, is expected to be promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant for his bravery and execution of what would surely was the most difficult operation of our recent history. This will make him the highest ranking enlisted native serviceman. I have been Aanders Jansig, and this has been Radio Vrij Azië."

Recruitment Drives
Posters bearing the words "Dien je koning! Hij heeft je nodig!", or "Serve your king! He needs you!" have been put up all across the East Indies in a matter of days, citing the recent pacification of southern Malaysia as the beginning of something great for the kingdom. Outside of the predominantly white cities, the posters put up are printed in local dialects, and feature pictures of Corporal Umar Aarden standing proud with his countrymen. Commissioned by the Governor-General, these campaigns have drawn the ire of the colonial elite, who have been growing ever more restless as he further liberalizes the colony. As a result of these drives, volunteering in the rural regions of the kingdoms, notably in Sumatra, has seen an increase of around 23% per month.

A Grand Navy
Using the remainder of the yearly naval budget, the government has agreed to begin the construction of a battleship. It is expected to be completed sometime next year, as all dockyards in the Indies are currently dedicated to it's completion.
National Actions
Celebration of the Fatherland
In protest to the recent social upheaval of the KNIL, the rich white oligarchs have begun cooperating with Dutch ultra-nationalist grounds, who advocate for a return to the Fatherland, and the exploitation of the native population. The organizers of the groups were jailed after several marches turned into witch-hunts for native Indonesians living in the cities. Recently, there has been a notable increase in Dutch violence against indigenous peoples, and in the Colonial officers there has been talk of bringing in the Air Force reserve divisions to preserve the peace. Six cities in Java, including Jakarta have already deployed reserve divisions as military police to keep order in the streets, after several bombings of native-owned stores rocked the nation, three months earlier.

The British Empire

It was agreed that efforts needed to intensify in retaking the Home Islands. Due to the increasing stability for the world at large many within the nation were calmer and less likely to revolt then were previously, especially in the northern regions that were once a part of the so called 'Workers Commonwealth of Durham and York'. The Nation, considering itself in a state of war with the rest of the British Isles had enacted swift and sweeping reforms to allow them to move swiftly in their aim of reunifying the British people. Many of these laws have specific stipulations that will ensure they are phased out or end completely once the island of Great Britain is reunited and Ireland is either unified with Britain, unified in itself or a compromise between the two.

Soldiers were sent to unify the east coast and also expand parliaments influence further west. Any one able to unify all, or atleast a large majority of Wales has been offered a royal title by the Queen and the region is promised a devolved parliament for many of its matters once the Isles are stable again.

@BLK @Shireling @OrenjiGatsu
The young Queen has requested the correspondence of the more powerful monarchies in the hopes that they can use their power and influence to bring peace and stability to the world. Along with this she also informs the King of the Kurds that the British people believe every culture, ethnicity and faith deserves a corner of the earth to call their own and hopes that while they will create a strong and peaceful state for their own people their leader will join the monarchies on Europe (Or European descent) in creating a new state of peace throughout the world.

Solders move to retake much of England, as outlined in light red above
The Queen invites powerful monarchs to create a forum in which they can work toward global peace and stability
Most military expansion in the country is working on expanding the power and might of their navy to secure the Channel and ensure the safety of the Isles.​


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January, 1948

The Pontifical Navy crosses through the Dardanelles strait with the permission of the Greek government. The fleet stops its voyage short of its final destination, the city of Istanbul, instead docking at an abandoned naval base in Erdek on the Kapidag Peninsula. The remainder of the tombolo is occupied by a disembarked company from the teutonic order. A platoon from the company is entrenched at the isthmus between the gulfs of Erdek and Bandirma to prevent a counterattack from the nearby city of Bandirma. The minuscule population, numbering only a few thousand residents, of the area puts up no resistance to the occupation.

The local governing body of the island of Marmara is commissioned to provide workers to assist soldiers in the construction of an airfield capable of supporting a pontifical flight unit, they are paid well and the necessary resources are purchased from greek merchants in the area.

