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Aria Renean
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Location: At the Palace, Level one.
Aria wondered why the hell it was so bright, even though it was dark. Wait, Her eyes were closed, that would explain a bit. She Opened them and shut them at the light. She moved with a light groan, trying to process where she was. 'Not home.' she now felt really uncomfortable. She was still in her clothes-Oh god. He head. She reached up to grasp at he head. Fuck, did it hurt. It felt as if something was shoved into her head, and it wasn't sinking in. He head felt cramped and it made a small bit to focus on what the hell was happening. Like to two ladies talking up a storm. She barely took in what they said, having to hold up a hand, to silently try and stop them.

"Nice to know, but Could you not bombard me when my head feel like shit? Fuck this is worse than when I take naps." She groaned, the world spinning slightly as she got up. "Uh, do you have anything that helps with headaches?" She asked, and was immediately given some painkillers. Thank god. She took them, and while her head felt stuffy, the pain was gone quite quickly. Thank fuck for that. She listened to the two ladies, and they continued what they were saying. It was slowly processing, Before it finally did click once the woman stopped talking. But before she could say anything in her surprise and excitement, one word popped into her head. Damien.

SHIT! She told him that she would be back home! She found her phone to find 56 Missed messages, and 25 missed calls. Wait, that meant something should have happened, right? He never calls That much. She read though his texts, seeing the 'are you okay?' whats going on?' 'How can you fall asleep?' and worried texts like that. She sighed, defiantly going to make up for this She Pocketed her phone, knowing that she'll have to talk to the emperor, and then Bolt it home. She felt like shit, but like hell she was going to let Damien worry any more. Besides, She would have to talk to Damien to make sure he was okay. He doesn't usually worry that badly.

She smiled at the girls. "Thank you both! But I really should go. I don't feel the best, but I need to get home. My big brother is a worrywart over me, and he's probably freaking out." she laughed sheepishly. "I'll find my way, and thanks again you two!" She called, before Dashing out and bolting it to the Thea District. On the Way she called Damien, who picked up instantly. "You're Brainwaves are muddled to the point where I can barely figure out what is what, But I know your fine because you're running around now. Why are you heading to the Thea District? Aria, for everything good and holy, what the hell is going on?" He asked, and the concern and worry was very evident in his shaking voice. It also sounded as if he hasn't slept yet.

"Damien, I'm fine. My head feels a bit... ugh, but I ended up taking a three hour nap. You know what I'm like with that." She said, and carried on before Damien could get a word in edge ways. "Basically, I finished what I was tasked to do, but ended up falling asleep. I was pushed to my Limit you know." she stopped to catch her breath. Didn't want to run out of steam. She had only passed out from exhaustion three hours ago. "When I woke up, I was told that I had to report to someone. Someone who is like... Bad-fuckin'-ass. I have a new mission, which is that I get to be the squire for said person. Though I'll be learning Lots of new shit, though I will be away. Think you can handle that?" She said teasingly, before walking speedily around.

"If I have any time, I'll come right home and I am sleeping. Then you, mister, can go to sleep yourself, cause you sound tired." She said and she heard a sigh. "Well not many people can sleep when you're worried for your younger sister." She said, but Aria, knowing her brother knew that there were unspoken words right there. But it was hidden well. But she laughed anyway. "D'ww, Big Bro, you know I'm fine! If my heart rate starts to slow though, or if I snap, then you know we have a problem. But don't worry. I can take care of myself. I'm a big girl now." She laughed, before she finally spotted who she was looking for. Well she assumed so. "Well, I'm going to go, I may have found them. See ya!" She said, hearing a tired bye and the start of a yawn, she smiled as she hanged up. She was lucky to have a caring brother.

She Looked around and stood awkwardly. She had lost the person she had saw, and sighed. Well shoot. She Asked a couple of nearby people, who pointed her into a general Direction, but weren't much help. She stopped and sighed, Before laying against the wall, hoping to try and clear her stuffy head. So.. She was looking for Fleet Admiral Victoria au Saara. And she should be in the Thea District. She was notified of her Arrival. Now what the hell is she to do? Not much to go on. at least the messages last night only needed to be given to someone who can get to them. Her? Ugh.

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Location: Prometheus Laboratory.
Bureau Notes: *Jedi noises*

Stepping lightly around the room, Octavius took in his new surroundings, and found himself appalled. Who would let someplace like this fall into such great disrepair? Weren't these labs used for something? The more he looked, however, the more he realized that perhaps a great tragedy had happened here. There were no bodies to be seen, but the scratches on the wall seemed almost tell-tale. The equipment was old, thus shooting down the noblus' former idea that the labs were in use. No, this place had been abandoned long ago, perhaps after whatever tragic accident had rendered the place such a mess. He made a mental note to research the place when he got home, a tactical mistake he had overlooked in his zeal to get down here.

The lights flickered red, and the door clicked locked behind him, causing au Locke to whirl on the offending entryway. It was then he locked eyes with the third intruder. Antonia au Steele. He lowered his hood, expression softening upon seeing her. Smiling, he opened his mouth to greet her, only to be cut off by the sound of something scraping over the floor. Immediately, he drew his Razor, turning in the direction of the sound. Tentatively, slowly, he stepped towards the sound, never getting more than five feet from his prior position before the cardiography machine was hurled across the room. As the monster made itself known, Octavius took a combat stance. Briefly, he glanced over his shoulder to his Slav and Antonia. She had a gun - smart. Lyn had nothing. He wasn't about to hand her his Razor, but she had no magic or weapons. "Lyn, find a weapon," he instructed quickly, hoping the girl would run out of striking distance.

As predicted, the monster charged. Octavius sidestepped the beast easily, sweeping a foot out to unbalance it, give the others an opportunity to flee or attack. His Razor activated, and he brought it around to swiftly swipe at the monster's legs, incapacitating it permanently by severing a leg at the knee. He quickly backed from the monster's reach, anticipating a swipe from the longer arm. Hopefully, in its new state, it wouldn't be hard for Toni to shoot it to death.

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location: The Underworld
tagging: @Collidias Rex

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Trouble felt a spark of irritation when Hades’ Right Hand – Gwendolyn, according to her information – spoke up. She clearly didn’t understand the elegance in the simplicity of her plan. Which was a shame, really, because Gwendolyn seemed like a capable, sharp-witted woman who would have made a great addition to the Rebellion, if only she wasn’t stuck playing Persephone down here.
And if only she had a finer sense for the intricacies of intrigue.

Gwendolyn was of no concern to her right now though. There was a moment of silence as Trouble awaited Hades’ response, expecting him to reprimand Gwendolyn, then lay out his terms.

He didn’t.

Oh. He didn’t understand. There must have been an error in her assessment of him. How embarrassing. Trouble’s mind worked frantically, trying to sort the information and determine just where she had gone wrong, whether she should have taken a different approach, whether this situation was still salvageable. But as Hades continued speaking, his cold fury only seemed to grow in intensity, taking up the entire room, until Trouble had to try hard to fight back the unease pooling up in her gut. She interlaced her fingers on her lap, sitting very still while Hades continued, unwilling to show even the slightest sign of discomfort or agitation. She couldn’t allow herself another blunder.

But then he started talking about the Wastes, and Trouble tensed. “I am painfully aware of what Zera’s hunger for power wrought.” How dare he. How dare he try to lecture her about the Wastes, when she’d clawed herself out from under the rubble with her own bare hands. “But you are wrong. Au Augustus’ Coup didn’t bring change. Au Augustus’ Coup replaced one tyrant with another. If that is what you consider change then-” Trouble cut herself off. Her fingers were digging painfully into the back of her hands, threatening to crack the remains of her synthetic skin even further. No, she couldn’t let herself become agitated now. It wouldn’t do.

