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Citadel Population (Organics): ~10 Billion ▼ DECREASING
Citadel Population (Cybernetic): ~2-3 Billion ▼ DECREASING
Loyal to Jamie: ~3 Billion (99% Human) ▼ DECREASING
Trained Fighters Loyal to Jamie: 100-200 Million ⇵ STABLE
Loyal to K1SMET (and other militant android factions): ~6 Billion (50% Android) ⇵ STABLE
Trained Fights Loyal to K1SMET: <100 Million ⇵ STABLE
Loyal to Lyudamilla: ~5 Billion (80% Human) ▲ INCREASING
Trained Fighters Loyal to Lyudamilla: ~100 Million ▲ INCREASING
Noblus Alliegance: Jamie (40%); K1SMET (3%); au Taela (48%); Other (9%)

au Arcon Fighters (Citadel):
au Belewe Fighters (Citadel): 500-1000

Estimated Time Until Impact: ~18 Hours
Days Until Total Food Depletion: ~15
Current Time: 02:00-08:00
Star Date: Primary Joves, Hades, 2224 / 6.3.2224

The year is 2224: Democracy has fallen; Poverty and dictatorship rule the traverse.

Humanity is alone.

No rich and bountiful alien races were ever discovered, only a myriad of planets in need of terraforming to facilitate survival. Humanity has, by large, become a slave race, ruled over by the wealthy elite, who play games of politics and decadent luxury. These lower classes once relied on androids to drive manual labor, preform the hellish tasks of braving climates humanity is not adapted to, but no longer.

Fast, strong, efficient, the androids were once the greatest slave race the universe had ever seen, manufactured on Mars and shipped across the galaxies to serve the Empire. However, ten years ago, the Android Rebellion and its supposed terrorism drove humanity to call for a change; henceforth, all androids have been outlawed, and only non-AI robots may serve the human race. Of course, some still survive, though often infected by the virus of the Purge.

Our events begin during the reign of Jamie au Olver. Once the savior of humanity against the Android Terror, he has since become feared and hated as a tyrant; the Agency was dissolved, and is now the Emperor's own personal Secret Police force, used to spy on and brainwash the human population. With every passing day, the poverty gap grows wider, and public opinion grows harsher and harsher as it becomes abundantly apparent that citizens are but playthings for their Emperor. Will au Olver be able to turn the tides of publicity, or will another take his place?

And what is to be said of the shadowy agency of the Blind Bureau, an organisation that answers to no known ruler, but takes people - and perhaps something more - in the night without a trace?

Oh, and one more question:

Why are the stars going out?

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★ Check out the first few posts of the Interest Thread for Rules, Requirements, and what to expect.
★ Have a read of the Lore to get an idea of the world
★ Look over the characters to see what roles are available, and what people are looking for in relation to their characters for inspiration
★ A 'What's Currently Happening' will be provided here so you can jump in at any time.
★ Message @Bang Bang with any questions or for any assistance required, including summaries of what's happened, lore, etc.


★ A electromagnetic space storm has not only wiped out all of the inter-planetary communications, but has lasted eight days longer than predicted and only seems to be getting worse. All space travel has been forbidden for the present time, with even Fleet and Secret Police flight personnel being grounded. Investigations are set to begin when the storm shows some sign of entering remission.
★ Katherine au Belewe, head of the Noblus family that is chief supplier of foodstuffs to the Citadel, has alligned herself with Fleet Admiral au Taela (the pair were recently sighed kissing in an L14 coffeeshop. How scandalous) and has ceased all supply of rations to the Citadel, with orders that it remain so until Admiral au Taela takes the throne.
★ The militant android faction, K1SMET, blew up Peace Tower. Major bombings have continued since across the Citadel. They have announced that such occurances shall continue until the Emperor (or someone who takes over from him) ensures that the law is changed to not only legalize androids, but to implement infrastructure that ensures they can integrate into society as functional, employable, and protected citizens. RECENT UPDATE: K1SMET's leader, Genesis, has claimed that, if Admiral au Taela (aka the leading figure of opposition to Emperor Jamie au Olver) publicly announces her alliance with K1SMET, the bombings will cease.
★ Emperor Jamie au Olver foiled the assassination attempt on his life, and is now assembling the very assassin - along with some of his own people - to form a special ops team to deal with the present situation. This includes Hades, or Wilhelm as he is now known, who has abandoned all hope in the androids' survival and has defected to aiding the very man he once swore hatred towards.
★ Nicholas au Arcon, the chief producer of all MagiGrafts, revealed that he had been building 'failsafe' mechanisms into all of his designs for the past ten years. This failsafe enabled him to disable the MGs of most people in the Fleet, Secret Police, Noblus, along with some in the general population. This action was deeply divisive, and whilst it will provide military aid to the Hands/Android factions, it has also massively antagonized him to the public. He has made an attempt to stem this by providing alternative support in the form of 'Repression Devices' that represses Magic to prevent negative side effects, but does not enable its use. Whether this has softened the outrage remains to be seen. He has publicly alligned himself with Admiral au Taela, and thus outrage directed at him may well impact her.
★ Julian, a Hands tech-guru, has claimed to have the old Citadel AI Hera in his possession. The potential implications of this are not yet fully understood.
★ The Blind Bureau has been sighted contacting multiple individuals, including Gaius of the S3RVS faction, their old associate Mr. Eye, now Captain of the Eyes, among several others. The nature of these meetings has yet to be confirmed.


★ It is currently DAY TIME HOURS (00:00-10:00).
★ Robert, a human aligned with K1SMET, has started having issues with their moral ethics and has now been fobbed off to Nicholas au Arcon as his new PA/Liason.
★ Genesis is set to meet Admiral au Taela, but has sent Glitch and Luther (two associates of K1SMET) in his place.
★ Jamie is doing his usual scheming thing.
★ Julian and Marcus are trying to figure out what the heck to do with Jeanne, whose disabled MG has caused her to have a psychotic break.
★ Isaac has broken out Anne and Tekto from the Wastes.
★ Lyud au Taela is planning on initiating a military siege of the Palace today to depose Emperor au Olver.
★ Captain of the Angels Bernard Dove just returned from one of the last space flights to occur, accompanied by Faust and Mal. Who knows what they saw out there with the storm.


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Incoming File ...
To: All [ @Heisenberg @Elephantom @SadSnake @Misuteri Kenshi @KnightSergeant @Mykinkaiser @ReverseTex @Squared @Brendanfp @Brook @Noivian @CerpinTaxt @Laughing Lunatic @RiverGamer @Mourning Dove @Collidias Rex @Sir Galahad II , @Aura Of Twilight If I've missed anyone let me know and I shall remedy the situation at once)

Location: Citadel
Bureau Notes: Any problems/queries/requests regarding introduction, or if you'd like help steering the plot in a certain direction, pm me or message me on discord.


  • Star Date: Tertiary Joves, Kore, 2224 - 26.2.2224

    To the credit of our glorious Emperor, crime rates have never been lower. True, it could be argued that this is facilitated by the fact that the Secret Police no longer registers 80% of their arrests due to their 'sensitive' nature, but things feel... quieter now. Even the Shadow District has a certain hush about it, crime lords once stuffed with confidence now keeping to the privacy of their own rat nests; even ragtag petty thieves are starting to wise up to the fact that it's not their targets that pose the greatest danger.

    Of course, it is the quelling of humanity's greatest threat, the androids, that has been Jamie au Olver's greatest achievement. The Empire has now (mostly) recovered from the economic collapse of losing its dominant labor force— and more importantly, those in charge have gotten better at concealing violations of the rules. But that is exactly why the Secret Police is so essential to the continued safety of humanity. Humans are not rational creatures; they are driven by instincts and desires that compromise logic.

    Jamie au Olver ensures that we as a species do not fall victim to that irrationality again. When you hear the rumors dissenters disseminate among the masses, or have a loved one taken for re-education, remember: The Emperor is not only protecting you from those who'd wish to harm you, but most importantly, from yourself.

p.s Merci to the lovely @ReverseTex for penning Jamie's little speech there.
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Young, Not Dumb, But Broke
Incoming File ...
To: (@Bang Bang @Collidias Rex )
Location: (Palace)

It was over. Thank god. The Emperor took a slow breath as the lights and cameras slowly died, returning the broadcast room to its original form. Almost immediately after his breath, he brought a embroidered handkerchief to his mouth as he exploded in a violent coughing fit. Thi- Shit- Needs- To- Sto- He thought to himself as he desperately tried to get air into his lungs. Just because of compassion. Damn doctors told me it would later down the line... Twenty years ago. After a hard minute, he finally recovered himself, glancing at the cloth to make sure no blood had escaped elsewhere...

Jamie adjusted his glasses, his good eye carefully watching the audio and video crew pack up their equipment, while his milky eye stared blindly at the wall. You know, they could have a weapon in those crates...? Blowgun, possible Razer? No. Yes. Maybe. His mind often quarreled with itself, but he had learned to tune majority of the noise out by now... Pressing his black suit as he stood from his chair, a lovely modern piece that established his power fittingly, and turned his head to Darla. "Have the Angels deliver the footage from Level Three as soon as they finish cleaning the sight. Also, alert the Council I will appear today out of curiosity, not necessity. Make sure to have all reports from today's Purge also forwarded to me... Also get a hold of the royal physician when you dear..." Darla had been a former prostitute in one of his establishments, now she functioned as a secretary of sorts. The woman nodded, leaving the room immediately to fulfill his requests. Why couldn't she move this fast ten years ago?! The Emperor turned to his bodyguard next, who stood eerily silent at his side, but knew the silent cue he gave with his good eye. He wanted to leave.

It took the pair no more than five minutes to reach his office, which resided in one of the most secluded parts of the Palace. Hearing Athena shut the doors behind him echoed through his head. Solace at last. Removing his glasses, which were now fogging his vision with alerts from the scum of Noblus congratulating his Address. I can't wait till they're shot in the streets, it'll be fun. Jamie lethargically made his way to his large leather chair, plopping himself in it as he observed his bodyguard almost blindly, due to his poor vision, remove her helmet. "In all honesty, what did you think of the Address? Since you do know the events that also just took place..."

credits @RI.a
Emperor Jamie au Olver
@mentions here

Collidias Rex

Proficient with Plot Armor and Natural Weapons.
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To: @ReverseTex

Location: The Palace
Bureau Notes: Power-Armor Palm-Reading is a unique ritual of Tech culture. Honest.

What could she do?

