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Fantasy Elemental Connections (Fantasy Romance)

Time: 11:19 AM
Place: Arumer University
Character(s): Esmeray Lenox, Alvara & Ferris

Esmeray rushed away, clearly not looking ahead as she quickly bumped into someone, she lost her balance about to fall on the ground. She braced herself for impact. But she never felt it as a strong sturdy grip, wrapped itself around her arm. She could fell her whole body moving back in motion to here she was. Her blue eyes were wide, should she be the one to apologize? Well, they both weren't looking anyway. In any case the red-head seemed to realize the sense of fear flooding the purple-haired girl.

Quickly realizing a stranger... No, she wasn't a stranger. In that moment her thoughts split up. Why had she thought the woman in front of her wasn't a stranger? That was an odd thought. A thought which Ray would have normally not had. Forgetting to answer her question Ray shook her head. In any case this lady seemed strong enough to beat her so she decided to apologize. Her voice was cold and hollow, "Sorry, and you didn't scare me." she muttered before grabbing her pack which had fallen on the ground when she hit the woman. She heard someone fall on the ground and scarlet liquid flow out.

A man with bright bleached blond hair and his nose in the wrong way with blood covering his nose and dripping down onto the ground. Ray felt herself sigh inwardly as if the day couldn't get any worse. Of course people had to have sympathy which is why she asked the stranger... Who... felt similar but looked like no one from her memory. But truth to be told his nose... did seem painful. "Are you alright?" she asked her brows furrowed.
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Time: 11:13 AM
Place: Arumer University

Interaction: Dryson Zodia195 Zodia195

"Really? Going for the classic 'How's the weather treating you' small talk, huh?" He asked teasing Dryson with a hearty laugh. "It's my first semester here too. I transferred over from a community college near my home town so I've been gunning for my major for a couple of years now," Jack was an open book and happy to talk about himself.

"Hey, you! You took my sandwich!" Suddenly in the distance the same guy that Jack tricked earlier yelled over to him.

"Ah shit! U-um Dryson! Quick don't ask questions just act like you're angry at me too and punch me," Jack said hurriedly closing his eyes ready for the punch as the other guy continued to saunter over to them looking heated.

Interaction: Chris The Grand Fool The Grand Fool

Val was visibly disappointed at his answer, but was nonetheless still interested in making a new friend. "My name's Valerie, but everyone calls me Val. Glad to meet your acquaintance Chris, thank you for helping me up," she shook his hand. Even though he said no to her answer she couldn't shake the feeling that they had met somewhere before. She then thought that if she got to know him more, or hang around him more often it would come to her eventually.
Place: Arumer University
Chars: Slav & Charity, Jack & Dryson
Tags: The Grand Fool The Grand Fool , Maeve Valor Maeve Valor

Charity raised an eyebrow when guy called her a hottie. This wouldn't be the first time she was flirted with. Still it was tempting to blush but at least she didn't break eye contact. He then introduced himself as Slav. Maybe he was of Russian descent for his name was unique, but the name didn't 'suit him'. Why was that? She never met this guy before. Maybe she was working too hard.

"Charity," she said simply.

He continued talking after that and Charity could only look at him, giving him a confused look. People could be strange.

"If I wanted to get rid of you, I would have asked you to leave. You shouldn't jump to conclusions. It's okay though." she said before starting to head for the cafeteria, glancing back at him to see if he was coming.

Dryson was enjoying Jack's company when the same guy that he tricked before came shouting after him. Then Jack asked him to hit him without giving him an explanation. Dryson gave him an incredulous look before turning to the guy and approached him before he could come over to where they work.

"Is there a problem my good sir?" he said cordially.

"That jerk stole my sandwich!"

"Oh, he did? That's unfortunate. How about I give you money to pay for it and you get yourself another sandwich? We can forget about it."

The guy obviously was too mad to see the logic behind it all for he pushed Dryson out of the way and kept heading for Jack. Moving quickly, he seemed to instantly appear in front of the guy and tapped the dude on the forehead, causing him to faint instantly. What he didn't realize was Dryson used a tiny bit of lightning magic to shock him unconscious. He would wake up in ten minutes. He was still breathing regularly, which was a good thing. Dryson had to use this before when he was on the run. This was just the first time he used it on Earth. He wasn't sure if Jack would pick up on the fact that he did use magic.

Turning to Jack, he said, "Maybe we should get this guy to a nurse huh?"
Place: Uni
People: Alvara, Esmeray, Ferris
Tags: supermartinbros supermartinbros The Grand Fool The Grand Fool

"Oh," Alvara let out a small sigh, "That's a relief. I thought I had-"
A loud thud interrupted her, causing her brows to furrow. Before Alvara had the chance to glance behind herself, she caught an exasperated look flash across the girls face. The moment gave her so much deja vu she nearly choked, trying desperately to search for any resemblence of the scene in her head. Instead, she found a foggy mind and an uncomfortable wave of confusion. Alvara slowly twisted her head and cringed at the pool of blood flowing from the strangers nose.
"Goodness cowboy," She shouted, finding herself bent down next to him, "What were you running from? Don't tell me you were hungrier than I was? Lemme look at you-"
Alvara tilted his head up to examine him closer. It wasn't hard to see the disfiguration. He'd practically given himself new ways to sniff air - that was, if he could ever stop leaking. Thankfully, he seemed to be paused in a state of shock, making it a useful moment for her. Before he had even a moment to recover, Alvara grabbed the boys crooked noggin and immediately cracked it back into place. The action felt automatic, almost unnatural. It caused her to pause, blink, and seize back in panic. In spite of it all, the nose didn't seem as terrible, although it was hard to tell underneath the waterfall of blood.
Alvara snapped her attention over to Esmeray, deviating her thoughts from the overwhelming amount of questions circling her brain.
"Sorry honey, but unless you have tissues and bandages on you right now, I need you to haul it to the clinic down the street and bring back somethin' to plug him up with!"
Her eyes trailed back down to the boy.
"Heya tough cookie, can you walk?"