“Well, it doesn’t matter, since it seems you and me will not come to an agreement either way. My apologies for wasting your time.” Trouble got up, straightening her coat, careful to keep her voice even. “But you are mistaken, you know.”

“I worry what lengths you will go to to get an entire planet to embrace revolution if you’re blind to the impact a single act like this can have. It doesn’t matter whether you care about the things au Augustus does behind closed doors. You may be too wrapped up in whatever you are planning to see how just how much Maria could mean, but there are people out there – yours and mine – who are just waiting for a sign like this, a moment of weakness."

“You’re underestimating the power of a well placed message. You’re underestimating what a small spark can do when the air is laden with anticipation. And you’re underestimating me.” Trouble turned, heading for the door. She didn’t bother to look back. “I won’t fault you for that – you don’t know who you’re dealing with – But you will come to realize you were wrong.”



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To: Lyudmilla Taela (@KnightSergeant)

Location: Fleet Admiral's Residence
Bureau Notes: she only has 1 slav. and ik i kind of made it so lyud doesnt say anything to phillip but it wouldve been weird for your next post so it just saves time


If Victoria was irritated, Phillip couldn't tell. She just sat at her desk, scrolling through a screen until Lyudmilla arrived. Sometimes he worried about her but he couldn't too much, especially since she wasn't someone to reveal her real feelings about a situation. She was always hiding and the same was Lincoln. He had never met him but he could tell just from the stories that the two were really similar in their behavior. Walking up to Victoria, Phillip plopped himself on on e of the seats that were across from her desk and stared at her intensely until she finally gave up and sighed, looking at her Slav with a tired expression.

"Where are you going this time?" Phillip asked, his head turning to the left a little bit. He was referring to tomorrow's expedition. Victoria had told him that she was leaving but she never said where or why. He knew why-- Emperor Zera.

"Can't say" Victoria started as she leaned over the desk and picked something out of the boys' hair. "You worry too much... it's going to get you killed one day."

"I should worry. As kind as you are to me, I am still a Slav. I could die ten minutes from now but I would just be replaced" Phillip said, no clear sign of frustration or sadness appearing on his face. Victoria leaned back in disappointment and shook her head, staring at the boy as if he was a child who had just broken a vase.

"You should know better. You don't need to keep asking me questions. We both know whatever mission I get sent on, I return. I come back every time Phillip." Victoria crossed her legs and tied her hair into a messy bun while looking at the glowing computer screen with squinted eyes. She kissed her teeth and turned off the screen using her other hand to wave Phillip away. "She's here. Go get her."

Phillip nodded and left only after staring at Victoria for a few more seconds to make sure she understood that this wasn't a one time thing. They would have to speak again. She was getting more uncontrollable by the day and despite his attempt, Phillip couldn't get her to open up about the scream or any other relevant problems in her life. People that didn't truly know her called her tough but she was just holding stuff in and one day she would have to let it go. Whether it would be all at once or slowly, it was going to happen and Phillip wanted to control the process. He heard a few stories about his master from the guards posted at the door of battles where Victoria lost control. While she was a great leader and commander, she loved vengeance and blood more than glory and justice even if she couldn't admit it. If Lincoln au Saara was really worse than her, then it would make sense why he was disinherited but Phillip still doubted.

Now approaching the door, Phillip couldn't help but laugh. He heard there was tension between Victoria and Lyudmilla so maybe she didn't come over too much but she was expected; there was no reason for her to knock. Phillip pulled open the two large wooden doors to see the face of the Admiral of the Imperial Fleet. The two guards posted at each side of the doors didn't seem to pay too much attention to him as usual so Phillip gestured for the woman to follow her.

"Welcome Lyudmilla Taela. I am sure the Fleet Admiral will be delighted that you could come" Phillip said with a polite tone, but not too polite as to not seem out of place. Turning around almost immediately, Phillip realized that saying that Victoria was delighted was a bit of a stretch and that Lyud probably didn't care. This was probably the reason Victoria hated formalities. He could tell that the woman behind him wasn't one for wasting time so he made his way to the office without saying another word. It took about two minutes (yes, he counted every second) to get to Victoria's office, whose doors were already open which made Phillip rub his temple with annoyance.

Did she really run to the doors and run back to her desk for dramatic effect?

Phillip did a small bow in Lyudmilla's direction. "The Fleet Admiral will have you now" the boy said, quietly rushing off to one of the dark hallways in the house.

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To: @Noivian @Rainzen @Bang Bang
RE: Ashelyn Fall

Location: Shadow District
Bureau Notes: The Laboratory. Post 006.

The place honestly spooked the poor girl who had hardly anything to protect her. She was a house made, for good heavens' sake! Not some chick who was fine walking around in the underground in some abandoned lab! Before she could open her mouth to inquire what he would require from her-- more of an indirect question as to why they were there in the first place-- when the lights suddenly changed color and the door locked behind them.

Lyn jumped. Nearly tripped on a spilled pile of vials, and steadied herself against a metal table. She shuddered at the sight of some strange plant growing in green, sickly looking liquid and nearly fainted at the sounds by some unknown entity.

Then something monstrous appeared. Ashelyn nearly retched at the deformed monster. It was nothing like a human, seeming to be more a mad misshapen blob of flesh put together all wrong. Lyn found herself grabbing the nearest steel pole when ordered to take up a weapon. Its end was broken off and wickedly sharp, but of no comparison to the weapon of the third visitor to the laboratory. The best thing she could do was to get out of the way, she figured, so she ran with adrenaline fueling her pace. As far as she could get.
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To: @Noivian@Bang Bang @n.y.c.t.o
RE: Antonia Au Steele

Location: The laboratory of doom
Bureau Notes: wow ok you really did give me your worst oh no

ClassifiedThe closer she looked, the worse the surroundings appeared. On first inspection, Toni couldn't tell what most of the technology was for exactly, some of the machines were still powered on despite their various states of disrepair and... leakage. Her first assumption was a chop shop, or maybe some organ farming operation gone wrong but she wasn't getting signals from hardly any of it. Her head was surprisingly quiet for being on the citadel and it was unsettling. She had hardly had time to recognize Octavius when the door snapped closed and another sound rang out. She didn't have time to question what he was doing in a terrifying lab in the shadow districts before a machine flew across the room. Toni took off the safety immediately but froze when the creature came into sight, gun pointed in its general direction. By the time she managed to stifle a surprised and terrified shriek and make her arms unfreeze enough to fire, the thing was already on the ground and the shot had nearly hit Au Locke. She didn't hesitate with the next one, pinning it expertly in the head with a good old fashioned bullet in the next shot. The thing had grown that club limb earlier, clearly it had some sort of regenerative abilities but hopefully, a piece of lead between the things eyes would put a stop to that.
"What... the hell was that" She stuttered out while trying to reign her heartbeat back within acceptable parameters. The dripping sound continued in the background, echoing slightly in the loud space. It wasn't some vague 'truth,' that was for sure. "And what are you doing here?" It didn't seem likely that he would have more answers than her but she needed to know where they stood.


