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Fantasy Elemental Connections (Fantasy Romance)

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You're a college student living out your regular life and thinking everything is fine. Well, what if everything you knew as reality was wrong? What would you do if you belong to a group of individuals that weren't originally from Earth? Well, technically you were born on Earth, but in another life you were born on a parallel planet called Remura and you posses the ability to use magic. Remura is a planet where mystical creatures exist and magic was just another part of life. You were one of the guardians of this planet, but one day a corrupted force came to this planet and devastated everything. You tried stopping this force but were killed in the process. Your soul was then sent to Earth to be reborn. Now this same Corrupted source wants to conquer Earth and you must now reawaken to defeat it. The gods, the ones responsible for you being reborn on Earth, send a guide to help you and awaken your powers and together with your fellow guardians, you must travel back to Remura to save your old homeland before this Corrupted being can gain enough power to attack Earth. Note- the college you go it is really a University since it has dorms. Also it's located in a fictional town in Upper State New York.

There are 8 elements that people can use on Remura. Here's the list of them and each description-

  • Fire- The ability to burn things. Fire can also be used for purification purposes too. Anyone with this ability will emit red energy and they have a high heat resistance and in some cases won't get burned.
  • Water- One can control the rain and bodies of water, but they can create it from nothing too to a certain extent. Water magic users have the ability to breath under water longer the most people. Water can be used for healing too. The energy color is blue.
  • Earth- The ability to control different types of flora from trees to flowers. In some cases they can even move the land and enrich it too for crops to grow. Earth magic users can connect with the land on a spiritual level too. The energy color is green.
  • Air- One of the abilities Air Magic users can possess is the ability to fly since they can create their own wind currents. Some can also know when air is toxic or something is off. If powerful enough they can create tornadoes. The energy color is orange.
  • Lightning- Can create electrical currents out of nowhere. On Remura, lightning is being experimented with to generate energy to control certain things (they're trying to invent electricity). Note- On Earth, the Lightning users have the ability to cause black outs. Energy color is yellow.
  • Metal- Can control any type of precious metal and bend it to its will. This also includes precious stones. However Metal magic users tend to master only a few types of metal like copper, iron, titanium, platinum, etc. They can create it out of nothing too. Energy color is silver.
  • Dark- Besides having the ability to make an area dark, Dark magic users also can develop the ability to see in the dark. They can blend in with the shadows also. Energy color is black.
  • Light- Light magic users can light up a room instantly. They do have the ability to manipulate different types of light including sunlight. A good number of Light Magic users are able to heal and purify things too. Energy color is white.
While most magic users tend to use one type of magic, there are some that are able to learn more than one magic ability, but it is harder to master more then one. Magic is also genetic. All magic users are able to tell if someone can user magic because they do have 'magical auras'. The main chars won't have this ability yet since they need to be 'awaken' first.


1. Male Fire User (taken by Maeve Valor)

2. Female Fire User (Open)

3. Male Water User (reserved)

4. Female Water User (taken by Arren Wraith of Dragons)

5. Male Earth User (taken by Arren_Wraith of Dragons)

6. Female Earth User (taken by Jazbiyya)

7. Male Air User (taken by Tetro)

8. Female Air User (taken by SweetPastel)

9. Male Lightning User (taken by Arren_Wraith of Dragons)

10. Female Lightning User (taken by Yellow Swan)

11. Male Metal User (reserved)

12. Female Metal User (taken by Maeve Valor)

13. Male Dark User (taken by Mon Amour)

14. Female Dark User (taken by supermartinbros)

15. Male Light User (taken by Tablecloth)

16. Female Light User (taken by Zodia195)

Other Characters

1. The Guide (taken by Zodia195

2. The Corrupted Being (taken by Zodia195)

Note- The list of Magic Users is subject to change if need be. Chars are reserved on a first come/first serve basis. Reserve 1 Magic User for now. Players can play another magic user if not enough people are joining the RPG (I'll let you know when that happens in the OOC thread or Discord). Also, when all Magic user slots are taken, others can create other types of chars. I will go into details if and when that occurs.


Note- The Rules are subject to change if need be.