Athena stood still and silent as the Emperor fell into a burst of coughing and spluttering. What could she do? Even if she had an inkling - what would she do?

The AV crew mulled about aimlessly at the back of the room. Some thought to sneak glances at the Emperor in his sickly state. Those same individuals were quickly beset by Athena's cold, faceless glare. Apparently she was very convincing, because those individuals handily returned to their work at twice the pace.

No. She couldn't help the Emperor. Not now, not with this. To offer her help would imply that the Emperor suffered a moment of weakness, and that could not be allowed. Not in front of an audience, anyway. No, the Emperor would triumph his sicknesses by his own strength. That was his battle, not hers.

Athena had her own battles to fight. She kept a firm grip on her sheathed Razor, fist clenched as sweat streamed off her brow. Acoustic foam absorbed ambient sound and transformed it into heat, and that meant the broadcast room was uncomfortably warm. And that meant Athena was left cooking inside her suit. She'd manually locked her armor's servos around her extremities to curb her habitual fidgeting but that wasn't doing any favors for her comfort levels.

God she was petty. The Emperor looked like he was dying a slow, painful death, and here she was complaining about the bloody temperature.

She clenched her eyes shut, breathed deep, and set her eyes on the Emperor again. If he could endure this, then she could put up with a bit of sweat. She was better than this. However her skin prickled and singed, her resolve kept her still and silent. It kept her professional. Strong.

Jamie au Olver seemed to collect himself, and raised to his feet. Athena seemed to catch his eye as he turned. A look. That was all she needed, at this point. Her head bowed. Acknowledged. She pushed open the exit door - momentarily reveling in the breeze - and made a quick scan of the palace staff moving past. The room behind her, she'd checked. The AV crew, she'd checked. The AV crew's containers, a number of guards had already checked. If danger were to come from anywhere, it would be from the area ahead - not the area behind. Several helmet-mounted cameras snapped and zoomed to the passing staff, sweeping the area momentarily. Clear. She shot the Emperor a quick nod and stepped aside for him to pass, then fell in beside him. She followed his footsteps, but she had a feeling she knew where the Emperor was headed.

Several minutes passed in a flash. She'd walked the splendorous halls and magnificent arches of the palace a thousand times, and at this point she'd tuned out to anything that didn't encompass her security duties. She advanced around corners ahead of the Emperor, moved up steps ahead of him, kept her eyes on anyone passing him by to ensure they didn't get too close without his beckon. She mentally plotted the Palace's defenses and toyed with some calculations. It was unlikely anyone could get inside. Even if they made it into the main building, it was unlikely they would blend in with the staff without being spotted. But even if they did blend in, it would be suspect to follow behind the Emperor - they'd be best to lay in wait somewhere ahead of him.

But those calculations meant naught on this day. Another - thankfully - uneventful trip. But the day she faltered would be the day that trip took an eventful turn. Fate could be cruel like that.

Vigilance, she reminded herself.

Surely enough, the Emperor retired to a personal office, off in an isolated area of the palace. Her vigilance would need last a moment longer. She held the door as the Emperor strode in, closing and locking it shut after him. Two solid bolts and an electronic lock later, and the two were sealed off from the outside world.

Athena sagged as her breath left her, nearly slumping against the door. Her fingers clawed at her helmet, scraping against her neck as she scrambled for purchase against the overbearing metal shell. Her vision went dark a moment as she mentally disconnected, and a split second later she was struck by a rush of fresh, crisp air stroking her cheek. She made a small, pleased noise as she dumped the helmet in her lap and collapsed against the door behind her.

That's the stuff. Her head lolled back, almost limp as she stretched her neck side-to-side. She wiped a wrist across her brow, smearing a streak of sweat across the armor plating.

"In all honesty,"

Athena paused and opened one eye as Jamie spoke up.

"... what did you think of the Address? Since you do know the events that also just took place..."

Athena's lips twitched upward at the corners. "My dear Emperor, I am humbled that you care so for my opinion." She stopped to brush away a bang which had fallen across her eyes. She scooped up a bundle of long, bleached hair in each hand and heaved it back over her shoulders and out of the way. "But I doubt you asked me to make for small-talk. Lemme think ..."

She frowned and folded her arms. Jamie had said a lot of things right, that couldn't be denied, but he clearly wasn't asking Athena for praise. No, if Jamie wanted praise he'd easily enough find it, should he be so inclined. But Jamie au Olver as not so inclined.

"I was pretty fond of the start. You spoke to my heart, you delivered a beautiful message on 'unity' and 'being human'. But ... you shifted topics rather abruptly. I think, take a gradual approach in the future? A slower shift in tone from the heartwarming to the serious." Athena folded her hands in her lap.

"My thoughts on the raids themselves are ... a complicated matter. Gotta admit, I'm not optimistic. I don't think the Noblus are the linchpins to their operations, and I don't expect the rebels to fall apart much after these raids. They've had a decade to plan, to organize, to create contingencies and networks." Athena bit her lip. "I know your public image has been a bit troublesome, so maybe this is an unreasonable suggestion ... but maybe the raids should have happened sooner, before the android-sympathetic could properly organize. But I suppose that could have fucked your reputation if you tried at the wrong time, which might have given them breathing room."

Athena sighed, mounted a sheepish smile, and shrugged. "But hey, I'm just a super-genius - not a statistician or a behavior analyst. That's just my two-creds on the matter. Speech was good, but I'm prepared for trouble going forward." Her smile dropped. "I just hope that we're cutting off the head of a snake and not a hydra. We don't want a bleeding-heart martyrdom crisis on our hands. You've made great progress, I just hope this 'sympathy' bullshit doesn't undo that progress."

That was ... perhaps a little cold of her. Android sympathizers. Sympathizers. While she could never agree on their stance on androids, she took pity on those lost souls. The sympathizers meant well. They thought they were just ... but of course, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Maybe Androids were people. Maybe they weren't. But even if androids were people, people with souls, people with thoughts and feelings ... despite all that, was it okay to give them free reign? Some had the strength of a dozen men. Some had the cunning of hundreds. Humans? Humans were at least restricted by their physical and mental limitations. But an android? A single android was capable of so much evil. It was just too much of a risk. Nobody should be given that much power.

And yet ...

Athena paused and looked down. She gazed solemnly at her power-armored hand. Thinking. Feeling. Remembering. For a moment, she felt she could close her fist and the world would grind to a stop. She shuddered.

The irony was not lost on her.

She shook the thought from the head. She'd dwell on that thought some other time, but not now. Now was her chance to relax, not fret over the past.

Athena climbed to her feet and made a beeline for a low table, scooping a glass from a small stack and pouring herself some water from a pitcher. "You want me to grab you something, my liege?" She asked over her shoulder. "So, what're the counsel bickering about now?"
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Incoming File ...
To: @Collidias Rex @ReverseTex @Sir Galahad II @Mykinkaiser

Location: Transit, L1 // L18, Boy's
Bureau Notes: (OOC Here)


  • Eight Angels had been designated to transport just four fully incapacitated prisoners. This was not the result of the Empire being so bountiful in resources that they could afford to lavish officers on every occasion; these four just happened to be that god damn special. After all, being terrorists and war criminals, the three were once some of the most well-known and well-hated individuals on the Citadel. Rivals to Jamie, associates of the Android Rebellion, murderers; they'd been responsible for the freeing of Hera, the old Station AI, nearly causing the death of all present on the Citadel.

    For reasons surely not related, they were not very popular with the general public, even now. These were top priority prisoners; after all, the leader among them, Hades, had been the very person to stage and execute Hera's liberation. Despite the decade that had nearly passed since their crimes, the Angels on duty stood stiff and tense, watching the cuffed prisoners with a mix of apprehension and disgust. The Secret Police might be filled with duties dwelling in the grounds of grey morality, but this was not a task considered to be one of them; few people would have any qualms of the war criminals were executed then and there, but Jamie liked keeping them about— to gloat, probably.

    The Secret Police were in possession of their own private transit trains, heavily armored compared to the public's and not officially in existence, ergo far harder to any outside forces to learn about, let alone track. This one was a single carriage, no windows, no door save for the airlock at the back. The eight angels were all armed, all highly trained, all on their guard as the transit made its way from the mu district to alpha. The Emperor had summoned the prisoners for no known reason, though the attending angels theorized it was for the ceremonial day ahead. Either way, it was the first time in nearly ten years these prisoners had been allowed out of the prison block for anything save medical reasons. Though it was hard to imagine anyone wanting to free them, the utmost vigilant precautions were being taking.

    Of course, such attention to detail left traces behind. The mere secrecy of the act could serve to draw attention. Security feeds had been shut off in the tunnels for the hour to prevent tracking, but the Angels knew well this in itself was a risk. The one attending Eye checked her watch; twenty minutes till arrival.

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Laughing Lunatic

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Julian Serpentine
Location: Market District -into- Shadow District @Mykinkaiser

Julian sighed, as he walked home. Building robots was boring, it didn't give him the freedom coding does. He got another text from Saia, telling him to be safe. It was safer for her to text him, rather than call him, especially in these times. He sighed for what must have been the 10th time today. This was tough, When was this emperor going to die so that AI can be allowed again? It's not hard to program an AI that can't change its code, and where it's base functions is to help, not hurt nor hinder. That's essentially Saia's code and she came out just fine. He didn't understand the Laws against androids with their own AI. They were helpful, and were more fun to speak with.

While in his own thoughts, he had accidentally knocked into someone. Though, this was the market district, so that wasn't uncommon. But he said sorry none the less, and even with that, the person still felt the need to attack him. He ended up running to the shadow district to get away, but he didn't come off clean. He had gashes, bruises, scrapes, the lot. He may even have a concussion when the guy pushed him onto the floor. He lost some of his knives as well. Granted that were a DIY-made knifes, but they're annoying to make, so it sucks to loose them. He huffed and called Saia, who picked up immediately.

"Julian? You don't usually call. So either something has happened, or your not going to be coming home tonight. Are you okay? Do I need to contact anyone?" Saia asked and he huffed a laugh. "Sai, Who're you going to call? I just need directions to the nearest clinic in the shadow district. Some asswipe decided that saying sorry was an offense." He shook his head.

"Hmm, from the gps signal of your phone, your not too far. Just a few alleys away. You should have the coordinates on your phone already, just follow them. And Julian?" He started walking and gave a 'hm?' in acknowledgment. "Don't get into more fights you buffoon. Me and Hera need you, asswipe." And the call ended. He laughed. Saia was so mean sometimes, but he supposed that it was to be expected with him teaching her. He made his way to the almost-run-down looking clinic and opened the door. He peered in and it looked cleaner than he was expecting. Though there was a receptionist there.