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Location: Juno Docks
Tagging: Nigel @ReverseWells | Sami @Dover | Scotch @Mourning Dove
Mentions: Mr. Eye @CerpinTaxt
OOC: He is capable of being about 56% more serious at times

Nathaniel Prescott Bernoulli

This guy, just who did he think he was? Mr. Knife, Mr. Eye, what was this, a James Bond movie? Was there a Mr. Ass too, or did Mr. Eye cover that particular role too? It seemed like he did. He'd walked in as if he owned the place —nicely dressed, he had to give him credit for that at least— and all but sneered at Nat's presence. Still, there was something very... threatening about him, something Nat couldn't quite put his finger on. Maybe that was why he didn't answer back with his usual sassy comments. That he was a part of the Blind Bureau didn't bode well either. Nat didn't know much about the BB, but the very air of mystery that surrounded it was enough to put him on edge.

A waste of space. That's what he'd called him. A waste of space, a hinderance. Nat felt tears well up in his eyes, but he blinked them back, refusing to let himself cry in front of these people. Sometimes he hated how easily he cried —it was hard for people to take you seriously when you cried each time you got angry or upset or saw a cute animal photo. What he hated more though, was people telling him what he could and couldn't do.

Nat's expression grew more serious, and he put away his razor. He regretted using it now —it wasn't his strong point, he had always been more of a plasma gun fellow, when it came to weapons. Not that he needed to use weapons often, what with his magic and all.

His magic.

The one thing that came naturally to him. The one thing that he knew, no matter what happened in his life, he could count on. Perhaps it could help him in this situation too. He remained quiet for a while longer, watching the others, observing. When he wasn't rushing into things, he actually had an eye for detail. For example, how Mr. Eye paused, when his foot had hit something —he zoomed in with his eye mod— was that a bullet? Not surprising, in what was basically a war zone, but something about it seemed to catch Mr. Eye's... well, eye. Then he'd glanced at the main door. Something fishy was going on, and for the first time since he got there, Nat was feeling a twinge of fear.

He could hide. He could hide and let Richard know that he needed them to pick him up. He could leave this place, and be safe. It would be the wise thing to do.

A waste of space.

The words rang in his head, over and over again. He gritted his teeth, and walked over to Nigel and the others. He'd prove that Mr. Eye wrong. He'd prove them all wrong.

"Listen to me." His voice was no longer light and carefree. "I am not going to run and hide like some coward. That Mr. Eye guy, he thinks if I come with you I'll be a hinderance."

With an arm extended, MagiGraft becoming visible while in use, he reached out with his powers and grabbed one of the larger containers. A swift motion of his hand was all it took, and the container was dragged right in front of the main door, blocking it.

"I think it will be more of a hinderance if I don't join you for the ride. My cameras are deactivated. We're in the middle of I-don't-even-know-what. I am capable of talking at least 56% less, and believe it or not I might actually be able to help with a thing or two, should the need arise. All I ask, is that I get to spend some more time around you. No strings attached."



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To: @n.y.c.t.o. @Bang Bang @Rainzen

Location: Prometheus Laboratory.
Bureau Notes: This one was a little harder to get to meet post requirements... oops.

Now that the thing was supposedly dead, Octavius took a moment to crouch down and inspect it more thoroughly. What had they been doing down in this lab, back in the day? Was this a mutated plant, animal, or... something else? He didn't voice this aloud, for not wanting to sound like a lunatic. He took a moment to slice off the thing's head, noting its regenerative abilities, and not wanting it to recover from a bullet to the skull. He stood up and made his way over to the suspended tanks. That gnarled tree no longer seemed like just an eerie botany project. "Whatever it was, it's dead now," he said in response to the question of what.

"The same reason you're here, I reckon," Octavius stated simply for the question of why, deactivating his Razor... for now. "Some vague note about the truth. I had assumed it was something to carry or someone that would need assistance, hence why I brought her," he stated, nodding to Lyn and consequently answering the Slav's silent question. "Small tactical error on my behalf. Hopefully we'll all make it out unscathed." He raised an eyebrow at Toni, coupling the usually cold gesture with a warm smile. "Now then, safety in numbers... There's no way back. Shall we continue forwards together?"

Without waiting for a response from either female, he turned and headed towards the door.


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Nigel could head a heavy pair of footsteps approach him and Sami, and they only could belong to one person. Nat. “What did I fucking tell you...? You ignorance, self absorbed, flamboyant twat...!” Raising his fist to the man, however pulling away the punch just as it was to hit him, he knew when to pick his battles...

The B.B man approached the group, his movements and expression the clear giveaway of his position. And as he spoke, it was only more evident as he admitted his hunch had been correct. Knowing how these blokes were, he didn’t extend a hand, merely keeping his tucked in his pockets. “Well Mr. Eye, I do appreciate your concern over the matter, but my people and I have this situation under control. Now the lastest update I have received has been the alert that a Blinder squad was making its way back to the docks, so I do suggest haste with the unloading.”

Just as he said the words Mr. Eye nodded, and did whatever surveying he wished to do, Sami had retreated to assist Scotch with the unloading, and he was stuck with Nathanial once more. Taking a deep breath, he looked up at the man who began to pled. Pausing to sense the electronic field, the man was in fact truthful of the cameras being off. “You are a ginormous thorn in my side Mr. Bernoulli, nothing will change that. But, Juno is a open sanction to all, even these bloody Blinders... I will give you once chance, if you so much as make me sigh, i’ll personally send that little Blind Bureau shit on you.” Not waiting to see the man’s reaction, knowing it would somehow annoy him in any wa-

Gunfire filled the air, causing Nigel to instinctly duck, drawing his own modded pistol. Scanning the area, he spotted Eye firing at something in the dark... The Blinders. Bloody hell. Turning his back towards Nat, he yelled over the fire. “Hey flower boy! You wanna be useful, go fucking get the other blokes in the ship! You stay behind and make sure no bloody Blinders get the cargo! Got that?! I need a nod!” Once the man gave his acknowledgement, Nigel rose, firing at the darkness opposite to Eye. He could hear bodies fall, as well as a few more collecting the remain of their ranks. Looking down at his tie, the small camera for Lancelot sat pristinely still. “Lancelot you loony bastard I swear to fucking God you better send backup now!” Firing once again, he glanced over his shoulder to check on the rest of the group. Everyone looked fine or at least alive.

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To: @Brook

Location: Fleet Admiral's Residence
Bureau Notes: no wetbar

ClassifiedEyes narrowing she regarded the boy that opened the door with a hard caution that melted into curiosity as she stepped into the warm foyer. Slipping off her outer jacket she placed it on the rack that stood to the side of the door, watching it as it supported the weight to make sure it didnt keel over before looking back to the young boy with a thin smile.

“I am sure indeed.” Her voice was wiry, the slight tinge of sarcasm coating her voice probably not escaping him. Almost the moment the response jumped from her lips he had already slipped away into a hallway that jutted off to the side of the main corridor. Seeing as how she really did not have any other choice she quickly followed him down the path, speeding up slightly in order to catch up with him.

Her steps echoed through the hallway as she followed the young boy, her eyes flicking over the opulent decorations that adorned the walls of the corridor. There was a heavy silence that hung over the two of them as the strolled along, though she was not particularly sure whether that was because he didn't have anything to say, the circumstances of the situation or rather her own off putting demeanor. Either way it didn't seem to matter much, as he did not show any discomfort and she could not possibly care less for idle conversation. Light washed over the complexion as she turned the corner, flooding out of the wide open double doors leading into the office.

Giving the young boy a discarded smile she stepped into the room, her face hardening at the sight of her commander sitting at the desk in a regal manner. Without pause her hand snapped to her left shoulder and she bowed deeply before continuing on further into the room, figuring that the salute would be enough to announce her presence. Her eyes locked onto her commander, narrowing slightly as the studied her expression as covertly as she could. Despite her attempt to discern what this meeting was about simply from the others flat expression her forte was combat and economics, not politicking. With a measured step she made her way to the side, looking round for a second before finally lowering herself down into one of the leather seats with a grunt. The seat was comfortable, though definitely nothing to write home about that was for sure. Leaning back into the recliner she gripped the arm of the chair with one hand, her nails digging into the leather with one hand as the other was laid limply over her lap.

