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Realistic or Modern End of Days [Rapture RP, Always Open]


Buttery Goodness

It was just a normal Monday morning for the entire planet. A normal, boring morning. Get up, eat your cereal, go to work or school, and be bored out of your mind. However, at around 11:00AM that Monday would soon take a turn for the worse. The devastating. The tragic.

Within what only had to be a half of a second, many families, lives, communities were torn apart, lost, ruined, devastated. Believers and children, far too young to make a decision let alone understand what was happening, disappeared that Monday, the only trace of them ever existing being the pile of clothes they left behind. Governments fell, the world became sinister, death tolls rising.

And as if the day couldn't get any worse, the remaining scientists detected meteors upon meteors heading straight towards planet Earth. Tornadoes and storms overtaking the world, the sun barely visible underneath the dark clouds.

In just this normal Monday morning, the world changed. It was no longer just about going through the daily grind of school or work. It was kill or be killed.​
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