Location: Arumer University
Interactions: Charcoal_Lilly50 Charcoal_Lilly50 Zodia195 Zodia195

He looked at Juniper after her sudden appearance and placement of her hand on his back. Things felt a little clearer now that she was there. He returned her smile with his own, "Hey Juni. Yeah, I don't mind at all." After they all got introduced Arthur spoke up, "have we met before? I feel like we've definitely met before." He asked Mckenzie. Arthur didn't mind addressing the feeling of Deja vu at all. There was something about the situation that didn't feel entirely accidental.

"I don't exactly socialize much, or have any hobbies that include otaku things. But I'm not entirely sure." He looked at Juniper for a second, gauging her reaction to his sudden question of this apparent stranger. The more time passed the more he was absolutely sure he knew her from somewhere. He had no doubts about being crazy or anything of the sort. He never doubted himself. Ever. Arthur made sure not to let his confidence shine through. There was still a level of social etiquette that needed to be followed. The last thing he would do was get a reputation as a crazy person. Any more so than he already did at least.
Location~ Arumer University
Characters~ Juniper, Arthur ( Tetro Tetro ), Mckenzie ( Zodia195 Zodia195 )

Instinctively, Juniper pulled her hand away when she felt the small electric current flow up her arm, an audible "Oh my" followed in suit. The hand that was on Arthur's shoulder was now rubbing the other one which felt slightly tingly. Instead of getting upset or angry about it, she just smiled softly. "It's alright. You didn't mean to, besides everyone gets shocked by static electricity every now and then." Though for some reason, this didn't feel like a normal static shock.

When Arthur spoke up about a sense of deja vu, Juniper was rather surprised. When her eyes met his she gave a 'so you feel it too' kind of expression, though she was thankful that she wasn't alone in it. Soon a chuckle escaped her lips as she commented, "Always blunt and straight to the point."

Once the tingling feeling ceased the young woman's hands dropped naturally to her sides. Still wearing a gentle smile, Juniper looked back over to Mckenzie, "I guess we both feel the same thing then," hazel eyes glancing up at Arthur briefly, "Arty is the only one I've met since moving here that has given me the impression like we've known each other prior to actually meeting. It felt so strange, and familiar. I guess that's why we were able to become friends so naturally." When she looked back at Mckenzie her expression was now that of worry, "I'm sorry, I hope that didn't freak you out at all. I guess it's a bit odd, but I got this feeling that we know each other somehow."

It was an odd coincidence, but if Arthur felt it too then maybe she wasn't overthinking it. All Juniper could hope for was that Mckenzie didn't label them both as weirdos.

Name: Dustin Hasely
Location: University, front of the cafeteria building
Characters: open to all

Dustin settled into the exertion of the run. He wasn't breathing hard yet, but he had to catch up to the little rascal before she hurt herself. His hand gripped the leash and collar, folded up against his palm. He was still in his vet scrubs: sea-foam green shirt and pants under a white lab coat. His blond hair flopped up and down as he ran.

She'd had a good head start from the car, slipping her collar and taking off the moment they had both realized she was free.
What a thing to happen on his first practical observation.

She broke through the bushes and dove onto one of the main walkways of the university, rushing past small thickets of legs collected here and there along the way.
Dustin rushed past, dodging people left and right.

"Sorry sorry sorry sorry!" He shouted apologies like a chant as he raced by.

"Someone please catch that puppy!"

Now he was in trouble, the dog had smelled whatever was on special that day for lunch and made a b-line for the doors. The only thing she needed was one unsuspecting student to hold it open for just a fraction too long...

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Location~ Arumer University
Characters~ Juniper ( Charcoal_Lilly50 Charcoal_Lilly50 ), Arthur ( Tetro Tetro ), Mckenzie

Looks like Mckenzie wasn't the only one going crazy. It was a weird puzzle and Mckenzie had no idea how to solve it. Of course, the was the possibility this was all coincidental. Or maybe this was one big fever dream, and she was still dreaming. Lost in her thoughts, she decides to test the dream theory and pinches herself.

"Ow! Okay this is not a dream," she said to herself, not realizing she said it out loud.

At least that eliminated the dream theory.

"I must be going crazy for I agree with you guys. So what do we do now? I haven't ate lunch yet and my next class in for a couple of hours."

She wondered if anyone else was in a similar situation as them. Unlikely, but Mckenzie couldn't help but wonder.
Place: Arumer university
Interacting with: Dustin & his dog SilverFlight SilverFlight

An early morning class was his return to school, not any more excited about it than the rest of his peers. Just finishing it he had a bumbling 'Bean,' on his back. Limply kicking like the fragile kid he was. 'Bean' was either really good about staying asleep or just as bored as he was in the class. His professor either to tired to notice his presence or care to stir the morning with questions about him. It was common for students to slow or stop by him to try to interact with his son, but he was only willing if he thought Bean could tolerate the attention without freaking out. Sometimes he was overstimulated, and Damian had no problem turning into big papa guard dog to keep the paparazzi at bay.