1. Please follow the rules of the site.
2. Please reserve your character first before creating a profile. Reservations will be made in the OOC thread. Character Sheet Templates will be found in the Character Profiles thread. While there is no exact time limit to complete your char profile, I will check up on you to see how your progressing within 5 days. I do need committed players, but I also understand real life comes first. In the possibility of players leaving I'll either pick up their role myself if it's a magic user, ask another player to pick it up, or look for a new player.
3. Feel free to use any kind of picture you want for your Char Profile, from anime to real life. But please keep it clean, nothing graphic.
4. Please respect me and your fellow players. OOC fighting will not be tolerated.
5. No godmodding. I reserve the right to auto characters if need be.
6. No word limit, but no one liners and try to use proper grammar. Having gotten writer's block, I know it can be hard to write long posts and I know I make grammatical mistakes myself.
7. Try to post in a timely fashion. If you have real life issues coming up, let me know privately or on the main OOC forum or in Discord. Inactivity for long lengths of time will result in me kicking you out, but I will give you 2 warnings.
8. I will be permanently playing the main antagonist and the guide since they keep the plot moving.
9. Romance isn't mandatory, but highly encouraged. This RPG is rate PG-13 though so while all chars are adults, if things get well . . . too touchy feely, please have the scene fade to black. This goes without saying, but please no extreme violence or language.
10. Most importantly, have fun. If you have read the rules, tell me what your favorite food or meal is in your reservation. (Mine is pad tai lol).
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Master of Lava Master of Lava can you read the rules and post in the OOC (link is right above the initial post), and that role is all yours okay? This part of the RPG will be strictly IC. Thank you!
The Beginning


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Time: 8:35 am
Place: Arumer University
Characters: Charity, Dryson.

It was mid-semester at Arumer University in the town of Glendale New York, which was an hour away from Syracuse, New York. Winter was about to lose it's grip on the town, but signs of spring were popping up. Spring break was over as students returned to classes. Glendale was what you would call a 'college town' since most of the businesses catered to the university and a lot of college students worked in town. Charity Gibson was glad she didn't have to work for her education due to her scholarships, grants, and family back up. She had just returned to school after visiting her family in Texas. It was good to see them, but if she was honest with herself, she was glad to be back in New York. Living in Texas, one didn't see a lot of snow and here in New York, she saw plenty of it and it brought a sense of nostalgia for her, although she could never figure out why since she never saw snow in real life until she came to Arumer University. So unlike others, she was sad to see winter ending. Maybe if she's lucky, there will be one more nice snowfall before spring totally settled in. Fat chance of that. At the moment, the blonde was sitting at the nearby Starbucks that was next to school and plenty of students were here. She was drinking a chai tea lattle and it was still morning. She wouldn't have her first class for another hour at least and it was her Painting II class. At this university, one had to take Drawing I & 2 and Design 1 & 2 before they could take Painting I. She enjoyed her painting class for it was her favorite. Her painting professor had said their next 2 paintings would be decided by them and so to come with ideas since it would set them up for Advance Painting, where she would have complete control. Charity already knew she would be focusing on landscape paintings. This past week, her dreams had been especially vivid. The place she dreamt the most was a mountain area with snow, sometimes with unicorns in them. There were other locations she dreamt of, red mountains where dragons and phoenixes flew, underwater kingdoms that reminded Charity of the Gungans' underwater city in Star Wars Episode 1, floating islands, enchanted forests, and so much more. So Charity wasn't lacking in inspiration. What did trouble her was the intense deja vu feelings she was getting from it. She wouldn't think about it now. Finishing her latte, she got up and existed the place, deciding to return to her dorm to get her school supplies for her first class. One nice thing about college, was the length between her classes for she only had two classes today, which was Monday. She would have them on Wednesday and Friday. Her other two classes were Tuesday and Thursday. In order for her to keep her financial aide, she had to go full time, so she just went the bare minimum and did 12 or 13 hours. Maybe once she became a junior she would try for 15 hours, but Charity wasn't in any rush. For now she would enjoy the morning.

Dryson was also in the same Starbucks that Charity was in and had kept glancing her way. Of course to him she was the legendary sorceress, Aveline Cartwright, but he knew she, along with the other guardians of Remura, had been reborn with no memory of their past lives, so she was now Charity Gibson. Watching the young woman leave, he still had a hard time picturing her as someone the Unicorns of the Light Region remembered. Dryson still could remembered the day when he'd been summoned by the Gods of Remura less then a year ago.

Dryson was researching the final confrontation between Virlock and the guardians when he was summoned by the rulers of the faeries, King Finn and Queen Gwen. He was currently living in the Air region in one of the sanctuaries, this one home to the fae folk. Wondering what he was needed for, he got up and headed straight for the palace. Lucky for him, the library was located next to it. The palace was gorgeous and blended with the clouds wonderfully. Entering it, he soon found himself in the throne room and bowed to the rulers of the fae.

"You summoned me your majesties?"

"Yes young Dryson, we just got contacted by our own master, Lord Borus. He said the Gods want a word with you," King Finn smiled as his words had the desired effect.

Dryson was shocked. He knew the Gods rarely got involved in matters on Remura, and if they did they only contacted 'important' people like the King and Queen of the Fairies. It took him a few minutes, but he finally got a hold of himself.

"Sorry, your majesties, I was just taken off guard."