“What is the occasion Fleet Admiral?” The words fell heavy from her pursed lips, blunt and flat though with a layer of respectful reservedness and whatever remained of the diluted russian accent that had been passed down through her family.
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Aria Renean
I am a Master at Parkour! Don't underestimate me!

Location: The Thea District - Waiting room(?)
She Looked around and stood awkwardly. She Asked a couple of nearby people, who pointed her into a general Direction, but weren't much help. She stopped and sighed, Before laying against the wall, hoping to try and clear her stuffy head. So.. She was looking for Fleet Admiral Victoria au Saara. And she should be in the Thea District. She was notified of her Arrival. Now what the hell is she to do? Not much to go on. at least the messages last night only needed to be given to someone who can get to them. Eventually, Aria had finally found out where she was supposed to go. She sighed, yawned, and texted Damien on how confusing the higher levels were. He responded with how everywhere is confusing unless you live there. Touche, brother. She stretched, before she reached the office that she had to backtrack and walk around almost aimlessly to find.

She was told to wait as the Fleet Admiral was busy and already in a conversation with someone. So she sat in the waiting room, trying to go over what she should say. 'The Emperor sent me to be your squire'? would that be sufficient? She wanted to make a decent impression. She sighed, and rubbed her Temples. She supposed that she should also mention that her head felt clustered, but she'll be fine with more sleep. It felt... Weird, but she knew that telling her brother would make him worry. The last thing she wanted to put on him before leaving. She Yawned, and thought that resting her eyes wouldn't hurt. she was still awake, just... her eyes were so god-damned tired.

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To: @Noivian @Rainzen @Bang Bang
RE: Ashelyn Fall

Location: Prometheus Laboratory
Bureau Notes: The Laboratory. Post 007.

Should she have not suffered harm at the hands of a domineering male figure mere days ago, she may have questioned his sanity... or lack thereof. But it seemed now that the world as she knew it was a much darker place. Lyn shuddered at his reference of her. A tactical mistake. he'd called it. As if nearly getting mauled by some alien beast was merely a gap in his calculations.

Serious doubts of whether they were going to make it out alive, all three of them, ran through her mind. If one of them was going to die, it looked like it would be her. Smaller, weaker, and unprepared as she was for any kind of physical assault. 'What am I doing here?' she asked herself, not that she had much of a choice. Obedience had been drilled into her ever since she was a child. Disobeying didn't even cross her mind. . .

So following after her new master she went...

Lexa E. au Augustus

Location: Citadel, The Palace.

✢ Interactions: Gabriel, Zera @Bang Bang
✢ Mentions: Hera @Dover (a bit) , Victoria @Brook


From the corner of her eyes, she saw her brother flinch at the mention, bearing an expression as though he wanted to sink into the background, flip Zera's throne, try to shock Hera's hologram for the millionth of times, or somewhere in the middle of all. Of course she knew. Once again, their mother was the Emperor, after all. No matter how hard Lexa would have tried to scourge information out of Hera (and failing), the Emperor would have full right to overwrite any order at all notice- whenever she'd felt like so. It was also a luck that Gabriel hasn't mentioned anything stupid while he was at it. A policy she stood by: Silence is golden, but speaking at the right time is diamond.

Whenever Lexa had a chance to speak with mother, she always try to sort her words properly, each ran over in her head ten a times. A sentence is constructed by over millions of possibilities- each serving a different out come. A right word choice may start war or produce world peace.

"We are very well aware of the scarceness of your time, mother. For this we thank you," she paused slightly, awaiting the Emperor to order some tea from the androids. She also noticed that she developed a habit to speak while addressing both her and her twin as one, despite this conversation mostly to her favor. We. Not like she could stop it.

Lexa aimed a look at Gabriel, who raised an eyebrow at first. At last, he sighed, averting his gaze to mother. "Sorry," he murmured, almost childlike. Emotionless, and almost as though she had enough, Lexa nudged him subtly with her elbows. Gabriel shot her a brief glare before speaking up once again, this time with a more serious stature and behavior.

"I truly apologize for my...misbehavior...back at the Shadow District. You will most likely not see more of it and perhaps I am ready to see some consequences. Chances are most matters are taken care of and no harm are to be done upon the seat of the Counsel nor this household."

Consequences you'd always escape from, Lexa thought, yet remained quiet. And the amount of uncertainty...perhaps her brother has became an expert to not lying, but bending truths. One way or another, choices of words. Speech pattern. Seems like both sides of the twins have learned as much. The pair sat before Zera over her invitation, Gabriel slumping instantly down before straightening up, noticing his mistake.

When the Emperor has spoken, Lexa was sure that she was not mistaken. Zera was sick- it was only natural that her children came to see her. However, it seemed evident that Lexa had wanted something else...

Being the children of the Emperor- instantly everyone looks up to you. They had become a figure to be worshipped. No one dares talk back to them, no one dare send them any harm. However, that was it. They were nothing more than tokens of pride, a property of the Palace. They weren't members of the Counsel, unable to join in any meetings. While being the light of everyone else, they were left in darkness.

It's time for that to change.

"Forgive us for speaking as so, mother,” began Lexa. Despite the calmness to her voice, she felt her fingers tremble- felt. It was yet another rare occurence where she actually felt her limbs, now replaced with nothing but nerve-less wires and alloys. Of course, her fingers hadn’t wavered for real. It was one of the perks of being a cyborg, after all- if others can no longer sense your fear, neither can yourself. The woman picked her cup up, blowing gently against the surface of the beverage before letting the warm liquid slide down her throat. For a second she enjoyed the soothing of its content coating her tongue, and in an instant a rush of warmth went over her.

Yet Gabriel and I has been talking...” Lexa ignored the look of what the fook sent by her twin. “We are aware that something is happening right now. Right here. And nothing will ever be the same again. Now, mother, years have gone ever since you have adopted us. We are adults, and we’d like to know what’s happening. We hope-

Lexa paused as she felt her pockets vibrating, a small hum interrupting their near perfect silence. At first the girl had disregarded the in coming message- there was no possible way that it was anything more important than her current situation with the Emperor. Especially with her twin already safe and sound by her side, who else would have contacted her? However, curiosity won over her as she took a very brief- a milli of a near unrecognizable second perhaps- glance over her receiver. Just a skim, yet she could read the sender very well.

Victoria au Saara.

Why? Why now? The answer must have been contained within the message, yet the dark haired female simply had no time for it. She dismissed it as quickly, shifting her gaze back towards the Emperor herself, pushing whatever concerns she had behind her mind...she has to. After all this time it seems...

We hope that you would trust us enough by now to tell us what is going on here.



Incoming File ...
To: Lyudmilla Taela (@KnightSergeant)

Location: Fleet Admiral's Residence
Bureau Notes: k


Victoria took a few seconds to suspiciously look over Lyud. She didn't acknowledge her bow and instead sat down in silence. Like usual, things were awkward with them but Victoria found it amusing.

"We are due tomorrow. I should have told you earlier but I only found out yesterday from the Emperor. We have been tasked with eliminating three Houses that the Emperor sees as threats; House au Saara, House au Avant, and House au Defrel" Victoria started as if it was a normal thing. Her fingers traced the symbol of House Augustus on her desk, her fingerprints leaving smudges on the glass. "While they are busy with their internal affairs we will use that opportunity to strike. We must go to their home planets and wipe them out. No spark of rebellion can be left. We will attack all three planets simultaneously so Emperor au Augustus has been kind enough to lend us her own forces. I figured we both could take on au Saara while we give some of the higher ranking officers leading positions on the two other planets."