'Bean' was livening up though, he clearly needed to get out some energy. So he swung the baby-back-carrier around and freed him. Sort of. The three year old had a child leash on. Any time he ran too far away from him, he yanked him back like a weightless Chihuahua. "Ow Daddy!"
"Then quit running so far from me."
"But why?"
"Because it's not time to run."
"When is time?"
"When school is done."

Something scrapes past his pants leg and bumps into his son. A black, white, and tan dog which was now excitedly licking 'Bean' and jumping up and around him. Consequently this also meant the leash was getting wrapped around their bodies and Damian had to come over and right it. Tch.
"It's a Doggy! A Doggy!" 'Bean' kept exclaiming as excited as the dog was acting, reach and grabbing to pet his new friend.
"Doggy doesn't seem to have a-" Before Damian finishes a blonde man in scrubs is running calling for the dog, he assumes. Collar and leash in his hand. It's in a fleeting moment he is once again comparing his kid to a dog, children and animals weren't so far off from their mischief and endearment. Damian was still knelt down from where he had untangled the two, holding her by the scruff so she couldn't run off. 'Bean' still constantly trying to shower the pup in attention, albeit after guidance was much more gentler with her than he had been a few seconds ago.


Name: Dustin Hasely
Location: University, front of the cafeteria building
Characters: open to all

Dustin slowed, breathing hard.
"I am so sorry about that, she's really friendly, I hope she didn't scare the--" Dustin looked down. The child did not seem scared in the slightest and in fact, was enjoying the encounter almost as much as his runaway patient was.
"Thank you." Dustin knelt to slip the collar back onto the wiggling puppy. "Not mine, I was just giving her her last booster set before she went to the..." Dusting trailed off. He trailed off because when he looked up, and met the man's eyes the strangest feeling overtook him. Familiarity? Maybe that was it, but he was sure he would have remembered meeting another student here, he hadn't been going to classes that long. Somehow the feeling went deeper than that though, like an ancient memory, from a life that wasn't his. Then he realized he was staring.
"...Shelter." Dustin recovered after a moment. "She was abandoned."

The puppy was happy to bound back and forth between Bean and Dustin, licking as much of both faces as she could.
Dusting stood, leash now firmly attached to the dog, allowing her a last few moments with the child.
"Yours?" Dustin mirrored Damian, pointing down at Bean.
"She doesn't have a name yet," Dustin told the young boy. "And I still have to fill out her paperwork, do you want to name her?"

weatheringwings weatheringwings


@Tainted Nazgul

Ferris "Iron" Wheelwright

Shock/ouchie ouchie ouchie

outside campus

grey t-shirt, brown jeans, and sneakers



Ferris looked over at the girl kneeling by him. He was still in shock from de-ja-vu, and what happened next helped him back to reality. His nose, which already was molten pain, was grabbed and straighten in one fell swoop. Blood poured out in an increasing quantity, and he quickly pinched his nose and stooped his head forward. He heard the girl that straightened his nose tell someone else to go get some materials.

Looking at the girl from the side of his face, he studied the red head.

"Heya tough cookie, can you walk?"

"I think so, but I might be lightheaded by the blood I just lost," he said, standing up and staggering for a second, almost fainting.

Ferris looked over at the girl kneeling by him. He was still in shock from de-ja-vu, and what happened next helped him back to reality. His nose, which already was molten pain, was grabbed and straighten in one fell swoop. Blood poured out in an increasing quantity, and he quickly pinched his nose and stooped his head forward. He heard the girl that straightened his nose tell someone else to go get some materials.

Looking at the girl from the side of his face, he studied the red head.

"Heya tough cookie, can you walk?"

"I think so, but I might be lightheaded by the blood I just lost," he said, standing up and staggering for a second, almost fainting.
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Chris Bonzai

Why Hello New Friend

outside campus in forest

Green shirt, grey hoody, black sweat pants, and boots.



Seeing her disappointment, he chuckled as they shook hands. He gazed up at the leaves dancing on the wind and thought deeply. We are like the leaves on the tree, ever dancing in the wind of fate...

"When the wind of fate cause us to brush upon one another, it doesn't take into account whether the meeting is good or bad. It but is," he said, before laughing a bit harder. "Sorry about that, when I have a good thought, I can't help but blurt it out. I was just commenting on how people are like leaves in a tree. The wind blows them around, and they brush against each other. I'm sure we've meet somewhere somehow, whether it was in a past life or this one. It's also nice to meet you Valerie. And it was my pleasure to help you."

He then leaned towards the rope and touched it. "It's pretty tight, from what I've read, it's easier the tighter the rope. I can't hope to fathom the minds of those that do this over mile deep canyons," he smiled. "Death has a sweet sent, and many chase after it. We already have a resident dare devil with permission from the director."

Standing up and turning to Valerie. "Well, how does a cup of tea.... or coffee sound?"

Seeing her disappointment, he chuckled as they shook hands. He gazed up at the leaves dancing on the wind and thought deeply. We are like the leaves on the tree, ever dancing in the wind of fate...

"When the wind of fate cause us to brush upon one another, it doesn't take into account whether the meeting is good or bad. It but is," he said, before laughing a bit harder. "Sorry about that, when I have a good thought, I can't help but blurt it out. I was just commenting on how people are like leaves in a tree. The wind blows them around, and they brush against each other. I'm sure we've meet somewhere somehow, whether it was in a past life or this one. It's also nice to meet you Valerie. And it was my pleasure to help you."

