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Realistic/Modern Empires In New York (CS)


Mia Moulop

And such good luck
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Nickname (if any):







Personality (2 paragraphs, at least):

History (2 paragraphs, at least):



1/64th Jeep Grand Cherokee

Thomas Maher

Nickname (if any):




Day job as a tobacconist

- Good under pressure/fire
- Firearms (knowledge, etc)
- versed in military tactics

Colt 1911 .45 cal. handgun (primary personal carry)
Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32 cal. handgun (personal backup)
Winchester Model 1907 .351 cal. semi-automatic rifle
Mauser Karabiner 98az 7.92 mm bolt action carbine
Trench Knife

Personality (2 paragraphs, at least):

Tommy Maher is a mostly well-disciplined and resolute man guided more by logic than by emotion. In other words, he is often a down to earth type of person. It means that in his day job as a tobacconist, Tommy provides professional advice to customers--as an O'Bannion captain it means he executes his orders, and makes sure the crew does the same. To underlings in the crew, his resoluteness, especially when under pressure, is inspiring and contagious.

It isn't that he is devoid of emotion though, nor is he simply a drone. Tommy feels, thinks, and opines to be sure. However the man is aware of his rank within the family structure, and prefers to tread lightly; respectfully. Sometimes those who are familiar with him might still not know how to take him. He may act in a seemingly abrupt and irrational way at times, but something makes inherent sense to him, and that’s why he’s doing it. He can impart a level of fear/respect, at least on his crew, with his demeanor. This helps him shape some of the newer soldiers into dependable and effective O’Bannion assets. Yet Thomas can come alive when analyzing flavor notes of alcohol and tobaccos, which he enjoys in relative moderation, and liven up a little with certain people. Brevity and dryness are the soul of Tommy’s wit, which also comes out at times.

History (2 paragraphs, at least):

Tommy Maher was born into an Irish family in New York. He was a decent kid growing up, or at least he meant well, even if he did get into some mischief. Tommy grew up within the O'Bannion sphere of influence. He joined the United States Marine Corps on his parents' prompting, because they hoped it would solidify him into a good solid man. This was prior to US entry in to World War I. Although not likely expected for Marines, Tommy Maher and a unit of Marines deployed to the frontlines in France late in the war. They entered the fray at a place known as the Belleau Wood.
Tommy did no more and no less than expected of him in the Battle of Belleau Wood. He shot down Germans as they advanced, survived as he advanced, and stuck one or two if it came to that. He was field promoted to Lance Corporal during the battle. When he came back from Europe and discharged from the Marine Corps, he had no idea what to do. Tommy fell in with, or was brought in by, the O'Bannions at last. Tommy's hardened experience and knowledge helped him prove himself to the O'Bannions, and secure a position as a Captain.

Very little in the romantic sphere, and nothing currently. Thomas maintains a relationship with his parents Daniel and Catherine and sister Mary, if a slightly cold one. If he can, then he has family Sunday dinner with them--Irish stew usually, or maybe a Sunday roast.

Tommy served with Connor Reed in France in 1918, although the two became rivals, particularly once Tommy was promoted in the field. Tommy never kept up with Connor after the war so he doesn't know Connor is an FBI agent.​
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Nobody In particular
The Raven’s Nest

Location: The Raven’s Nest is only technically the location of the club turned speakeasy itself. Most in the know consider the three blocks in any given direction from the club’s center to be a part of the territory, helped by the fact that the proprietor owns everything in that range. The central club is where all the interesting things happen but the surrounding area is where she and her people live and is held neutral to keep the club’s peace as well. If you want to leave the club to kill someone, make sure you leave the full territory. The club itself is underground, accessible by three entrances depending on why you are there. Staff and performers can enter through the house above it. Most underworld traffic enters through an adjacent building, a small warehouse where you leave your weapons at the gate. The last entrance is for the non-criminal patrons, or at least the patrons whose only crimes lie in who they are. It is at the bottom of a staircase leading down, behind a door in the side of a dark tunnel. You get swept at this entrance for weapons, and you do not want to get caught here with anything significant. After that, you are in the Nest.

Rules: The rules are simple. No violence in the Nest or it’s grounds, and respect the non-underworld patrons or the underworld patrons respectively. The last is more an exception to the first than a rule itself. Specifically, if Kane gets any kind of whiff that underworld business followed a regular citizen home, or any information gained there is used for blackmail, she makes an example of the perpetrator. For breaking the first rule simply, you die cleanly and fast. Notice is sent to relevant parties and your body is never found unless somebody calls in a favor to get you buried. Break the second rule and you will get thrown out and roughed up a little. Break it more than once and a few bones will get broken and you will get banned. You don’t want to get caught in the area if you were banned. If you break the third rule you die slowly and painfully, and anyone directly associated with you gets a warning visit accompanied by a warning piece of the offender.

Patronage: The Nest is above all a safe-haven. Everyone is welcome there as long as they follow the rules. This includes the obvious mobster types of course, but the Nest is safe for all. Who you are, what you look like, what you do, who you love, all are welcome. Keep the peace and you will find a haven. Break it and you will find your longevity slipping between your fingers like sand.

Interior: The Raven’s Nest is a massive underground space divided into a few main areas. The smallest is an eating area connected to a kitchen. There are some tables and chairs, but it’s mostly counter space and general practice is to eat something fast and get back to the club proper. The secondary main area is the club, and here is where the bar is. This one is a large space, filled with booths tables and dark nooks. Here is ground shared equally between the patrons, although real intermingling is rare between the two main subsets. Kane is usually the one behind the bar, and you come to her if you want a drink. The music filters in from the main area, but is quieter.