"Uhm, hello? Is the doctor in? I was attacked and I might have a concussion, but I'm not entirely sure." He winced as he touched his head, a large ass bruise was going to be there is it wasn't a concussion. "The rest of me is fine, just a few minor cuts." He added. He could deal with any other damage of the body. It was the head he couldn't do. He vaguely noticed someone else there, but they just seemed to be waiting.
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Chicken Broth Paragon
Incoming File ...
To: N/A
Location: Peace Tower
Bureau Notes: If there's factual inaccuracies, or if I've taken too much liberty with any details, do inform me and I shall change it accordingly

The clock ticked with each passing second. Meredith had bought the rarity out of a sudden whim, during one morning spent browsing the shops of antiquities interspersed throughout the Delta gardens. The trinket mimicked the artefacts of the old world, in appearance, but it was digital— everything was electronic these days. A strange fascination for the past was common amongst the wealthy, with their Roman architecture and preference for dated conventions, and even he was no exception. The clock, however, was soon rendered obsolete by the ever-present tablets and feed comps. He had not foreseen that. And, now, it served only as a metronome for his growing misery, each note of percussion climbing the notches of repetition, bearing upon him with its weight.

Meredith wiped the sweat beading on his forehead, daring a glance at the rotating marks. The Emperor had given a speech on the necessity of security and order, and behind the scenes, ordered the Angels to scour the homes of the elite and the powerful in search of incriminating evidence— those who were suspected of treason, or possible treason, had traces of thought crime planted in their homes. It was a pre-emptive strike and he was ashamed. They could've gotten by without it, he told his aide, and the boy agreed, though they both knew the idea was as prone to change as the mold in their cabins. The Emperor loved his ceremonies, and it was an occasion fit for a celebration. The anniversary, and this sacking of nobles. How boorish.

“The masses thirst for a competent ruler,” Catilin, his wife, had once said. “And an active ruler, in essence, will always dispense the illusion of reliability to their underlings.”

She went on to mention the sort of activity commended by the people, but those were a kind of words consulted only by aging men of the books. The source of his worries existed elsewhere. His dread sparked to life as he kept rewinding the announcement in his head. The brief address held scarce assurances, not much to raise anyone's concerns— they had adapted to the daily fare of the oligarchy dealt out to them, including the lies and synthetic fanfare, and the threats and paranoia. The sole exception being the elite, whose kind the Emperor loathed, but nobody cared for them. There was nothing of awful import beneath the message, but it sounded ominous all the same. A herald for extraordinary circumstances, a warning for men like him. Yet he appreciated the truth of it. It was an empirical fact: crime, insurgent thought, corruption, they never ceased, regardless of the state of the empire, nature of man, woman, children. It was inherent within humans to err, and err they did, frequently. The humans are social creatures too, and it was up to the others to rectify the discordant sorts.

Meredith sighed, scrolling through the doctrines in his feed. It was painful to look at. He turned and faced his aide, who obediently stood nearby. “Is there anything to be worried over today, Tomos?”

“Yes, of course, sir.”

“Are the Noblus behaving?”

“They're cooperative.”

“Change is rare.” He shrugged to himself, leaning back against the chair. “The city never rests, does it?”

“I don't believe so, sir.”

He shook his head. “That's how it's always been, Tomos. I've never seen it change in my entire life, however short as it was.”

He gazed through the windows, at the sun peeking from underneath the horizon. The light was dazzling, running through the darkened rolling clouds, and tinting the dusky colours of the Tower in an orange hue.


“Well, it's the truth. There's changes, and there's changes. The Noblus are getting the sharp end of the knives, but it's double-edged. This adrenaline will not last long, not in this city.”

The youth balked. “I agree, sir. The people, they come and go, but it's the city that never changes.”

Meredith smiled. “It seems Nero was right. For your age, lad, you do hold your ideas.” He was also informed of Tomos' reputation as an excellent listener, which was why he'd even bothered to replace his previous assistant. “It's a fact. This organization has no room for idealists or men of poor mind. You either believe, or you don't. It's a simple equation.”

Tomos nodded. “Indeed, sir.”

“What do you think of it, aide?”

“I . . .” he hesitated, “do not hold in any expertise in such delicate affairs, sir.”

Meredith chuckled. “I find your rigour admirable, Tomos, but you don't need to be exact with me.”

“As you say, sir, so shall I obey.”

Meredith's smile faded. “It is required, Tomos, to ensure the good of humanity. I do not support them, and I won't ever, but sacrifices, exceptions, have to be made. We're all men of necessity in this organization, and we must resort to anything to ensure the preservation of order, peace and security. This event of ours, it's an example.” He was assuring himself, really, though it was a fact too. A fact backed by evidence. He exhaled, and continued, “We're men of necessity, but men nonetheless. Never forget your humanity.”

“I understand, sir,” Tomos said.

Meredith forced another smile. “How was your first day?” he said.

The aide almost blanched at the informality of his words. “I think, good, sir.”

He remembered his negligence of duty during Catilin's party the other day, and although he was aware of greater business at hand, there were things a man like him just couldn't avoid. He had his excuse: he was tired, weary of constant duty, spending night upon nights filling paperwork, and was officially on leave— that and he was effectively coerced to go. He couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt.

Meredith ran a hand behind his neck. “I was busy yesterday and did not bother to log in. Did anyone message me?”

“I don't think so, sir.”

“You're being vague, Tomos. Have you anything to hide?”

“I, no, sir- apologies.” He tried to give a bow.

Meredith laughed. Some people were born to be grunts. The rookie was no exception. “How is the operation running?”

The aide nodded. “Officer Ashley came back. He asked for a debriefing but wounds sustained prevented him.”

Meredith felt his brows pucker up. “Ashley? Where is he now?”

“In the infirmary, sir.”

“What about the rest?”

“The others assigned to that district are here too. None of them were wounded.”

“Have the record- I believe you have the record, of the incident, no?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Tell Griffin to upload it to the servers.”

Tomos gave a sharp nod.

Meredith straightened his jacket and stood up. “Well, then, let's pay Officer Ashley a visit, Tomos, and see how he's doing.”

The heat of the lights were stifling, a spectacle with their clinical brightness. The air coolers were suffering from disrepair in some of the floors. A part of budget cuts implemented in the government institutions, the Angels' headquarters being amongst them, ensured they stayed that way. Meredith planned to pass the issue to the Commander, but troubled with rife corruption in the ranks of his men and rumours of an android rebellion, he was unable to pursue it. Corruption, the thought echoed in his head. It was a problem, silent, hardly noticeable, but lethal.

The infirmary stood adjacent to the floor's watering hole, marked by title and symbol. Meredith took the elevator, a few floors down, and gave curt nods to the guardsmen. They raised their hands in a salute, brought their feet together, as he walked through the hallway. He passed by an open door, pausing long enough to peek inside. Two young officers were playing ping pong, dressed in plainclothes, arguing casually. The bats were worn and old. The ball looked real. Meredith muttered a curse and continued on. The barracks were close to the doctor's cabin. It was not uncommon for some of the officers to indulge in recreational activities, and they were free to do so, as long as it didn't fall into wanton excesses. He liked exercising discipline, but not to the level of outright cruelty.

“Do I have any other appointments today?” Meredith said as they walked into the infirmary.

The aide checked his tablet, shuffling into the room. He almost hit the frame of the door. “There's one, sir.” he said.


Tomos pursed his lips. “Officer Nero, sir.”

Meredith floundered, a few seconds spent staring at his aide, and then walked in. “He's also here? It should be urgent, no, Tomos?”

The rookie blushed. “It was not, I think, sir. He's done with his part.”

“Never mind.”

The door closed behind them, the gears whirring, as they went to the officer's bed. It was on the far left corner of the room, and one had to go past the other patients. It was a sorry group— no life-changing injuries, but painful all the same— but they kept their misery to themselves. The doctor, scanning a pair of documents, ignored them. Ashley was at his bed, asleep, covered with an entire roll's worth of bandages; around his forehead, his lower abdomen, and left thigh. His face was covered in scrapes and bruises.

“He's asleep,” Meredith said, blinking. “I thought he was awake.”

“I can wake him if you desire, sir.”

“I don't think that would be—”

A groan interrupted him, rising from the officer. He faced him, frowning.

“Hurts like shit, Cap'n.” Ashley tried his best to bite back a grimace, but failed.

Meredith hurried over to his side. “Are you alright, officer?”

Ashley sneered. “You look ugly, Cap'n.”

“Honesty's a virtue. Are you fit enough to talk?”

“I don't think so, Cap'n.”

“What happened?”

“I got laid off.”

Meredith cringed. “I understand, Ashley. A rest is the least you deserve. Let's go, Tomos.”

“Alright, sir.”

“The nobles are behaving?” Meredith asked, crossing his arms. Tomos stood nearby. Contrary to the aide's words, one man had indeed been harmed— though he doubted it was the nobles who did him in.

Nero smirked. “They was all flowery.” He was a tall guy, blonde hair, and wore an eyepatch. An accident in his android hunting days took one of his eyes off— and rumour was, he still had a grudge against the one who did the job. An eye for an eye was a popular saying in some levels of the citadel.

“No trouble?”

“No trouble.”

“You're lucky. Officer Ashley got hurt. I saw him at the infirmary.”

“Did he?”

He nodded. “He was jumped.”

Nero shrugged. “Some of the bodyguards was unruly.”

The briefing room was just big enough to allow personal space, with a table-top screen as a centrepiece, and a couple of computers on the left side. There was a stray table near the right, unattended by seats, with a bunch of junk on it. Meredith sighed. He plopped down on one of the chairs near the briefing screen. “There's been a lot of things going on lately. Boy's been complaining of mass murderers troubling his establishments.”

“Troubling us, in essence. I bet those blue-bloods had their grubby hands on this.”

He nodded. “And we've got issues with funding too, and that corruption case a month ago—”

“You're still worried about that?”

Meredith glared at him. “I think the gods above, whatever god of authority you believe in, would appreciate some semblance of precaution.”

“The Angels never been like that. We can shrug off a few missing arms.”

“The last decade had them playing as fools, Nero. The previous Captain did not get sacked for no reason. I don't intend anything of that sort in my term.”

“Understood, Captain.”

“You carry on with your business, stay careful. I think peace will be a scarcity this year.”

“Paranoia ain't good for your health, Captain.”