He then leaned towards the rope and touched it. "It's pretty tight, from what I've read, it's easier the tighter the rope. I can't hope to fathom the minds of those that do this over mile deep canyons," he smiled. "Death has a sweet sent, and many chase after it. We already have a resident dare devil with permission from the director."

Standing up and turning to Valerie. "Well, how does a cup of tea.... or coffee sound?"
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Esmeray Belladona Lenox

Exhaustion and nostalgia

outside campus

Black sweater, light blue jeans, and knee high boots.

Alvara and Ferris

Alvara and Ferris

Esmeray's glass blue eyes landed on the strangers once more at the initial request of red-head her eyes visibly darkened slightly, but she quickly rummaged through her bag, a box of tissues came out as well as a roll of bandages. Surely this was enough, "Here." she mumbled as she set the tissue and bandage roll right beside the red-head. "You can use all of it." she told the two strangers looking at their eyes, she then quickly zipped her bag and began walking away.

This was enough, more than enough. She didn't even need to help him in the first place. She felt chills run up her skin as she remembered the face of those two strangers as the stranger who sat next to her. What was going on today? Had she met them before? That was unlikely, she tried staying away from everyone anyway. Maybe they looked like famous people? But the feeling of energy, the moment she felt their stares. It was like she knew them already.

She rubbed her arms, as she walked away, they probably already thought she was rude. That was fine. better than seeming like one of those chummy girls who always have sympathy in their eyes.

Location: Arumer University
Interactions: Charcoal_Lilly50 Charcoal_Lilly50 Zodia195 Zodia195
Characters: Juniper, Mckenzie

What did they do now?

"Not to be totally off topic, but you mentioned this not being a dream. But, have either of you lately been having any weird dreams at all?" His tone was more hushed than before as his eyes glanced around for anyone that might overhear their conversation. Normally, he didn't care who heard him or what others thought. In this instance though, he felt like something more was going on.

"This feeling the three of us apparently share, hopefully without sounding too dramatic, I don't think is entirely coincidence." He looked between the two girls to see if they were all still on the same page. "I don't have anything going on more exciting than this, if you guys want to go somewhere where we can talk more? I haven't eaten either. Maybe pizza?"

He had always felt like something was special between him and Juniper, but he chalked it up to just being able to vibe with her. And ever since meeting her, the strange dreams he would have as a child had become slightly more frequent. If this random girl was also giving him the same feeling then there was definitely something going on.
Location~ Arumer University
Interactions~ Arthur ( Tetro Tetro ), Mckenzie ( Zodia195 Zodia195 )

Hazel eyes widened as Juniper watched the ginger haired girl promptly pinch herself after a moment of silence was shared between the three of them. Though Mckenzie's comment regarding everything that was happening not being a dream, and agreeing with them, caused a sigh of relief. A hand now over her heart as she relaxed a bit. Thank goodness, Juniper thought to herself as her hand fell back down to her side. This didn't last long however, as Arthur asked yet another question.

Were either of them having strange dreams?

Juniper's lips formed a slight pout as she gazed up towards the sky, finger tapping her cheek a bit as she thought. "I kind of had, I don't really remember much... but there was always this flower I'd see. One that I've never seen before, almost like it wasn't from around here." Turning her eyes back to her friend she added in, "Though I'm not sure if that counts as part of strange you're asking about." While she didn't ever openly state it, these dreams with the flower only became more prominent after she met Arthur. The flower itself being the most distinguishing part of them that she could remember. As he went on to state he didn't believe any of what had just transpired to be a coincidence, Juniper couldn't help but to agree with him. Had it been just her feeling this way it was reasonable, but the fact that both Mckenzie and Arthur felt the same way got Juniper to thinking.

When he asked about if they wanted to join him for pizza the young woman pulled her cell phone out from her back pocket, checking the time as it flashed against her lock screen. Looked like she had sometime before her next class started. "Lucky for you I happen to be free for a while longer," smiling at Arthur as she slipped her phone back into her pocket, "I'll make sure to give you my number before I leave for my next class. Can't have you running around campus all the time trying to find me." Juniper snickered softly before turning her eyes on Mckenzie and smiling.

"Why don't you join us, Mckenzie? I'd like to get to know you better." It wouldn't hurt to get to know the girl. Plus, she was hoping they'd become friends by the day's end.
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Slave Heild

Slighty embarrassed hungry


Black hoody, grey t-shirt, black jeans, lightning themed vans.



Laughing, he was about to follow Charity into the Cafeteria when he saw a dog barreling down the side walk. The puppy was caught be a guy with a little kid, so he just smiled and followed Charity into the food court. Breathing in, he smiled at the smell of sandwiches, hot dogs, and other lovely foods.

"Charity, whatcha getting for lunch? I was thinking of an egg salad sandwich," he smiled brightly. "I also promised I'd buy Scotty a brownie... I'll get him a white chocolate one."

Looking around he smiled when he felt someone glaring holes into his back. Turning around, he saw the other girl he blasted by. "Hey, wanna join us for lunch?"
Place: Arumer University

Interaction: Dryson Zodia195 Zodia195

When he saw the guy begin to shove Dryson to the side, Jack got ready to defend himself, gearing himself up for a scrap to break out. There was no way that he would let this nice person he just met get into something that started due to his own reckless shenanigans. This mentality was soon interrupted when Dryson seemed to have swiftly taken care of the problem.

Jack didn't know what to make of what just happened. In his mind, either Dryson knows some intense form of hypnotism or this guy had a sudden stroke or something like that. All that he could do was muster saying, "Uh, right!"