"Hehe, we don't blame you. It's rare for a mortal such as yourself to be summoned by one God, much less all of them," giggled Queen Gwen.

"So, how do I get to them?"

Suddenly a portal appeared out of nowhere.

"That's how, the Gods are always watching and were waiting for you to show up before a portal to open. Hurry, lad, you don't want to keep them waiting," the king said.

Nervous beyond measure, Dryson slowly went through the portal and the moment he stepped through it, the portal vanished. He was in a vast hallway with pillars on each side. While he had no idea where he was, he knew he wasn't on Remura anymore, and he could feel intense energies here. Walking, he walked into a vast circular room where each of the Gods sat in big thrones. Coming to the center, he instantly bowed. He was very nervous, so he stayed in a bowing position.

"Rise young man, we don't have all day," commanded a powerful voice.

Dryson snapped up straight and saw that it was the God of Space, Aether. All residents of Remura knew about the Gods for their statues and monuments dedicated to them. While Remurans had the privilege of using 8 of the 10 known elements, the elements of Space and Time were prohibited, so something like a portal could never be used by them since portals were basically holes in time and space.

"Well, now that you're here, we'll get straight to the point. You've been wanting to find a way to defeat Virlock, haven't you?" Aether asked.

"Yes my Lord."

"Excellent, well, we summoned you here because we want to help you," the grey haired God said.

"But I thought the Gods were limited in what they could do for us."

"We are, which is why we're going about this indirectly. We need you to find the guardians, reunite them, and bring them back to Remura." the Goddess of Time, Clotho said plainly.

This caught Dryson off guard.

"I thought the guardians were dead."

"They were killed yes, but we took their souls and sent them to another planet to be reborn." Clotho responded.

"Which planet?"

"Remura's sister planet, Earth. They were sent there since we knew they would eventually return to Remura, and it being a sister planet, the journey back would be easier. Plus it was safer for them to be reborn on a planet that was relatively safe." the Goddess of Earth, Gaea said.

"Unfortunately, Earth currently doesn't believe in things like magic and our presence has been reduced to silly lore and myths." Thanatos, the God of Darkness, said, annoyance in his voice.

"Now's not the time to be complaining about your grievances with a decision that happened in the past, Thanatos." stated the God of Metal, Vulcan.

He knew time was of the essence so wasn't in the mood for Thanatos's behavior.

"Still, it's going to be a challenge for Dryson to not only adapt to Earth, but find the guardians, unlock their past life memories, and convince them to return to Remura to defeat Virlock." Thanatos replied back.

"Don't you think we should wait to see if Dryson will agree to this task first?" asked Diosa, the Goddess of Water, sending the young sorceror a gentle smile.

"Why wouldn't he? He's been given the chance of a lifetime, and Virlock must be stopped before he gets enough power to takeover all of Remura." stated Lyn, the Goddess of Lightning.

"Wait, all of Remura?" questioned Dryson.

The God of Fire, Kami answered him, "Virlock lost most of his strength when he defeated the guardians, but over the years he's been regaining his strength and it won't be long before he has enough strength to take down the sanctuaries the guardians created. With all of Remura under his control, he'll have enough magic to potentially invade Earth."

Dryson's eyes widen in horror as the aspect.

"Can I ask why stopping Virlock is so important for all of you? I definitely want to stop him for personal reasons, but what are yours?"

"See, I told you he was smart," smiled the God of Air, Borus.

The Goddess of Light, Eos, returned his smile before turning to Dryson.

"Earth and Remura are important to all of existence. They are located in the very center of the universes and dimensions. What would to happen if they were completely destroyed? It would effect the Balance of All and destroy it. Not only that, but Virlock would gain enough power to challenge us Gods, even Aether and Clotho. So to keep the Balance, he must be destroyed. So, we ask you, will you do what we require of you?"

It took Dryson a few minutes to soak in all he heard. Nodding his head, he accepted the heavy burden he was tasked with.

Thanatos was right about one thing, adapting to Earth had been hard, even though the Gods sent him instructors who had knowledge of Earth. Lucky for Dryson, all of the guardians ended up going to this school. The only clue the Gods could give him as far as what the guardians looked like was their magical auras. All magic users had the ability to see magical auras. And the guardians' auras would be very intense since they were the most powerful magic users on Remura. Even if their powers were dormant, they would still have those auras. Dryson was hoping that once they remembered their past lives, their powers would start returning. He learned a spell that would help them unlock those memories but wasn't to use it until he was given a sign. The Gods said he would know it when he saw it. So far, it hadn't happened. Dryson was pretty patient, but even he was hoping that would happen soon. Finishing his breakfast, Dryson started heading for his first class of the day.