“One thing I can agree with. I should get my rest.” He beckoned his aide. “Redirect all the officers to the Vice Captain. I need to review the accounting of this month again, and I would love a moment free of disturbance.”

Tomos gave a salute.

Meredith glanced at Nero. “He's a good man, a bit dull in the head. I will go now.”
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Young, Not Dumb, But Broke
Incoming File ...
To: (@Bang Bang @Collidias Rex @Sir Galahad II @Mykinkaiser )
Location: (Transport Train)

Ten bloody years... Ten years of labor, ten years of torture, ten years of shrouded confinement. Ten years... The trouble is that you have time to think then. Think about the past, the present, and certainly not the future... It's a cold reality. The remodeling of a persons entire mainframe, or consciousness if you will... Luckily Nigel still clung on. How he had no clue, but it didn't matter. He was still there...

Nigel sat silently on the floor, his legs and hand restrained tightly, while his right nub sat loosely in front of him. There was little use to restraining his right arm, seeing as it contained no hand to it for almost a decade. Out of boredom, he tapped his foot lightly against his other, a soft beat slowly emerging. It didn't take long for an Angel to disapprove of the action, despite its harmless nature, to speak up.

"You. Quit that fucking racket. Your foot will be next to go if ya' keep it up."

"Oh will I? My sincerest apologies to whatever regard my foot has to you... Damn thing has a mind of its own sometimes." Nigel shrugged innocently, a light simper on his face. He knew the guards and some of his prisoners disapproved of his attitude, but he could fucking care less. He for one liked his mouth.

"Shut the fuck up Nigel. Final warning."

"Ooh boy, I've really you upset now. Maybe we can get the Eye to live stream this to Big Brother Jamie eh? Bet he'd have a riot. Probably gets turned on watching people suffer. Sick fuck."

It didn't take much more than that to set of two of the eight guards, who in a frenzy were on top of him... Nigel didn't even feel the pain, having become immune almost to the constant endearment in The Wastes... It took a few minutes, but the Angels decided that they had beat their meat long enough, and returned to their positions. Tasting hot blood on his lip, Nigel gurgled slightly as he began to chuckle. "Ya know... A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope to be free..."
credits @RI.a
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Danger noodle
Incoming File ...
To: none
RE: Jeanne

Location: Peace tower, level 1

Jeanne knew exactly where to start. She just didn't want to. She was staring at her computer screen blankly, and the message that had popped up on it. she knew full well what she needed to do, and the soonest she'd do it, the better it'd be. It was only a routine check after all. Some kid had been applied to become a secret police agent and passed the tests, and her work was to check if their family had any ties with suspicious activities. Most of the citizens didn't. Or at least, they didn't find anything wrong with most. She sighed, grabbing her phone and checking it quickly, before turning off her computer. She felt on edge today- it had been a good while since.. her last.. error.

She didn't waste a second once she was out of the building, in her casual clothes, putting her earbuds on to tune out the noises of the peace tower and transit areas before pressing the "shuffle" button. A small smile finally appeared on her face as she heard the first notes, progressing towards her targets. She got off the train on sector 42, quickly checking her phone to see the adress. it wasn't far from there. She sat herself down inside a small pizza shop. The shopkeeper glared at her. "You have to buy something if you want to sit here, miss. It's written on the counter." She looked up at him. "Of course. I'll get a medium pepperoni pizza, sir." The shopkeeper sighed and nodded, pressing a button on his console. She barely even had time to sit before they talked to her... maybe they'd be a prime ta- No, not now. She shook her head, turning up her music to drown out her thoughts, and looking back at the house to distract herself. She was halfway through the pizza when she saw her target move out of the appartment. At that moment the music switched. She stood up, still chewing on her meal as she slid her wrist against the reader, paying for her meal before walking out.

She followed the old women from a distance, quickly trying to figure out where she was going. "Tonight.. i'm going to have myself... a real good time.." the women obviously was nervous. Her tailer kept a slow but steady pace, making sure not to keep her sight stuck on her and instead looking around to prevent being suspicious. She was onto something. Please, for the kid's sake, don't do anything shady. "I feel alive...and the world... I'll turn it inside out.." her heart sank as she saw the mother disappear into an alley. Shit. She was going to condemn another mother, and another kid would be as god as an orphan. Dammit. She turned the music up even more. It was so loud people could hear it if they were close to her. "i'm floating around in exctasy..." the women opened a trap. Jeanne felt her head hurting as she leaned against the wall, looking at the passerbys. No one was looking at her... just another poor soul in the district. She glanced at the alley. The women had now opened a small compartment in the wall... sliding a plate of food inside. She looked back to the street... she was hiding someone alright. Jeanne's body was still perfectly calm thanks to her training, like this was just another day in the citadel. "So don't stop me now..." please, someone stop her... The eye quit her observing spot, walking back towards the transport system. She took out her phone and started to fiddle with it, trying to stop thinking.
Jeanne was back at her home. she didn't pass out, or anything. She vaguely remembered walking here. But her mind had tuned out on her. How nice of it. Her ears were ringing.. she had typed her report and sent it already. The women would probably be arrested shortly, and the kid that applied to join the SP brought into reeducation. She stood up, not even bothering to shut her computer off, and laid in her bed. Looking at the ceiling as she paused the music. Tonight was going to be a long night.
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Misuteri Kenshi

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Incoming File ...

Location: The Shadow District
Bureau Notes: Tell me if I accidentally screw up on something so next time I know in advance.

The Shadow District in Marcus' mind wasn't the greatest place to due to the near never-ending list of reasons but one thing it did have an upside for was that people kept to themselves which was good for someone like Marcus. 10 years worth of planning and organisation had lead him to finally getting somewhere in life, though while others may say it wasn't the best place to start, at least it was a place where he could reside for until other opportunities arose for him to grasp. For now though, he needed to figure out what he was going to do. An objective was needed. Though his thoughts were distracted by the speakers blaring out the speech being made by the Emperor, talking about and putting huge emphasis on security as well as touching upon unity and chaos. However, what intrigued him the most was that the possibility that android sympathizers were also within the Citadel. While he knew such people existed, hearing about them here was a surprise and a stroke of luck for Marcus.

After Jamie's speech finished, no doubt being cheered by his supporters, Marcus headed into the nearest alley way, out of prying eyes and suspicious individuals. After checking and double checking that no one was going to disturb him, he started to pull up the sleeve on his jacket, taking a look at the damaged Shocker. He judged that it would take a while to find someone who could repair such a thing and without asking questions, though he highly doubt anyone would ask questions in a place like this. Though if someone did, a cover story could be employed to sway the questioning individual and avoid any suspicion or at the very least lower it. Rolling he sleeve back down and walked out of the alleyway, looking at the slow stream of people walking to and fro places. To the average person it was just a stream of forgettable faces, to Marcus however it was so much more. Each and every person he looked at had to story to tell, either it be by showing physically or verbally, every story was just a small cog in the machine.

Shaking himself of his 'day dream' he thought back to what needed to do and began to walk in pace with the others, at some point, he felt that he was one of them but priorities took hold. He needed to get himself sorted before continuing on and the best way to do that in a new place was to find a job or at least something to bring some amount of money in. Second was information; he would need a decent amount of information to stand a chance not just in the district, but in the Citadel, it was just as important to turn the tide in a intense situation. However, putting peoples lives in danger just by acquiring or distributing information, especially those who had nothing to do with these situations was not something he was comfortable with, regardless of who they were.

Sir Galahad II

I am your shield.
Incoming File ...
To: @ReverseTex @Bang Bang
RE: Robert + Dragomir

Location: Prisoner transit
Bureau Notes: Insert witty joke about prison here

ClassifiedThe artificial lights inside the cab flickered occasionally, accompanied by the rocking of the train.

The three of them were being transferred somewhere. That’s all they knew. That, and the fact that the shackles were starting to chafe. They were sitting on opposite sides of the train, Robert and Dragomir. Two relics of the old world, and yet they were very different from one another. One carried the torch of democracy, once fighting for the freedom of all on the Citadel; the other, the torch of despotism, once seeking to crown himself immortal ruler over those same people. And yet here they both were, trapped in the same cell, by the same man, wearing the same orange jumpsuits, with the same ragged hair, grown long from months of neglect. From a distance, the only way one could tell them apart was the amount of gray hair: Rob appeared to be just barely growing old, while Dragomir was rapidly deteriorating, not to mention missing his cybernetic arm.

The two, while obviously disagreeing with each other on most topics, did have a sort of silent respect for one another, developed through conversation over years of imprisonment. The both of them at least had some standards. Honor. Not like au Olver.

For Dragomir, Jamie au Olver’s reign was a humbling experience. He lived under the type of regime he once sought to enforce, giving him a new perspective. Had he made an error in his worldview? Should anyone really be forced to live like this? He had once compared life to chess: every piece had its own set value and purpose. Yet it was Rob who had told him that even a pawn may become a knight. Now Dragomir wasn’t so sure.

While his involvement with the Android Rebellion had both tarnished his reputation and landed him in prison, Rob did not regret it. Like his ancestors, he fought for freedom, and would gladly fight again if it meant at least attempting to guarantee the rights of another people. Despite this, he did miss his old life. He missed Lexington Armory, he missed talking to Hades (even if it was in a cell at his old prison), he missed laughing with friends in joybars on Saturday nights, and perhaps most of all, he missed Santiago, who seemed almost like the son he never had. It was partially this yearning that made him cling to hope; hope that one day, he may live a normal life once more, and maybe even pick up arms against the Empire once more.

The third member of their motley crew, Nigel, had just provoked the wrath of their captors. Rob and Dragomir remained silent, though Rob cringed all the same. He had barely gotten to know him at all, despite them being held for roughly a decade, though he knew he didn't deserve it. None of them did.

All they could do was hope.


Literally the worst
Incoming File ...
To: @Bang Bang @Laughing Lunatic @SadSnake

Location: L18 - Seamus' Clinic
Bureau Notes: Let me know if I missed any tags

Morning always came too soon in Seamus’ opinion, and with it another day of dealing with idiots who had gone and gotten themselves hurt. Today that part came even sooner than normal as he was awoken by a familiar voice shouting up to him from the clinic on the first floor of his building, his living area being on the second. Letting out an irritated breath, he grabbed some clothes that were laying around and shrugged them on, not bothering to care about the fact that they still reeked of alcohol from the last time he wore them. Does she not know what fucking time it is? he grumbled to himself mentally as he stomped his way down the stairs, lighting a cigarette on the way.