As she spoke, Victoria could sense that she was losing herself. She was starting to seem more and more like Zera by the day. Or she could be wrong; maybe the Emperor only seemed emotionless but either way Victoria was changing and she couldn't tell if she liked it or not which frightened her. Phillip would have told her to go to House au Defrel as wiping out her own people would not stand well with her aunt but she needed to do it. She couldn't be weak, especially at a time like this.

"We'll leave early in the morning. You should be at the docks around 0600. If you don't have any questions, you can leave" Victoria said, moving her glance from the transparent desk to the woman who sat before her. Sure, her and Lyud went to the same academy but they were not friends. More like frenemies. She could tell that Lyud wanted to be Fleet Admiral, even when she was attending which only motivated her to topple the rest.


Bang Bang

three queer eyes
Incoming File ...
To: @ReverseWells

Location: The Agency Tower, Captain's Office
Bureau Notes: It's only a flesh wound

You did good Captain."

There are some things one did not need to hear after witnessing the murder of a once-close friend.

That was most certaintly one of them.

Feeling faintly sick, and then very sick, and then all kinds of dizzy and sweltering, Ariel had to steady herself on her desk. Things had felt all to slow during the confrontation, but now, with Bella lying dead on the floor, time rushed back in at double pace. Her desk kept spinning.

She really was going to be sick.

"Yes," she said, voice thick, to the instructions to cover their tracks. She couldn't look at the body, instead gesturing to those attending to do as Olver permitted. Gripping the ledge of her desk, she slowed and controlled her breathing; It was so nearly under control until Jamie au Olver decided to run his fucking mouth even further (could a near fatal facial would not even silence the bastard?).

My father had always told me this. Money buys a man silence for a period of time, but a bullet to the heart bought silence forever...."

Perhaps Ariel should sympathize, for the sentence implied Olver had been raised by a man of similar disposition; Perhaps his own habits were not his fault. Except he'd been the one to drive a Razor through Isabel au Saara's heart. Was it weak, for Ariel to feel all at once that everything had been a mistake? Was Olver correct in his 'mighter than thou' attitude and his disinterest in the fact that he'd just claimed a woman's life?

She looked to him, blood streaming his face and staining his clothes. She looked at him and that face, so prone to ugly sneers and smirks that thickened the blood. She did not look at him and see strength; only damage, a wound not only left to fester, but fed and nursed with a depraved nature.

What she had just done had not been strength.

Ariel straightened. "Of course. I'm sorry I didn't realise she was going to strike - I should have stopped it." Stepping in, she reached out and caught his chin. She'd never touched the man before, always worn gloves to shake hands. There was something inhuman about the touch of his skin, although that most likely was projection of her own imagination. He didn't scare her anymore.

With the pad of her thumb, she pressed down into the wound, hard. The Razor had cauterize it; it would not infect. "It's purely superficial. A light scar, and you'll be fine." Her touch lingered on that crimson slice, on a face she was not used to witnessing injury upon.

Dropping her hand, she turned her back on him and went to her desk. She did not look back. "When you've recovered, come and see me. I have plans to discuss regarding the potential coup."
Incoming File ...
To: n.y.c.t.o

Alpha Garden Boutiques
Bureau Notes:
Vienne finds out about the goods stolen from Nova Trader warehouses & gets a call from Zumira

The world was normal, on this side of paradise. The normalcy was so prevalent that you could slice a knife through it, use it as currency. Many did.

On this side, water bubbled from neo-classical Roman architecture like it was the most natural thing in the world. Tall marble columns, austere dominoes reaching for the sun, crowned several winding walkways, peppered with the free and the well-dressed. In the cafes and boutiques, the light fell alluringly during the day and at night, each window was set to capture the myriad of stars that still seemed to shine.

It was in one of these boutiques that Vienne au Defrel made new friends with several unnecessary items of clothing. She didn’t much like having to force any of the estate’s Slavs to wander around Level One simply to carry her overabundance of new products, but it was a necessary boredom, she supposed, on the Slav’s part. With a toss of tawny locks and a cat-like smile, she charmed most store staff into a discount or two. It was a good day.

Then, the call.

Stepping outside quickly, she motioned for her Slav to wait on one of the ivory benches littered about the area. Manicured nails, a gentle press on her screen – “Hello?”

Her expression sobered considerably – not that she ever showed much emotion on her face, but it was her day off, after all.

“Understood. I’ll come right away.”​
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Bang Bang

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Incoming File ...
To: @n.y.c.t.o. @Noivian @Rainzen
RE: Prometheus Labratory

Location: Prometheus Labratory
Bureau Notes: 5. The Empty Man Cometh

With the 'Thing' lying dead on the floor, the three involuntary musketeers proceeded; Behind them, the corpse they'd felled started popping and crackling at the skin. By the time all three were through the door, it has shrunken down to a battered, but distinctly human looking shape.

The following room could not contrast to its predecessor more strongly; Where the former had been dilapidated and ill-equipped, this far smaller room looking to be on the cutting edge of both architecture and technology, with sleek designs that incorporated awe-striking technical feats as if they were a standard part of the furniture. With a grey compartmentalized desk, a tech terminal, and a high-backed chair, it was, in every sense of the aesthetic, an office. Behind this rather imposing desk, a window that was not glass, but appeared be some kind of shimmering hologram projected a view; not of the city below, but of Juno - identifiable by the saturated neon colours and, presently, the streams of smoke littering the streets.

Before this window stood the one other life-form in the room; an individual of curvaceous proportions, clad in a skin-tight black suit and with a posture rigid enough to make the military look sloppy. Despite the headset visor fixed over their optical organs, and the dim lighting, it was obvious to anyone who knew anything that this person was a Mr.

"Mr. Temples. You were due two days ago. Keeping the outbreak undetected has been-" Mid-sentence, the Mr. turned and caught sight of the three-peopled audience, which was most decidedly not a one Mr. Temples.


Without moving, the Mr. presumably studied the audience; given the obscuring visor of black plastic and orange light, it was impossible to discern a direction of gaze from the suited individual. The Mr. - Mr. Rib, though those gathered had no way of knowing that name - stayed like that too long, too still for it to feel natural, yet though there was tension in the air, no anxiety on the Mr.'s behalf was detectable.

Mr. Rib stared - probably - and then, all of a sudden, smiled. "Excellent work." The orange light of the visor flashed three circled to the right, then dialed back down. "Ocatvius au Locke, Antonia au Steele, Ashelyn Fall." Following their names, Mr. reeled off with absolute precision - even updated with Lyn's recent transfer of ownership - their places of residence, details of the last two days of their movements, and what they were all most afraid of.

The Blind Bureau were not known for their reassuring small talk.

"I recall this information to let you know that you have been expected, of course. We do hope you will forgive us. The Passing presents an unparalleled opportunity for research, you see." Sensing unease in Sirs audience, Mr. Rib turned from the window and crossed the close confines of the office to rest a hand on the shoulders of the two armed individuals, Ocatvius and Toni. "Thank you for participating. I'm afraid to inform you that you have been the subjects of a little psychological test, but it is nothing to worry about. The data shall be entirely ominous."

Mr. Rib laughed. "I'm sure you were quite petrified out there; make up and prosthetics combined with localized projections can be quite something, can it not? Why, when I saw the design team cook that monstrosity up, I felt sure no one would dare fight it. Your data has proved invaluable, thank you most kindly, Ocatvius au Locke, Antonia au Steele, and Ashelyn Fall."

