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Commission Emergency Commissions (mfw economy)

vainglory in bed

i'm the giant rat that makes all of the rules
Hey, it's ya' rat,

It has come to my attention that a lack of paying rent might leave you at the mercy of the street.
I know, it's shocking.
Now, this usually wouldn't be a problem, but a progressively more strenuous period of my life is currently leading me to a position where it might be an issue.

Unfortunately, I am a very frail and dainty little being. The street, unkind as it is, simply isn't the place for me.
In the end, there always is the option of going into debt with your bank, something they'd be very pleased to hear.
But, before I resort to that, I thought I could try this first.

For the low price of [DATA EXPUNGED], I'll draw stuff for you.
I'd like to stress that I'm fully an amateur artist, so think of this as donating money to a small and sad orphan, who in turn hands you a crayon drawing of a stick figure on crumpled paper.
Y'know, to show their appreciation.

Below are examples of what I can provide.

self insert pmoon.png
rinya painting.png

aequastella character sheet final.png
potentia character sheet final.png


Thank you for perusing my wares.
if yuo like pls message


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