The last and largest main space is the dancefloor. It is an oddly basic room. Besides the main door and a few side doors the only thing in the room is a large raised stage. The rest is polished stone, worn smooth by countless dancers. It is occasionally roughened to keep it from getting too smooth, but it never lasts. Playing here is considered an honor, and many have. There is a group of around a dozen or so that live in the Nest’s territory and show up on stage when there aren’t headliners in seemingly random groups of three to five. There is a rumour that very, very rarely The Raven herself plays. This space is the territory of those who come for safe-haven rather than neutral ground, and while the underworld denizens are certainly allowed, most don’t.

Now the last, key part of the central Nest, the meeting rooms, the territory of the underworld. There are a number of small rooms, stone spaces with metal doors and a few chairs and a table for the most part, used to conduct business that requires a neutral space. There is also a room known colloquially as the Grand Table. It is much the same as the rest, but on a larger, fancier scale, and is reserved for direct line members of the two major families. The room itself is large and well lit, with two doors on either side of a long table, and a third at the center. The left side of the room is the Ferraro’s and marked as such, the right the O’Bannion’s. The center is again neutral ground and Kane along with a few of her people sit there, well armed.

Safekeeping: The Nest is kept safe by a number of things. On the underworld side it’s relatively simple. The service she provides as a neutral safe ground is valuable, and most of the Family leadership still remembers who she was before. The law is altogether more complicated. It helps actually that the place was illegal well before the prohibition for it’s other patrons, so no changes were necessary besides acquiring the alcohol from less legal sources. First she legally owns everything for blocks and is selective with her clientele which cuts down on risk. It helps also that certain parties in police and local and less local government are amongst her patrons. Some of the police are certainly aware of the place but it’s a low priority and way too dangerous considering it’s location and security. Lastly the cops are aware that it’s a meeting ground of sorts which contributes too because nobody wants a war, and as long as the Raven’s Nest exists a war is less likely.

Dress code: You can and will be kicked out if you look a mess, but otherwise anything goes on anyone. As long as you can pull it off you can come in. Both of the main categories of patron are generally making some kind of statement with what they wear, albeit to different purposes.

History: The history of the place is mostly undocumented and undiscussed. It started two decades ago or so, and has stayed mostly the same. Occasionally some upstart will try and get tetchy, and she will remind everyone why the place is neutral ground. The last time was four years ago when a newcomer to the city sent an hitman to disrupt a meet. The hitman was killed on site, visibly and painfully, with those who were there saying that the fight was over in about a second. Rumour says she id’d the hitter and approached him. When he went for a knife she slit his throat. She stood and watched while the mess was cleaned up and paid for any outfits ruined while her own had remained pristine. The upstart boss disappeared. It’s about overdue for someone to forget why you don’t fuck around with the Nest, but nothing has happened yet.

Name: She has a name she was given at birth. Maybe two living people know it. Good friends call her Kane, smart people call her Raven.

Nickname (if any): The Raven

Age: 57

Affiliation: Neutral, which is respected by sensible people. The only exception is if she choses to protect an individual who comes to her.

Role: Neutral ground and minor neutral power. Mostly uninvolved in criminal activities, and most crime stays well away from her speakeasy, although a decent portion of the cities underworld negotiation happens there.

Occupation: Presently the proprietor of the Raven’s nest. Previously your friendly neighborhood Raven. If you want to know who The Raven of New York was, ask the mobsters still around from a generation or two ago. For the last twenty years she has run the Ravens nest.

Skills: She keeps of most of what she can do and has done close to her chest, but let it suffice to be said that you won’t find any mobster from when she was active willing to against her without a very good reason. A part of that is respect yes, but a chunk of it is fear. She is also an expert bartender, amongst a number of other useful and more mundane skills.

Weapons: She keeps a tommy gun, a couple pistols, and ammo under the bar, which replaced some older guns a couple years back. She has never had to use them.

Personality (2 paragraphs, at least): To those outsider her nest she is a number of things. Killer, Arbitrator, Bartender, lover rarely, and friend almost never. She is an aloof, intimidating figure and she can be incredibly vicious when crossed. She will protect anyone in her territory, but whether she cares about people outside of it is debated. The underworld sees her as a boogeyman, and her other patrons see her as a mystery.

She would never say, but that is not the whole tale. The one and only thing that really puts blatant lie to her reputation is the inhabitants of her little territory. The surrounding area is closed off to the street for the most part, with small, usually protected doors going into most buildings and no windows below the second floor, but it is inhabited. If she is a Raven then she has a flock, and the anger reserved for those who harm her flock makes the vengeance doled out to those who break the rules of the Nest seem mild in comparison. Most don’t really talk about what the interiors of the buildings in the area look like or what it’s like living there, but most every person who lives there has some tale of being taken in or saved to tell if you get them drunk enough to spill secrets.

So who is she really? A contradiction perhaps, both the Raven as omen of death and the Raven as the friendly strange creature with a long memory. Don’t cross her and likely your paths will not cross meaningfully. If she takes an interest in you odds are good your life just turned around, one way or another.

History: She is an odd figure in the underworld now. She holds herself and her small territory firmly neutral, and has little to no involvement in actual crime besides a bit of light gun and booze running necessary to run a speakeasy. She keeps of most of what she can do and has done close to her chest, but let it suffice to be said that you won’t find any mobster from when she was active willing to go against her without a very good reason. It helps that she provides a service now, a place for underworld figures to meet, knowing that nobody is going to start shit in the Nest. A few people refuse to meet there because of the other patrons, but most either don’t care or don’t show that they care on site.