Jack picked up one side of the guy by throwing the stranger's arm over his shoulders, he expected Dryson to do the same and grab the other side. As he did so, he casually asked to Dryson, "So you gonna tell me what sort of ancient Kung Fu secret move you pulled to make this happen or what?"

Jack then laughed aloud at his own joke and stated, "Just kidding, dude must have a medical issue or something that makes him faint. Now let;s get this poor sucker to the campus nurse."

Interaction: Chris The Grand Fool The Grand Fool

What he was saying resonated well with Valerie, since she felt within her a warm truth had come along with it. Perhaps they had indeed met in a different lifetime. With the way that Chris spoke, it was like he was reciting words from a play that she actually found enlightening to hear unlike most she ends up taking part in. Even though Valerie majored in drama, there were certain aspects of it that went right over her head. The more poetic plays she had taken part in such as Shakespeare made Val bored to say the least. She enjoyed the more engaging plays like musicals.

“Um, sure! I could go for some coffee. I have a little bit of time before my next class. Mind helping me out and untying the line from that side so I can pack up?” She pointed to one of the trees as she began to undo one side.

“A resident daredevil though, huh? Sounds like someone I’d enjoy meeting. Although I doubt he’d put up with some of the stuff I’ve done. It tends to make people wary to hang out with me. It’s funny that you mentioned the canyons. That’s actually why I’m practicing. I hope to try that out next summer,” she smiled over to him.

@Tainted Nazgul
Jazmine Crickwaer

Grouchy and curious


light blue open front sweater, light green t-shirt, and blue jeans with heel boots



Jazmine was upset. How could the girl, Charity, totally be okay with that half-backed apology? He shouldn't have been skateboarding on campus to begin with. And now they where going to eat lunch together? She grinded her teeth. She glared at his retreating figure when suddenly he turned and looked at her with a... charming smile?

"Hey, wanna join us for lunch?"

Shock welled up in her eyes. He was asking her, Jazmine Crickwaer, to join Charity and him for lunch? She never been very social, mostly because she was afraid of rejection, but for some reason, she felt like she should accept. Especially after the vision of the two she saw.

"Um..." she mumbled, looking down at Vlad's lightening themed shoes. "Sure... I guess."

Location~ Arumer University
Interactions~ Juniper ( Charcoal_Lilly50 Charcoal_Lilly50 ), Arthur ( Tetro Tetro ), Mckenzie, Charity, Jazmine, Slav ( The Grand Fool The Grand Fool ), Jack ( Maeve Valor Maeve Valor ), Dryson
Mentions~ Dustin ( SilverFlight SilverFlight ), Damien ( weatheringwings weatheringwings )

Mckenzie listened as the two continue to speak. Weird dreams? Mckenzie always had a hard time recalling her dreams, so she wouldn't be able to help here.

"I wish I could say I remember my dreams, but I don't. I always get the feeling I should be remembering them. I've had to share a room with one of my sisters in the past and she said I talked in my sleep all the time, shouting like I was going to war or something. It was affecting her sleep and that's how I ended up getting my own room. Gomen, I couldn't be any more helpful."

When the topic of pizza came up, Mckenzie definitely perked up, especially when Juniper mentioned of wanting to get to know her better.

"Oh! Normally I prefer my regular Asian flair, but Pizza is one of those big exceptions, so I am definitely all in! I'd love to get to know you two better also!"

Charity pretty much forgot about the girl that initially helped her. It actually made her feel a bit bad. The blonde could be cold, but she did try to avoid being cruel. Her parents raised her better. Like Slav, she also caught the site involving a puppy and a kid. Seeing the puppy made Charity miss her family's two Australian Shepherds back at home. They helped on the ranch and were very energetic but sweet. Her eyes were diverted to the two men. She didn't recognize either of them, but again there was that strange feeling, especially with the blonde. Turning away she refocused back on the two people she was with.

"I don't know what I'll eat yet, I normally don't decide until I get there," she said before turning to light haired woman, "And um, sorry but what your name? Thanks for assisting me earlier. I am not very social."

Dryson was glad he didn't have to explain what he did to the guy. Until he was given the sign to unlock the Guardians' past life memories, he was going to have to be careful. Giving Jack a hand, the pair managed to get the guy to the nurse's office. Once he was settled that left.

"So do you have anywhere you need to be soon? I am in no hurry to be anywhere."

He was hoping to get Jack into contact with other Guardians, but knew that college classes would come first if need be.
Damian (Dark)
Arumer University
Interacting with Dustin, dog, Bean. (Open to others)

Damian was going to go into a small, flat-toned reprimand of how he should keep better track of his animals, assuming he was a vet by his dress and explanation. The guy had paused, and the time seemed drawn out. It was weird to say the least, a guy he'd never met before, and yet he was feeling like he had seem him somewhere. In the background he searches the metaphorical filing cabinets for a scrap of anything but still nothing turns up. The familiarity should be dismissed, but it persists and creates a slightly sour expression in his dull frustration. The initial words chosen prior to the failed investigation fall off and he simply responds with a gruff, "Your welcome."

"Yep, little shit's mine," at the question, realizing he had asked about the dog and that it was not his. This gave way to an anticipation.
"I Bean," the young boy respond as if Damian's words were the cue for him to introduce himself. Mismanaging a wave to instead gesture his hello by grabbing the air at Dustin with a hand while the other continues to interact with the dog.
"Name that dog but we're not taking it home. I can't afford two children."
Bean did a little gasp and whipped back at his father with his own sour face, it was in fact quite a mean face. A beat passed before he hurriedly with a brandished smile,"I'll 'ford it." Money was of no concern to this young child. Damian sighed and as Dustin clips the leash and collar back on her, he's in something of a fog.