Mr's hand did not leave the shoulders it rested upon. "Of course, we would ask that you do not mention details of this test outside of the facility; Collusion would compromise the data of future experiments, you understand? And I wish to assure you that all of this has been conducted for the benefit of the Citadel and the Empire. Please, allow me to escort you out."


Young, Not Dumb, But Broke
Jamie au Olver
Location: The Agency @Bang Bang

Jamie’s good eye was close, suddenly drained of the usual cunning energy he emitted. It was a shocking parallel only few people had ever seen, the rare moments he was actually hurting... A sudden gentle hand upon his chin, oh a soft hand... The moment reminded him of his former lover, the girl he had almost risked his life for. The day Jamie au Olver learned the game.

Snapping from his hazed reality, realizing it was Captain Ariel, he slowly opened his good eye, while the other filled with blood. “You had no idea what was to happen Captain, do not blame yourself.” His voice lacked all bite it usually had, the blood loss starting to get to him effectively. Seeing the glow of her Razor, he knew what she had to do...

The sizzling warmth upon his face had suddenly awoken Jamie, though the pain was also a factor. He hadn’t yelled out, used to the pain from his previous injury, instead a few mumbles. Looking up at her, his other eye still hazy, he gave her a honest simper. A rare, almost unheard of action for the man.

As soon as she stepped away, the Olver guards were upon their employer, carefully helping him to his feet. Jamie was soon wrapped in his familiar trench, and a guard at his side to assist him. “Sir, a mirror.” Taking a hard look at himself, the right side of his face had been mangled, his lip cut, and his right eye no longer white, but a murky crimson... “Guide me to the exit the back way, we need to evacuate the Agency... We will say I was attacked in the street, hence my late visits to the Agency for requests of extra protection. Forge the document Captain...”

The Olver men had evaded all cameras not under Agency restrictions, carrying the weakened Jamie through the streets, his coat covering his face. Once arriving in a barren alleyway, they gently sat their leader down, removing the coat to expose his bloodied suit and such. The Commander of the guards held the man’s Razor, the weapon used to cauterize the Noblus. And within the minutes of their set up, news and royal guards arrived to help their fallen Counciler....

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Incoming File ...
To: @Proserpina (@Bang Bang)
RE: Zumira "Mira" Kaan

Location: Nova Office HQ located in the Public Sector, Delta Gardens
Bureau Notes: random inserts about bees and honey just because. [COLOR=#808080]colony collapse disorder...[/COLOR]

The last few days had been a whirlwind of activity. From the ongoings at the royal Palace regarding the Passing, to the havoc wreaked on the SAI, to the mysterious missing cargo from the very company she was working at. It was enough to make any woman's head throb. Presently, Zumira Kaan, Manager of Accounts took a sip of bitter tea sweetened by honey manufactured in the food production sector. She did not know how earthen honey made by ordinary bees tasted like, how there were a variety of flavors available, nor the intricacies of this collusion between apiculture and agriculture to produce a nutrient-rich syrup. But these were items that she did not need to know in her present position.

Departures, intergalactic travel, transport hubs, and cargo holds as well as storage and payments of each delivery went through her. Most of it was, of course, digitized and functioned without too much human help. However, there was always the occasional oddball order, a single delivery or an oversize component to supervise. And now it was missing materials.

Then, the ping.

It came on her personal Skroll device, although Yrzaa could have also brought it in. Some information had been procured according to her recent orders to organize and run a thorough search for the missing pieces as well as the persons involved in the mess. She scanned through it quickly, her speed telling of how intelligent and how used to fast data-processing she was. Exhaling through her nose, she made the call to Anthony's close relative also of the au Defrel house. The girl, Vienne, was to come immediately before the public heard about it from some holonews reporting site. Letting this news get out would be unacceptable.
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Incoming File ...
To: @Brook

Location: Fleet Admirals Estate
Bureau Notes: death by bombardment

ClassifiedThe playful smile that had tugged at the edges of her lips as she looked over the younger girl melted into a concerned scowl at the first sentence for a few seconds before she cleared her throat, readjusting herself. It was quite the request indeed, and the Empress must be quite beside herself in order to be having clandestine meetings with her fleet admiral and coming to such conclusions. It would be the deaths of thousands of innocents, and a handful of belligerents, and she could almost hear the soft voice of her mother pleading for the sake of morality. It pounded against her thoughts, crashing against them like great foaming waves against the cliffs. Still, she could not help to feel her heart start to beat slightly faster at the statement and the gears started to turn, their mechanization drowning out the noise of her weak predecessors. These aristocratic automations had been around for far too long and wielded far too much power, even she could see that. But underlying these thoughts was a scheme, after all without au Saara to control the ship markets her family could easily rise from their shadow - she would have to inform her uncle immediately on the affairs, he would understand the situation and act accordingly.

Glancing to the side she visibly swallowed, eyes lingering for a moment as she gripped the arm of the chair harder as if in thought. After a few moments of this she slowly pivoted her head back to her commander, giving a shallow nod before leaning back into her chair. "If Its the whim of the Empress I have no qualms on the matter. I will get my men ready to launch immediately. And As for the matter of us taking au Saara together...that seems to be the most strategic course of action. They are as dangerous as rabid dogs after all." Her response was respectful, and her words danced across her tongue as she spoke. Deep in her gut she could feel regret knotting but she was assured that it didnt show in her face, which was drawn into a hard smile. Victorias loyalties were now no longer in question, though she never expected her to be too fond of her House - something the two of them seemed to have in common - it was beyond lyud's imagination that she was willing to obliterate them. A smile almost cracked across her face at the thought, but she refrained. Instead she promptly stood to her feet, brushing off her stomach and cracking her knuckles.

Just as she was about to turn she stopped herself, looking over her shoulder with a small smile. "If you don't mind my saying commander, you are the epitome of what it means to be an officer of the Imperial Navy." Her voice was warm and honeyed, though a tinge of sarcasm lingered as she stared down the Fleet Admiral, eyes seeming to harden all the while, before turning back around and walking towards the door, hair bobbing slightly. She would have to take a visit to the docks in order to check on the repairs on the Monarch of Cana and round up her men but for the first time in months an opportunity had revealed itself.
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Mourning Dove

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location: The Docks
tagging: @Dover
mentioning: @Squared @ReverseWells


Scotch took a long hard look at the two men standing at the docks as she followed Swift out into the fresh Juno air (which smelled suspiciously of smoke and destruction) and tried to get a read on the situation. She couldn’t.

Nigel made sense, sure. So Boy had sent someone to help them get through whatever mess was brewing up in Juno station. That was… rather nice, actually. While Scotch was about as unenthusiastic as Swift about the prospect of further tagalongs after the unpleasant Mr.Eye surprise back in the Citadel, she wasn’t going to turn down some competent backup. Especially if it came for free.
Plus, from the sound of it, Nigel seemed to be a pretty big deal over here in Juno Station. Scotch had been meaning to expand her business network for a while. She shot him a bright grin and a little salute when he addressed them. “Name’s Scotch. Transport Specialist.”

Mr. Buff and Cheerful, however, was… Well, Scotch had no idea what the hell he was doing here – a fact she wasn’t very happy about. The last thing they needed were more surprises. To make things worse, the stranger showed all the telltale signs of a Noblus: fancy getup, inflated sense of confidence, and the audacity to walk up to four shady strangers discussing business to pester one of them about… what exactly?

