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    Occupation: (What do you do? Member of the Rebellion, Soldier of one of the nations? Begger? Traveler? Bounty Hunter? Etc.)

    Bending: (Are you a bender? If so, which element? Are you not a bender?)

    Distinguishing Features: (Is there anything on your character that would help identify them?)

    Sexuality: (What gender does your character find attractive?)

    Height: (How tall is your character)

    Weight: (How much does your character weigh?)

    Backstory: (What shaped your character to how they are today? No less than a paragraph.)

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    Talents: (Does your character possess any particular talents special to them?)

    Hobbies: (What does your character do in their spare time?)

    Theme: (Optional) (What music defines your character?)

    Other: (Optional)(Anything else you might want to add.)

  • ATLA-Gina-earthbender-digital-lineart-v2-approved-color-R-Finished-2500-WEB.jpg
    Name: Jiayi (CHYA-EE) Feng

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Nation: Earth Nation

    Occupation: City Guard, Odd Job Master Rebellion Member

    Bending: Earth Bender!! Metal Bender possibly?

    Distinguishing Features: First off, she's plus sized. Secondly, she has a fairly large burn mark on her back right between her shoulder blades that creep over her shoulders a bit.

    Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

    Height: 5'6" (170cm)

    Weight: 242lbs (109kg)

    Backstory: Jiayi was born and raised right there in Ba Sing Se, not in the heart of the city where she lives now, but on the outskirts of the city with her family. Her father came from a long like of farmers and he, along with her grandfather and grandmother tended to that farm. Her mother was a merchant, and was often away from their home for a few days at a time distributing or selling their goods before she'd return. They'd spend a few days together before she'd set off again leaving Jiayi in her father's care. Now, if you're expecting this to take a dark turn or for tragedy to strike... you're definitely out of luck. Other than her brother being born when she was about 3 years old and her grandparents dying in very natural ways, nothing out of the ordinary or not worthy really happened to Jiayi. She's got to live a very normal life. Of course there were some ups and downs, her being bigger than a lot of kids at school caused some problems and of course dealing with the really rich kids was always annoying. But her parents were kind, and nurturing people. They encouraged her to explore her bending, any passions that caught her interest, they wanted her to make friends and have fun. They wanted her to be a child for as long as possible.

    Things finally start to pick up when she's 16. Over the past few years of going to school and training, it was easier to travel with her mother into the big city. And over the years, Jiayi found herself captivated by the city guard. For someone who had lived on a farm for most of her life, even something as mundane as patrolling a block looked exciting. Especially after a rather eventful evening in the market. There had been some rumors here and there, of robberies taking place in the market square. Nobody she knew had seen anything, so they were just that, rumors. That changed rather suddenly one night as the lights were snuffed out one evening. There was your standard chaos of screaming and confused people but it was mostly calm. Until a group of three people in masks and cloaks began to threaten the merchants with their bending and blades. Her heart was pounding, the young woman frozen in place until they finally reached her mother's stall. They demanded their money be handed over but Jiayi refused before her mother could speak. The earthbender made a move to attack her, but Jiayi deflected it and launched herself over the table to give chase as they ran. The city guard got there just in time to see her corral the three and retrieve the money. And of course, being rather impressed, they formally invited her to join them. Once she was old enough of course.

    She couldn't have been more excited and once she turned 18, Jiayi left her family home for a small apartment in the city and her first day in boot camp. It wasn't too difficult, but there was much more to the job than Jiayi realized. That didn't stop her though, busting her buns to get through all the training necessary to become a guard. And that she did! Rather quickly mind you, her entire focus was study and training, she had graduated in under a year. And her patrols began. She got to deal with fights and robberies, domestic disturbances and merchant disputes. If it could happen, Jiayi dealt with it. But that was only part of her day. Being an early riser, she worked from dawn until early afternoon and then had the rest of her day to herself. And having grown up on a farm where there was always something to do, Jiayi found the down time really, really odd.

