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Hello and welcome to Ende Des Alten. I will be your tour guide today and lead you through this post-apocalyptic world, half of which is in ruins. But first there are some rules to follow.

1. No smoking in the vicinity.
2. No eating or drinking beyond this point.
3. You can structure your post however you want. But if you forget to do something in your post you can't fix it after someone else has posted afterwards, so be careful.
3-5. If your post is long and complex, put a summary at the end.
4. No complete conquest or successful genocide of nations/races. The winning country/countries can punish the losers, but we aren't going to force people out of the rp. Plus true genocide isn't realistic.
5. The rp isn't about world domination, obviously. Don't expect to triple the former British Empire. Feel free to have an empire and/or colonies, however.
6. If you want to switch nations because you got beat up then just make another cs. Just let me know when you do. I'll make the beat up nation an npc or something.
7. I will be the sole GM of this rp. If you want to GM with me then tell me and I'll consider it. Not being part of the rp is a big bonus since you're unbiased.
8. The point of divergence is the first world war.
9. One turn (everyone posts once) is one month
10. Taking 2-3 provinces per turn is the average for militarily active nations. Smaller-in-number/unstable nations would take one or two on average, overconfident larger-in-number nations can try for four.
11. At the end of each turn I will moderate all the posts, say what the npcs are doing, as well as give events.
12. Events are, well, events. They can be a storm, a harsh winter, a warlord deciding to join you, discovery of a factory, etc. They are here to help things feel more realistic and active instead of just a simple strategy game.

I officially open this RP. I'll probably be the first to post, since I'll post tonight.
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(You don't need to post the month at the top of your post)​

-Little has happened in government. The old 'dormant' socialist government has not tried any power grabs recently, nor has there been much controversy in the Industrieller Kongress, although one congress member is under unspoken suspicion for the disappearance of funds from the treasury.

-The People's Party has done little internally, the posters and propaganda is mostly the same as from November and December. They continue to slowly develop interest in the surrounding provinces.

Foreign Relations
- The PRP continues its stance that it has held for years: being neutral or friendly with other nations and maintaining/growing support for syndicalism, especially outside of its borders.

- The People's Armed Forces are beginning to stir, as over the course of three weeks the Industrieller Kongress votes to 'help the surrounding communities by freeing them from tyranny and chaos, and replacing that with our fair republic that the Prussian people know and love and wish to spread to the world'. Discussion continues to take place as 'war plans' will be completed near the beginning of February. The excitement of expansion and opportunity and the fear of taking the first steps to another great war almost balance each other out, but the people seem at least slightly pleased and there have been no recall votes for members of the Congress which is always a good sign.

- 5,000 men, 4 bombers, 10 Panzer Is, and 4 Panzer IIs are called into preparation. It is mostly due to not alerting the public that a rather small number is called into action. Training and maintenance to prepare for action in the north of Prussia begins.

- No unrest is to be found within Prussia, and the people find difficultly in complaining about their problems because they are partially responsible for them.

- Efforts to balance the anti-nationalistic syndicalist ideal and Prussian culture and pride continue, especially with the reactivation of the military. Another national museum is opened holding art that holds a variety of Germanic artworks. The hope is to grow patriotism and culture in general and to halt nationalism.

- Efforts to grow the economy and develop technology continue. Working around the command economy is a bit troublesome to say the least, and converting a television into a machine available to the common civilian is taking quite some time.


Her Majesty Victoria



1) Columbian authorities pass legislation making the act of smuggling and the possession of prohibited items punishable by death by public hanging. An offer of amnesty is extended to those that aid law enforcement officials in bringing continued perpetrators to justice.








1) Emissaries bearing knowledge and gifts are dispatched to southern Missouri, and the states of Arkansas and Louisiana, to pave the way for annexation efforts within civilized lands amicable to Columbia.




1) The training period for replacements and new enlistees within the United States of Columbia's ground forces is to be gradually extended by a week every month. Starting immediately, until the two weeks of boot camp becomes ten weeks by September of 1948, eight months from now, army officers hope to appreciably improve the combat readiness of the future soldiers under their command as the majority of the old guard are phased out in the coming years by fresh blood.

2) Steel helmets and leather protective vests, copies of later American Great War designs begin to be produced by native industry, an ultimate goal of facilitating the manufacturing of at least a hundred units a day being set once the initial mass production hurdles are overcome. Once produced and tested, they are to be issued throughout the army, starting with the garrison forces.



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