Now onto the history of The Raven of New York. 35 years ago she showed up in the underworld and quickly made a name for herself as an assassin. After she established herself as a neutral hitter a few groups tried to eliminate her, and while she didn’t get through that untouched she survived it. Eventually the higher-ups placed a kind of insurance on their own heads. They paid her a sum, and she wouldn’t come for them for anything less than twice that sum. She became a figure in her own right, and a decent portion of the early mobster graves from back then included a black feather, the calling card she left on bodies. The one rule she had was that she didn’t target family or loved ones, only those directly involved. Unlike most people living in those circles she retired early at age thirty-nine and her status allowed her to do so. She opened the Raven’s Nest, and the history of that is covered under the speakeasy itself.

Relationships: She is, acquaintances lets say, with most of the older movers and shakers in the underworld. It’s getting around the time the old guard might change, which is a concern, but for now she just stays behind the bar. The people who work in her bar and live in the immediate area are considered as family to her and she has made this known, but she has relatively few truly close connections. She occasionally takes in strays, human or other types of animals, and most everything living in her territory was one at some point.


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Name: Andre St. Clair

Nickname: Saint

Age: 22

Affiliation: Ferraro

Role: Hitman

Occupation: Machinist

Skills: Machining, welding, weapons expert, technical fighter.

- Colt 1911 .45 caliber handgun (Primary carry)
- Colt Pre Woodsman .22 caliber handgun w/Maxim suppressor and cut down barrel (Secondary carry)
- Springfield M1903 .30-06 bolt-action rifle w/Winchester A5 scope and threaded muzzle (Work gun)
- Browning BAR .30-06 Automatic Rifle w/sawed off barrel and cut down stock (Work gun)
- Browning M1919A2 .30-06 medium machine gun w/tripod lugs removed and asbestos wrapped heat shroud (Work gun)
- Browning Auto-5 semiautomatic 12 gauge shotgun w/sawed off barrel and cut down stock (Work gun)

A failed lover and successful fighter; many described Andre that way behind his back. He could kill a man with his bare hands easier than swoon a woman, but that didn't bother him. He was always too busy with work to care anyway. Getting his hands dirty, either with blood or cutting fluid and grease, never bothered Andre. He always worked hard at anything he undertook. He was a man of great focus and possessed an extraordinary amount of determination. Though his temper could be short at times, he usually kept a level head.

Respect was also very import to him. He gave it where it was earned, but never demanded it of himself. He let his work and professionalism speak for itself. Once he had it from someone though he did his best to keep it. This was something his employer's loved about him. He was fiercely loyal and trustworthy, but he wasn't ever afraid to speak his mind or work autonomously. It was best never to cross him though. Killing was something he never thought twice about, and he always had an out. Exits were counted, resistance was taken into consideration, and all possible threats were tallied.
If he was on your side, Andre was a force multiplier. If he wasn't though, he was a force to be reckoned with.

Andre St. Clair had been born in France on April 12th, 1901. His family could trace their lineage back to the Knights Templar and named him after Andre de Montbard, one of the original Grand Masters of the Templar. As a child Andre and his siblings wanted for little and his family did very well for themselves. With Andre being the youngest he had one each; a brother and a sister. Jean was the oldest at six years his senior, and their sister Elliott was three years older than Andre. They took care of each other as kids and looked out for one another since their parents were so busy with work. They had the best tutors though and learned both French and English together since their fathered managed American business accounts.

Shortly after Andre's thirteenth birthday though everything changed. With the outbreak of World War I their world was turned upside down. Jean wanted the entire family to flee to America but their parents refused to listen. One day when they were away with Elliot, Jean packed two small bags and took Andre. An arduous journey later they found themselves in New York City. They had caught one of the last boats before immigration was banned. Jean quickly found himself work in construction to support himself and Andre. Then he secured Andre a job in a small machine shop that did work for his outfit.

Jean died in a work accident shortly after Andre turned sixteen. Between his own now journeyman skills in machining and the tiny settlement issued for Jean's death, Andre supported himself. As 1920 rolled around and prohibition kicked off Andre found himself making more and more money. With bootleggers and mobsters needing guns and modifications to go along with them, Andre was making cash hand over fist in backroom deals. He also became very proficient with the weapons he was working on, learning them inside and out. It was then that he was recruited by the Ferraro family. They saw his potential and capitalized, chipping away the rough edges until he had become one of the most notorious hitmen in the city.
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RPN’s Residental Villian

Name: Eckhart (ek-hart) Oskars
Nicknames: Hart
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Occupation: Accountant / Hitman
Affiliation: O’Bannion

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6’3 , 75 inches
Tattoos/Piercings: N/A
Distinguishing marks: Scar from collarbone to navel
Likes: Scotch|Nature |Anything that reminds him of home |Movies |
Dislikes: The War|Idiocy|Pressure |Being dirty |
Vices: Alcohol |Past |Dealing with emotion |
Virtues: Honest| Strong-willed |Intelligent|
Summary :
Calculating and cunning, Hart is a ruthless employee for the O’Bannion business. His uncanny grasp for numbers allows him to see the world in a concrete sense; therefore, everything has a right and wrong answer. Keeping his emotions locked away, Hart remains typically unreadable by most people. But this tremendously hurts him in the long run, making it hard to handle himself once unlocked. Furthermore, he isn’t the most sociable person, relying on closer friends heavily in larger environments. Those who do know Hart enough to break down his fortress know him to be extremely caring and selfless, almost a stark contrast of his cold persona. But if he is wronged in any way, he will resort to the brutal man Germany fueled during the War...

