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    EFFORT 1
    The mandatory introductory chapter that lets you get your bearings with the world and its inhabitants of this story

    You get up.

    It’s dark, you finally realise. You can’t see jack shit around you. Have you suddenly had an onset of permanent blindness? Did someone play a prank on you and blindfold you?

    You reach up to your face and fumble stupidly about with your own visage, hoping not to seem like an idiot to anyone, if there was anyone, watching, and confirm that it isn’t a blindfold that is restricting your eyesight. That or maybe it was a magical, intangible blindfold, which was kinda fancy, admittedly. But horrendously horrible for you. Your eyeballs are still there too, to your relief. Why then, are you unable to even see your wiggling fingers in front of you?

    What a predicament you are in. What will you do now?

    1. Lie down and sob

    2. Lie down and cry

    3. Lie down and wail your heart out

    4. Be productive and try to feel your way around this mysterious prison of yours

    5. Lie down, curl into a ball, and suck on your own thumb
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  2. > Be productive. Just, ya'know, be careful. Maybe the room is filled with knives or something, I'unno.
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  3. >1. It's all pointless anyway.
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  4. >3, followed by 5. This is the most productive use of time and effort.
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  5. >2, the only one that hasn't been chosen.
  6. OOC: because this is a babby and isn't very popular kinda like that band you liked back in school but cant exactly find any other person that liked it because it was fairly new, i want to ask you lot who are already here just how fast you expect this thing to be going, prolly just so your interest doesnt dim. There's a poll up.
  7. OPTION 5

    For some demented reason, you decide to take a fetal position on the floor, and proceed to ponder on your meaningless existence in this dark world of yours. Your definition of ‘ponder’,however, was to suck on your thumb and die a little inside. If anyone, if there was anyone to see you, could see you they would have pinned you as a pathetic being worthless of existing in the same plane as he (or she- we’re very inclusive here) did. It hadn’t occurred to you to think of how you ended up in your current disposition, and just who, or what you are, but given that you’ve abandoned all thought, it would be better off that you left it a mystery.

    Had you actually gone to search around, you would have found that you were surrounded by rocky walls, as if you were inside a cave, and had you even bothered to search further, you would have found that there was a portion of the wall that was strangely smooth and wooden. It would have been nice at least to have been prepared by the sudden and prompt explosion that blew apart the wooden panel that sealed you off from the outside world. It would also have been quite dangerous for you if you had been standing in front of it. There was a silver lining in every cloud, but it was also good to know that it was a cloud you were looking at.

    Light poured into the room, blinding you and illuminating nothing at all. At once, you hear a voice exclaim excitedly from outside. You can’t exactly see the owner, but the voice is decidedly female, and its owner decidedly strong, as her arms take yours and drag you to your feet and into the world outside. You can only barely hear her chirp next to you as you stumble about to your feet in the blinding sunlight.

    Oh gosh I knew he was right! I couldn’t find ya at first, but then I heard the all too conspicuous sound of someone sucking at their own thumb, and I found that one niche that he was talking about, and I blasted the thing open, and there you were!

    The light searing into your corneas and her rapid fire voice provided you with no clarification, but did give you a serious case of migraine. Thankfully, your eyes begin to adjust to the light, and the owner of the voice decided to opt for squealing in excitement than saying anything else. The light clears, and you find yourself peeking over the edge of a mountain, giving you a bird’s eye view of the plains that lay beneath it, a sea of green as far as the eye can see. You can see the wind brushing across the glades and the valleys. In the distance, you can spot several villages and towns dotting the area, and, in the horizon, what seems to be a city. You could tell it was a city, since there were spires reaching towards the sky, amidst already tall buildings that marred the blue horizon.

    Oh, by Laevateinn, I forget my manners. You must be hungry!” The voice chirped up again behind you. You turn to face the one who brought you freedom from your cage, and instantly give pause.
    Your rescuer was a raven-haired young lady, with a streak of white in her jet-black hair. Her face was youthful, young, even, and she was, to put in a word, quite ‘cute’. Or would have been anyway. You don’t see the extent of how far it went, but you can clearly make out the marrings across her skin, a large patch of warped, twisted brown on her fair skin, scarring near half of her face. Her clothing and bandages that wrapped her up hid most of her physique, but you also see that her left arm also suffered the same scars. You come to your senses, and avert your eyes to try and seem as if you were not staring, bringing them to the strange staff she carried. She did not seem to notice your staring, and instead focused on digging out a small snack from her pouch. With a smile on her face, her emerald eyes looking earnestly at you, she offers you a handful of simple crackers.

    While they don’t seem like they’d be much, you also realise that, in your epiphany in your prison, a dark cave that you also now see behind the young lady, you forgot your hunger. Seeing the crackers in front of you now, your stomach instantly grumbles for sustenance. The young lady is polite enough to try and ignore your embarrassment, but presses the crackers in your hand, and picks up her staff. You now notice that it seems more like a sword, given how it is wrapped, but the material of it is not one of steel. At least, steel shouldn’t be that gnarled and twisted.

