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Fantasy Elf/Medieval Roleplay


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Possible Significant Other search for my character! Preferably a rebellious elven boy, but am open to humans. 18+ / Your boy must have his own lore or at least a small background made up. Looking for 2 more people for 1v1 rps. Whomever does best with Katrial in rp will become her Significant Other and I'll eventually get some art for them. Romance has to happen over time, no love at first sight.


Name: Katrial Vaughn

Gender: Female/Heterosexual

Race: Elf (half-dalish)

Age: 17

Significant Other: None so far

Personality: Katrial is sheltered and shy. She flinches at touches because of how she was brought up. Being a slave, she only ever leaves the manor when Vaughn decides to bring her along. She is the only one he brings out of the manor, as she is his favorite. She has very little education and can't read except for a handful of words, since she is a slave. She tends to stay on her own inside the house when there is nothing to do. She actually has a place she perches in to look over the walls of the manor. She longs to see what else is out there, but she's too terrified to find out on her own. She has no friends, not even the horses or hounds. The creatures, much like their master, are aggressive and short tempered. Once out of her shell, this girl is sure to blossom into something worth loving.

Background: Katrial has been a slave since she was born. She was bought at a young age by her master, Lord Vaughn, and his home and rules are all she has ever known. Being an elf in a world where you're lower than a dog is difficult. Katrial's life was even more so. She was abused physically any time her master was displeased or drunk, which was often. After killing yet another slave, Vaughn is in need of a new one. His relationship with Katrial is very different than those of his other slaves and you have to keep in mind, he treats his slaves worse than his hounds. Katrial is his favorite because he raised her basically. Not all their relationship has been bad, but after she was no longer a child in his eyes, Vaughn changed towards her and became abusive and controlling of her more than he was to his other slaves. Katrial, being half Dalish (Google DAO Dalish elves) is prized for her blood. She was expensive to buy and any child of hers would also be worth a nice penny, especially if it was fathered by another partial Dalish elf.

No information needed on dragon age. Just know most humans are basically racist against elves and mages (magic people) and if you want to make a character that knows magic please don't be overpowered. They will be an apostate mage though because they aren't locked away with the other legal mages in the Circle of Magi. Katrial is not a mage, she is just an elf with Dalish blood. Dalish are basically the Native Americans of elves and they live in secrecy

Lord Vaughn owned a manor house just outside of a large city called Denerim. It wasn't huge, but it was a comfortable size with several bedrooms, a stable for his prized horses, and a kennel with a run for his hounds. He had a shack that connected to the left side of his manor house through a wooden door; the slave quarters.

All except one. Katrial. Before any dirty thoughts come to mind, know that there was no physical relationship between the master and his slave. Katrial was treated more like a prized hound than an elf. He kept her in nice clothes when they went out and often kept her nearby to show off to company. She was treated slightly better than the other elves, but only in the sense of having nicer things. Being near Vaughn almost constantly and being close to him was dangerous. It just meant she was within striking distance of his open-palm or fist. She would quickly trade places with any of the other elves if she could, but she was the one her master favored and nothing was going to change that. When he wasn't wanting her near him, she often sat up in her perch. It was just a window sill that had decorative pillows and looked out at the countryside, but it was where she sought her peace and it was often where she slept.

“All ready to go, Katrial?” a loud voice called as the sound of boots came down the stone stairs. The timid elven girl couldn't help but wonder if he was stomping or if he was just stepping heavily. She stood at the doorway dressed in a red dress that reached her shins, but was barefoot. Around the elven girl's neck was a collar of sorts; a velvet choker with a large ruby on her throat. Despite how nice and expensive some might think her outfits were, Katrial did not like wearing them. It was just Vaughn's way of showing how affluent he was. They practically said “Look how wealthy I am, I can dress my slave up in finery” and also called attention to Katrial. She was beautiful, despite how average she thought she looked.

The only thing that wasn't beautiful on her were the few scars that marred her body. Above her right ear, hidden by hair, was about an inch scar. An “accident” involving the bottom stair and a boot. She had a mark on her back from breaking a glass table and getting cut, which in turn also left a scar across her palm from when Vaughn threw her back at the glass because he was angry that she had broken the table, even though it was his drunken rage that had caused it.

As Vaughn made it down the stairs, Katrial opened the front door to the manor house for him and let him walk through first to his black carriage which was being pulled by two black draft horses with long black and curly manes. Corvis and Cressela. Two of the meanest horses Katrial had the displeasure of meeting. Vaughn got into the carriage and waited for Katrial, who quickly took a seat by the window as far from Vaughn as she could get. The doors were shut and her anxiety began to gnaw at her. She didn't like being in an enclosed space with her master, even if she doubted he would become angry with her during the trip. He was in a decent mood by the looks of him. He was even humming as the carriage took off down the gravel road. They were off to the market so that Vaughn could purchase a new unfortunate soul.


Hey! I’ve been looking for some nice 1 on 1’s and this sounds great! To be honest, I may have to alter a character a bit, but his personality and tastes may fit this.

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