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Time: 11:11 AM
Place: Arumer University
Characters: Jack & Valerie


Jack walked into the cafeteria as he inspected a see-through cup and thought, "hm, I've tested it out a couple of times so let's put it on display." He then took out a can of Dr. Pepper from the side of his backpack and poured it contents carefully into the cup, throwing the can afterwards. He looked around the food area, specifically where people paid until he found his mark that was in the middle of paying for a sandwich. He smiled before casually walking over, the man moved to leave the counter and that was when Jack bumped into him, purposely spilling his soda all over his button-up shirt. "What the hell man!" the guy understandably yelled as people around started to watch the scene unfold.

Jack acted surprised and concerned, "Oh shit, I am so sorry! Um..." Jack looked around seeming like he was trying to find something to make the situation better. "Here! You can have my drink!" He held it up for everyone to see that there was still soda in it somehow.

The guy was still distraught and didn't seem to notice at first, "I don't want your damn drink- wait, how did you?..."

Jack put his free hand up in a surrendering motion and said, "Okay, fine, you don't want the drink. It's only fair that I don't drink it either under the circumstances." Jack then made a motion with the hand to his drink as it looked like the soda diminished within the cup to where there was only an inch worth in it. In return, people began to clap and laugh. The man only seemed to get angrier and Jack could tell which only made him smile more, "Alright, no really, I'm sorry about that, here are some napkins." Jack put away the cup and then took out said napkins.

The man wiped some residue off himself and was about to reach for the napkins until he noticed something, "Their all ripped up. How am I supposed to use this?"

Jack once again dramatized being startled, "You're right. Here let me fix that." He covered the ripped up napkins making his hands clamped and balled up around it and then let loose a complete napkin. People laughed even more until finally the guy took a swing at him. Jack ducked and secretly took his sandwich with a sleight of hand and then began escaping the scene. "If anyone wants to see more magic I'll be at the nightclub just outside campus Friday nights! Look me up on Instragram! Jack Brandel, out!" He then booked it even faster thrashing through the doors going outside the cafeteria.

Only then did the man start looking for his sandwich, "Hey, someone took my food!"


Outside on campus grounds, Valerie was locking into place a long rope placed about 6 feet above the grassy floor in between two trees and once it was tightened sufficiently she put her hands on her hips as she checked the thick rope once more. Over spring break sure she visited family, but she also set aside time to go cliff camping. At one point during her hike to get to the place where she wanted to settle her tent on the side of the cliff she saw in the distance a waterfall that delved into a mountain going down into a beautiful river that inspired her to think, "Wouldn't it be cool to walk right over that scenery?"

And so here she was now, practicing slacklining. She figured that if she failed when she actually went real slacklining she would at least have a fun time rope-swinging. She smiled to herself before climbing one of the trees to get to the lowest branch, "Plus, it doesn't look like it takes much to do. I mean it's just balancing yourself right? I can do that." Once she was on the branch she carefully placed one foot on the rope and then the other one next to it. She then walked forward slowly stopping herself from leaning her weight on the branch. It didn't take before she wobbled side to side and then fell, ending up grabbing onto the rope with both her hands. "Okay, this is going to take much more practice than I thought. It's a good thing I have a whole hour more before drama class starts." This semester her drama course was "Drama Voice and Diction" which she found not as entertaining, but she she still loved her major nonetheless. She just didn't think that with her wanting to be a stunt double that she really didn't need to learn much when it comes to speech patterns.

Val easily let go of the rope and dropped down to the grass and right before she began to climb the tree once again, she heard from far away a door slam open very loudly. She looked noticing it came from the cafeteria and saw a blonde man running off as he was eating a sandwich. "Hm, I wonder if he's late for class," she shrugged and continued climbing.

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Time: 11:11 AM
Place: Arumer University
Characters: Chris Bonsai & Slav Heild

OIP (1) (1).jpg

Chris sipped his tea as he walked slowly through the trees. The glittering sunlight fluttered through the air like millions of tiny golden butterflies. The leaves seemed to drink in this light, absorb it, and then emit it in soothing green rays of divine peace. A bubbly giggle escaped from Chris's half closed lips, a small smile tugging at his face. The trees seemed to laugh with him, the wind sashaying through the branches, creating multitudes of little dancing elves on the ground. The trees groaned and complained about their age, as the little saplings bent with glee at the thought of towering above the bushes that towered over them now. The crunch of fallen branches left a satisfying emotion in his heart. They had finished their time dancing and now where serving their final purpose, gifting themselves back to the forest floor. They will be decomposed for new and old trees alike. They will be taken by a bird to build a nest, or a dog and its owner to play fetch, or for some little boy or girl to imagine that they are knights and princesses.