    You can choose to eat the crackers now, or choose to stave off your hunger and keep them aside for later, though why you would do that is beyond understanding.
    1. Eat the crackers
    2. Keep ‘em for later
    As well as choosing to eat the young lass’s food or not, you can also choose to ask her a question or two. Depending on what occurs next, she may or may not be able to answer all of the questions. You can also decide to keep mum and not say anything.
    1. 'Who are you?'
    2. 'Where am I?'
    3. 'Laevateinn?'
    4. 'How did you know I was here?'
    5. 'What is the meaning of life?'
    6. 'Write-in'
    7. Stay silent.**

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  8. Got to keep our priority straight. Eat Crackers and have a philosophical discussion about the meaning of life.
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  9. Aftef that discussion, get down to business and ask where you are.
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  10. This basically
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  11. 2 and combo into 7, let's go silent crying protag
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  12. You lot are horrible people and i love it
  13. >Eat Crackers

    >6. "So are you my love interest or... What?"
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  14. I second this motion!
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    You bite into one of the crackers with some hesitation. They crumble the moment your teeth sink into them and they melt pleasingly in your mouth, filling your tastebuds with a mild taste of butter. It isn’t cloyingly sweet, and neither is it completely bland, the flavor being just comfortably in the middle. Your face must have betrayed your enjoyment of the treat, as when you look up to the lady, her face is lit up like a second sun. You don’t even need to voice out your pleasure for her to see that you clearly like her gift, and she clearly likes that you like it. It dawns on you that perhaps she never had much human interaction to begin with, given by how thrilled she is to be even talking to you.

    She continues to watch you as you eat, and you don’t know if you should be pleased that she stopped chattering. Between the awkward silence and her awkward, inexplicable, squeeing over you, you can’t seem to decide which was worse. You eventually go for the former. As you munch on the next cracker, you think of something to break the ice. In your, perhaps mistakenly placed, wide intelligence, you try to strike up a conversation with her by querying on her perspective on the meaning of life. You watch as she looks at you with a blank expression. Slowly, her facial expression contorts ever so slightly into one of further bafflement, and you realise that perhaps you had started off with the wrong question. She starts spouting out a stream of desperate ‘uhm’s and ‘uh’s, obviously struggling to come up with something to say.

    Out of pity, or just tired of seeing her pathetic display, you decide to change the subject by asking straight out if she was your love interest. She stops her blubbering for just a second, processes your question. You see the same look of confusion in her eyes again, and you immediately rub your temples in frustration when she goes yet into another stream of mumbling. You note that perhaps complicated questions like these aren’t exactly her forte. Maybe questions on the world would work to your favor next time.

    Next time being so, because before you can continue your seeming interrogation, the lady stops her panicking, her attention suddenly drawn to the side of the mountain. You don’t hear anything, nor see anything-- you take that back the moment you thought it, for at that split second, a dark figure springs up from the edge, flying high into the sky. The sun shrouds its appearance, but you can clearly see the grim claw in its right arm, descending upon you. The lady’s face turns solemn, devoid of the childish naivete earlier, and she brings her sword/staff onto the ground. A translucent forcefield erupts from her staff/sword, sealing you and her in a bubble. The being smashes into the bubble, destroying it, but is knocked off his original trajectory, landing several feet away from both of you instead of slicing you to pieces.

    Now under the sun instead of in front of it, you get a clear look at its appearance, and you don’t like it one bit. It is what you would describe as a skeletal mechanical being, a robot, if you would. Its legs are sharp, stabbing stilettos, and its right arm is simply a giant claw,glowing crimson. It straightens up its hunched frame, and looks at both you and the lady, who readies her swoff/stard, with its glowing visor. Then, from it, a tinny voice speaks.
    Greetings, Agatha. And many fine welcomes to you as well, Harbinger.” The robot speaks with a refined, polite, Southern drawl. Despite its giant claw, menacing red eyes, and generally grim appearance, perhaps this isn’t a foe at all. That was, before it continued. “I’d hate to stop the icebreaker right here, but I must kill the Harbinger. Dreadfully sorry, Agatha. I hope you understand. Business and all that.” You spin around, looking for someone, or something that could be called the Harbinger and come up with nothing. The robot also noticeably looked at you when it spoke the name of Harbinger. You also doubt your name is Agatha, given that the lady noticeably twitches at the name. You instantly retract your earlier assumption about the robot. Polite, he was, but a friend he wasn’t.

    You further retract it when he swings his claw at you, extending it with a thunderous machine-gun rhythm of mechanical clacking. You have barely a few seconds to move- what will you do?
    1. Try and block the swipe
    2. Duck under it
    3. Jump over it
    4. Scream like a little girl and freeze in an absurd posture
    5. Write-in
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  16. Scream like a little girl and throw rocks at it. Because girls can be both scary and dangerous.

    If we are on a mountain, there has to be rocks.
  17. 5. Offer him some crackers. Sorry Agatha, I want to go on the Algis route.
  18. Scream like a little girl then throw your crackers at it in an attempt to pacify it.
  19. 1473682342032.jpg
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  20. If we've run out then just spit some back up
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  21. 5. Run the other fucking way or side step it

  22. /drunk post

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