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Fantasy Elf Meets Human (FxF simple plot)


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Hello, I am looking for a lighter adventure roleplay based around a basic theme of an elf (can be any type and any variation) who comes to live among human royalty as part of a treaty that will allow the two species to better cooperate and live in harmony. It's a really cheesy premise, but I am in the mood for something simple and fun. We can spice it up with heavier themes, but look forward to lots of slice of life fun and games. We can do themes of cultural ignorance, contests of skill, and maybe some campy adventuring to fight the monster of the week.

RP Guidelines:

- Fxf as main pairing - Prefer quick posting sessions back and forth (1-2 paragraphs). But can make longer posts up to novella length depending on pacing. Big must for me is activity in the RP at-least once a week.

- We both add fun random bits of worldbuilding. I want to do this RP pretty loose in terms of creating things. If you have an idea for the world, just do it. We can work around it if it doesn't work.

- Prefer a bit more of a comedic tone for this RP. Let's have fun with it. But we can always make things serious if we strike the right rhythm with one another.

- I am fine with getting right into the RP with little discussion. Feel free to slide into my DMs with a starter in any role, or interpretation of the plot you want. I have no triggers, but if you need more discussion for this RP prior go ahead.


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Hi! I am interested in this. I shall message you with a starter! I want to check, would you play the elf character or the human? Because I am open to either. Thank you!))

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