Such a beautiful day. I wish my mother was here too. I can't believe that we humans are destroying our forests, what joy they give us. The peace, the fresh air. No wonder our cities are full of depressed people. They need NATURE! They need trees that dance their healing dance. But instead, we... we are killing ourselves as we kill our planet.

A somber look passed over his face. As much as his desire was to help everyone, he couldn't. He was only one human, and a rather quite one at that. He wasn't fond of filling in the sound of silence with loud music or conversation. He enjoyed just being himself. He remembered how when he was younger, his preschool teacher use to say he was such a caretaker, much to his male relatives disapproval. They tried to get him interested in money, women, noise and air polluting cars. But he never got hooked. He was always that kid that could watch a caterpillar eat for hours, sometimes missing lunch or dinner. His mother and father where very supportive of their son's nature streak, and always went out of their way to bring home interesting insects, seeds, plants, or pictures of trees they saw during their travels.

When he became interested in painting, his mother cried tears of joy. She was rather lonely being the only artist in her new family in America. She came from Japan, and was trained under a very influential water color artist. They sat for hours painting trees, birds, and mountains. That was why he was here at this college. The memories of panting pulled back into his memory the person he saw earlier in the morning. They had talked a few times before, her name was Charity. But he felt he knew her from somewhere, just like how he knew he had seen massive trees with green, blue, pink, red, and golden leaves. They didn't talk this morning because he was busy sorting out his paints for one of his final paintings. It was going to be of the forest that he had walked through so many times in his dreams.

As he walked to the edge of the forest back onto campus, he came upon a girl tightrope walking. He stopped to enjoy the beauty of the human form as she tried to master the art of balance.


download (6).jpg
The air whipped through his teal green hair and a devilish smirk rested on his angelic features. His plaid button up flapped like a coat as he careened through campus at break-neck speed. Normally he would get in trouble, but this time he had a slip from the headmaster giving him permission because he signed a waiver. His adjective? Taking a high speed shot of the Mascot as he does a ollie over a flight of stairs. Of course, any normal person would be petrified of going twenty mph towards a flight of stairs on a skateboard, but Slav? Oh no, this was the reason he lived. Ever since he was little, he was the daredevil of the family. Nothing was too hard, dangerous, or scary for him to accomplish. The fact being, his mother literally had to ban him from riding his skateboard when he was 12 until he turned 18.

Hell yeah! Here we go, this will top everything I've done within the last month. Hey, WATCH it dude!

He yelled out the warning as he blasted past a blond haired guy running out of a diner. He never wanted to hurt anyone, but hell, if they got in his way or tried to copy him, they where. He believed himself to be one of a kind that could do inhuman stunts.

As he approached the stairs, he pounced of the top with a kickflip, raising his camera to his eyes. Focusing with speed and accuracy that he had trained all his life with his devil-may-care stunts, he snapped a couple photos. If they weren't good enough, he'd just do it again. Well... it was his third try anyways. Landing a bit awkward, he almost crashed into a trashcan, but managed to swerve and regain balance in nick of time.

Hey Scotty, looks like we got some good ones! He beamed the mascot. The guy inside the suit happened to be a very timid sophomore named Scotty, and it was pretty easy to get him to help.


Uncle Dad
Location: Arumer University

Arthur stared down at the beautifully plush clouds. It was cold, but there was a warmth to it all, and a brightness that gave him unmatched serenity. He was floating high above it all, moving through the air freely. Nothing compared to the freedom he had now. No more worries, no more responsibilities, no more troubles. The gentle winds began to pick up, but it wasn't anything he was bothered by. Slowly, the sounds of the breeze got louder, and louder. The world around him began to darken, and his vision became blurry. All he could hear now was the loud ringing of the wind in his ears. He needed to escape it all.

Arthur shot up, finding himself on the floor in the dark of his dorm. Beside him was his blaring alarm. With a groan he hit snooze before grabbing the cheap machine and bashing it against the edge of his bed frame, breaking it, and then throwing it away. "Well... It was nice while it lasted..." He looked around, hoping that maybe this was the real dream. But of course, it wasn't. He pulled himself up and back into bed, bringing his blanket along with him before glancing around for his phone. He hadn't even looked at the time before breaking the alarm. After lifting his pillow, he found his phone and went to look at the time. It was Monday, seven in the morning. He set his phone down beside his pillow and laid down on his back, closing his eyes. Another hour, then he'd start his day. Arthur couldn't help but repeat the dream in his mind over and over again, thinking of it and the many others he had that were just as vivid and memorable. "One day. I swear I'll get there one day..." He sighed. He knew there was something to it all, even his dreams. He didn't know what it might be now, but he was determined to figure it out or die trying.

Arthur's eyes snapped open after a minute. It was Monday. He had his classes today. He had forgotten entirely.

