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Oh, and it would be preferable to limit Face Claims to anime-ish images. If nothing else then purely because I'm such a Weeb.

Brief Backstory:
Plan for character development:

Magical Girl Appearance:
Magical Girl Name:
Mythkeeper: (What figure from mythology does your Mythkeeper take the form of? Please provide a short description of your Mythkeepers personality as well)
Magic Abilities (include strengths and limitations specific to their magic here):
Apotheosis level: (On a scale from 0 to a 100, how close are you to undergo Apotheosis? Do keep in mind that your character haven't been a magical girl for very long, so it should be fairly low)


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    Name: Alice Gutmann
    Age: 18
    Gender: Cis Female
    Personality: Alice is a fiercely determined and loyal young woman. Though her rough childhood have made her somewhat guarded and limited in her ability to form close friendships.

    Despite this, her love for her sister and her dedication to uncovering the truth remain unshakable.

    In her eagerness to find her sister and protect her city, Alice can sometimes act impulsively and jump into situations without considering the consequences.

    Skills: Half decent cook, playing guitar,
    Brief Backstory: Alice and her sister was orphaned at a young age thanks to an incident involving a drunk driver.

    As a result, most of her childhood was spent being sent back and forth between different foster homes. This limited her social circle quite a bit and she only really spent time with her sister.

    But as time passed, her sister started behaving strangely and they grew more distant each day until one day where her sister just disappeared.

    While most have written off her sister's disappearance as just another teen runaway, Alice knows that there is something more behind it. And she is determined to figure the truth out.

    A month or so ago she was approached by a Mythkeeper in the guise of Shezmu who offered to provide her with information about her sister in return for her becoming a magical girl.

    Alice accepted the deal without questioning and has been trying her best to protect her city ever since.

    Plan For Character Development: Alice will discover that her sister is either a member of the Seelie Court or a magical girl that underwent Apotheosis.
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    Name: Lilia Calina Sokolov
    Age: Twenty-two
    Gender: Cis-female (she/her)

    Appearance: At five feet eight inches, Lilia is fairly tall for a girl, oftentimes towering over her shorter classmates. Despite this, she has an undying love for everything small and cute, and tends to dress to match this with many frilly, girly dresses and skirts.

    Her long, strawberry-blonde hair often flows freely down her back, though she also enjoys styling it with a braid, ponytail, headband, or other. She wears thin-rimmed glasses only for reading, and rarely has on any jewelry outside of a broach and a simple pendant on a chain around her neck.
    A thing of beauty is a source of eternal, continuous joy.
    Backstory: Lilia's family emigrated from Russia when she was three years old. Her parents were both academics, and they fostered a love of learning in their daughter from a young age- particularly in language and literature.

    Lilia was popular enough and did well in school and, after graduating high school with honors, naturally transitioned into college, where she is dual-majoring in language and linguistics with a minor in literature. She works part-time at a book shop to help with expenses.

    Skills: Languages, classifications and codes, sewing, embroidery and needlepoint, piano and violin

    Personality: Lilia is a calm, quiet, collected person, usually soft-spoken and self-effacing. Very kind, she enjoys listening to others more than talking about herself, though as an introvert she also needs time to be alone and away from people in order to recharge.

    Likes: Plushies, flowers, small animals
    Dislikes: Loud dogs, people who are rude

    Habits: Plays with her ribbons, her hair, or her skirts when nervous
    Quirks: Often has inkstains on her hands from calligraphy practice

    Hopes/Dreams: To one day write a novel
    Fears/Doubts: That she isn't a good enough writer to do so

    Plans: To slowly get her out of her shell, becoming more outgoing and assertive as a result of her experience as a magical girl, as she learns to stand up not only for others but herself as well



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Name: Ellen Schmidt (uses the alias "Layla Traum" while "at work")
Age: Mid-20s
Gender: Female
While bubbly and flirtatious to her clients, Ellen actually has a rather calm and contemplative personality. Has a tendency to be sympathetic to things and people she finds cute or beautiful, and enjoys losing herself in art created by others.
Skills: Practiced singer and painter, basic programming (it was an elective), pretty good at outfit design and art...appreciation?
Brief Backstory:
Not much is known about the woman few know as Ellen Schmidt. With few friends and a reserved lifestyle, she's something of a mystery. She seems to have been a graduate from a prestigious school of arts, but currently supports her fairly indulgent lifestyle by going on "dates" with lonely and generally well-off men. When a serious-looking warrior woman appeared (in a dream?) and asked Ellen to join her in battling monsters, she took it in stride. Now she's joined the battle set up by the Mythkeepers and is soon to face the trials that are sure to shake up her easy life.


Magical Girl Name: Heartseeker

Mythkeeper: Atalanta, the swiftest among Artemis' huntresses; to Ellen she presents as a lithe, muscled woman in furs, who appears to want to try and sway Ellen from her dissolute life and live more seriously. Due to the limitations of the Mythkeeper's manifestation (for now), she has had no success.

Magic Abilities:
Extreme Speed:
Atalanta's swiftness comes to Heartseeker in two components. The first is that she can propel herself a fair distance (around 100 meters) in a generally straight line in a "dash", including through the air. The transportation is almost instantaneous, and is just as fast in any direction or material, meaning that she can do so even in water. However, she must be able to occupy and pass through the intervening space, meaning she may hit obstacles if using the ability carelessly. The second component is that Heartseeker can accelerate her reflexes for a moment, granting herself up to two seconds of "subjective time" where her surroundings are slowed almost to a stop, allowing her to precisely take action such as avoiding a series of attacks or reaching a destination that would be hard to reach otherwise. Either of these abilities are taxing to activate in succession (around the space of one minute real time), and can therefore cause fatigue and injury if used rapidly.