"Alright, let's walk 'em. You got paperwork right?" Damian indulges the trio. He could get some more energy out of Bean, and maybe try to see if anything else about the guy would ping a realization, a memory, anything. Usually such trivial instance fade away, but this fracture was rather stubborn. Something else occurred to the dark haired man as they started walking, "Oh," if he wasn't already turned to Dustin after having started to walk whatever direction they'd be heading in, he did so now and extend his arm for a strong handshake,"I'm Damian Kurosawa."
Dustin (Light)
Arumer University (outside the cafeteria)
Interacting with: Damian and Bean (open to others)

"Uh, Yeah! It's back at the clinic." Dustin replied, wrapping the leash about his hand so he wouldn't lose it. "Does that mean you want to walk back there?"
He grinned down at Bean.
"Hey there Bean, I'm Dustin!"
When the young boy spoke up, volunteering to "'ford" the dog Dustin smiled down at him.
"Believe me I'd adopt her if I could little man, but dogs aren't allowed in the school dorms, and I can't afford anything outside of that..."
Dustin took the offered hand and shook it happily.
"Nice to actually introduce myself to another human being on campus. Usually, it's just dogs."

Dustin slowly started his way back to the clinic, the puppy bouncing at the end of the line like a tether ball.
"So, what year are you in?"
Dustin asked Damian, trying to make polite conversation, which he'd never been good at. He thought of asking if he knew the guy from somewhere, but that just didn't make any sense... still.
"Hey, you've never been to Banff have you?"

weatheringwings weatheringwings
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Location: Arumer University
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Mentions: Ferris The Grand Fool The Grand Fool , Alvara

He had never gotten use to it:
the sound of turning pages.
It was a reminder that there was another scene of words ready to be played, another melody of mystery to consider.
Today the sun was sprinkling beads of light over Avon's open book. The previous nights rain still wafted in the air, even if the sun had scrubbed the concrete clean.
It was on days like these that Avon relished in this familiar sound. It was like the feeling of being underwater, drifting in a world were a breath could not be taken until it was forced up to air. Only, Avon had a tendency to disappear into the water again, over and over.
Traveling down the sidewalk, Avon kept his eyes busy in the comforting sheets of his book. It dripped in familiarity. He had read its story hundreds of times. There was something enticing about a simple man losing himself in a cold case, only to find a river of chipped hearts and broken people at the end of a little boys blood trail.
A river of blood. Those words-

Avon quickly halted his step, letting a ghost of a girl fling by. He tore his eyes from the world in his hands to watch her flee before trailing them towards the rowdy environment she was running from. A redhead with an enticing bust sat squatted down, watching the girl run with a worried look before quickly flipping her attention elsewhere. The boy she addressed looked like a stab victim, blood drenching his face and crawling down the shaft of his neck, dripping into the crevasses of his clothes.

"Heya tough cookie, can you walk?"

"I think so, but I might be lightheaded by the blood I just lost."

The girl quickly caught him before his lights went out, snatching the hem of his shirt and dragging him back onto his feet.

"Ohh no you don't," She laughed, "I'm not carrying you princess style today. Come here, lets shove somethin' up that water hose of yours." She quickly ripped up the bandages and stuck them softly up the boys nose while doing her best to wipe up some of the excess with the rest.

Avon snorted. It was like watching a mother fumble with a klutzy child.

That was when their eyes met. For a brief moment, it was as though the wind froze in place, locking their gazes together in frigid storm. A deep feeling of discomfort rose into his throat, tensing his muscles and keeping him in place. The longer they looked, the more he felt himself flounder.
Their stare was a war.
One he refused to stay in.
Quickly breaking away, Avon turned on his heel and started towards the cafeteria, withholding his impulse to look back.


Location: Arumer University
Interactions: Ferris The Grand Fool The Grand Fool ,
Mentions: Avon

Alvara watched the stranger walk away, solidified in place as he did. There was only one feeling she got when she looked at him. Guilt.
But she hadn't seen him a day in her life.

Alvara blinked before turning towards the boy, smiling and patting him on the back.
"Sheesh cowboy, you're lightheaded huh? How bout' we run you to the clinic and I'll get you a sandwich for all the trouble? I'm starving!"
Without a moment to spare, Alvara quickly grabbed his wrist and dragged Ferris into oblivion with a skip in her step.
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Ember Walker
Arumer University
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Ember had some time to kill before her class so she decided to get some lunch and coffee so she's able to get through the day, and not be in a mood. Ember entered the cafeteria and got in line to order some food, she got herself a Cheeseburger and Fries, a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, a Peanut Butter Cookie, and a cup of coffee which she made super sweet by putting a lot of sugar and creamer, as well as a nip of Peanut Butter Screwball Whiskey from her bag when no one was looking in it. She took her Cheeseburger apart and crushed up some of the Doritos before putting them in her burger and putting it back together. Not really knowing a lot of people yet, she took her food and spiked coffee and sat down at a table before enjoying her meal.
Location~ Arumer University (or wherever the Guardians live currently)
Characters Involved- All

Night had finally settled in the area. Dryson didn't live on campus like other students. He lived ten minutes from it, but he might as well have lived in the middle of nowhere because he lived in a cottage in the middle of the woods. The Gods had secured him this place so he could practice his magic without interruption. Even though it was very late at night, Dryson felt on edge, like something was about to happen. Well, something did happen. Dryson was sitting on the porch when he saw something he never saw before, a White doe. Knowing such a site was always a good omen, Dryson stared in awe. The doe looked at him directly before during towards to the woods. She looked back as if she was beckoning him to follow her. Not one to question sites like this, Dryson immediately followed her deep into the woods. It felt like ages but he soon came upon a glen where the doe stood. Suddenly her form changed to that of the Goddess Gaea. Dryson immediately knelt down.

