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|| little bird ||

I'm Emilia and I've recently joined the site. I'm not new to RPing though, so I'd prefer experienced partners.
A 'bit' about my RPing and what I'm looking for in a partner:

  • I'm not able to respond every day, sometimes not ever every other day. That means you'll have to be patient. I'm also fully content with waiting however long for you to reply. Quality over quantity;
  • English is not my first language, so my grammar won't be perfect. I don't expect you to write like an English major either, but please keep your posts readable and keep the typos to a minimum;
  • I'm 17 (turning 18 in a month), so I'd prefer someone my age or older. It's for maturity reasons only and because I've had bad experiences with younger writers. Not to say that kids can't write - some are better than me lmao -, but it's just a personal preference;
  • Please take part in the planning process. I love planning things out, but it takes two to do it succesfully;
  • I only RP 1x1, because groups tend to fall out fairly quickly;
  • I'm always up to double, as I like playing multiple characters, so you should be too. Don't give me the 'I only play females' attitude;
  • On that note, some of the RPs below might not be suited for doubling, but I'm up to splitting the RP in two. Either making two separate RPs or splitting the RP posts in two;
  • No Mary-Sues, Gary-Sues, mind-readers or whatever the hell some people make their characters. Have them be realistic, with flaws, with an actual personality. Just because they have a tragic backstory and got abused for 13 years straight, doesn't mean that they're a good character;
  • Only use realistic faceclaims (models, actors) and preferably period-accurate. We live in a great time when there's a TV show/movie about pretty much any time period, so take advantage of that and find characters that actually look like what you're going to write. Absolutely NO anime/drawing/painting/anything like that faceclaims. I hate them with all of my heart;
  • NO one-liners. Just no. Actually, I tend to write anywhere from 500-1000 words and I'd prefer you to do the same. I strive to match the post length of my partner and you should do the same. Because I already have a RP going on that averages ~1.3k words per post, I'd like to keep the post length here to around 500-700 words;
  • 3rd person only;
  • If you're going to drop out, let me know;
  • I'm open to having RPs outside of this site;
  • Talk to me. I'm friendly. Kind of.

As for ideas, plots, I don't have anything solid. I've noticed that specific, detailed posts have a tough time to gain attention, so I like to keep it pretty vague. Characters in italics are the ones I'd prefer to play. I only do MxF pairings. Though it'd be great if we wouldn't have to, I'm open to doubling as otherwise I'd force you to play only the male character, and I want the RP to be fair for both of us. If you're fine with playing only the male character, we can do without doubling.

  • Pirate captain x Governor's daughter
  • Pirate captain x Woman on his ship that pretends to be male
  • Kingsguard x Lady
  • Kingsguard x Queen
  • Queensguard x Queen
  • Just a generic medieval world. This would include lots of characters, creating our own world and plots, inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire. This is what I'd like to do most, as it gives us a lot of freedom while writing.
  • Sansa Stark x Sandor Clegane
  • Sansa Stark x Jaime Lannister
  • Sandor Clegane x OC
  • Jaime Lannister x OC
  • Hermione Granger x Sirius Black
  • Sirius Black x OC
  • Girl pretending to be male in the Night's Watch x Night's Watch man
  • I might be up to do a post-apocalyptic type RP, but it'd have to be an interesting idea to convince me

So that's about it for now. Just a heads up, I'm not HUGE on the fandom ideas, as I tend to play OCs, but I'm willing to experiment. Might be fun? Idk.
Romance isn't what I want the RPs to focus on, so just a heads up. I don't like sappy, cheesy stories either, so if there is romance, then slow-burn is what I'm going for. I loooove drama.
Anyways, let me know if any of the ideas speak to you.
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Marvel's Minon
weird question but I figured I’d ask: Do you do any Narnia stuff? If not it’s totally fine haha. I just wanted to ask cause I’ve been looking for a Narnia rp @desti
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