The Order of the Holy Sepulchre is ordered to expand their demesne to incorporate the Apostolic Vicariate of the Suez Canal. Following the papal bull's arrival in Jerusalem, Nicola Canali, Cardinal Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, dispatches three brigades to subjugate the key cities of Port Said, Ismailia, and Suez.

Pius XII announces that the first congress of the corporatist international will be held in Peter's Basilica in Rome through the months of February and March. His holiness invites all catholic nations to attend the organization's first meeting since its founding in 1890.

Arturo Bocchini, the current Inspector General of the Gendarmerie Corps, is elevated to the rank of Grand Inquisitor of the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office by his holiness.

The Pontifical Guard is established as an overarching military formation to oversee irregular forces raised from volunteers. The swiss and noble guards are transferred to the pontifical guard. Heinrich Pfyffer von Altishofen, the current commander of the pontifical swiss guard, assumes command of the pontifical guard at the behest of his holiness.
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Caribbean Federation

Political: Reactionaries gained 10 seats in the senate. The Conservatives are worried they may lose of the senate, which means passing legislation is more difficult. The Reactionaries have been more popular as they deem a lot of the new legislation an attack of civil liberties. The Senate recently has agreed to pass legislation to increase military spending, raising it by 5%.

Economy: Recently due to the lowering of prices of coffee, bananas and sugar, Companies are investing in the ship building industry, profits from ship building have been increasing steadily. The Economies growth rate has slowed down and at sometimes stopped which is worrying lots of investors. The Federation is so dependent on agriculture that a small change in pricing, can hurt the economy.

Foreign: Due to the Federations small land area, the Federal Government is looking else where for expansion. Florida seems promising as it's a great land with bountiful resources. The Government is still planning whether to go or not to go with the operation. On hand, it would be of great use for the federation. On the other hand, the Federation doesn't want to seem like an aggressive nation.

Military: The Caribbean Federation has recently been investing in better equipment and vehicles for its soldiers. The Caribbean Federation has recently imported 30 Covenanter Cruiser Tanks from the British. The Federation has also invested in 20 more fighters and Close air support. The Caribbean Federation has recently started a paratrooper division. They plan to be able to use them on the battlefield in a few months. The Federation has recently began production of 5 more submarines. This seems to be the main focus of Naval ship production because submarines are cheap to build and are deadly in combat.​


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While Hand is gone, I will be assuming the role of moderator.
Interim Mod-Post 1:

NPC Actions:
A Estado Novo: The northwards expansion, in order to provide suitable farmlands for the growing populace of the state. They request a meeting with @pilgrim_ regarding a common grounds, and rough territorial boundaries in South America.

Aragon: Aragon expands into Granada, hoping to seize the rock of Gibraltar. They also construct three submarines and begin mobilizing their army to crush dissent in North Africa.
The Republic of Hokkaido: The prime minister of Hokkaido request that the Siberians agree to an unconditional non-aggression pact, stating that neither nation will attack the other. @Supreme Cat God Vya
The Federal States of America: The F.S.A seizes New York City, and the surrounding land. They formally denounce Deseret and Columbia.
The Mexican Commune: The Mexican commune pacifies land northwards, and begins the production of a destroyer.
Mongolia: The Great Khan marches west, mustering all the men and horses, arming all who report for a great conquest to come.
Brittany: The military is mobilized and martial law is declared. The police force are hyper turned into an auxiliary military unit. They will likely be undergoing a period of rapid expansion.
Greece: The federal government has begun a slow decline. Without guidance, they will fall in a matter of months. @Dominus Regum
Interesting Events:
The Battle of New York: The Federal American armies clashed with local warlords and militia in the once dominant city, in what has been dubbed Operation Andrew Jackson, notable for the forcible repatriation of those who resist to the outer reaches of the States.
The Hokkaido Elections: Prime Minister Ito Jizwaiu has been elected for his third, and final, three year term, making him the first Prime Minister to be elected three times. His popularity is at an all time high, as his Immigration Reform Board has essentially made all Japanese Immigrants from the south into full citizens, and flooded the workforce with cheap and skilled labor.

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