"Oh Dryson, you don't have to kneel to me every time you see me. I know you constantly bring homage to Us every night." Gaea smiled.

"Old habits die hard, your reverence," Dryson admitted as he stood.

Gaea giggled before speaking again, "How are you liking my little creation?"

Dryson knew she was referring to this planet since she was the one to create it.

"It's interesting, but I think I'll always prefer Remura since magic is accepted there."

"Aww yes, it saddens me how humans here prefer science over it. Humanity here itself use to be so grand with Atlantis as their greatest achievement. But humans are flawed so Atlantis didn't last forever and then there was the mass exodus of magical creatures from Earth to Remura when humans started to fear and reject magic. It hasn't fully left though."

"My lady, I know you like talking about Earth, but I can assume that's not why you're here."

"Aw you're right, but I rarely interact with mortals, so I can't help myself sometimes. I am just hear to tell you it's time for the Guardians to 'wake up'."

"Oh good. I couldn't help but wonder when my sign would arrive. I am assuming your white doe form was that sign?"

Gaea nodded before asking, "Do you remember the spell we taught you?"

"Yes, ma'am. But what can I expect the next day?"

"Keep tabs on them through the magical energy they emit. They will remember through their dreams tonight, but tomorrow as they meet each other, they'll begin to remember more. I recommend hooking up with the Male Fire Guardian yesterday since you hit it off so well. Let them 'settle' and tomorrow knight some of us Gods will contact them ourselves to find you."

"Question, I hope this doesn't come off as rude, but why did you need my help if you could contact them?"

"As Gods we have more rules than you humans could have thought of. One of them is to only get directly involved when the need arises. This is one of those rare times. Plus, you are our ambassador. You'll have to train them a bit here before you are ready to head back to Remura. I wish you the best of luck. We'll know when you and the Guardians are ready."

With that the Goddess vanished and Dryson found himself back on the porch of his cottage. Going inside, he started gathering materials he needed and saw it was almost midnight. Perfect timing. While he could do magic through will power alone, he didn't a little extra help in this situation so he a potion to help him. When he was ready, he went outside behind the cottage and drinking the potion, he felt ready. Centering himself, he unleased the spell using his magic wand.

"Guardians of Remura, awaken at long last,
Remember your lives from the past,
Seek one another, reestablish those bonds,
What once was lost will now be found,
Gods above, help them see,
As will I, so mote it be."

Launching out his power, the spell connected with each of the Guardians, unlocking who they once were. I took a lot out of Dryson, but he could feel when the spell was successful. He dropped to his knees, really worn out. All he could do now was wait.

Charity was dreaming again, but this time it was vastly different. One minute she was on the beach, the next she was in a winter landscape. It was snowing and very wooded. Charity wondered where she was for this place felt very familiar to her. Walking, she soon heard a sound. It sounded like galloping and it was getting closer. Hiding behind a tree, she saw two figures stop. And she gasped. One of them was a white unicorn, but that's not what made her gasp. It was the figure riding the creature. A young woman, one that looked a lot like her only her hair was white and she looked more like a teen.

"Wow, Lorraine, that was a lot of fun!" the human said.

"Well, Aveline, I always enjoy doing things with you. You give me an excuse to get away from the herd more whenever you visit," the unicorn said.

Charity recognized those names. Why did they sound familiar? Suddenly the seen changed and she was in front of a mirror. However instead of her own image, now looked like this Aveline, only older, like she was the same age she was now. Aveline smiled at her and said, "It's time to let your light shine again. All life needs you."

After saying those words she placed her hand on the mirror and Charity did the same thing, placing her palm where Aveline's palm rested. Suddenly she felt something entered her and the whole area got so bright that she had to close her eyes.

Charity woke up in that instant as she sat up in bed. She gasped as she tried to catch her breath. Looking around, she realized she was still in her dorm room. Suddenly the door to her bedroom was knocked on and her roommate opened the door.

"Hey you okay? I could hear you moaning in your sleep." the young woman said.

"Sorry, weird dream."

"Aw, okay. Well, I am going to go run now. There's coffee if you need any."


The brunette smiled and closed the door. It would take Charity another good ten minutes before she got out of bed.

Mckenzie never knew if she dreamt or not because she could never remember anything when she woke up. Currently she was dreaming and it was amazing for she was riding through a great storm. What was crazy was the animal she was on. It wasn't a bird or dragon or any other normal 'fantasy creature'; it was a goat and a huge one at that. And it was jumping from mountain top to mountain top like it was nothing. She herself looked different too for she was in armor and she couldn't figure out her hair color, only it looked bronze or gold and a little brown. It was long though. She was shouting in glee though. Finally, the goat stopped near the mouth of a cave.

"Got to love a good storm ride, huh Tempest?" the male goat laughed.

"Oh for sure, Blix! I was so stressed out about the upcoming Elite Lightning Guard test, but this really helped! I can't thank you enough for forcing me to do this hehe."

"Anytime my friend! You get so uptight sometimes, it's fine to let lose."