Eckhart was born in the northern sea city of Kiel, Germany, to a family of four. His parents were both fishermen, barely making ends meet for the little duplex they and worn boat they had. Around the age of 6 he began working upon the boat as well as schooling, typically intertwining the two. Seeing as the boat provided little time to read and work simultaneously, he often did math while he worked. Over the years his aptitude in math drastically increased, even to the point of scholarship. He decided to attend university in Hamburg, abandoning his family’s work to pursue his goal to become a accountant.

This plan; however, was crudely interrupted by Germany’s declarations of war. Eckhart finished only one year of schooling, before his conscription into the Imperial German Army at age 20. Over his training and acclimation process, he quickly found out his skill for firearms, especially at long ranges. Unfortunately his honeymoon days ended, and his shipment to France was due. Soon life in the sodden trenches became the normal. The stench of death looming upon the desolate wasteland between the enemy and themselves is a stark scent cauterized into his brain... But regardless, Eckhart‘s reign of terror upon the Allied powers came to a end in 1917. A scramble in No Man’s Land led to the near disembowlment of himself, giving him the infamous scar he donned. On the brink of death, a US solider showed him mercy despite his request to die, and took him in. The allied doctors were able to repair the organ tissues, but some skin did have tremendous healing to undergo, as his chest looked like the desolate wasteland he fought in himself. At this point he was a prisoner to the America’s; however, his condition would not allow extradition to the US. As Eckhart was bedridden, the man who saved his life often came to visit, teaching him English in the mean time. He came to know the man as Tommy Maher, who had often told him of life in New York, in which he began to dream of. Tommy promised once the war ended that he’d help Eckhart once more, and that he did...

Shipped off to Fort Douglas, Utah, Eckhart lived the remainder of the war in a POW camp. Helping the captains crunch numbers and whatnot, seeing as if he was subjected to hard labor he was at risk to open his chest cavity once again. Once the war ended in 1918, a captain assisted him into the entrance of a menial local college to continue his schooling. Continuing his schooling as well as work for the base for a solid amount of years, he received a visitor one day from a unknown man. It turned out to be Tommy Maher, keeping up his oath from the trench medical bay. He promised him a job in New York as a accountant, but with a hint of fun. Eckhart didn’t like the latter half of the offer, but he had no other choice. Leaving Utah behind, he quickly became invested in the O’Bannion financial matters, as well as a standby hitman for the Irish family.


Eckhart has lost all communication with his family in Kiel.

Tommy Maher- Best friend
Allis O’Bannion- Crush/ Friend
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Name: Ailis ( Alice ) Faidh ( Fee-Ah ) O'Bannion
Age: Twenty
Affiliation: O'Bannion
Role: Youngest Daughter
Occupation: During the day, she's a nursing student while at night, she's a speakeasy singer and bartender
Hair | Eye Color: Scarlet red hair with hazel green eyes
Height: Five feet
Markings: A burned scar on her lower back and small scar on her ankle. Her birthmark is on the side of her thigh.
Likes: Books, Music, Fashion, Art, Witty conversations
Dislikes: Small talk, Procrastination, Condescension
Skills: Quite well-versed in communicating with others, Ailis tends to bring a sense of warmth or even comfort depending on the person. Ailis has a good memory and is usually used for remembering important information such as secret keeping. At the same time, give her a day - three days to memorise a blueprint, books, and etc. ( depending on the size and information) she won't disappoint. She was taught self-defense and first-aid at a young age which includes some training to never reveal secrets of her family. At the same time, due to being a nursing student, she knows her way around some medicine, studying.

Weapons: [ 2 ] Throwing Knives , [ 1 ] Small Gun ( Usually she keeps one or the other hidden on her, though rarely uses it unless necessary and would rather keep hidden and listen to orders. Also she prefers to not use guns despite it being needed for 'protection' ), Needles and Syringes ( Courtesy of being a Nursing Student )

Personality: Charming and eloquent, Ailis is quite a people-person, able to read social cues and observe people's tendency and nervous habits. Although observant and open-minded, Ailis isn't one to fully trust others openly as she keeps others at arms length. Ailis tends to only show parts of her to everyone she meets, never allowing anyone to get too close to her. Nevertheless, with a great sense of humor and good head on her shoulders, Ailis, to others, comes off lively and affable with a sense of adventure ( even danger ), willing to discuss anything with those around her as long as she is treated with respect than scorn. She isn't one to mince words or shy away from defending herself when situations call for it.

Due to her upbringing, Ailis personally feels jaded by the life she lives - not necessarily shell-shocked by the atrocity of different illegal crimes that either her faction or the rival faction are involved in. But, as an O'Bannion, she does what she needs to even if it means going against her own opinions: the ends justifies the means. Clever and even cunning, she uses her keen instincts and observations to her advantage to manipulate others - coming to them as a confidante or even mentor. There is a resilience about her as she is fully competent in where she stands: never complaining about the hardships she's faced while trying to make her father proud. Underestimating her just because she is young and a woman is a sure way to get under her skin.