Arthur was sipping away at his coffee. He hadn't had any time to do anything he wanted before class, but at least for now, he could enjoy a drink. He'd have a proper meal later, and maybe clean his room up. Maybe he'd do it tomorrow. Or probably the weekend when he had more free time. Maybe Sunday. Yeah he'd probably get everything done on Sunday.
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Time: 11:11 AM
Place: Arumer University
Character(s): Esmeray Lenox

Outside the on campus grounds, Esmeray sat still under the shade reading a book, silently to herself, while many people were being loud and overjoyed to see their friends after spring break, of course that excluded the purple-haired girl. As she wasn;t quite used to connections with other people, in fact she had never quite experienced anything remotely close to it. Which is why she watched as the people did fun things together, embrace themselves with hugs, chattering away while Esmeray read, It by Stephen King, a renowned and worldwide author for his books, especially for It, the particular book was very interesting to the glass-blue-eyed girl. As she heard her stomach girl she felt her ears become red and piping hot but her facial expression was cold and neutral.

She was ought to get some food by the cafeteria so she wouldn’t starve in hungry, she got up closing the particular book, and set it aside inside her little pack she had near her at the tree. The sun shine brightly and she muttered irritation for not being cloudy, she hated sunny days she didn‘t know why, she only like rainy and cloudy days and mostly night time. As she made her way through crowd of people through the cafeteria she reluctantly told herself to pick up a few things and pay on the way. Finally out of the mess of the lines, Esmeray sighed, everything was loud in the cafeteria perhaps there would be a food fight. Who knew? Despite this being college some boys and girls could act childish.

She returned to her spot which was, thankfully, open. As she set down her food aside, she dug her hand into her spacious bag and felt the sensations of papers lingering on her fingers and when she pulled the light cards scattered across the floor, she groaned getting up and getting them as quickly as possible before they could be possibly be blown by the wind, as she watched herself pick them up a small pattern appeared, somehow they made out words inside her head, but it didn’t make sense, and it must have been a coincidence and in any case she decided to disregard the thought. As she returned and stacked them all before returning them all back in her pack, as she grabbed her weird-looking sandwich and opened up to the next chapter of her book. She was thankful nobody was around her like always.

But sometimes Esmeray couldn’t help but wonder what friends would be like, maybe it was annoying? Fun? Or maybe it was a mix of many emotions, but taking a small bite of her sandwich and instantly regretting it, she set it down continuing to think of what to do while she would wait for her own class to begin which wouldn’t be for another hour.


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Time: 11:11 am, Monday
Place: Arumer University
Characters: Charity, Dryson, Slav, Jack, Esmeray

Time seemed to go faster these days and Charity was now done with her first class. Currently she heading to a place to get lunch. She didn't know where yet though because she either ate at the cafeteria or one of the local places on campus. Charity had gotten herself a dining plan, so she didn't have to worry about paying for her meals when she got them. Not to mention it was just more convenient. After putting her art stuff in her dorm, she left it and started heading for the cafeteria. However, on her way over there, someone on his skateboard and it looked like he was taking pictures. And he was heading right for her at a fast rate. He was so focused on his camera that he didn't seem to see her. Charity had to dive out of the way in order for him to not collide with her. He missed, but Charity ended up banging her knee on the ground. She cursed and sat on the ground for a minute to rub her knee at a bit. Good thing she was wearing pants, she might have scabbed her knee. She wasn't too happy with the skater boy's actions, but she wouldn't worry about it too much since he did seem too focus on his camera. She also felt unnerved too because her instincts had come off as he past her. She had been getting feelings of Deja vu since the semester had started. It started with the dreams and now she was starting to feel them when she was awake. What in the world was going on?

Dryson couldn't help but laugh at the antics of the Fire Guardian, formerly known as Conley. He had been in the cafeteria when the blonde pulled off his tricks. He still didn't know his name in this current life, but he'd know soon enough. The blonde was physically different from his past life self, who had black and white hair back then. He also hadn't changed too much, only from what he learned, Conley was a bit more 'friendlier'. In this life, the male fire guardian was more of a prankster. Still it was fascinating to see both the changes and similarities.

After getting his own meal, Dryson ate and left, deciding to walk around before his next class at noon. These classes that Dryson had to take were either boring or fascinating. Despite being 25, Dryson was only a Freshman, having started that semester. He did have to lie about his past in order to get into the school. He really hated doing that, but he had no choice if he wanted to get close to the Guardians. Speaking of Guardians, Dryson soon saw another, this time one of the dark guardians, one who use to be known as Lilith. Out of all of the Guardians, she had been the one who had seemed to have changed the least, in both appearance and personality. He never saw her interacting with others, and she still had her purple hair, only it was much shorter. Deciding he was now a good time to try and get acquainted with her, he slowly approached her and made sure to be in her line of sight, so he wouldn't surprise her.