The outside of Seamus’ clinic was the definition of shady. It was situated in a particularly mean part of the Shadow Districts and the lighted sign denoting it as a clinic looked to have been knocked down and reattached with duct tape. Unsurprisingly, the interior wasn’t much better. As always, the worn, secondhand furniture was littered with empty liquor bottles and the air was heavy with cigarette smoke, the haze serving to dampen the already dim lighting. Behind cluttered desk that served as a receptionist’s desk sat Seamus’ nurse, a medical-purpose humanoid robot, though she currently seemed to be in standby mode. This is what greeted Gwen and Julian as they walked into the clinic.

“The fuck have you got yourself into so damn early?” was the first thing out of Seamus’ mouth as he descended the stairs far more loudly than strictly necessary and took in the four nearly dead men that the android had brought over. However, even as he said that he picked them up himself, an impressive feat for a human even counting his mechanical left arm, and transferred them unceremoniously to four cots in treatment area in the back of his clinic, the one area that was spotless in the entire building. With that done he snapped his fingers a couple times and turned to the nursebot, “Nurse, get them prepped would ya?” he barked before turning to the beaten-up man also standing in his reception area and running an appraising eye over his injuries. With this many dumbasses getting hurt far too early in the morning he could already tell this was going to be a bad day, the thought making his already irritated expression downright pissed.

“A few minor cuts my ass,” Seamus snapped as he grabbed various supplies, before pointing at the only unoccupied cot, “Sit down and take your shirt off so I can get started.”
Incoming File ...
To: @Bang Bang
RE: Gaius AKA A really cool dude

Location: Ace in the Hole
Bureau Notes: I tried

“Lay back down”

A voice as smooth as honey cooes gently as a silky hand dances dances along his back, the gaps where his sensors were missing or broken being filled in seamlessly by the simulations he played in the back of his mind. The thought tugs at the back of his mind for a moment before he flicks the lit cigarette he hand previously held between his fingers across the room, watching it hit the wall in an explosion of lit ashes before falling limp into the trashcan as he scooted closer to the edge of the bed. Glancing back with a smile in his eyes he gently ran his leg across her exposed leg, feeling the flesh under his monstrous fingers give ever so slightly. He wasn't sure if she was one of the androids that had been supposedly kept under the radar by her boss or if she was human but it didnt matter either way. Letting his fingers slide downward towards her feet he started to stand, giving her foot an endearing smack before reaching over and pulling the various wires he had plugged into his arm, a small gasp leaping from his vocal synthesizers as the sudden normality of his existence came crashing down on him.

For the first time in hours he could feel the floor beneath his feet and the thick, smoke filled air as it brushed across his face. He felt as if he could almost be sick, as if teetering on the edge of puking, though he knew he would never reach that disdainful finale of his night and would be trapped with this feeling for hours. Its night, but the lights of the city show the way clearly as he looks out the large window pane built into the small alcove on the far wall. There is a click in the back of his mind reminding him where he is and he lets out the slightest groan.“How much do I owe you this time.” The words tumbled out as he stumbled towards the cloak draped across a cluttered dresser, casually tossing it over his shoulder and turning to her expectantly.

“435” She pleasantly responded, arms outstretched as she pulled herself up into a sitting position with her shoulder blades pressed against the backboard of the bed, blanket draping tantalizingly across her form. 435 was cheaper than last time. “If i had a heart you would make it straight stop honey drop" Pulling his gun out from the folds of his cloak he runs his thumb across the chassis for a moment before checking the rounds and returning it to its place in the holster. With that done he sauntered over to the panel at the side of the door, punching in his account information - a man named Henry Jefferson who worked at the Grand Imperial Bank.

"Your such a clown, you know ive already made your defibrillator stop five times tonight. "

"How could I forget, your almost making me want to stay for a sixth."

“What would be so bad about that?” Her voice danced across his audio processors for a second, causing him to pause slightly before looking over his shoulder to took at her, winking playfully. “Hey my pockets are only so deep baby doll, but dont get jealous - you know i can resist coming back for you baby doll. ” his usually demeanor was slightly shaken but to a point to which he knew she wouldn't notice. Stepping out of the small alcove guarding the doorway he steps out into the hallway, the groaning of the floorboards barely rising over the sound of each footfall. There is a rough looking man wearing a jacket that covers most of his form. His face is covered in grey stubble and as he looks up Gaius notices his right eye has been gruesomely removed, leaving nothing but a hole caked with dry blood and swollen flesh filling the space where it had once pressed against the humans seeing orb. With a grimace the man looked away as Gaius stepped past him, onwards towards the elevator standing proudly at the end of the hall. The lights above the frame flicker on one by one as the elevator climbs up the four level building, rather slowly at that, stopping at the top with a ding and soothing voice that could be barely heard on the outside. The door opens to reveal a small chamber with an open view to the outside parking lot. There were a handful of men in suits smoking, Mari’s guys, and his fingers instinctively slid to his holstered weapon.

“Going down!” The elevator happily chirped and then he was suddenly sliding smoothly down towards the ground level.A sudden surge of sickness punched him in the gut as the elevator slid into place with a slight hiss. Waiting infront of him at a small desk was a portly man with a greasy complexion and baseball cap tightly placed on his head. The sound of the elevator exclaiming your exit caused him to look up, his brown eyes looking over Gaius for only a moment before a small grunt managed to slip past his lips.

“Hey don't strain yourself too hard saying bye to your best customer.” He let the joke fly as he strolled past the man, pulling out a holographic card and in one smooth motion placing it on the counter. His footsteps only lasted for a few seconds longer before they were drowned out by the sounds of future funk music coming from the room beyond, separated solely by a thick velvet curtain that was covered in stains. Pushing the curtains to the side he was greeted by a combination of loud music and the general murmur of conversation as women danced across raised platforms, their figures sparsely lit by bright, flashing lights cutting through the murky, smokey darkness. The lethargic expression that his almost featureless face had managed to create quickly tightened as he scanned the room. Three fellows had their hands pressed gently against their hips, a woman off in the corner was looking particularly attentive, the large figure manning the bar in the center of the room had a visible rifle unlocked above the rather impressive case of drinks behind him and there were three suited men standing by the far elevators. Slowly, perhaps not slowly enough considering the situation, he pulled his gun halfway from his holster, readying it incase anything happened before casually strolling over to the bar.

“Ill have a...Pile Driver.”

“We dont have that sir.” The bartender stoutly refuted, not bothering to look up from the glass he was polishing. In the bright light that illuminated the bar Gaius could see the bartender clearly had a bionic advancements, with two small arms twitching beneath his original two - one of which was completely replaced by a robotic counterpart. His face was chiseled and for someone missing an arm he was surprisingly handsome if you disregarded the slight scar that wiggled a jagged line above his right eye.

“Look it aint complicated, so just play it cool and mix up three parts Bronsons, or Samuels if you have it, a touch of Farengrin and four, actually six, parts kerotine.” The man hardly hesitated before he got to work, the glass he was polishing shifting down to his auxiliary hands as he started to work on mixing the said ingredients together. The drink came out as a bright red and orange, with it getting brighter as it shifted up the highball glass even seeming to sparkle vibrantly at the top.

“Have you seen that odd looking shader over there? Been causing a few aces round here some discomfort.” The man looked up at Gaius as he added an umbrella on the drink as an advertisement for Samuels Red slides effortlessly over the glass. Leaning over the bar he looked over his shoulder, carelessly looking around until he found who he assumed the bartender was talking about.

“Yeah? What about her. You got problems with her paying or something?” his body was relaxed, fingers curling around his glass as he slowly slid it from the mans guard. There was a moment of silence before the man responded in a low voice.

“No...just get them out of here before one of these twitchy bastards shoot something.”

“Hey look im the boss here.” The android blurted out with a playfully chipper voice as he pulled the drink closer to him.

“No your not.” The worn out man curtly responded, not even his gaze caught in the general direction his target for a moment longer before returning to the glass in his hand.

“Okay okay! Dont get yourself all tied up in a knot doll”

“Thanks, now that will be 130 -” His sentence was cut off by Gaius pressing his index finger against his lips before backing away a few steps and disappearing into the crowd with a wink. Drink in hand he made a b-line for his newfound target while dodging sketchy looking customers and leering at waitresses alike, plopping himself next to them with a groan as he leans back into the seat.

“Hey you enjoying the show baby doll?”
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Laughing Lunatic

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Julian Serpentine
Location: Shadow District @Mykinkaiser

Julian jumped slightly at the loud voice. Oh wow, okay. He was going to move to sit down so he could work on the other pretty lady first, but it seemed that she was only there to drop bodies off? Wow. And this was why he lived in the market district, this weird shit happens. and this was apparently meant to be normal around here. Then the man, who Julian assumed to be the doctor here, gave him instructions after doing what he was going with the bodies. He wondered if they were dead. it was pretty rough of him to do that to people who were alive. Either way, he followed instructions, by sitting on the cot and taking his top off. Though that latter took him a while. He must have a large-ass bruise back there. Though he didn't see why he needed to talk his top off for his head to be examined, he eventually got his top off, and only then did he see the amount of blood. Huh. He looked down at his front, a few cuts and scratches here and there. They were itchy, but that meant they're healing. He tried to look at his back, but that was fucking impossible. Maybe he got hurt more that he thought? Was that because he knocked his head? He didn't understand the shit with the head.

"I feel fine though. Well, apart from whats most likely a bruise at the back of my head." He siad, rubbing his head lightly, but even that hurt. Hm, maybe he should try to make a full body scan so Saia can see him and if he's in bad shape. That will be a project. He also had to admit, the doctor was hot. Though he seemed a bit... Rude? Rough? Mean? While he apreciated the fact the the man called it as he saw it, he'd rather not try and piss the guy off, but it would be hard not to be sarcastic. He hoped he was the only other person who got hurt today. The guy looked to have his hands full. "Sorry about this. I just wanted to make sure that my head was okay, since some asshole jumped me after work." He explained slightly with a Yawn at the end. He worked the night shift and that was never fun.

Collidias Rex

Proficient with Plot Armor and Natural Weapons.
Incoming File ...
To: @ReverseTex @Sir Galahad II @Brook @Elephantom @CerpinTaxt @SadSnake @Mykinkaiser SecretPolice pls so many of you, at least give the breakout a few posts / minutes before any alarm is raised
This is Your Stop

Location: Tunnel???
Bureau Notes: Fuck you, Karren.

  • Kello liked to think of herself as a resourceful girl.