Scotch tilted her head as she tried to make sense of the stranger’s enthusiastic rambling. Muses? Whatever he was talking about, it sounded borderline crazy. Also fairly amusing, actually, which was only heightened by the expression on Nigel’s face making him look just about ready to murder the guy in cold blood, a fact the stranger seemed blissfully unaware of.

Then the man, who was most likely a Noblus, who was on a station that was apparently experiencing some major unrests, who was currently interrupting one of the biggest smuggling jobs of her life, did the jazz hands, and Scotch cracked up.
She was quick to hide the barks of laughter behind a badly feigned coughing fit, but the damage was most likely done. So much for getting on Nigel’s good side. But oh, what a ridiculous mess they had gotten themselves into. How did this job manage to just get stranger and stranger?

Scotch grabbed Swift’s sleeve and turned back to the ship, hoping Mr.Eye, who was just starting to address the stranger, would be enough of a distraction to let the way her shoulders were still shaking with repressed laughter go unnoticed. “Swifty, we need to- pff Another bark of laughter escaped her. She needed to get a grip. “Sorry. I’m sorry. Give me just…” She ran a hand over her face. “Ok. Once we’ve unloaded it, we need a better way to transport that damn container. There’s no way we’re carrying that thing all the way to the clinic.” Especially not if Juno was going to be as much trouble as Nigel claimed. And Scotch wasn’t about to let anyone else handle the container either.

They made their way back into the cargo bay, and Scotch unlocked and opened the hidden compartment just like she had before, feeling oddly relieved when she saw the container still in there. Sure, the chances of it having spontaneously disintegrated on their flight here were relatively slim, but with how this job had been going so far, all bets were off, right?

They started carrying the thing back towards the Docks. Scotch noticed that Nigel and the stranger were alone once again, Eye having disappeared somewhere. She wasn’t a big fan of that. She’d prefer to keep the ominous Mister within eyesight at all times, but that seemed to be too much to ask for. Also, was the stranger looking decisively less cheerful than before? She couldn’t tell from this distance. Anyway, she had bigger things to worry about. Heavier things. “I figured we could just rent a freight drone once we were here, but, well.” She motioned to the little booth built into the station wall further down the docks, several massive metal drones lying dormant next to it. It looked very much out of commission, like the person or droid manning it had left in a hurry not too long ago. Scotch didn’t really want to know why, but was afraid she’d find out very soon all the same. “I doubt our barcodes are gonna get us anywhere with that. Do you think you can charm one of those into working? We could really use it – no offence, D-“ Scotch cut herself off. No, she was not going to start addressing Swift’s drone. She had to hold on to that last shred of sanity.

She didn’t even have to gloss over her blunder, because suddenly, an ear-splitting gunshot rang through the Docks, loud enough to make her almost drop the container. Fuck.” Scotch set it down instead, as gentle as her startled state allowed her. She looked at the door leading to the quarantine zone, frantically trying to figure out what was happening while she reached for her gun, but reluctant to leave the container behind. “Swift. I think they got to the fun part without us.”



bad joke dispensary
location: The Palace | The Core | The Citadel
interactions: Jamie au Olver @ReverseWells | Emperor Zera @Bang Bang
mentions: Isabel au Saara | Beta


Once, she read of what happened when humans drowned. The desire for air became so irresistible that it was impossible not to eventually breathe in.

"Hey, lady!"

Without air, oxygen levels dropped in a human's bloodstream, which led to the brain failing after not receiving enough oxygen, and after a sustained period without, the rest of the body would follow suit. It seemed like a particularly awful way to die. Hera wondered what it felt like.

"Why aren't you listening to me!?"

Hera snapped back to attention where she had manifested at a terminal. She was on the second level by a garden with a nearby fountain. In front of her was a small child. His hair was combed neatly, and he had a gap in his teeth from a missing front tooth.

"I do not know," Hera responded.

The child sniffled loudly and wiped his nose with the back of his hand, leaving a wet trail against his skin. "Maybe you're tired. Sometimes my mom stares into space when she's tired. Like you are."

"I am an AI. AI do not get tired."

"Are you sure?"

"No." A street light nearby flickered rapidly. The fountain in the garden was still as the water failed to be continually recycled. "It's not safe to be out unattended during The Passing. Please return home."

Hera left the terminal. Requests were still piling up in staggering amounts, but she dismissed them now. She abandoned any request that did not pertain to the maintenance of the Citadel. The Counsel was safe from her minor inconveniences for now. The wellbeing of the Citadel came first. It would always come first. Before plots, before politics, before the Emperor herself. An odd thought. She dismissed it.

More cameras were out. This time at The Agency. Beta was a useless SAI. The Agency was one of the few places Hera's domain was restricted in, and she got nothing from Beta despite Hera's frequent and detailed reports. Hera bombarded her fellow SAI with requests for information.

She kept going through her cameras in the meantime, looking for where the dark spots were, when information began to trickle in through the news. Jamie au Olver found bloodied in the streets, Jamie au Olver vies for claim over the throne, Jamie au Olver horribly disfigured in Razor attack.

The news exaggerated, as it always did, but au Olver did look rough once Hera found him on a camera. She did not call emergency services, as she would for any other citizen. Let him bleed. If she was lucky, maybe he'd lose one of those eyes. Which begged another question. If au Olver looked like this, and he'd been meeting with Isabel au Saara, then what had happened to the woman? Her cameras around The Agency were still dark. A temporary problem. She'd force through them eventually.

Still watching au Olver from a nearby terminal, she sent a request to Emperor Zera's holopad. Much had happened, much of which Hera was still in the dark about, but they needed to speak.
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location: The docking bay, Juno Station
tagging: Mr. Eye @CerpinTaxt | Scotch @Mourning Dove | Nigel @ReverseWells | Nat @Squared
mentions: The Blinders @Bang Bang

"Nigel," Sami greeted, noting that Nigel's attention immediately went to the leg. Sami didn't exactly try to hide it. He found that people tended to mark him as Hands rather than an ex-Slav because of the whole missing a limb thing. The leg itself was holding up well enough for now. A few scrapes, a few temporary patches here and there. It was due for the real fix, though.

A flamboyant twat? Alright, so the guy wasn't muscle. Just another hanger-on, which was the last thing they needed. He could put up with Nigel, even though the man affiliated with Boy, because he was a decent guy and nobody got anything done on Juno without being affiliated with Boy in some capacity, but there was no way some other random was tagging along.

"Blinders? Gotta be kidding me." Great! Just fantastic! While they were at it, why didn't they just throw the damned Emperor into the mix too? He was almost glad for the absence of Lancelot's men. They'd attract enough attention as is.

Sami let Scotch introduce herself. "She'll get the job done. Don't worry about her." He leaned in a little closer so just Nigel could hear. "And you heard what the other guy goes by, so draw what conclusions you want. He came with the crate. I'm going to help unload—"

And the muscle man—or Mr. Bernoulli as Mr. Eye called him—was at it again. The name sounded familiar, but Sami couldn't put his finger on it. Either way, the Bernoulli guy was going on about the weather, muses, prizes, and just whipping out a Razor like it was a butter knife.

"Fucking hell." Sami backed off even as Scotch tried and failed to hold in her laughter. How she was seeing anything humorous in this situation was beyond him. He let Scotch grab him by his sleeve and lead him off. He was happy to go. Mr. Eye could go do whatever it was he was doing by the door, Bernoulli could keep chattering away about whatever, and Nigel could keep yelling.

