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We’re just two lost souls, swimming in a fish bowl
(This is my first go at “Creepy”)

I’m happy he’s dead... Isabel had to look around to make sure that her thoughts hadn’t actually been voiced. She had been doing a lot of that recently, unable to control the words that spewed from her lips. Could it be guilt? No. No, she felt no remorse. A laugh even bubbled up in her chest but she pushed it back down. If people heard her laughing at her own father’s funeral, they would for sure think she was loony.

She dropped her umbrella lower to partially hide some of her face. The rain pattered lightly against the material and she looked around at the crowd. Everyone looked so sad and somber like the afternoon weather. What were they sad about? Isabel didn’t understand... her father was a horrible man. He did awful things and yet everyone seemed to already miss him.

Her mind flashed back to several days prior and she couldn’t help but smile at the memory. Her father... laying dead on the ground. Surrounded by a pool of blood. She didn’t exactly know what had happened. All she could remember was feeling joy when she saw him like that. The police said that he had been stabbed, but they had never found the weapon. Isabel had been questioned constantly on the matter to which her mother always told the detectives; “She’s only seven. How could someone like her do something so awful?”

Isabel hadn’t even realized that the funeral had stopped. Her mother shaking her shoulders brought her out of her thoughts and she looked up with a sweet smile. “Can we go get some ice cream now mommy?”, she asked. Her mother gave her a sad smile, thinking that her daughter must still be too young to understand death. She gave a small nod, taking the child’s hand in her own.

She sat in the ice cream parlor as her mother watched her lick up her chocolate cone. Of course she made a mess, but her mother didn’t care. Isabel smiled up at her, her blue eyes twinkling. “Can we bring one to Emmett?”, she asked.

Her mother gave her a confused look. They didn’t know anyone named Emmett. And it wasn’t an imaginary friend that she knew of. “Sweetheart, maybe Emmett doesn’t want any. Besides, we don’t have time to wait for more ice cream. We have to get home before the storm picks up.” Isabel was generally an easy going child, so with nothing more than a sigh, she nodded her head and the two left the parlor.

When they got home, Isabel went straight to her room and her mother began to get dinner ready. Moments later, Isabel came back down the stairs with a frown. “What’s wrong sweet girl?”, her mother asked her, kneeling down in front of her. Isabel turned around, looking up the staircase before pointing a finger.

“We should go get Emmett some ice cream now. He said if we don’t then he’s going to stab you like he stabbed daddy.” Her mother’s face fell as she looked up at the staircase and seeing nothing there, she backed away from her daughter. “Isabel, that’s not funny. Why would you say something like that?”

Isabel frowned, folding her arms over her chest. “Because that’s what happened. Emmett stabbed daddy because he was a bad man. He told me himself... it happened after daddy told me I couldn’t go outside. And now he’s going to stab you because you’re bad.” She turned on her heel and stomped back up the stairs, slamming her door behind her.

At this point, Isabel’s mother was worried and disturbed. She followed behind her daughter, determined to get to the bottom of whatever this was. When she opened the door, her daughter was sitting in front of her open closet... playing with a bloody knife. Her mother rushed over to her, grabbing the knife from her hands. “Isabel! You cannot play with knives! Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?”, she asked, her tone frantic as she searched her daughter for any cuts.

Isabel shook her head, her eyes locked on a dark spot in her closet. “No mommy. It’s daddy’s blood.” In a second, Isabel turned to face her mother. There was something off about her movements. They seemed almost mechanical and her voice sounded deeper. Her mother watched in horror as her daughter’s eyes began to roll into the back of her head. She reached out and yanked the knife away from her mother with a force so strong that it made her mother fall forward.

“I warned you mommy...”

There was a clap of thunder overhead, covering the screams of Isabel’s mother.

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