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Fantasy Elemental Connections NPC Profiles



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Brief Description (may include personality and history and how they're connected to the story)
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    Clotho is the Goddess of Time. While in Remura, 8 elements can be used by regular beings, there are 2 others, but due to their overpowering nature, only two Gods can control them and Clotho controls one. She controls the flow of time throughout all universes and even how time works within each universe for time flow isn't always equal. She along with the God of Space, Aether, are the eldest of the eld since these two created the other Gods and elements. Neutral by nature, Clotho's main concern is the balance to be maintained and with Virlock threatening to destroy that very balance, she, along with the other Gods, are the ones responsible for sending the souls of the guardians to Earth to be reborn. However due to the own rules she and the other Gods set in place, there's only so much they can do to help the main cast and Clotho is the one to make sure they stick by those rules, no matter how much she may want to bend them herself.

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