However, beyond the facade and persona she has to show as the youngest daughter of the O'Bannion family in a room filled of her father's acquaintances and other business affiliates, there's a whimsicalness of innocence that she carries about her that's hidden in coy smiles and walls she puts up to be accepted and loved. Ailis, all her life, only wanted her parents to be proud of her, trying to live in and day out as someone who is useful and not weak or a burden. Both passionate and compassionate, she cares for a lot - especially her own family and allies, treating them as her own kin. Her sense of gentle-ness and nurturing nature comes out often when it comes to those she cares about yet she is quite fiercely protective when it comes to them be it physical , mental, or emotional harm.

Biography: As a young child, Ailis was quite the inquisitive dreamer, always having a sense of adventure or "fairytale" that went with her youth. A hopeless romantic, especially, when her mother amused her with many different tales and stories in the library Ailis loved to frequent. It was a different life than she led in reality. However, even at a young age, her strict upbringing, especially when it came to her father's teaching, was the reason she became the woman she is known as today. A woman stuck in a hard place between who she wishes she could be to what she has to be but, in the end, family above all else.

Although her father never showed his affections nor affirmation of words of love to her or her siblings, Ailis wanted to make her father proud, continuously wanting his attention and affection as much as she could. Ailis wanted to be close to all of her siblings and her parents, believing together they were unstoppable than apart. And, that she did. She kept her promise to always watch out for her siblings whether they wanted her to or not.

Due to her father's constant involvement with her education, Ailis realised that the more she did well with her studies the more she was rewarded with gifts. However, she hated the gifts, she just wanted time with her father. Nevertheless, she took her studies seriously, always making sure to put more than her utmost best.

At the same time, Ailis hated needing to have a 'bodyguard' everywhere she went, despite them being discreet. Although she knew that it was for precaution and she wouldn't want her mother to worry, Ailis agreed as long as she was able to be trained in self-defense and weaponry. Ailis never wanted to be looked down upon as a mere "child" nor did she liked being treated "young" just because of her age. With every struggle, she took the challenge, wanting to improve in her weaknesses and not just her strength.

As Ailis grew older, Ailis took it upon herself to expand her horizon, finding herself making her presence known in discreet ways when it came to her father's syndicate. Their family name was important and Ailis made sure to be on her best behavior. However, it wasn't until a crash and a burn accident later did Ailis find herself becoming a "savior" to a young son of one of her father's quartermasters ( weapons dealer ). In the end, due to their debt, they helped Ailis by getting her a job at the speakeasy, being family friends. Ailis, despite her connections, didn't want to use her father as a reason she was hired, but from her own efforts. So, despite her being recommended, it wasn't until Ailis showed her natural talent

Ailis' interest in nursing came when she was in recovery after her incident as well as when her siblings were sick or the likes. When Ailis became of age to attend university as a nursing student, she took the chance as quickly as possible. It would help not only herself, but also her family. As the men came home from war, Ailis was intrigued by the soldiers and wanted to hear their stories, hoping to understand them more whenever they visited the speakeasy. It was a world she didn't know. Soon, the prohibition was in full swing and Ailis could only wonder what "adventures" awaits.

Relationships: work in progress
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Today is a brand new day

Name: Leonardo DiVincenzo

Nickname (if any): Leon, Leo

Age: 22

Affiliation: Ferraro family

Role: Soldier

Occupation: Newspaper delivery boy/Soldier


  • Capable of holding himself in a fight​
  • Guns​
  • Fast-learner​


  • Brass knuckles​
  • M1911 pistol​

Personality (2 paragraphs, at least):

Perhaps it is because Leo has youth on his side, that many would have thought he didn't have the experience to make the right decisions. But everything he has done up to this point had been solely out of need and survival; having moved from Sicily to Lower East Side of Manhattan, his attitude had to change. He dislikes anyone stepping all over him, despite their best thinking that he can't fend for himself, often quick to launch himself into a verbal or physical spar with his opponent as most would have taken his accent and lack of education as a opening to mock him. Anyone who even looks at his mother the wrong way tends to find that it riles Leo up very quickly.

Though for the hot-headed temper that he has, Leonardo had learned to try and control it the best he can. Having been mentored from his old small gang before having joined the ranks of the Ferraro family, Leonardo is a thinker. He does see the merits at a distance when someone points it out to him but he may not do it in the present moment.

History (2 paragraphs, at least):

Leonardo was born into a household that had previously been filled with the cries of one hungry child in Palermo, Sicily. Sofia and Mario had come from humbled backgrounds, stepped on by the rest of the society who had seemingly done better off than they had. Mario was a fisherman by trade, often working long days and nights to provide food for the table and a roof over their heads as Sofia tended to the two children. The move to the US was out of necessity and wanting of a better life, the travel there had been rough and often at times they had believed they wouldn't make it.

It was once they settled, they lived out of a cramped apartment block in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, sharing with other people they didn't know but were also from Sicilian background. For the Italians, Irish, Jewish were never to mix with one another; or so it was said. Children stuck in groups after school or they bunked it to go play on the streets where most of the life lessons were learned. Leo had been one of these children to get roped into a small thieving gang of Italian children, though they still didn't look too favourably upon him due to coming from Sicily but it was here that he had met his best friend. It was this particular connection that had propelled him into the light of the Ferraro family, wanting something more out of life than kicking cans down the street with no direction.

Prohibition had been the catalyst that had given him the direction he was sorely looking for.


  • Mother --- Sofia DiVincenzo​
  • Father --- Mario DiVincenzo​
  • Sister --- Maria DiVincenzo (elder)​



Isadora Felicia Ferraro


27 y/o


Medical examiner

- Knowledgeable about the human anatomy and is extremely detailed in the most minute of tasks even if they're not very legal.
- Has ties with a number of government personnels that includes police, prosecutors and even lower-tier ministers because of her job.
- Can virtually work any rifle or pistol.
- Very persuasive when it comes to getting something done; sweet talker.