Mckenzie loved the name Tempest. This was an amazing dream, but at the same time, it didn't feel like a dream. More like a memory, but that was impossible right? Suddenly the dream shifted and she was back to her regular self, standing in front of a mirror. The mirror had an image of the person she was not too long ago, Tempest. The woman gave her a smirk, but spoke in a serious tone.

"Are you ready to wake up? Another storm is coming, and you'll need to harness the lightning again to face it," Tempest said before placing her palm on the mirror.

Curious, Mckenzie put her own palm on the mirror and felt electrical charges entering her before burst outward.

"WHOA!" Mckenzie said out loud as she woke up.

She was wide-eyed and starring at the ceiling of her dorm room. Mckenzie had her own private dorm room now so there was no need to worry about waking up another roommate. Normally she never remembered her dreams, but this time she did. Hyped on adrenaline, she jumped out of bed and pulled out a notebook and wrote everything down while it was fresh in her mind. She couldn't wait to share what she saw with Juniper and Arthur. Maybe meeting them had triggered something to allow her to remember her dreams? Mckenzie didn't know if that was case, she was just excited for today for some reason.
Location~ Arumer University
Interactions~ N/A
Mentions~ Arthur ( Tetro Tetro ), McKenzie ( Zodia195 Zodia195 )

Night had fallen at the campus, signaling an end to yet another day. This one had been rather odd as well. Lying in bed Juniper couldn't help but to stare up at the ceiling of her room as she recounted all she experienced in between classes. Why did I feel like I knew her, Juniper thought as she turned over in bed, eyes now fixated on the wall. She had only ever had this feeling once which had been easy to chalk up to an instant connection. But a second time? It was strange to say the least. "It wasn't bad though," the girl whispered to herself with a small smile, "McKenzie was a really sweet and funny girl. I think we'll be good friends." A yawn escaped her lips as drowsiness began to set in, and before she knew it, the young woman was fast asleep.

Juniper groaned softly as she reached down for the blanket she had been sleeping with, believing it had slipped off. Though as she aimlessly grabbed at the air nearby the situation became more confusing as she felt something different both under and around her. Slowly, her eyes blinked open to be greeted by faint sunlight. This caused slight panic in the young woman, forcing herself to open her eyes fully and to quickly sit upright. "Wh-Wha-?" Juniper looked around at her surroundings, finding a dense forest in place of her small college bedroom. Heavy fog hung low in the air and obscuring her view from seeing further than a handful of feet ahead. Confused about what was going on, Juniper slowly stood up. "This is pry just a dream." Eyes glancing around to get a better look at everything. Though something about this forest felt... familiar. Soon Juniper found herself wandering through the forest, unaware that it was a labyrinth and that she actually knew where to go.

It took but a small amount of time for her to get to the end of the maze. As she did, Juniper noted something unexpected. There on a large, flat rock sat a woman. Her hair and eyes were the color of spring. A vivid, yet soft, green hue that seemed to be full of life. Surrounding this woman were what Juniper knew to be elves for their pointed ears and their rather tall size.

"Thank you, Ophelia. You always know how to solve issues that we believe have no real solution." One of the elves chuckled.

"You're welcome, my friends. If you ever need my help remember to not hesitate." The woman replied with a gentle smile on her face.

"I-I know her," Juniper whispered to herself as she remained standing where she was. But soon the scenery changed. The fog rolled in heavily once more, and the forest shifted to close off the girl's view of Ophelia. Before she could do anything, they were gone. Soon enough, Juniper was back to wandering the maze until it opened up again. This time, however, the woman wasn't there. Instead, there was a pond surrounded by large crystal formations in the back of it and rare flowers that she had not seen before. They were almost otherworldly. Juniper was in awe of the beauty of that small area, everything seemed magical.

As she approached the pond the young woman watched as the surface moved strangely. Various images played across the top of the water in a sequence. All these images were of the woman she had seen earlier, Ophelia. They ranged from when she had been a small child up until what Juniper belived was Ophelia at about 40 or so, each one was of this woman's life at different times. Times of joy, of heartache and fear, times of settling conflicts, of peace and serenity. "Who is she?" Juniper couldn't help but to think aloud.

"Who we are dearie." A gentle voice rang out.

Soon the water cleared, showing Juniper her own reflection, then showing Ophelia in her place. When Juniper moved, the image of Ophelia reflected back moved in the same manner. "My, we do look a little a like." The voice rang out again, this time drawing Juniper's attention to a singular, nearby crystal. When she turned to face it there was Ophelia, smiling kindly at her. Before she say anything, or ask any questions, Ophelia rested her hands against the crystal from inside. "The world needs your kind heart again. It also needs you to be the mountain to shield from harm and to keep it safe, just as you once had."

Juniper looked at Ophelia from a short distance, soon closing the gap between herself and the crystal. Her hands slowly reached out in front of her, placing them over top of Ophelia's, before the both of them closed their eyes, and rested their foreheads against one another. Something strange felt like it entered Juniper in that moment. An indescribable feeling.

Suddenly Juniper sat up, a gasp escaping her lips as she looked around the room. Everything appeared to be the same as it had been the night before, and there wasn't any sigh that she had slept walk either. Was that all really just a dream? She thought to herself while getting out of bed. It all felt too strange to have been just a dream. As she made her way out of bed, Juniper remembered the conversation she had with Arthur and McKenzie just the other day. Before she knew it, the girl was dressed/ready for the day, and out the door. Something in the back of her mind was telling her that she needed to go find her friend to talk about what she had dreamt of. Thankfully, she knew exactly where to find him.
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