Marksmanship: Heartseeker has been granted a bow that fires arrows of crystallized light: such arrows can punch through inorganic matter to find their mark. While no more powerful than a typical arrow, they can cause severe injury to beings that are vulnerable to (moon)light.

Lion transformation: Evoking the memory of Atalanta's fate, Heartseeker can transform further into the form of a big cat resembling a lion, somewhat stronger and more durable than the strongest mortal specimen. It's not a fantastically exciting ability, but turning into a lion must be useful at some point, right?

Apotheosis level:

Name: Jasir Modiri
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Personality: It's hard to describe a complex person like Jasir Modiri, but the two traits most people enjoy the most are his maverick energy and logical mind. Of course, he's also intuitive, punctual, and humble, but they're far less prominent, especially compared to his impulsive nature which usually ends with him being crude & sarcastic. People cherish his independence the most because he will always reappear with a solution or idea, rather than waiting on others. People often count on this and his hardworking nature in times of need. Nobody's perfect of course and Jasir has plenty of character faults too. He tends to be disconcerting which ends with him unable to trust others with big and small tasks. Fortunately, his clear-headedness assures this isn't the case very often.

Skills: Gambling, Expert Hacker, Expert Thief, Sculpting in his free time, and gardening

Brief Backstory: Jasir was once a regular kid who just had a knack for gambling. In elementary he would run betting games on the playground for candy, snacks, or favors. In middle school, things escalated from games, money, and other electronics, but in high school, he caught the eye of the ganglands. Eventually, He had beaten one too many people and ended up on the wrong side of the law. By the time he was old enough to be tried as an adult, he had become a decent hacker and was able to evade capture and trick the authorities into thinking he had robbed his family, effectively protecting them. Currently, Jasir operates under pseudonyms as a sort of robin hood for different people but also lives a rather extravagant life. He did escalate to becoming thievery, but he prefers to stay out of the action. During one of his deep dives on the dark web, he found evidence of the Mythkeepers and that was when he started investigating on his own, but during his investigation, he was contacted by a Mythkeeper. Taking a gamble he jumped into the fray.

Magical Girl Name: Verdant Broker

Mythkeeper: Ek Chuaj - A Mayan god that is the deity of Merchants, Cacao, travelers, and journeys. Because of things being lost in history & in translation, Ek Chuaj is also called God M but can also be considered God L because their traits are identical and there is very little to differentiate them.
♦ Because of the confusion of whether or not Ek Chuaj is only God M or both God M & L, he appeared as a hunched figure completely obscured by a jaguar pelt, with a scorpion tale the only thing visible or moving. Ek Chuaj always seems eager to make a bet, wager, or trade. Usually, he makes the offer if he hands the upper hand or he knows there is a way to turn it around for himself.

Weapon - A pair of blades connected by a chain in the center. The chain is magical and seems to be able to extend endlessly.

Magic Abilities:
Safe Travels - Verdant Broker is passively able to see the best paths for him to follow to get to his destination. If he has to dodge or attack he can also see the best place to go, but he can't accurately tell how to get there, meaning just because he has seen a path doesn't mean he understands how to follow it. With some focus, he can illuminate a singular path for another, but he has no control over what they see.
Cacao Bomb - Verdant Broker creates and tosses a cacao fruit that explodes and launches the cacao seeds as shrapnel. The size of the explosion can not be controlled but it has an explosion size of the average hand grenade.

Apotheosis level: 2%
Name: Nero Traver
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Personality: Nero lives a life that he considers to be without regrets which can sometimes lead to impulsive moments. He goes out of his way to help others, even complete strangers. He can get overexcited and stubborn at times. It is often for that reason that he is so determined. However, this determination and want to put others first has led him to be taken advantage of at times as well as occasionally making him lose focus on what he needs to do. He is also very self-assured; he knows who he is and nothing can shake that faith.

Skills: Hand to hand combat, writing, playing musical instruments, mechanic, free running

Brief Backstory: Nero left his family at 14 to join a band and became wildly successful with it to the point he had to change his name. While it was for other reasons too that is the main one he tells people. When he started out he became the bands mechanic for their bus until making made it big. While he is the song writer, Nero can also play different instruments for them. The band is on break now which allowed him to pick up free running and martial arts again. He met Wukong after stopping an attack and he was asked if he wanted the chance to help people more than just playing for them. Nero agreed.

Plan for character development: I am sort of thinking that his Mythkeeper is regretfully doing the whole Apotheosis thing and either doesn’t want go through with it or that he might try to make Nero stop depending on how he reacts if he finds out.

Magical Name: Wukong

Mythkeeper: Wukong no longer appears as a large monkey man but rather a child no more than 8 in a monkey costume complete with hood. He at times won’t look his partner out of guilt for some reason and will always claim nothing is wrong. While he does love going out and exploring around this new world…well new to him, he also just likes to sit with Nero and talk. The cover story if anyone sees them is that it’s his nephew.

Magic Abilities: Can create clones of himself though only up to a few at a time and can only take one hit. He can summon a cloud to ride around on. Magic bow staff that can increase in length. He’ll heal eventually from some wounds but still feels the pain and uses up stamina too.
Apotheosis level: 4 percent

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