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Fantasy Elysium Premise/Recruitment

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Premise: So basically the protagonist (my OC) Ura Nagy a mortal washes on the shore of a mythical island called Elysium. A place we’re Geek gods spend their vacation among mortals who’ve won their favor.

Without any memories of his previous life he feels misplaced, lonely and worried about being found out.

About you: So yea, anyway I’m looking for RPers who’d like to play Greek gods. I won’t list them here because there’s so many, feel free to find one you like!

Thanks for looking! <3

((for reference to Ura please see picture attached below artxbyxme))


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Are the gods human incarnations of themselves? not necessarily as weak as a human, but they look like humans? Or are they full blown, greek mythical gods? (in a similar vein as the Hercules movie for example)
Elysium OC Thread


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So I had some extra time...hope to see you there!

Elysium RP


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Isle of Elysium RP ((hope to see you all there!))

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