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Character Sheet

  • Character info
    Name: Elinor Hall
    Call sign: Bruce Leeanne
    O.C.C.: Veritech Pilot Officer (Shadow Chronicles main book)
    M.O.S.: Test Pilot (Macross Saga sourcebook)
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Alignment: Principled


    Age: 23
    Sex: Female
    Disposition: Slightly less ego than the average fighter pilot, cool-headed under fire (whether that be enemy fire or a fire in the engine), and downright analytical when it comes to finding a solution to something that's gone wrong, she's quiet but equally intense out of the cockpit. "Work hard, play hard" might as well be her motto.
    Height: 5'7" (1.7 m)
    Weight: 140 lbs (65.5 kg)
    Hair: Light auburn
    Eyes: Deep green
    Ethnic Origin: Human
    Personal Hobbies: Fishing, tinkering with her mech, team sports (mainly all forms of volleyball and basketball, but anything full of action. Not so much baseball and other things that have regular long pauses or a slow pace)

    Special Aptitude: Extra MOS (Damage Control Corpsman)

    Elinor's parents, in fact most of her extended (and very large) family, are still on the family-owned and -run farm in south Georgia. If you're a local, you've probably heard of the Halls as they're the main food producers in the area, and a good source of honest work (for the most part, they'd rather receive work in trade than money, as there's little they want and few stores anyway). They're goodhearted, sturdy country folk (the occasional book-smart individuals like Elinor crop up only rarely), who take people as they find them, especially those willing to pull their fair share. That would probably have included Zentraedi, but there just aren't any in that rural an area!

    Elinor herself has known she wanted to be a pilot ever since she first saw a jet flying by overhead, and started lessons as soon as she could find an instructor. She loves to push her aircraft to the limit, so becoming a test pilot, as her flight instructor recommended, was a natural progression. Her instructor being retired RDF himself, he was able to get her an interview that led to a university scholarship with the understanding that she'd join the military upon graduation (though as the timing worked out, that meant Army of the Southern Cross instead of RDF). All the studying that was required for that came fairly easily to her, even with the heavy course load she preferred. Social life went by the wayside, but that was all right with her - weekend pickup games of basketball, volleyball, or soccer, or a few hours at her Jeet Kune Do kwoon (school) or practicing gymnastics at the gym, were enough to refresh her for the next hard-core week of engineering classes. And, of course, as much flight time as she could fit in.

    Experience Level: 5th
    Strong-willed: I.Q. 12 (18), M.E. 24, M.A. 13, P.S. 12, P.P. 19, P.E. 14, P.B. 15, Spd 14.
    IQ 21 +7% to all Skills
    ME 27 +6 to save vs psionic attack, +10 to save vs insanity
    MA 14
    PS 17 +1 to hand-to-hand combat damage
    PP 23 +4 to Strike, Parry, and Dodge
    PE 23 +16% save vs coma/death, +4 save vs poison
    PB 15
    Spd 17

    Perception: +1
    --Test Pilot M.O.S. bonus: +4 to Perception Rolls specifically for noticing technical, mechanical, and performance issues, flaws, glitches, bugs, and weaknesses with mecha, aircraft, and aerospace vehicles.
    -- Awareness, +1 to Perception when declared

    Hit Points: 42
    SDC: 23
    Action Points: 4/6

    Initiative: +1 = +1 JKD
    Number of Attacks: 5
    Strike: +6
    = +4 PP, +2 JKD
    Parry: +8 = +4 PP, +3 JKD, +1 Athletics
    --Automatic Parry (Jeet Kune Do)
    Dodge: +8 = +4 PP, +3 JKD, +1 Athletics
    Dodge while flying: +10 = +4 PP, +3 JKD, +1 Athletics, +2 Combat Flying
    --Automatic dodge while flying
    Roll with impact: +3 = +1 Athletics, +2 Gymnastics
    Roll with impact while flying: +6 = +1 Athletics, +2 Gymnastics, +3 Combat Flying
    Disarm: +4 = +4 PP
    Pull punch: +4 = +4 PP

    Critical Hit on a natural roll of 18 or higher

    Hand-to-hand damage +2 (P.S. bonus plus HtH: Jeet Kune Do)

    Special (Jeet Kune Do): Eye-flick + Roundhouse combination (one Strike roll for both effects)
    Special (Jeet Kune Do): Way of the Intercepting Fist (Once per round, upon his opponent's attack, the JKD artist may attempt to Simultaneously Attack the opponent. If successful, the JKD artist has the option to intercept before the opponent's strike connects. If the JKD artist's strike is successful, roll damage. The opponent must Save vs. Pain [14]. Failing the saving throw results in the opponent losing his attempted attack.)
    Special (Jeet Kune Do): Flying Side Kick causes knockdown.

    While in the Valkyrie:
    MECT Valkyrie: +1 attack/round at levels 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15.) +2 initiative, +2 strike (punches, stomps, and kicks), +1 parry, +2 dodge, +1 disarm, +2 pull punch, +1 roll with impact
    Valkyrie: +1 Initiative, +2 Melee and Ranged Strike, +3 Parry, +3 Dodge, add+1 to auto-dodge while flying in fighter mode, +3 to roll with impact
    Initiative: +4 = +1 JKD, +2 MECT, +1 Valkyrie
    Number of Attacks: 7 (+5 JKD, +2 MECT)
    Ranged Strike: +9 = +4 PP, +2 JKD, +2 Valkyrie, +1 Weapon Systems
    Ranged Strike with GU-11 gun pod: +10 = +4 PP, +2 JKD, +2 Valkyrie, +1 Weapon Systems, +1 GU-11
    Missiles will have their own Strike which is generally 4 = +3 missile, +1 Weapon Systems
    Melee Strike: +10 = +4 PP, +2 JKD, +2 MECT, +2 Valkyrie
    Parry: +12 = +4 PP, +3 JKD, +1 Athletics, +1 MECT, +3 Valkyrie
    --Automatic Parry (Jeet Kune Do)
    Dodge: +15 while flying = +4 PP, +3 JKD, +1 Athletics, +2 Combat Flying, + 2 MECT, +3 Valkyrie
    --Automatic dodge while flying
    Auto dodge while flying in fighter mode: +16 = +4 PP, +3 JKD, +1 Athletics, +2 Combat Flying, + 2 MECT, +4 Valkyrie
    Roll with impact: +10 while flying = +1 Athletics, +2 Gymnastics, +3 Combat Flying, +1 MECT, +3 Valkyrie
    Disarm: +1 = +4 PP, +1 MECT
    Pull punch: +6 = +4 PP, +2 MECT

Leveling notes:
Level 2:
-- 2nd-level O.C.C.-related skill: Weapon Systems
-- +1 to M.E.
-- +5 HP (yellow die + kitten-rubbing for the win!)
Level 3:
-- +1 to P.E. (added and updated)
-- +2 HP (added)
-- Skills leveled
-- WPs updated
-- Jeet Kune Do bonuses added, including Self-Knowledge
-- New OCC skill: Awareness
Level 4:
-- +2 HP (clearly, more kitten-rubbing is called for)
-- +1 to I.Q. (1% added to all skills)
-- Level bonus added to skill %
-- Jeet Kune Do bonuses added
-- New OCC skill: Mechanical Engineer
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Dannigan's Lady
Level 5:
-- HP rolled and added
-- +1 to MA (added, no bonuses)
-- Level bonus added to skill %
-- MECT bonuses: none (next at level 6)
-- JKD bonuses added
-- New OCC skill: Weapons Engineer
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