Colt M1911

Outgoing and a social butterfly at first glance, one's overall impression of Isa is that she is probably those characters portrayed on television who are active in her personal and work life. Some might describe her as the opposite of a conservative because of her openness and eagerness to learn. Not to mention, her willingness to learn through understanding. However, childish most of the time, she is hard-headed and can be seen as bossy because of her constant persona of a control freak.

Having no sense of boundaries whatsoever, watch Isadora blatantly try to intervene in a personal matter or hug a stranger upon their first meeting. Though she can be seen as a slacker at times, her sense of loyalty always become of her, carrying her to action more than her thinking does. Despising traitors, she prefers shaking hands with an enemy rather than breathe the same air as one who had turned sides or has been on both.

Born out of wedlock, it is a secret to not just outsiders of the Ferraro family but within its walls. Isadora was born as a result of a man cheating on his wife with a prostitute. Left undesired and unwanted, Isadora was abandoned as a baby to a couple that temporarily looked after her. Luckily for them, however, they worked as underlings for the Ferraro family at that time.

After considerably an amount of time, the Don of the Ferraro family decided to adopt Isadora as his own, vowing to never reveal her birth origins to anyone even to Isadora herself. As such, she grew up in a very well-loved environment with people tending to her every need. She had more power in her hands than most individuals. She was, after all, the eldest daughter of the Don.

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Nico Ferraro
name Nico Micaél Ferraro [Mr. N]
age 28
d.o.b. 5 june
affiliation Ferraro
occupation officially professor of criminology at the university, for his family operations planner
role eldest son
height 6'3
weight 180 lbs
etnicity italian american
eye color brown
hair color black
markings a simplified version of the family signature at his right arm, tally marks of how many people he killed [currently 7] at his wrist

Skills and Weapons Nico is specialized in the organisation of operations for the Ferraro family. Operations are his thing. His is also a skilled motorcyclist, he drives a BMW32, the newest motorcycle on the market. On the subject of martial arts he prefers a combination of knives and unarmed combat. Nico is not a guy to have a gun on him, but has two trowing knives in his boots, one knive in his jacket and one in the hem of his trousers. Some of his knives are dabbed in poison. Other skills of Nico include criminology and teaching, which he does at the university.

Personality Nico is extremely calculated. His mind is very quick and he comes up with all the possible senarios. He's very witty and a little bit narcistic. Being the eldest of the family gives him a sense of responsibility for his siblings. Nico is very talkative and likes to have long and deep conversations about random stuff. Nico finds appearance very important, he wears always some sort of suit and his beard and hair is always trimmed. Without his espresso in the morning he is like a monster, luckily the families maid knows this and brings him as soon as he wakes up some coffee.
The eldest of the Ferraro siblings is also very punctual, arrives always on time and never oversleeps. Nico is certainly a flirt and hasn't been able to bind him to someone yet, he is also way to occupied for this to happen anytime soon. If you cross Nico he'll do anything to pay you back, he also remembers everyone who owes him something, being it a debt or a favor, it doesn't matter.

History Being born as the first son of the Don, Nico grew up as a prince. During his childhood he was very spoiled and got everything he wanted. He even had a personal assistant for some time. For most of his youth he has been homeschooled by the best teachers his parents could find. This was always perfect for his training to become Don one day. His days were filled with martial arts practice and studying. His father noticed Nico his interest in the planning behind the operations and soon Nico was busy with making sure everything ran smoothly. When he was eighteen he became officially part of the Ferraro gang by tattooing the family crest on his arm. He also began studying criminology at the university and got a job of teaching criminology soon after he graduated.
Currently is Nico busy with running the operations for his family while also continueing to stay in shape and teach at the university.

Aillis O'bannion studies at the same university as he teaches. He doesn't know she is part of the O'bannion family
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Name: Vincent Angelo Ferrero

Nickname: Vinny, Vins

Age: 21

Affiliation: Ferrero

Role: Youngest son

Occupation: Assistant Chef

- Stealth: Vinny isn't all that great at combat or mob politics, so he's had to find another way to contribute to the family business. He's good at sneaking around, slinking his way in and out of enemy territory, and losing any soldiers on his trail if he gets caught. He can do quick kills, but if he has to on anyone in a fight, he'll probably lose.
- Deception: Lying, acting, trickery, whatever it is, it's a part of him. Whether it's pretending to be an innocent civilian, lying his way through a poker match, or even faking someone's death, he loves to fool other people.


As the youngest member of the Ferrero family, Vinny was never pushed to be in the mob as much his other siblings were. As a result of this, he is much more care free and relaxed. He's a smiley, risk taking young man with a good sense of humor and an eye for optimism. Vinny is definitely a people person, always enjoying starting up a nice conversation or poking fun at anyone he meets. Though, he also works well alone. It gives him time to sort out his thoughts and ponder about various things. Vinny is mainly a way for the family to gain information through his friendly and convincing personality. People trust his charming grin and believe his cheery lies. If he gets caught, he's at least somewhat good at running away.

His outer demeanor is more a facade than truth. Of course, he's still nice, but after witnessing terrible crimes and hearing unimaginable stories, he's become jaded and apathetic. The persona of Vinny, the helpful, considerate guy, is his job, not himself. An intricately constructed and effortlessly maintained lie is all it is. Keeping it up takes a lot of work and Vinny finds his comfort in an empty park at 3 am and a bottle of straight vodka. But some things are still true. He's fiercely loyal, likes to make jokes, and prefers to be around people.

