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Empires & Revolutions: An Alternate History Nation RP [CLOSED]


the writer

In the year 1071, history was changed. Rather than suffering a catastrophic defeat that would forever put the Empire on a decline, the Eastern Roman Empire defeats the Seljuk Turks led by Alp Arslan at Manzikert. Not only does this secure Anatolia against future Turkish aggression, but it ensures to continuation of what we know as Rome far past 1453. The year is now 1900, and the world is vastly different due to this divergence. The Enlightenment, New World Colonization and Technological progression has been delayed by almost 100 years, changing much of human history.

Welcome! Empires & Revolutions is a turn based roleplay, where the players(you) pick one of the nations on the map and send turns to control your nation year by year.

Your Name:
Country Name:
Country Flag: (150x250 pixels)

Turn Format
Send turns via forum pm or DM me your turn on Discord at joshuadim#4836.

10 line limit! (keep in mind, you don't HAVE to send 10 lines every turn. 10 is just the limit)
Diplomacy: Your interactions with other players. [i.e. Declaring War, Trade Agreements, Peace Treaties, etc.] (Agreements between two players must have confirmation of both parties to me)
External: Your interactions with NPC nations.
Military: Military movements, training, recruitment, arming, etc.
Domestic: Passing laws, managing the economy, industry, anything to do with civil stuff.
Espionage: Actions you don't want other players to know about (i.e. spying, espionage, secret plans, etc.)

Lore Thread
If you want more on the lore of this RP, head to the designated Lore thread located HERE.

Current Roster (9/13)
1. Gnomical [Empire of Germania]
2. Heyitsjiwon [French Second Republic]
3. Amfleet [Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth]
4. Ruski [United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland]
5. Griff [Empire of Japan]
6. Malos [Kingdom of the Netherlands]
7. Native Hunter [Roman Empire]
8. Milke [Russian Empire]
9. Emperor Scorpious II [Empire of Mexico]

Dropped Players:
High Moon

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Interested! I'm eyeing what looks like the Empire of France. What's the geopolitical situation like? It looks like a more fragmented 1900.


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Your Name: Pat.
Country Name: Qing Empire.
Country Flag:

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Hard mode engage

Your Name: Hamfleet
Country Name: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Country Flag:


High Moon

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Roleplay Type(s)
Are there any more details about The Sublime State of Persia and the Turkestani Emirates? I'm interested.


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Your Name: Ruski
Country Name: Kingdom of Britain and Ireland (British Empire)
Country Flag:


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the writer
Are there any more details about The Sublime State of Persia and the Turkestani Emirates? I'm interested.

Sublime State of Persia is ruled by the Qajar dynasty after having overthrown the Zand dynasty.

The Khanates of Khiva and Kokand are Islamic Turkish Khanates that start off at war with the Russian Empire.

The Emirate of Bukhara is an Islamic Turkish monarchy at threat from Russian expansion into central Asia.

High Moon

Relic of a Bygone Age
Roleplay Type(s)
Your Name: High Moon

Country Name: The Sublime State of Persia

Country Flag:


When you unite the German peoples just right.
Your Name: Blorf
Country Name: Imperio Español
Country Flag:


you had me at whiskey
Your Name: Winter_Wolf
Country Name: Principality of Romania-Wallachia
Country Flag: 3EB2B3AF-3E59-4059-8F77-E39EA5B142A6.gif

EDIT: oh wait, only 1 spot remains...RIP :(

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