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Fandom Elder Scrolls, Plague of the Dead

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Horror, Supernatural, Zombies


Scifi Commando
Siltrie: "Why is she naked?!"

Jesgroll: "Because it's not fridas... duh."

Siltrie: "What does that have to due with her lack of clothes?!"

Jesgroll: "You wouldn't understand. In fact it's best not to think about it. It would only cause you misery and woe"


Ten Thousand Club
Ingalls " Shhh the all maker is talking to me in my head... also I dont need your armor my faith protects me" revealed runic tattoos acting as a powerful sd kin spell


Ten Thousand Club
The second back up requires more.... negotiations one who is the most selfish of all takes some explanation


Mod Podge
Sorry for ghosting, don’t count on me for a start. If I’m able to join in later I’ll let you know when I can commit

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