Vinny can also be quite reckless and irresponsible. He's always been good with words and keeping his mouth shut when he needs to, but he's very prideful of his skills and far too brash for his own good. This leads many to wrongly assume that he doesn't respect them, and this has gotten him in serious trouble in the past. However, when it comes to his family's secrets, he knows to keep his head low and pretend he doesn't know anything. He doesn't exactly approve of his family business, the murder and kidnapping seems too much, but he's learned to simply turn a blind eye.

Born in and raised in New York, Vinny was the youngest of the Ferrero children, with his sister being born just a few years before. As a child Vinny was a social butterfly and always had friends over at his house, if not then he'd go play with his siblings. For most of his life the family business was a daunting and forever present future, but it was something out of his reach. He was the youngest child in the Ferrero family, there was no need for him to be too involved.

At about 12 was when he was given the talk about what he could be and how being born the mob would affect his life. His father had sat him down and he had to decided how he would help his family. Vinny eventually decided he'd become the family spy and began working closely with his parents to master the art of deception. Eventually he got so good that even his own siblings couldn't tell when or if he was lying. Of course, his mother always knew. After extensive briefings and training, he began actually doing field work. He would charm ladies into reveal secrets, drink with lads to spill their inner thoughts, manipulate minions to turn against one another. It was like that for a while. Eat, lie, report, sleep. Eventually, Vinny had to get a real job and some real interests. He chose to go culinary school and become a classically trained chef. Now he works as an assistant chef at a top of the line Italian restaurant.

Father -
Mother -
Eldest brother - Nico
Eldest sister - Isadora
Older brother -
Older sister -
Older sister: -


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Name: Connor Reed
Age: 31
Affiliation: Bureau of Investigations
Role: Taking part in combating organized crime in New York City
Occupation: Special Agent

-Firearms (Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns)
-Amateur chef


Connor is a man of good ethics who hates criminals. He grew up rough and always had to protect his loved ones. He is cautious and calculated and doesn't like to let fear or any of his emotions consume him and works to achieve his perception of the greater good. He is very aggressive with those who give him a hard time always trying to get what he wants. He is very passionate about what he sets his mind to and will get through anyone who tries to get in his way.

Growing up rough, he has experienced much pain in his life. His scarring childhood made a tough and ragged man who isn't phased by anything. When someone wrongs him or his friends, he doesn't mess around. He will find a way to bring someone down, either beating someone with his bare fists, or making threats that he knew he could back up. He was more bite and no bark which did earn him respect in law enforcement. He takes accountability for his actions and thinks punishment should be dished out fairly, even to him.

Despite his rough nature, Connor is a kind soul. He has people he cares for and likes to do what he can to make others happy. He grew up looking after his family, refining his cooking skills and it helped him make more friends. But he is antisocial at times and doesn't open up to just anyone. This all comes from his perception that the world was out to get him.

Connor was born in Scotland to a family of 5. It was him, his parents, younger brother, and younger sister. When he was 8, his mother took him and his siblings to live in New York. Connor worked between jobs with his mother and never went to school. Sometimes he would walk his siblings to and from school and had to deal with bullies and others who would jump him. Connor trained himself to use his fists until his punches were as hard as iron. He was jailed from time to time until he was convicted attempted murder, after he nearly beat to death a bunch of boys who molested and almost raped his sister when he was 22 and joined the marines to avoid imprisonment. He was deployed to the U.S-Mexican border in 1917 to prevent Mexican revolutionaries from crossing the border and in 1918, was deployed in France during WW1.

After his service, he received 2 medals, one for service in Mexico, and one for service in France to which he was honorably discharged. He returned to his family and then the temperance movement was underway. Knowing Connor and his family lived with a drunk father he was a strong proponent of prohibition. After hearing that the Constitution amended prohibition, Connor became a police officer to help enforce it. To his ismay he witnessed many instances of corruption within his precinct from the mobs who had risen to prominence. Using his recent military service, he joined the Bureau of Investigations to put a stop to the mobs and preserve prohibition.


He rarely keeps in touch with his family, but he does receive letter at his home in Hells Kitchen.

He served with Tommy Maher in France during WW1, they had a brief rivalry with Tommy receiving a field promotion and Connor a decorated soldier. Since Connor was doing research on the O'Bannion and Ferraro families, he was interested to see Tommy as a captain for the O'Bannion's.
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Name: Beatrice Ferrero

Nickname (if any):

Age: 55

Affiliation: The Ferrero Family

Role: The Don's Wife

Occupation: Housewife



Personality (2 paragraphs, at least):

History (2 paragraphs, at least):

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Name: Flora Eugenia Ferrero

Nickname (if any):

Age: 20

Affiliation: Ferrero Family

Role: Don's Youngest Daughter

Occupation: Training to be a ballerina


Weapons: None

Personality (2 paragraphs, at least): Growing up, she was shy, timid and meek, scared of her own shadow, and frightened by anyone new. She was always reserved and preferred playing with her dolls and dollhouses. Being schooled at home didn't help much. She's soft-spoken, sensitive and dislikes conflict. She's a bit of a romantic, and she develops crushes very easily. She's very skittish and she hates the unexpected. If she hears a loud noise, she tends jump. In many situations, she tends to make herself appear as small as possible.
Apart from her family, she never had much contact with others and she speaks very little when people she doesn't know well are around.