"Hello, nice day huh? Sorry if I am bothering you, but I like meeting new people and you're out here by yourself. If I am being a bother, I can easily leave," he said casually.

If he was allowed to stay, then he'd sit down. For now though, he just stood there with an easy smile.

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11:11 AM, Monday
Place: Arumer university
Character: Jazmine Crickwaer

Slowly walking out of the cafeteria, Jaz noticed a careening skateboarder with a... camera? What the hell is he think he doing? She thought to herself. He's gonna hurt someone. As if to prove her prediction powers, he almost ran into another student. The girl dove out of the way, narrowly nearly got ran over, as did a blond guy running. Jaz glared holes into the back of the skateboarded just to be awed by the jump he did off of a flight of stairs.

She looked at the girl that was almost ran over. She felt an urge to go over and help her, but another part of her fought against that. What happens if she doesn't want your help? What happens if she starts making fun of you? What... Closing her eyes, she head over to the girl that was rubbing her knee.

"That guy should get in trouble," Jaz said, wincing at how lame she sounded. "Are you okay?"


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Time: 11:12AM
Place: Arumer University
Character(s): Esmeray Lenox & Dryson

It took 5 seconds to register that someone was taking to the purple-haired girl. She didn’t narrow her eyes but her face was neutral, guarded and perhaps slightly confused. Perhaps he simply wanted to sit down and enjoy the view here, especially since it was quiet. Or simply to relax, in any case Ray scooted slightly so the stranger could sit down if he wanted to, but she said absolutely nothing. The man had blue hair and the same light blue eyes He had an easy smile which Ray never liked and she looked away. She disliked people who would get all talky just because you talked to them once.

When people were around Esmeray never ate especially since she didn’t like it being in front of other people and eating so she decided to grab her book and read it, so the stranger wouldn’t bother with her much longer and if he did she would probably just make short remarks. Maybe even sarcastic ones so he would leave. She glanced at him and what he was doing. He felt strange not like the other people here on Arumer university he had a slightly different feel about him. But she wouldn’t pry too much since it would probably backfire anyway.

She read a moment with silence from her book, as it was one of the last chapters and she felt immediate sadness in her chest. She set her book aside before she reached out for her tarot cards. Just then she remembered a stranger being there so she just decided to rest her head on the tree which was full of shade.

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Time: 11:12 AM
Place: Arumer University
Characters: Jack & Valerie

Interaction: Open

After a successful show in the cafeteria, Jack slowed his pace after being quite a ways from there. He smiled to himself with his head held high as he took a bite from the sandwich he stole. He did feel slightly bad for stealing it, but the guy was wearing a Gucci fanny pack. Jack figured the student could spare some money to pay for someone else's lunch. Jack had unfortunately left his wallet at home that day, so he needed to something and not starve for the rest of the day.

It was then that Jack took out his phone to check the time and decided that he should probably make his way to his next class which was German 1. He sighed at the thought due to the fact that he was never good at foreign language classes. He barely passed Spanish back in continuation school. "Thank goodness for tutors, else I wouldn't have made it this far," He thought as he began his walk around campus to said classroom.

Interaction: Chris

This time Valerie was able to walk a little farther along the rope. As she held out her arms to balance, she felt herself get a little more confident, but out of the corner of her eye she noticed someone was watching her. She stopped herself from walking farther as she looked up to see a young man with greenish hair watching her as she attempted to be slack-lining. He looked oddly familiar and felt as if she had seen him before in a similar atmosphere amongst grass and trees. Ultimately, she thought that maybe they had bumped into each while hiking or something in the past.

Regardless, she raised a hand waving as she said aloud over to him, "Hey there! Would you like to give it a try-y-y- oh!" As she tried to speak to him she lost her footing an fell off the rope clumsily to the side. For a moment, she was still in that de' ja vu state as she switched her gaze from the person to looking at the sky feeling as if she was falling much farther than just 6 feet and for some reason she got the sense of cold mountain air around her. In the next instance, that very odd feeling ceased as she laid flat on the grass wondering what that sensation was.


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Time: 11:12 AM
Place: Arumer University
Characters: Charity, Jazmine, Dryson, Esmeray

Charity had realized someone was checking on her until person spoke. It caught her off guard and she gasped. She looked up at the person who had short hair. She had asked if she was okay.

"I'll . . . be fine, thanks," she said a bit tersely.

She hadn't mean to come off rude, she was just annoyed to be caught off guard, again. Plus her instincts were ringing again and she was getting annoyed with that and having no answer as to why she was feeling this way. Looking at the young woman again, she attempted to be more polite.

"Sorry, I am not good with talking," she replied.

