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Multiple Settings Elly's 1x1 Partner Search (Fandoms and Original Plots)

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Professional Disappointment
Hello! My name is Elly. I'm 20 years old, female, and kind of a nerd. I've been role-playing for about 7 years, and I have a lot of experience in almost every field of roleplay.

Things to know about me:
- I match my partner's length but I typically write 2-4 paragraphs, shorter if it's just dialogue.
- I am a fairly quick responder, especially if the RP gets juicy, expect 5 min responses
- I'm a full-time student and I have a job, so especially during the fall semester expect my responses to possibly slow down
- I am double and LGBT+ friendly. I like having romance in my RPs and I can play any character
- I like OOC chat! I like to get to know the person I RP with, if that's not for you, that's ok too, just LMK
- I understand if you lose interest, and it's ok if you ghost, but I'd appreciate a heads up so I don't wonder <3

Things I'm Looking for:
- You don't have to give me a response right away, but maybe at least once per day? I understand life gets busy, and I'm patient. I can wait a month as long as you let me know you won't be around
- Someone who's also double friendly if we're doing that kind of RP
- Dark and fluffy things are amazing, not required at all but it definitely makes RPs more fun
- Must be at least 18+, not comfortable RPing with minors, especially if darker themes are involved

Now for the stuff you're looking for

Fandoms I like:
(More *’s the more I crave… $ means I have an idea in mind… % means you’ll have to convince me with an idea)

- Mass Effect *******$$
- Dragon Age **** (All games)
- Skyrim ***
- Outer Worlds *
- Pikmin
- L.A. Noire
- Animal Crossing
- Red Dead Redemption %
- Starcraft
- Stardew Valley *****$
- Fallout 4 *
- Undertale *
- Detroit: Become Human **

- Assassination Classroom
- Black Butler *
- Black Bullet
- Mirai Nikki
- Attack on Titan
- Death Note ***
- Ouran Highschool Host Club *
- Lucky Star
- Chrono Crusade
- Promised Neverland %
- Danganronpa
- Kakegurui
- Noragami %%
- Yuri On Ice %%
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Kill La Kill
- Death Parade
- Your Lie in April
- Fruits Basket

- Wolf Children
- Spirited Away
- Howl’s Moving Castle
- Ponyo
- Harry Potter
- How to Train Your Dragon ******$$
- Raya and the Last Dragon ***$
- Onward **
- Big Hero 6 *
- Avatar (Blue People) ***
- Wall-E

- Stranger Things %
- Disenchantment
- Bojack Horseman
- The Office
- Arcane
- Handmaid's Tale
- Aggretsuko
- A Series of Unfortunate Events
- Love Death Robots
- Bridgerton

- Life As We Knew It
- H20 and The Storm
- Unwind *****

That's about it for my fandoms, I will update it as I remember or discover. For my original plots, some might be inspired by fandoms I'm into but have a completely original plot

- Royal x bodyguard ***
- Royal x commoner
- Assassin x Target/Bodyguard **
- Teacher x Single parent
- Athlete/jock x nerd/artist
- Best friends to lovers
- Rich x poor
- Superhero x Villain
- Soulmates
- Fake relationship
- Forbidden love
- Best friend x best friend’s sibling
- Law Enforcement x Criminal
- Civilian x Military
- Civilian x refugee
- Bad boy x good girl
- Human x Alien *******
- Celebrity x Intern/Assistant/Journalist
- CEO x lower level employee *******

- Stranded on an alien planet
- Stuck on a ship (sea or space)
- Lost in a jungle
- Plane crash, stranded on an island
- Alien Invasion
- Nuclear/Zombie Apocalypse
- Medieval War Times

I’m really open to any original plot ideas you might have, and I don’t mind mixing and matching in between original x fandom, or fandom x fandom (if it works). Any and all ideas are welcome, these are just to give you ideas! Hope you liked my thread


Even angels crave chaos
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I noticed you had Stranger Things listed, would you be interested in a rp?


New Member
Hello! I noticed you had a few alien/dystopian interests. Sci-fi is sorta my niche and if you're interested I'd love to discuss :)


Resident Kaiju Groupie
Avatar?? That's one I haven't seen in a long while! Perhaps paired with Stranded on an alien planet/Lost in a jungle

Maeve Valor

The Piratess Captain
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Interested in the CEO x Lower Level Employee rp. I usually rp as a female but for some reason I'm thinkin' male for this one.

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