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Elementaris Acadamies (special weapons, fighting school, other dimensions -fun)

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A lecto

Imagination is the only weapon against reality


Two out of four academies teaching students about a secret art of fighting have been practically at war for centuries. The two schools each had a group of students that broke the rules to fight each other on a regular basis but this year the Royals and councils of the main four dimensions had enough. They decided to merge the schools for the duration of one school year to try and get the schools to finally get along, they are all trying to accomplish the same thing after all. To train and become some of the most powerful fighters against the Shadow Dimension. Will the students of the schools abide by the new rules or use any excuse they can find to fight?

There should be drama, tension among some of the students, fights, maybe a spy or two from the shadow dimension (one could even switch sides to help the good guys? Or the other way around… or they could be NPCs), romance, new friendships, fun events, competitions and more. I was thinking that this could be in a way the first of two roleplays. In the second part (or rather second RP) the students would have graduated and are about to become part of the Elementaris Guards.​

SOME INFO YOU MIGHT NEED OR WANT: (more will be on the lore page)

Setting: Modern day, Golden dimension (it's mostly like ours), Nine Stars Academy, date inside the RP is October 1st -the school just started.

Elementaris weapons:
(the weapons the academy students, teachers, etc... use)

Those are the weapons used by people with the elemental gene. People without the gene cant use those weapons to their full potential making it seem like an ordinary weapon.

The Elemetaris weapons are each connected to an element and tap into the power of that element so its wielder can use a certain amount of power during a fight, the strength of a weapon depends on its classification/rank and not on their form, shape or size.

Despite the gene wielders cant use powers without their weapons since the power is part of the weapon and the gene only activates it (with a few exceptions like the Elementaris guards who go through a ritual that grants them power by unlocking the full potential of the elemental gene). Weapons can be ‘summoned’ at will so students don’t have to carry them all the time. Those weapons are usually past down from one family member to another or can be bought on special markets and can be in other forms than just the typical weapons we know.

- (more details will be on the lore page) -

Elementaris guard:

Top graduates of the four academies can be invited by their dimensions Royal family/s or council/s (some dimensions have royalty and some don’t) to be part of the Elementaris Guards. Those protect the balance between the dimensions, retrieve those that left their original dimension without permission and fight those from the Shadow Dimension. Being part of the Elementaris Guards means the individual is among the best fighters there are and its a big honor to get a recruitment invitation let alone to be actually accepted. Once accepted they go through a ritual that unlocks the full potential of the elemental gene and grants them some power that they can use without a weapon. Becoming part of the guards comes with many privileges that make the risks mostly worth it.

The Elementaris Academies:

There are four main academies. At the beginning each accepted only the element the school was founded for but later on other elements were accepted so now all four are mixed elements schools. Two groups from the Nine Stars Academy and the Academy of the Moon Maiden were fighting against each other for centuries. The reason was a misunderstanding secretly created by a group of Shadow dimension inhabitants but that fact isn’t yet known to the schools.

The four academies:
- Nine Stars Academy (all boys school)
- Green Serpent Academy (mixed gender school)
- Iron Willow Academy (mixed gender school)
- Academy of the Moon Maiden (all girls school)

- (more details will be on the lore page) -

The main Dimensions in the RP:
the name of the dimension doesn’t mean their rank of power, it's just a name)

- Gold Dimension (Nine Stars Academy)
- Silver Dimension (Green Serpent Academy)
- Iron Dimension (Iron Willow Academy)
- Bronze Dimension (Academy of the Moon Maiden)
- Shadow Dimension (by many Elementaris students its inhabitants are called demons but they are actually people with the same elemental gene as the others)​


1. For this roleplay I need people who are able to add some of their own ideas and aren't afraid to share their thoughts and give suggestions about ways to make the roleplay better. This is a group project after all (be active in the OOC).

2. NO ONE LINERS, I understand that in fight scenes between characters that’s sometimes necessary so that’s not what I am talking about.
Try to put a good paragraph or two together.

3. No overpowered characters, they don’t have powers, their weapons do.

4. Have good English and grammar skills (no need to be an expert, just be good enough to be understood well by other members).

5. No godmoding or killing other characters without their owner's permission. Same goes for romance, its very welcome (even LGBT+ romance so in case any LGBT couples show up be accepting of it) but don’t force it on other members, ask if they are okay with it first.

6. RPN rules have to be followed.

7. The type of FCs will most likely be realistic, even cosplayer FCs are acceptable. (to be honest, this idea was inspired by a Chinese drama series and I would just love to have a few Asian FCs in the RP if possible but its not a requirement).
I am thinking of putting this decision up for a vote by making a poll since I would also be okay with anime FCs if necessary.

Okay that’s about it for now, let me know if you are interested and hopefully this will get enough interest to get started. Also if anyone is interested in becoming my co-GM please let me know.



credit @RI.a


I know I'm supposed to cherish all life, but c'mon
This sounds really intersting. But I have a few quetions, what does FC stand for, how many people do you want to take part in this, is this going to be a discord rp or on this forum, and the weapons are the guns or medieval ones?

A lecto

Imagination is the only weapon against reality
This sounds really intersting. But I have a few quetions, what does FC stand for, how many people do you want to take part in this, is this going to be a discord rp or on this forum, and the weapons are the guns or medieval ones?
FC= face claim, basically its what you want your character to look like (a photo) -I hope I even explained that well hehe.
I would like there to be at least six people but ten is the maximum number I am accepting for now.
The RP will be here on RPN in a thread.
Weapons can be many different types. Some are your typical swords, knives, daggers, guns, bow and arrows, etc... but there can also be throwing stars/knives, whips, fans, hell even high heels (xD, but serious those could kill if your not careful) etc... many different options really.

A lecto

Imagination is the only weapon against reality
Seems like something I'd be interested in.

You mention there being 4 elements. Which 4 are you going to be using?
I was thinking the four main elements (fire, water, air, earth) but since basically elements can have sub elements like wather-ice etc... The power/atacks can have a sub element type of attack... If that makes sense :) I will add a few more details and explain it a bit better once I make a lore page.

A lecto

Imagination is the only weapon against reality
Gotcha! Another quick couple questions: (sorry hehe)
About how many will you cap at? Also, if there are people who want to have more than one character, will you allow that as well?
Yes, people can have more than one character. Amm sorry, but what do you mean by how many will I cap at?

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