History (2 paragraphs, at least): When she was eight, her mother took her to the ballet, and Flora was fascinated. Her mother, hoping to help her get out of her shell, signed her up for ballet lessons. Flora thrived there, and the only time she really feels confident is when she's dancing. She has now gone on to study ballet, hoping to become a ballerina.

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Name: Lilly Rose O’Bannion

Nickname: Lillith in certain less than legal circles, Rose amongst very good friends.

Age: 28

Affiliation: O’Bannion

Role: Oldest Daughter

Occupation: Party Girl (Information Broker)

Skills: Socializing, wheeling and dealing, drinking, throwing parties, attending parties, drinking, violin, knife fighting, hugs, alcoholism, cuddling, “sport shooting”, dress making.

Weapons: She carries what might be colloquially referred to as “too many” knives. She only wears dresses she makes herself, and any piece of clothing made by her has at least three cleverly hidden knife pockets. Being fair, that was her little black dress, most have more. She also always carries a Beretta m1915 named Bethany with three spare clips. She has a molded lower back holster for it that most of her dresses are tailored to conceal and have an access point to.

Most of her knives are simple and utilitarian, but she does have three favorites. The first one she keeps at home next to her bed and calls Martha. It is an unreasonably large machete, and you really do not want to see her fight with it. The next is a large hunting knife she usually keeps in a thigh sheath, which she named Jane. The last is a small switchblade named Susan. If she pulls out Susan in a fight, she intends to kill someone. The last thing is her gloves which aren’t strictly weapons, but are used for fighting. When she isn’t home she is almost always wearing gloves that go almost up to her shoulder. They have a thin layer of chainmail in them, not enough to really completely stop a knife and nowhere near enough to stop a bullet, but she can effectively use them to knock aside or grab knives. The left glove is named Hortense, the right glove is named Gladys, and she has repaired them quite a lot with a fine silver thread, resulting in a rather pretty effect with intermingling seams of silver thread on the black gloves. There are a few lines of a gold thread she only uses for marks left by someone she killed.

She also keeps a tommy-gun and a hunting rifle in her car, named Margaret and Susannah respectively, but has had little cause to use them.

Personality: First, to the public perception. She isn’t truly famous but she is a well-connected New York socialite, so she is known around. Her reputation is as a spoiled party-girl who you invite to your parties if you want someone to get spectacularly drunk and make the whole thing much more fun. She is viewed as a reliably good friend, but an irrepressible alcoholic. She only occasionally shows up to no booze parties, although when she does she is very charming and usually holds the floor anyway. She is a noted non-gossip in the circle she travels in.

Now, who is she really? That is a more complicated question to answer. She is very smart, and very good at what she does, but what she does is not strictly speaking actually being a socialite. She is also much more dangerous than her silly, friendly behavior might seem. A key thing to understand is that her persona as the silly fun drunkard isn’t exactly accurate, just incomplete. She enjoys being silly, likes to have fun and is a functional alcoholic, but a lot of what she does also serves a purpose towards getting her information she wants. She has gathered a shocking amount of information just by hanging around wealthy people gossiping about police and financial activities, but she also has a network of information gatherers in various roles, the full extent of which nobody but her knows.

She is an extremely loyal friend, but it is best to be sure she thinks of you as a friend because she is fully capable of pretending for a purpose. If you have seen her without her gloves she really likes you, if you have seen her unarmed she trusts you, and that is very rare. If you want her to respect you, respect her. Most just think of her as a dangerous fighter if they don’t buy into the surface level image, but smart people might realize that her real danger and power lies in her role as an information broker. For all her predatory dangers and cheshire smiles there are people she cares about, and she will bleed herself dry for them. She isn’t the best at putting in the same level of effort for herself.

History: As the oldest daughter there was always a certain weight on her head as she grew up. She wasn’t an heir apparent, but she had a name to uphold. For a while this was fine, and she grew up fairly normally, taught alongside her siblings at home. Problems started in her teenage years. She had always been a little too clever for anybody’s good, and her frustration with how little she could really do with that as a non-heir and woman drove her to act out. She kept up with her studies, but otherwise refused to spend much time at home past around sixteen. She was sent to the Finch College at age eighteen, and that was a breaking point because she thought of it as purely a preparatory school.

She stepped away from her family at the college, and quickly began to become a bit of a mess. She still maintained decent grades by a combination of genuine intelligence and blackmailing teachers, but she spent a lot of her time making alliances and partying. By the time she had graduated she hadn’t spoken to most of her family in a few years. A year later she approached her father and offered to work with him on the condition of being treated as an equal. She was at this point married and her information network was well on it’s way. She has yet to really fully rejoin the family, but she does care about them.

Relationships: She has a charming inoffensive husband for legal purposes. They mutually stay out of each other's way in basically all regards, although they are good friends. They live in the same house, but in separate parts, with her living in the upper floors, him living in the basement, and the large kitchen, dining room and living room in the middle being neutral ground. They each have their own entrances and their own paramours. He is a rich heir and businessman in his own right, but the house was bought with her money from her night job and is mostly hers.

Her sister Ailis is probably the person who is closest to her and knows her best. Their relationship can be a little fraught at times, mostly due to Lilly’s over protectiveness and bad habits, but they care about each other and if you have crossed Ailis you have crossed Lilly. Ailis is also one of the only people who actually has a key to Lilly’s private quarters in her house, although she technically just kept one she was given while taking care of Lilly, to Lilly’s occasional complaint.
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