Fantasy Emptying the Golden Throne


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Val would blush slightly as Ada kept staring, but not revert back but rather quickly fly up and perch on her shoulder for the time being, as it was one way to keep away from Wyn.

"Elves are naturally skilled in magic, Faries have their pixie form, Nymphs have elemental affinities so it varies what their pureblood ability is and Satyrs like you and your brother can manipulate music."

He was about to continue when Arthur decided to walk in unannounced.
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"We're not fey," Alex and Matt said at almost the exact time.

"Can't carry a tune to save his life," Matthew pointed at Alex.

They heard a cough behind them. The three spun around.

"Are you a ninja?" Alex asked.

Arthur raised his eyebrow, before coughing again. "Perhaps you should be more.... discrete in these discussions. They're not meant for hallways where anyone can overhear. If you can do something to cover up those ears, not many people take kindly to your lot" He handed Alex, Matt, and Wyn a stack of paper. "These are Non Disclosure Forms for working for living in the castle and here's one Miss Moore too," He gave one to Ada as well.

"Miss Moore?" Ada asked.

Arthur looked bemused. "Your friend, Val. By the way Ada, I've left the Treasury Budget in your office. You need to approve it by tomorrow."

"Wait," Ada grabbed his sleeve. "Ummm.... is it possible for me to visit the infirmary tomorrow? You know?"

"Of course," Arthur said. "You're the queen to be. You can do anything you want. Although I would suggest bringing a guard."
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As Arthur walked in, Val was smart enough to hide behind Ada's hair as she had done a few days prior. Once he handed out the NDA forms to everyone, and left she would move out from underneath and slide off of her. Regaining her rightful size before hitting the floor.

"Our last name is Moore." She confirmed while being handed the forms, glancing over the first page with a bit of disdain, but not as much as Wyn who looked absolutely horrified by the amount of pages he held.
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"I... I told him that you might want to be my advisors," Ada told Wyn. "I hope that's alright."

While it looked like Wyn had the most amount of pages, Alex only had two pages. He glanced over at Wyn's pile.

"Oh, I've had to fill these out before," Alex said. "Just put your name where they tell you to and sign."

Matthew nodded. His stack was also relatively small. "I guess I already signed a couple of these too." He pulled a page from Wyn's stack that said Official Secrets Act. "That was in my military paperwork"

"Basically don't go spouting what you hear inside the castle outside," Alex said, "Or you know... commit treason or something."


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Wyn would nod with a sigh, although peering at something closely at the end of one of the pages. The ink didn't even look dry as if it had been added last minute. "Looks like I'm not allowed to discuss my race either." He grumbled, gesturing to the addition, Val noticing it on hers as well. "I'm sure it's just a precaution..." she murmured, although it made her curious now why Arthur had allowed them to remain in the castle regardless of Ada being queen if they were to pose as humans...
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Ada nodded. "Makes sense," she agreed. She wouldn't be telling anyone about her race anytime soon.

"I agree with the Prime Minister," Alex said. "You probably should do something about your ears. Most people in the castle feel the same way I did, if not worse."


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With even more reluctance he reenchanted his ring, elven features soon fading for much more human aspects. "I'm human and Val's 8 years old, no one'll know."

Now Val thought it was fair to kick him in the shin.
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"Might be better if you enchant your appearance as well," Ada rubbed her forehead. "I don't need any more people assuming you're my daughter"

They went back to, where Ada was somehow finished signing the stack on her desk before anyone else did. Once everyone was done, Ada tapped her fingers.

"I... I think I'm going to the infirmary."

"Now?" Matt wondered. "I thought you said tomorrow?"

"You heard Mr. Walpole, I can do whatever I want." She said smugly. "Comming?"

Alex shook his head. "Nah, I think I'll stay here. You know... makes me feel bad."

Matt nodded. "I don't think we need too many people crowding up the hospital. I'm going to stay too. Maybe look around for jobs." He sounded gloomy.