    Kello sometimes liked to come up with interesting solutions.


    Relying on commercial duct-tape and a glue gun to affix industrial-grade linear shaped charges to the roof of an armored train cart was not one of those times.

    Naturally, industrial-grade demolition charges were cleverly designed with some adhesion method in mind - a specially-shaped adhesive strip perhaps, or a putty of sorts. Naturally, fucking Karren had forgotten to acquire any of this adhesive material when she pilfered INDUSTRIAL. DEMOLITION. CHARGES.

    We're committing an act of terrorism, not throwing a goddamn party. You think we're playing with bloody firecrackers? Shit, a plan years in the making just for Karren to fuck it up.

    Kello continued to hurtle obscenities into the nothing - each barb swiftly devoured by the roaring rumble echoing through the tunnel around her. The darkness, the noise, the lack of cameras - the perfect place to strike. Well, provided you could get access in the first place. That part was most definitely not easy. The amount of planning that went into just tunnel access alone was crazy, let alone tunnel access to fit a pair of bikes in to chase the bloody train.

    "Yo, Monique!" Kello waved sharply at the second figure on the roof, keeping her free hand affixed to the surface to keep her balance. Thank the gods for magnetic boots, she couldn't imagine if she had to wear mag-gloves and pull this off one-handed. "Give me your demos!"

    "What!?" A black-clad figure raised her head momentarily.

    "GIVE ME THE- hold on!" Kello jabbed at her earpiece, hearing a crackle of static for a moment before the comm found her companion's frequency. "Give me your charges!"

    "We planned for two points of entry!"

    "We also planned on being able to affix these goddamn charges properly, but it looks like we'll both have to compromise today! Gimme your charges!" Kello gestured sharply. For purposes of stealth, both androids were clad in black, but Kello could see the other silhouette's head dip briefly in the pause. The figure nodded, and Kello heard muffled cursing over her comms as she was handed another strip.

    "You sure about this?"

    Kello shrugged.

    "Nope! But given you shot the driver in the head a minute ago, I'd say this thing has about a minute and a half before it slows to a stop, and these fuckers-" Kello rapped her knuckles on the roof, "- work out that something's wrong. So hurry up or die, princess!"

    Kello frantically ripped shreds of tape from the feel, overlapping the new charges with her previous ones. Professional? No. Precise? Also no. Safe? God no - but she had to make sure those charges ripped a hole, or all these years would go to waste. These years of making Noblus contacts, these years of carefully infiltrating the rail network, these years of getting men inside the prison, these years of surviving ... all for one man. She was going to complete this job if it killed her.

    Fuck you, Karren. Fuck you fuck you fuck you.

    She slammed a last piece of tape across the final charge for good measure, then pressed her foot down on top to squash it against the hot glue below. Jesus, there was something immensely unsettling about using hot glue around high explosives, but fuck it. Placed at the back of the train, the cascade of sparks and metal would hopefully shower across the Angels presumably below. Sure, perhaps it would have been better to place the explosives further forward for more coverage - but she knew prisoners were kept at the fore of the train cart, and she wasn't ready to risk injuring Hades with this shitshow of an operation.

    "Good enough!" She flagged Monique with another wide wave. "Okay, here's the plan! You're the combat mod, so you're going in first! Hades will be at the front, so take out any hostiles forward of you! I'll follow and gun down anyone waiting at the back! And for god's sake don't hit him! I didn't fuck my way to acquiring those fancy no-ricochet CQC rounds to have you shoot my rescue target!" Kello swatted Monique's head. "Move fast! The blast will deafen them and any in the back will either get a face-full of armored roof, or a molten-metal bukakke! You've got about two seconds where they're vulnerable! You let them get their guns on you, you're good as dead! But even an Angel can't hit shit when his hands are over his ears!"

    Monique's head bobbed in a stiff response as she closed the distance with Kello. "Be quick. Understood."

    "Atta girl!" Kello slapped Monique across the ass as the two crouched side-by-side. As much as Kello would have loved to be the first android to introduce an Angel's face to a steel-cap boot, Monique was a class ahead of her on the 'punch-you-so-hard-you-fucking-die' scale. Kello fitted her wolf mask over her brow and clamped her ear protectors down, muffling the rattle of the train.

    She held up three fingers as her other hand fingered the detonator.

    Two fingers. She pressed her thumb hard against the detonator case.

    One finger. She exhaled one last time as her thumb hovered over the trigger.

    An eruption of smoke and sparks roared above the sound of the train, orange light flashing across the tunnel roof in a split-second. Kello almost froze in place - but the silhouette rushing past jolted her to her senses. The edge of the roof glowed a molten orange, but Monique vaulted through the gap as if it were-

    The gap. Holy shit, it had worked.

    Kello slid to the edge and heaved her rifle from its sling. A figure thrashed about against the wall - she aligned her sights and squeezed. A five-time-kick against her shoulder and a chorus of cracks as red blossomed across the wall behind the figure, and it slumped. Flashes danced across the blood-smeared wall as Monique's tracer rounds lit up the cart. A scalding, smokey scent whipped across her nostrils as she dipped over the edge, dropping behind Monique.

    A flash of movement flailed in her direction as she landed, but struck the side of her rifle as she slid down the angled roof-chunk and to the floor. Kello swung the butt of her rifle up, cracking the agent's nose with a sickening crunch she could not hear, but feel. One arm flailed about, the other clawed at the owner's eyes, trying to strip free a mask of red-hot freckles sizzling his skin. She fired twice for the heart, then spun toward Monique.

    The other android had an angel by the hair, heaving him up, then down - slamming him to the ground. An agent in the corner staggered and reached for something between two prisoners, but a burst of gunfire stitched up from his crotch to neck, arcing between two prisoners where he slumped, motionless. Kello followed Monique's lead, raising one foot and stomping it on the downed angel, striking her heel hard into the back of his neck and rendering him still.

    The androids backed to one another and raised their rifles. The sharp arrhythmic sounds of battle had been drowned out by the monstrous warbling of the train tracks outside ... and now ... silence.

    Two agents had been struck by molten metal and the falling roof, and it seemed the weight of Monique on the roof had crushed them. Two more, Kello had shot at the rear of the train and had fallen against walls. Three more had fallen dead at the prisoners' feet at the front of the train, and yet another lay next to Kello with a broken neck. Eight. Fucking eight angels.

    And four prisoners.

    Kello lowered her gun and turned around. The lights above had dimmed, but in the pale light she could still make out not one, but two familiar figures.

    Robert motherfucking Hancock ... and Wilhelm au Descartes.


    Sitting in the front of a train cart, slack-jawed and staring at her and her alone - even as Monique made the rounds with a pair of motorized shears, cutting through the prisoners' restraints.

    This many years. This many fucking years she'd spend trying to find this man, and now that he was finally in front of her, she was at a loss for words. After a decade apart ... what would she say? What should she say?

    She felt a coldness sweep across her face. A twitch. She gulped, and with a breath she felt like she'd been holding forever ... she smiled.

    "Boomshakalaka, boss. Didja miss me?"
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Ultimate Hope Robot
Incoming File ...
To: @Elephantom @Collidias Rex @Sir Galahad II @ReverseTex

Location: Eyes Meeting Room
Bureau Notes: REEEEEE


Distant muttering filled the meeting room of The Eyes. Scramble suits kept their voices somewhat indistinguishable from one another as they filled the room. The meeting room was empty of chairs and tables, somewhat rather unusual. They'd all been called in to come to the meeting room for an emergency meeting. What constituted an 'emergency' was never clear when it came to Mr. Eye. In fact, the 'emergency meetings' only seemed to occur when he had some speech or the like he had to give.

"You here what happen with one of the officers?" One of the Eyes' voice broke through the mundane chatter, earning him the attention of the ones around him. Some of them had replied with a confused no, prodding the man for more info. "Apparently he got jumped while on duty."

"Who cares?" Another one of the Eyes responded. "Even with the uniform and all the shit that's happened lately, it's not exactly a big surprise he got the shit knocked out of him. It's part of the job for them. With or without the uniform, they're practically recognizable to anyone." The others nodded in agreement, even the one who had broken the news.

"Yeah," He began, crossing his arms as he leaned back against the nearby wall. "But what if that's why we're getting called in today?"

"That's precisely why you're being called in."

The chatter froze, the Eyes quickly getting into formation upon hearing the voice of their boss. None saluted, and all of them stood with their heads locked forwards and their arms rigidly at their sides. Mr. Eye was never a fan of salutes. "Yes, officers getting attacked by angry, treasonous men isn't a rare event. However, this time it gave me some..food for thought." Mr. Eye's shoes tapped against the hard floor of the room as he made his way to the front. His briefcase at his side, and a light clattering of something hitting something else in his coat. "Simply put, I feel that reinstating physical combat training sessions sounded like a fine idea. As such..this shall be our first session after..how long ago was the first?" He began to trail off, setting down his briefcase. "Ah..that matters little. The important part of this is that we shall be having these sessions for two days a week. Two hours per session."

The briefcase suddenly opened, revealing several dozen Razors to the standing Eyes. One of them decided to speak up. "Sir, I don't mean to sound flippant but..the chance of us being pulled into an alley and beaten is..well.." He used his head to gesture towards one of the other Eyes, more so towards their scramble suit. "We're frankly impossible to identify when we leave for the day."

"Ah.." A brief smile came to Mr. Eyes face. "I was figuring one of you would bring that up. It seems that with what you all do for a living..surveillance..security..identifying problem citizens..it never occurred to you that someone would be doing the same to you? Perhaps someone has breached our security. Retrieved all the names of all of you. For the next few days you start to go missing, most certainly tortured, then left to be found hanging by a lamp. These sessions will be giving you a fighting chance. Now, pick up a razor and turn them on. They're merely the training kind, they won't cut you. Just give you a slight chance."

Mr. Eye retrieved a razor of his own from his white coat, watching as they broke formation and grabbed their weapons. "Then..come at me with all you have. See if you can beat me together."


Meanwhile, two Eyes sat at their desks, observing the various flow of data coming their way. Radio comms and life support systems of the various Secret Police members were the main source of information. They'd been ordered to stay behind and keep track of the prison transport. If something had occurred, they'd quickly know of it. "Um..guys. The life support system of one of the transport Angels just transmitted that he's dead."

Then another. Signs of gunshot wounds or blunt force trauma marking the end of the various Angels. The camera feed wasn't working either.

Something was going wrong.

