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This RP is set in 500BC in an alternate timeline where magic and the Greek Gods exist, along with practically all the crazy shenanigans that happened. Except in this timeline Olympus was overthrown, this is the world in which your characters now adventure in, one that has been wracked with war up until 30 years ago lasting for around half a century. One in which Zeus, Poseidon and several other Gods are now dead.

The story begins with a common man who grew up to view Zeus as a cruel and wicked God, his actions being more than simply deplorable, they were sickening. He reasoned that many of the Gods who had the power to stop him simply did not dare to, had abandoned their own principles that they represented or simply liked the way Zeus ran things. Meaning this mortal man of common stock and origin was likely alone in his thoughts, or so he thought he was.

In time this man set about with his ideals at the forefront of his mind, slaying monsters and horrifying entities that that plagued humanity, becoming a hero in the eyes of his people. All the while the hero viewed all of this mess, recalling the legends of how such creatures came to be, all of these horrifying ordeals that harassed humanity all had one source. The corrupted and arrogant Gods who lived on high with reckless regard for those who lived beneath them. And so that was in many ways the very thoughts that became the foundations and principles in the beginning of the war that would shake the world to it's core.

After years of travelling and whispering in the ears of both kings, Titans and Gods that may take sympathy with his plight he set about the seeds of rebellion against Olympus all the while finding out the names of those who had truly abandoned humanity for their own selfish desires. Zeus, Athena, Ares, Hera, Dionysus, Poseidon. All of them and many minor gods deserved punishment in his eyes, one that only the pits of Tartarus could truly bring. With his armies and his chosen weapons (being his Cestus gauntlets aptly named ''logic and reason''), the hero began his war in earnest, fighting alongside the Gods and titans that felt betrayed, put down and ignored by Zeus and the "higher dieties". This was a mistake that indeed caught up with them, one in which the Olympians would dearly regret.

Eventually the hero had amassed such power and strength stolen from his rivals that he too became godlike in magnitude, becoming a true avatar of humanity and a force of nature, tearing through the armies of Olympus in his celestial bronze armour fashioned from Hephaestus's destroyed automaton Talos. He found the armour wore him as well as he himself took to it, eventually even naming himself after the great war machine, all the while having his elite army bind their own souls to their own armour in a similar fashion from the same bronze the way that he did. Their loyalty to him and each other made them truly an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, allowing them to storm the skies from mount Olympus and break into the council chamber. Several days passed as both mortal and divine clashed in the heavens, ending finally as Zeus fell to his knees, with Talos's hand plunged deep into his chest. With a mighty cry Zeus had his heart torn out from within him, Talos bellowing as he cast it down into the peak of Mount Olympus, destroying it utterly as Zeus once did with the fortress of the Titans many an age ago.

After this bloody act, the newly ascended God of Mankind Talos addressed the rest of the world with a voice that shook as if it were a trembling cloud of thunder.

''Let this act as a message and an example to all those who still call themselves Olympians, I am Talos the protector of Humanity and your new God, look upon your precious Olympus knowing that it was the strength of man that brought it down to it's level. Those who bow unto man will be spared, those who do not will be chased down to the ends of the world until there is nowhere you can hide, you will die grovelling in the dirt and muck as you once held my people to.''

From that day Talos and his council have ruled alongside humanity, rebuilding a war-torn world and guiding man in an attempt to carve it's own destiny not through fear of the divine, but from the respect gained of it.

The Nine Major Gods of the Council

Talos: Hero-god of Mankind, God of Might, State, Law, War and Governance
Hades: God of the Cycle of Life, Death, Mortals and the Oceans (Gained after he slew Poseidon)
Hestia: Goddess of the hearth, fire, crops and the seasons. (Gained after the death of Hera)
The Hesperides: Goddesses of sunlight, medicine and prophecy (Took up the role after Apollo was slain)
Artemis: Goddess of hunting, wildlife, discovery, archery, midnight and nature.
Calypso: Goddess of thought, reason, logic and wisdom (Gained from the death of Athena)
Hephaestus: God of the forge, rightful vengeance and justice (Gained from his assistance in creating an entire army and supplying them to fight against the Gods for their treatment against him)
Janus: God of choice, freewill, revelry, magic and madness (Gained from Dionysus after Talos tore his head from his neck. As it turns out he didn't appreciate that Zeus believed drunken fools were viewed as worthy rulers of the world.)
Hermes: God of communication and travel (He lost thievery due to Talos's disapproval of such acts, he fought alongside Zeus and was only spared because he bowed to Talos's power following his father's death.)

Honestly as long as other players down view you as a dick then you are probably ok to continue what you are doing.

Character sheet - Remember you are a mortal or monster in this new world, not a god. I will be making a separate forum for anyone who wishes to RP as the gods and manipulate events as and when possible indirectly. (This is dependant on when I figure out how to actually do so, as this is in fact my first RP on this site.)

Please do not go into excessive detail in your bio, I prefer to discover things about other characters through learning about them in the RP. A couple of paragraphs will do for a backstory, as for personality I have added it as optional as it can simply be RPed out or can be deduced from the bio. It's not rocket science.)

(No, Talos is not available to play as a god, I will be using him to moderate the RP without metagaming. Sorry.)

Personality: (Optional)

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