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Wyn would've finished enchanting Valoire's clothing again, she regaining ten inches of height (although all of the clothing ordered would have to be modified as well... which wasn't too big of a problem) before looking up as she mentioned the infirmary. "I'll come." Val would nod as well, glad to be able to look everyone in the eye without looking upward. "I will as well, as it couldn't hurt too."
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Ada nodded. She summoned a guard who stuck by her side the entire time. Ada tried to make small chat with Val over the clothes they bought today, trying to gauge how much the other girl liked them.

When they reached the hospital room, it was only those who were seriously injured who were still left. Or perhaps those who the hospital was too heartless to throw out.

Ada's mouth felt dry. Now that she was here, she had no idea what to say. She stood there for a couple of minutes before the guard cleared his throat and the chatter died down.

"Presenting, Princess Elizabeth, soon to be Regent of Loscana,"

She stared at her feet and fidgeted nervously.

"Umm..." She looked up. "I... I'd like to apologize for what the King did. I would like to say that I'm not him and that things will get better. I promise."


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From the crowd, a woman shouted "You can promise all you want, but things will never improve!"

The whole place fell dead silent. All eyes on who looked to be the origin of the statement, a Nyad or water-aligned nymph who was more than upset.

Val would frown but not mention anything, she seeming somehow familiar.
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The guard made a motion as if to seize the girl, but Ada put a hand on his breastplate.

She got an annoyed expression on her face her voice raised in pitch. She sounded like a child throwing a temper tantrum. "How can you say that? What happened was horrible. Nobody should experience that. Two of my friends were experimented on, and they would have done something to me too if the King hadn't killed himself. I might not be able to guarantee anything but I will definitely try my best. I'm even hiring an advisor to help make things better, "

She gestured to Wyn, and nudged him in the side. She meant to queue him to take his ring off.


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Wyn's eyes would widen a bit as he was nudged. "So much for that agreement..." he muttered while removing his ring, elven features coming into clear view. The room would once again, fall silent, the woman who had spoke up apparently finished.

"I a-apologize your highness..." A nurse approached her. "That patient in particular... she had been down there longer then most. We fear it might have affected her mental state."
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"Well didn't you swear to protect and obey me above all else?" Ada muttered back.

"Ah no, it's fine," Ada told the nurse. "She's right. I can't guarantee anything. I'm new at this too and I'm definitely not always right."

Then she turned to the crowd, "Ummm..." She was making everything up as she went along. "My advisors and I will now go around the room and listen to each of your stories."

She made a beeline in the opposite direction of the woman, even though she knew they would face each other eventually. She saw a young girl, maybe 14 at most, and went to her first.


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Wyn and Val split up as well, and began to speak to quite a few of the people in imfirmary. Most of them were the same, he had taken them off the street or out of prison and had been poked and prodded too many times to count.

Eventually, Valoire came to the woman that had spoken out. Alesia was her name and... she had quite the story to tell.

"My son." She muttered. "They murdered a three year old boy."
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She sat beside the little girl, who looked rather plain for a fay. Ada would never have been able to tell she wasn't human. "Hi, I'm Ada, what's your name?"

"Grace," the girl whispered. "They let me stay here because I have nowhere to go. My parents died well... you know."

She sounded sad. She kept fiddling with something in her hand.

"I never knew the Enchantress of Numbers could actually be a long lost princess." She said nonchalantly.

Ada raised her eyebrow "You've heard of my work."

"My father worked at Bletchley Park." She said. "He used to tell us stories about you! You and Alan Turing and Joan Clarke. But then he was drafted into the navy and died in the war. I tried to as well, but then they found out and they took me and my mother."

"I'm sorry," Ada said. "My mother died during an air raid." She didn't mention her father. Then puzzled asked, "How old are you?"

"18, but I guess I look young enough," Grace laughed a solemn laugh. "I wish I could go to university. But I couldn't afford it even if I could get in. They took everything."

Ada nodded sympathetically.

She showed Ada what was in her palm. It was a Navy medal. "It's all I have left. Look!" She whispered something under her breath and it began to beep. "It's morse code!"