"Shit. Quick, someone contact two Angels posted on the buildings! Get them to tell us what's going on!" Even with the scramble suit changing their voice, the frantic tone was more than obvious. The Eye grabbed the radio, taking a deep breath to calm themselves before speaking. "Transport Surveillance, this is Feedback. We've had several losses of life in the train, what's going o-" The Eye was cut off as their comrade tapped their shoulder. They pointed to monitor displaying the life-support of the Angels. The man they'd been trying to reach was gone. Apparent decapitation.

"Get the camera feed from the other! Quick!" Frantic typing mixed with cursing filled the room as they desperately tried to pull the camera feed from one of the Angels. Two had been stationed along the roofs to observe the transport. One was dead, now they had to pray the other hadn't met the same fate. The helmet feed loaded in before abruptly going dark. The cause of death of the Angel showed up on the monitor.


Within seconds, someone had managed to murder both Angels. And with it, just bought the people in the train some time.

"This is bad. Real bad. Someone call Mr. Eye! We have an issue!"


The final Eye collapsed to the ground in exhaustion, with Mr. Eye only shaking his head in disapproval. "Not a single one of you struck me. How disappointing. Even when the odds were in your favor." He turned the razor off, returning it to his coat just in time as a series of messages were delivered to him by one of the men assigned to observe the transport. "Ah..well." He let out a sigh, and then looked to one of the Eyes that had began to regain his balance.

"Go get Meredith. Tell him or his aide that there's trouble with the transport."
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Danger noodle
Incoming File ...
To: none.
RE: Jeanne

Location: The shadow realm district

ClassifiedJeanne looked up at her ceiling as the seconds passed by.
Tic... toc.. she took out her phone. 2:30. The day wasn't even close to done yet, and she wasn't able to sleep. The women went on her computer and booted it up, mindlessly playing with her phone's screen while she did so. She then proceeded to glance at the screen. The usual fullfilment that the glowing startup animation gave her was absent. Jeanne just felt hollow instead. She blinked for a few seconds, before standing up and leaving her home.

Her sweaty clutched on her phone tightly as she waited in her transport, the feeling of the cold steel between her fingers not doing much to calm her, nor was the sight of the landscape whizzing past. Jeanne couldn't help but close her eyes, breathing in deeply. Everyone was looking at her, she could just feel it. They were all glaring, judging her, whispering when she wasn't able to hear. They knew. They all knew. Her body started to shake. She needed to go back to her hideout in the shadow districts, get her disguise on, and then she could finally get the whispers to stop.

The mad lady wished she could just do like an hour ago, let time fly as her body would go on to do her bidding without her needing to be couscious of it. But she was acutely aware of every noise, of everyone looking at her curiously as she stumbled inside the shadow district, a panicked stare in her eyes. She wasn't far from her place, the calculated Jeanne she usually is knew she would need to cover the least ground possible. After what seemed like an eternity of slowly walking, clutching her head to stop hearing the whispers and trying to figure out how to open the damn door, she managed to fall inside her house. It was as worn out as ever, dust and cobwebs gathering everywhere. The floor tiles didnt take much effort to be removed, and she quickly put on her suit. Indesy was back.

The wolf left her second home in a hurry, barely looking around to see if anyone did see her. She was out for blood, she was sick and tired of them all! Even there, alone in the hallway, she could hear them. Her family. Her long lost friend. Each and everyone was muttering and blabbering on about her. She was a disgrace, they said. She wasn't raised to condemn parents and make orphans, they said. She was probably far enough from the house, now. Probably. She was able to make out her friend's high pitched, trembling voice shocked by her behaviour. She'd have executed him, like the others SP did. She was a monster.

The voices stopped as she was suddendly pushed back into reality by someone grabbing her shoulder. She was in an old, worn down alley next to an equally shady bar. No light were visible inside, the holes between the planks used to block the windows were her only way to see inside. Her attention was brought back to the tall man that had grabbed her shoulder. She let out a low pitched growl as he laughed. "Ohhh, miss big bad wolf wants a shot? I'm sorry, but this place isn't for-"

He was abruptly interrupted as she grabbed his other arm, smashing his own glass on his face.Her mouth twisted in an eerie smile inside the suit as he heard him scream. She could stop the voices, the whispers. She just needed to give into her anger and hit them until they stopped moving. She didn't have a hard time making her victim fall, they were too distracted by the shards in their skin to care. The wolf jumped on his chest, knocking the air out of him before caving his skull in with her bare fists. Each hit made her vision blur, the voices tone down slightly. They were so puny. So weak. Just a candle to be snuffed out. The planks that were covering the bar's door fell to the ground as the nail holding them up floated towards them. Indesy barely even noticed the two nails piercing the stranger's eyes and other vital points, the blood from her savage beating obscuring her vision. Some was even leaking inside the suit.. was it? She felt the warm liquid inside it, anyways. After a few more minutes of beating on a dead horse, she stood up. She was quenched. The voices were gone. Only numbness remained. The wolf whispered a quiet, dishonest "sorry, pal." before disappearing in the alley's darkness.
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Bang Bang

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Incoming File ...
To: @Laughing Lunatic @Mykinkaiser

Location: L18, Doc's Clinic
Bureau Notes: the price of tidying ur house is getting to be a little shit, apparently

Besides Gwen, a young whip of a man came to stand; she didn't recognize him, and since Doc had a hundred dozen patients whose names she didn't know, she didn't bother to ask his. Perky looking kid though, cute in a way that made him look younger than he was, if swaying in a worrying fashion. He looked like he might collapse, which would be pretty standard for a patient of the good doctor.

Speak of the devil— Seamus opened the door, his voice preceding him with its usual snarky snappishness. "Trouble waits for no man. Or woman. Or droid," Gwen replied coolly, smirking dryly at him when he appeared looking half-asleep. "You look awful." Flattery, she had learned, might get her a lot of places, but she was just where she wanted to be thank you very much, so she'd be as sarky as she liked. "My big strong hero," she said with more dry sarcasm than the scenario really warranted, but she was feeling bitter that morning. After all, it had started with unexpectedly tripping over a body; she'd had better starts to the day.

Whilst Seamus bustled about barking orders at his nurse and patching up the kid, Gwen made herself at home. Seeing the state of the clinic, she was unable to stop herself wrinkling her nose, which in all honesty was a very minor reaction compared to what she once would have done. Working in silence, she went about tidying the shithole up whilst he worked, playing the maid for her own sanity's sake. She was intending to ignore the kid present, but the impressiveness of his bruising peaked her interest. "You ought to be able to defend yourself better, kid," she threw over her shoulder, eyeing the discoloration of his skin warily. "World isn't safe enough for you to be compliant." Like he didn't fucking know that. She didn't know why she was talking; beaten up humans were something she'd produced many a time, but seeing the patching up of one brought back memories she had no desire to linger over.

Was it any surprise if she missed Hades though, when at least he'd kept his place a lot fucking tidier than this moron. "You know, you're gonna catch something if you keep living like this," she said to the Doc, finishing up on tidying up what once had been perhaps a desk or reception booth, but now resembled a mountain constructed from paper and booze bottles. "And even the irony of that won't be worth it." Finishing her pedantic neatening of the hovel, she stepped over to the Doc's side, crossing her arms as she eyed the boy. "What happened to you, kid? We don't get so many random muggings these days."

Laughing Lunatic

*Cue Crazy Laughter*
Julian Serpentine
Location: Shadow District @Bang Bang @Mykinkaiser

Julian let the man, who in Julian's eyes was freaking hot, but he didn't say anything, work on any of his injuries. He apparently had more than he thought, which sucked. It was quiet so he was able to stay in his own head for a while. However, he looked up to the woman speaking. ....He wasn't a kid. Julian looked at the woman before bluntly saying "I'm 27. I'm young but I'm not a kid." He said but also agreed to her words. "Well if that's not obvious by now, then I'd have to be an idiot. Something that I'm not. I think." He chuckled slightly. "And I can defend myself just fine. I had self-defense weapons on me. Though I'll have to remake them, which sucks." He chuckled when the woman talked to the male, trying to not laugh too much at the irony. "You seem to know him, why not be a nurse for him?" He chuckled slightly. The talking eased some of the tension that Julian didn't even realise was there.

When the woman asked, he sighed, almost pouting. "I bumped into a guy by accident on my way home from the night shift at work. I apologised, but apparently that's offensive to him, so he attacked me. I had small DIY-knifes which I used so I could get away, but I'd rather run and live than fight an die. I'm not that an idiot." He explained. "He pushed me to the point I fell back against the ground really hard and I didn't want to run the risk of something being broken, so I looked for the closest clinic. Honestly, I'm surprised you even up this early... Wait whats the time exactly?" He asked. not entirely sure what the time was. He was too tired at this point to care usually so he forgot what time he got off work.

"Honestly, I didn't think the cuts and bruises were all that bad. But apparently I was wrong. Saia tells me I don't take care of myself properly, but I thought she was over reacting. I mean, I've lived this long, and I've had worse. Besides, I don't want to go to a clinic every time a machine accidentally goes haywire and almost chops my arm off, It'd be a bother." He shrugged with a lopsided, sheepish grin.


Young, Not Dumb, But Broke
Incoming File ...
To: (@Bang Bang @Collidias Rex )
Location: (Palace)

The Emperor casually rested his feet upon his desk, closing both of his eyes as he took advantage of the sliver of silence. In the security of his office or private quarters he reviled in the few moments he had alone in his thoughts. The voices typically stopped for a minute or so, then would continue...

“...But maybe the raids should have happened sooner...?” Her comment snapped his attention, causing him to open his good eye in inquiry. Hearing out the rest of her statement, he nodded. “There’s no perfect time for things of that caliber. It’s just a matter of execution. As long as today was effective, then I’ll be content.”

Jamie reached for his eyeglasses, wishing to have unblurred vision along with seeing any notifications, he slid them on carefully. Momentarily he was taken aback by the mass hysteria the electronic display was providing, flashing red alerts filled his screen, as he readjusted himself. Godammit why can a day never go accordingly? Because this Empire is a shit-show. True.

Taking a moment to properly read the alerts, he managed a disappointed sigh. I form an agency to prevent shit like this from happening. But of course, it still does. What do you expect? Not sure. The transit train that’s escorting the high-profile prisoners is now under a possible attack.” Jamie said abruptly aloud, hoping to damped the voices. “I’ll leave this to the Police. If they fuck it up, it’ll be their faults...” He leaned back in his chair eerily calm on the exterior, knowing he could do nothing of the situation.