It was true, but she wasn't ready to explain herself. After all she didn't know this girl, or did she? Deciding to test her knee out, she carefully got up. Her knee was a bit sore, but she managed to stay up on it. She got her things before turning to the brunette.

"Again thank you for your help. Have a nice day," she bowed before starting to head for the cafeteria.

There was a limp in her walk, but it got better as she continued to walk.

Dryson wasn't surprised by the silent treatment. Anyone who didn't hang out with others wasn't probably use to company. Still he wasn't deterred, he was determined to get a bit acquainted with each Guardian before the Gods gave him the sign to unlock their past lives memories. Deciding to be quiet himself, Dryson sat nearby, but still gave her some space. He pulled out a textbook to read but was very much aware of what the dark guardian was doing. He saw her reach for something, but she pulled her hand away. Closer inspection indicated she had been reaching for a tarot deck. This surprised him for he was very familiar with such things. The Gods had told him some of Remura's traditions had managed to transfer between the two worlds and Divination had been one of them. This was his first time seeing such a thing. Tarot Decks were popular in certain regions, the Dark Region being one of them. He himself never practice it since premonition and the like was never his thing. Wanting to test something, Dryson took out one of the few things he was allowed to bring with him from Remura. It was a pocket watch, but it was very unique. For one thing, it wasn't powered by batteries, but electric magic, for he got it when he lived in Lightning region. Clocks were a very recent invention. This watch also had a magic stone in the center, an aquamarine gem, given to him by his father right before he left his hometown. He wanted to see if the dark guardian would react to its magic energy. So when he pulled the watch out and opened it as if to check the time, he internally said a few words to allow calming energy to flow out of the stone and surround the guardian.

"Hmm, looks like I still have a bit more time before my class. Oh, I am Dryson by the way. This is my first semester at this school," he said casually as he put his pocket watch away.


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Time: 7:30 AM
Place: Arumer University
Characters: Alvara

"Arumer University! Get it moving, brats. I don't have all day."
A loud, hoarse voice rang through the bus, causing a distant furl of red hair to pop up from behind the crowd of dreary faces.
"Sounds like someone's having wife troubles again," Alvara cooed, hiking up her tactical bag. The old driver let out a groan, nearly a cry, before hesitantly turning around. His wrinkles cringed at the sight of her. "God, not you again-"
"Yes, me again," She chirpped, "I hope you've been treating Debra well."
"How can I? She can't even make a good meal anymore ... novel this, novel that. I don't care, woman! I'm just hungry! Jesus ... no thanks to you! What are you doing back on my bus? I can't stand another noisy woman in my life!"
"I'm in the masters program," She replied cooly, "And I left my car back in Florida during the break. Thought I'd start travelin' ecologically. Heh. Go plants!"
He glared at her.
"...And you know military instruction starts at zero five hundred hours on the base. On. The. Dot. I'll always do it, too, just ta get up bright n' early to see your face from now on." Alvara gave him a sly smile, patting his cheek.
The man groaned and rolled his eyes, swatting her hand away in disgust. "Get off my bus before I call the police!"
Alvara shrugged and tightened the strap on her shoulder as she bounced out of the bus, waiting on the doors to slam behind her before starting her stroll towards the university.
"It's show time, baby."

Time: 11:13 AM
Place: Arumer University
Characters: Alvara

It was in fact, not show time. Incredibly, it had been boring time for the past four hours. Getting her masters meant she had less classes than before. No in betweens, no distractions, no fun. Granted, the idea was to focus on her thesis and remaining larger courses, so usually she would have spent this time working diligently. But it was the first day of classes since Spring Break. What was there even to do? There was no move-in stress, or special events going on. What did a college student who had spent her life on studying finally do with this free time? Break had been full of family and activity. Now she had to make her own choices again. So...
She tossed her things off at her dorm, jogged around campus twice, arm wrestled a jock in a back alley, won that, chased a few squirrels - found out they would absolutely chase her back - ate breakfast, climbed three trees, visited the gym, tried to swoon over a passing hunk with a knock knock joke - turns out he was gay - and finally, perhaps more interestingly, tripping and rolling down a large hill. This was NOT purposeful. But it was fun. She may have even done it again, in spite of all the grass stains. Truly, it was a really big hill.

Alvara sat up, swinging her watch up to her face. 11:13. She groaned and plopped back into her mangled pile of grass. Her next class, Structural Minerals and Theory III, didn't start till 13:00. At least she had the gentle breeze and a clear sky.
If she listened closely, the wind almost seemed to hum a tune. The way it tickled the grass and made it sing, the sound of brushing leaves and distant carried laughter. For a second, the moment seemed familiar. But the feeling nearly sent her to sleep, so she quickly tossed it. Instead, she opted for a nearby restaurant in her green, crazed state, craving yet another bite to eat.
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