"Wow, amazing!" Ada sounded genuinely excited. She was beginning to think this girl was a kindred spirit.

Grace grinned, but before Ada could ask more questions, the guard tapped her on the shoulder.

"I have to go," she said, "But it was definitely nice meeting you." She moved onto other patines, hearing many more gut wrenching stories.

Finally, she reached the Nyaid and braced herself, waiting for the other to speak first.


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Valoire didn't have time to comment as Ada walked up, Alesia regarding her with a weary glare. "They took him wanting to see if they could make him into a full blood, as if father was human." She growled, the anger contrasting what was seen in her eyes. "They drowned him in another fey's blood, killing him in front of me."

Val was tended speechless, glancing at Ada for any type of answer.
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Ada looked down and shuffled her feet. "I'm sorry this happened" She hadn't heard who, but it must have been someone close to her.

There was a small part of her brain that said she had nothing to apologize for. That she hadn't carried out the experiments or even been aware of them. But she knew she now carried her father's sins, even if she did not want him. If she wanted the life she had now, she had to make amends.


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"Yeah..." the nymph muttered, crossing her arms acrossed her chest while looking away.

Wyn on the other had was much more accepted out of the three. Many people taking his uncharacteristically kind words to heart. But in the middle of talking with an older woman, he saw a face admist the crowd that caused him to stop dead.

"Alcon?!" He exclaimed, rushing over to the older elf. He looked pale and bedraggled but mostly okay. Passing him a faint smile he spoke. "How in the hell did you two become advisors to the Queen and afford that." He gestured to the suit he wore, which Wyn pushed his comment aside. "Are you alright?" He nodded. "But I'm more worried about you two. Did he do anything?"

Calling his sister over, which briefly hugged her uncle as Wyn explained. "He took blood from me and used it on Val." "The dress is enchanted." She responded quietly, Alcon's face fell as he heard this. "What did two get yourselves into."

"That isn't even half of it..." Wyn grumbled.
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Ada tried to reach out to take the nymph's hand; perhaps to comfort her.

"I... I know you don't things will change, and maybe they won't, but I don't think they will if you don't help us understand what you want, and they never will improve as long as you're not willing to see them."

Ada tried to give her a smile. She knew she would never be able to understand what this woman went through and it was hypocritical, preaching reconciliation after her having suffered so much at the hands of what she represented.


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They explained mostly of everything to their uncle, using hushed tones so that they wouldn't be over heard. The elf was dumbfounded, glancing over Val with an appraising look. "I'd never have guessed... no your father didn't say anything. Your mother must've remained pretty damned silent about all this for it not to get out."

The Nymph flinched slightly but didn't pull away as Ada took her hand. Looking away still.
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Ada felt a presence behind her. It was the guard, hovering. That might've been what made her so nervous. She shooed him away.

Then sighing and turning back to the woman "I'm not the King. You won't be punished for what you say." But she knew nothing could make it better.

Then she turned away and started walking towards Wyn and Val. She remembered the Elder, and how nice he'd been. How did he get in this situation?


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Alcon gave a larger grin as Ada walked forward. "Her majesty herself. I'm sorry about your father but congratulations on inheriting the throne."

Wyn who had been silent decided to speak up. "How did you get captured?" "After they found the four of you, they raided the settlement." He sighed. "Everyone managed to get within a ward, well almost everyone. I had been pushing the last few stragglers in when the found me. More than glad to throw on a pair of cuffs and milk me for all the blood I got."
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Ada smiled softly and sat down beside the elder fay. "Thank you. And don't be sorry. I never had a father,"

She seemed horrified. "It's because we stole that airship isn't it.... Oh lord, I'm sorry..." At least Alcon seemed to be doing well "I feel like everyone would be better off if I had just stayed away."


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He gave a small laugh, old eyes bright. "It isn't your fault, Ada was it? Or should I address you as My Queen?" He was clearly teasing her, although the guard that was still lingering not too far away shot him a sharp glare.

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