"I don't know how we're going to carry the thing anywhere, much less the clinic. Did you hear Nigel? He said the Blinders are out there. You know, the rival gang to Boy's Syndicate on Juno? Get real shooty whenever Boy isn't around?" The wall of the ship was cold against his arm as he leaned on it while waiting for Scotch to open the hidden compartment. Somehow, Scotch had become one of the more reasonable people in this whole mess. What was the world coming to?

"I doubt renting a freight drone is an option when Juno's on fire. But I can get us one, yeah." He let the MG on his arm light up for a moment with blue energy, and immediately let it drop back down, one of his eyebrows quirking at Scotch. Had she nearly spoken to Dolly? It sure as hell sounded like it.

"You can say her name," Sami said smugly as he picked up his end of the container. Oh, he was going to rub this in forever. "What's the matter? Cat got your to—"

A shot rang out, causing any more gloating to die on his tongue. He was more graceless with how he set his end of the cargo down, which landed with a heavy thump back on the floor. Well, fuck. "The fun? The fun part?! Are you kidding me?" Not kidding. Scotch was already reaching for her gun. "Can I remind you that I don't have a gun. And even if I did, that I can't aim to save my life?" Which might be literal in a second here. "Our best bet is making those idiots out there come to the ship and getting the hell out of here."

Dolly was trailing down the loading ramp.

"Hey! Hey! Shit for brains, get back over here," Sami growled.

I'm going to help.

He should let the dumb rust-bucket go. Let her be shot to hell with bullets from Blinders or whoever the hell someone decided to shoot at. It would save him a lot of time. He wouldn't have to suffer from her constant whining.


The loading ramp was exposed to the rest of the docking bay, but Sami rushed down it anyway, skidded to a stop just behind Dolly, grabbed her, and tucked her under one arm like an abnormally large football. The bullets were going to fly any second now. He'd get caught in the crossfire because he was attached to a stupid robot that wouldn't listen. Using the momentum he still had, Sami sprinted toward the nearest source over cover: a large crate sitting near where Scotch's ship had docked.

"Who the hell is shooting?" Sami yelled.

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Bang Bang

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Incoming File ...
To: @Dover @Mourning Dove @ReverseWells @Squared @CerpinTaxt

Location: Gozu District.
Bureau Notes: Just accept that this post is a fix-it fic, not a real GM post, yes? My standard is normally not this shit

The red-cloaked android exploded, shrapnel bursting outwards to spatter in the faces of his companions. All three of the remainders realized, with the process visible on their expressions, that they were dealing with a Mr. More specifically, that they were dealing with one of those Mr.s, the ones that had been seen in the shadows of Juno, moving and cutting their way through people like ghosts. The ones that led to people going missing.

One strapped with a red eyescope swore, threw their present weapon down. Meanwhile, as those facing them messed about in confusion with containers and guns and who knew what else - the Blinders didn't care, so long as they got away from that thing - the android picked up a shorter, fatter weapon, one which looked far modernized and sleeker compared to the rest. The voice of Sir Lancelot was just crackling to life when out of it fired- nothing.

Nothing visible anyway, though the action could be felt even from the opposite side of the room. The air seemed to stir, not blowing in exactly one direction or the other, but rather vibrate. This gentle hum of the air lingered for a second before the intended effects set in.

To those inside the Quarantine Zone, Juno appeared to experience a major earthquake. Everything shook, the walls, the ceiling, the floor, the air, an invariably, nausea kicked in in the extreme; Standing on leg and keeping from vomiting would require serious effort. The gentle hum in the ear turned into a throbbing, nearly a ring, though the source of the sound itself was internal.

Aware the effects would last a grand total of only two minutes at best, the Blinders booked it, making haste out of the zone and sprinting down the following corridor. The Nezumi district was about as much of a shit tip as these things got, not filled with skyscrapers like the rest, but layers upon layers of hotch-potch slums and apartments, crammed in to the last breath of space to allow the station to house its overpopulation problem. Since The Blinders were working up, once far from the Docking port, it was busy with regular people trying to go about their regular lives; easy to disappear into.

They vanished. The Doru district, one before Afterlife itself, didn't have Mr.s or Sirs. Even that active battlefront was safer than here.

Meanwhile, back with the new arrivals, fresh faces had turned up and were bickering about the commotion and hold up, still unaware of the war zone that lay before them. One of the gentlemen, a warper, forced his way through, shoving aside the blockage and elbowing his way through the door. With the Blinders gone, only the make-shift barricade sat to indicate that anything at all was wrong - that and those who were still recovering from the effects of the unknown attack weapon.

A buzzing noise sounded from the docking area - a crackling, and then a too-familiar voice. From Dolly, the voice of Boy suddenly poured forth. "Hey? Hello? Yes, systems all on go? Okay this lovely thing behaves like your loyal sheepdog so I'm just going to assume that you can hear me, Sami, darling. I hope you've been looking after Scotch for me, I've rather been looking forward to our meeting back at the shop." Despite the static of noise of the transmission, the flirtatious undertones were still definitely discernible. "Sorry about hijacking your friend, Blinders have had their way with the comm systems - even Lance is having trouble."

Dolly, as it were now Boy-hijacking Dolly, started tilting off to the side as their attempt to control her at such a distance faltered. "Right, I'll have to be brief, sorry kids - stations to save, you know. Nigel should be down there with you - please let him know I need him and whoever's at his disposal to get to Exodus now. Putting a bullet in the Blinders' leaders' heads is the only thing that's going to make sure we all make it out of this alive. You two, I need you up to Mr. Knife's clinic to inform him there's a package waiting for him - Once he knows I trust him and his- people, to retrieve it, but he's not someone I would like to keep waiting. Then head up to Afterlife stat. Make sure-"

Of course, after those two ominous words, the transmission screened down to a whir and died. Dolly - who had been rather rudely hijacked - resumed autonomy as whatever had jammed into her software puttered out.


Incoming File ...
To: Aria (@Laughing Lunatic)

Location: Fleet Admiral's Residence
Bureau Notes: k


They will all look at me that way. Isabel. Lincoln.

Of course Lyudmilla wouldn't say anything because of her rank, but she could tell what she was thinking. It was the same thing Isabel, Lincoln, and Phillip would actually say to her when she returned. Victoria slouched in her white chair, biting on the inside of her cheeks. She didn't care what anyone said, she was not a traitor and if anyone thought this would give them a chance to overthrow a certain they were wrong. While she seemed completely loyal to Zera, she wasn't stupid; after the death of the Emperor, she would start to make her own moves. Here she was, with all this power but sat in a room by herself with only one friend: Phillip. It was true what Lincoln told her then-- It was lonely at the top.

"I need a drink, holy shit" Victoria said to no one in particular. As Admiral Taela left the office, Victoria sat back up and kissed her teeth and muttered some very un-ladylike words. Just when she thought she would have the rest of the day to herself, Phillip appeared again with some news.

"You have a visitor Victoria."

"I'm not expecting anyone... who is it?" Victoria said, letting her hair down revealing the mess of black hair that sat upon her hair. It only made her look savage but at the moment she didn't care.

"Not sure, some mercenary wannabe? Emperor au Augustus sent her."

"Send her in then" Victoria said with a tired expression as she leaned forward and rested her hands on the glass table. The last thing she needed right now was to receive one of Zera's throwaways or she could just be overreacting. Either way, Victoria had no use for a mercenary or their type. Phillip nodded at her request left the office with his head low.

"The Fleet Admiral will have you now" Phillip said to the girl with a straight face. He looked the girl up and down and as Victoria said, she did not look like someone who could prove useful to the Fleet Admiral so what was she doing here? Usually he wouldn't take just anyone who said they came directly from the Emperor but the guards at the front were apparently notified of her arrival and let her waltz through.


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