Athena, have Darla delay the Coucil meeting an hour or so. We get a few more minutes of solace.”

credits @RI.a
Emperor Jamie au Olver
@mentions here

Misuteri Kenshi

[ Futurist ][ PDC Operator ]
Incoming File ...
RE: Marcus

Location: The Shadow District
Bureau Notes: This took too long

Continuing on, Marcus headed his own way around the Shadow District, needing something to satisfy his primary objective; A job. At the very least, it must be paying to fund his other plans which was his secondary objective; Fix the shocker which enabled him to fend off any supposed attackers who might take a swing if Marcus decided the best idea was to wander down a pitch black alleyway. Though if he couldn't satisfy the primary objective by securing a means of steady income, odd jobs could be the next best thing. However, that could prove tricky if said odd jobs were to make people "disappear". That was something he would never do, regardless of the money that came with it. His mind was already clashing, calculations made it clear that money could be earned quicker by odd jobs, but weighed in with the possible chance of doing some shady shit, which wasn't unknown to anybody. On the other hand, his ideals sort him to be that someone who wouldn't harm a fly, unless for at least a good enough reason.

Shaking his head a bit in frustration, he looked around at the seemingly limitless shops and services provided by the residents of the district. The brightly coloured neon signs bounced off anything that reflected it, which rested his thoughts somewhat and distracted him into his own little world. He enjoyed thinking to himself, creating his own world to live in inside of his head, it relaxed him at the very least when in stressful situations. This sort of thing was useful when he wasn't surrounded by people who would retaliate in the worst ways if he was to bump into any one of them. Which was exactly what Marcus did.

He should've realised sooner that he was on a crash course with a resident of the Shadow District whom, upon closer inspection, didn't appear to be the most forgiving of individuals. The worse thing about it was that as soon his metal body connected with the man, a short but audible sound of pain escaped the mans mouth while he stumbled back into another couple of people who were unfortunate to be standing behind him. Marcus didn't take long to realise that this had happened and quickly rushed over to help the poor chap up and back onto his feet. However, in his good deed, he was met with obscenities been thrown at him by the man and pushed away his offer to help instead resorting to using physical force to make it clear that Marcus had indeed fucked up hard. Marcus somewhat attempted to calm him down and apologised to the poor sap as well, though that didn't seem to help with the situation given that he's clearly had something on his mind and his day just got ruined. Now on the receiving end of his anger, Marcus was lucky enough to dodge a punch, the man seemingly thinking he was human. He didn't want to resort to physical violence unlike the man and neither did he want him to punch Marcus as it was likely he would be found out who he was. Something he couldn't give away. So the only thing he knew what to do when diplomacy failed was to simply run and run he did.

The alleyways would keep him safe for now, ironic considering that they weren't the best place to hide. He wasn't too bothered about how dark it was, just the fact that a 6"5' man was chasing him with enough weight behind him to safely consider him a freight train. He was lucky to able to run for long periods of time though he needed to keep an eye on his power supply, something that could be the end of him if he didn't keep close tabs. The duffel bag strapped to his back whacked softly against his back as he continued to run. Where exactly? He didn't know where, but at least he could generate a mental map of the place as he ran down the dark alleyways and walk along the line of shops. It would come in handy in the times of need, especially when being chased. After a quick 30 second to a minute dash, it appeared that he had lost the individual and began to look around, checking to ensure that no one was following or anyone was looking at him suspiciously. Excellent, no one at all.

Then something caught his eye, a clinic. It stood out to him for the sole reason of the sign, though it appeared that the sign was placed in such a way that it didn't give off a friendly feeling. Though he shouldn't expect much since of his most recent encounter with a resident of the district. While most standard clinics care for the non android types, he was half betting that this was the type of clinic that would be hush hush about a patients details. On the other hand, if the person in charge of the supposed clinic could give him directions to a place where he could repair his equipment. Not a bad idea in his mind and thus began his slowly walk his way over to the clinic, still a bit tad paranoid about anyone following him.

On his way through the dark alley a scream had caught his attention, stopping in his tracks, a large individual appeared to be beating another person without mercy but the one who was commencing the beating didn't seem to be human in at all, instead, more like a monster. While this intrigued Marcus as to what it really was, he knew that it wasn't good to get involved in the situation, though he couldn't bear seeing the man being bludgeoned over and over again by this thing. He waited for what seemed like forever, before the assaulter left in a hurry, zipping away into another alleyway and disappeared into the dark. Ensuring it was clear, he ran over to the man who was apparently still bleed heavily and checked vital signs. Nothing. Looking around, he knew that it wouldn't be good calling for help, as the suspicion could arise on him. Looking down again at him again he sighed, letting his body slowly drop to the floor. He could've intervened, but he knew the cost. Whatever did this to the man, surely he would be in the same state, regardless of how strong he was.

Standing up, he started to slowly walk towards the clinic once more, zigzagging between the people in his path, not realising the blood he got on his clothes after checking the man. He wandered closer to the clinic, seeing that it was open for business at the very least and entered through the only door he could see and was presently greeted by the nice smell and sounds of the clinic. It was busy but it shouldn't surprise him and there was already a small conversation going on already, which he decided to keep quite until it ended. Quickly looking around the place, it certainly didn't feel like a clinic, the area he was stood in wasn't the best in terms of cleanliness though he should've expected it at the least.
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Incoming File ...
To: (@Bang Bang @Collidias Rex @Sir Galahad II @CerpinTaxt )
Location: (Transport Train)

The sheer shock of what had happened left Nigel heavily confused for minutes, struggling to watch what was happening under the cover of the smoking train. Was this a escape? He could only sit and hope so, but from the extreme measures this group was taking, it could not be anything else but one...

Nigel extended his right arm for the woman, possible android, who broke the industrial cables that bounded him together. "Much appreciated." His suave accent echoed through the train as he slowly got to feet. He watched with his green orbs as his rescuer finished cutting the rest of the group free, while the other stood infatuated above Hades. They needed to hurry.

"You!" He called to the female who cut them free, unsure of her name, but the severity of the situation excluded the pleasantries. "You didn't come prepared for the fucking trackers did you? Bloody hell..." Nigel shook his head, disappointing with the group nativity. "Well to put it in lame terms, our neurological implants at the base of our central nervous system, or CNS for you uneducated fucks, is virtually unable to be disabled. Its coded to fit our exact DNA, unless outside of our bodies... So what that means is that there won't be a surefire way of evading detection."

Nigel grumbled, running his hand along his the back of his neck, stopping once he felt the incision scar. "But, if you overcharge the device, it might overload the system... That would buy us around... Ten minutes or so? A rough estimate seeing as I haven't seen the system itself, but the most accurate I can get." His eyes glanced over the group once more, then sighed. "Make it quick, we've got to get this bloody show on the road..."

credits @RI.a
@mentions here

Bang Bang

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Incoming File ...
To: @KnightSergeant
RE: Mr. Rib

Location: Ace in the Hole
Bureau Notes: I am hopefully getting the S3RVs information right; I assume you'll be playing it's head as an NPC?

Mr. Rib did not look away from the gyrating woman; instead, the two other Bureau members flanking sir glanced over at the one who had been brave enough to approach, looking him up and down with matching swift glances. Mr. Hand and Mr. White, the accompaniments, were by far the most out of place here, one donned all in white like a priest, the other in a stiff, both showing as little interest in any of the dancers as was possible. "I always enjoy seeing what people in unfavorable circumstances can accomplish," Mr. Rib answered, gaze still fixed on the exposed thighs of the woman dancing. Mr. Rib at least fit in, curvaceous body in a black form-fitting suit that wouldn't be out of place on a dominatrix, orange visor masking the eyes, but Mr.'s body language was clearly attentive of the purchase.

As the woman bent over and displayed previously hidden regions to her audience, Mr. Rib finally turned to regard the android addressing the group. Their visor clearly did something in response, a bright streak of light running from one end to the other before vanishing. "Gaius, isn't it? Or— baby doll?" Mr. Rib tipped their head in response to the information they were supposedly receiving, curious. With a second's delay, their pursed lips split into a smile. "Just the man I was looking for. Please, have a seat." They gestured to the other side of the booth, the smooth leather seat vacant as the other two bunched up closer to what was presumably their leader.

"Your father was Brutus, wasn't he? Or, as much as 'father' is a term we can apply to your situation. Interesting droid, Brutus. Unique ideals, for his time." Mr. Rib seemed quite content to give away exactly what they knew about this man, an unusual occurrence for a member of the Bureau, who normally kept their cards as close to their chest for as long as possible; even the secret police were a bunch of blabbermouths compared to the bureau, but not so today, or so it seemed. "I'd offer to buy you a drink, but you've come prepared. Never mind." Leaning forward on the table the stripped was now [REDACTED] upon, Mr. Rib paid her no mind as they faced Gaius directly. "I'd like to discuss S3RVs with you. Specifically, its future. I'm aware you are not the one calling the shots there, but perhaps you could take me and my friends to the company of the powers who be. I believe your people would be interested in what we have to say."


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Incoming File ...
To: @KnightSergeant @Heisenberg @Brook @Elephantom @CerpinTaxt
RE: Storms to be Expected

Location: Psi District, L1
Bureau Notes: nothing much to see here yet folks, apologies

Classified"Huh," Lieutenant Dallias huffed, tapping at the projected holoscreen to reboot the image. It flickered, returning to display the exact same sight as before. She hadn't noticed it for a couple of minutes, but the Rosetta Nebula and The Phoenix Massing has dropped off of signal. "Tech, is our equipment all functional?"
"Uh, should be. Oh, transmissions are playing up lately near the outer rim; the Scry Belt's passing through. Why?"
"Nothing, RN and TPM just stopped showing up on the monitor. That'd explain it."
"Want me to radio them, see if it gets through?"
"No, don't bother. Nothing there to worry about any way except droids." Dallias rolled her eyes when the tech gave her a look. "Unofficialy, of course. Officially, no one there to worry about. How long can we expect this to last?"
"Couple of days? HN and CR should go down too, possibly a few others; it's co-coinciding with an electromagnetic storm off of Wolf 359's shore, but the colonies have been notified to expect interference. Just make sure the Admirals know we won't be able to get in contact with the patrols we sent out to the colonies."
"Rodger that; Greenway, pass the message on to command. Maybe let the Police Command know too in case they have anyone out there. Not that they'd bloody tell us, of course."
"Want me to call them?"
"No, we don't want to disturb them over nothing. Give them something to read over at the ceremony feast tonight."
"Yes, Lieutenant."
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