    So she turned to finding things in her community to do. It started with helping the merchants set up or take down their stalls for the day, helping the elderly with tasks as home, things like that. It would slowly grow as her name did, to helping many of the local businesses, single parents, even a few city officials here and there. And among these tasks, she found herself running a few errands here and there for the Rebellion. Which...Jiayi has no clue about. Of course she knows about the rebellion, about what's going on outside of Ba Sing Se, and as much as she wants to help, it's outside of her hands. At least she thinks so. Unknowingly she's been helping smuggle papers and people, making deliveries and other inconspicuous tasks for the Rebellion for months. The agents she's been in contact with think she's an excellent liar. Jiayi just wonders how well their giant pots are made that so many people want them. In any case, Jiayi just wants a normal life, that's all. A normal life and some excellent black tea.

    Weapon: Other than her bending of course, Jiayi has a pair of fingerless gauntlet/bracers for unarmed combat and she actually has some talent as an archer and does own a bow

    Talents: Close combat, Bending (obviously), Archery, Culinary skills, Basic first aid, Therapeutic Advice, Climbing, Long Distance Running, Holding many heavy objects

    Hobbies: Jiayi spends a lot of her free time reading, cooking, and baking. She also spends a lot of her time doing good in the community, like helping out local businesses with random tasks, babysitting, really any odd job or tasks she can find. The woman does not like downtime.


    Other: Jiayi is deceptively strong, her muscle tone is just fairly well hidden under her full figure. She also has more stamina than one might assume.

    Jiayi has befriended many of the street dogs around Ba Sing Se, and even a few of the weirder creatures you can find. Like a small family of turtle ducks.

    This woman knows how to get a stain out of any piece of clothing. Assuming it's gotten to her within 48 hours of said stain.

    Jiayi has a near perfect service record when it comes to arrests, breaking up fights, and other instances of the like. Her few blemishes all revolved around the same vegetable vendor who can't seem to catch a break.

    Jiayi has a random assortment of practical skills like sewing, farming, fishing, etc that the lower class need to know in order to get by. But seeing as how they're all hardly deeper than a base level knowledge, they're not talents.

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Name: Chantal
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nation: Earth Nation (Identifys as Free Citizen)
Occupation: Traveler, Miscellaneous Jobs
Bending: Earth Bender (Atypical and Unconventional, Broad styles known as well as Unknown Specialized)
Distinguishing Features: Small tattoos down their right hand of the phrase "Baraya Baraya Agabaraya", Shoe-Less
Sexuality: Asexual
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 170lbs

"Not like an Earth bender? What is that exactly? What criteria would one use to evaluate it?. The Earth can stand fast, it can move, it can be merciless or kind, it withstands, it can crumble, it can be moulded hard, soft, hot, cold, heavy, light, crude, and precise. Let me answer that for you, there are no specifics, it's moulded by its environment and moulds its environment in turn, and much like the air or water, no matter what you do to it, how you try and change it, it will still be earth"

A fiercely determined individual who lacks set roots in the conventional culture of any particular nation, having grown up on the lowest rungs of a border earth kingdom settlement but broadened by continuous travel, seemingly freely working their way through fire and other nations' controlled territory alike.

Less stubborn and rigid than your typical earth bender, she is no less willful, if she has a goal she will be steadfast in achieving that, not taking a step back yet extremely fluid in the road she takes to get there. This likely stems from the necessity of her upbringing as a street orphan needing to learn to adapt to survive, with several experiences tempering and hardening them despite her younger age. She is highly observant of individuals and her surroundings, rarely acting without a motive or plan, and always looking for opportunities to learn herself.

As a result of this, she is also far more morally flexible, willing to take in anything she can to advance but still a pragmatic down-to-earth realist when it comes to tackling problems. She can be aloof when it comes to dealing with issues, constantly moving and walking on rather than letting the weight of problems drag her down. She has repeatedly stated her intention to not take a step nor look back, only advancing forward and up.

This flexibility also comes across in her bending style, often incorporating anything she has observed and can use to develop something entirely her own, in particular her tendency to do more with less. She is not one to always be big and obvious, knowing the benefit of subtlety and precision yet recognising when the former is needed. Lacking formal teachers she appears to possess a raw natural talent and intrinsic understanding of her element that differs from most earth benders, which combined with her own hard work allowed her to develop on her own path as opposed to the established bending forms handed down through the generations.

Weapon: Pouches of Obsidian Powder and chunks, Pouches of preserved insects and herbs. Small Knives
Talents: Adaptable, Bending Savant, Highly Observant, Unnatural Grip Strength, Martial Artist, Navigation, Gathering
Hobbies: Travelling, Reading, Puzzles, Climbing, Exercise
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  • pngegg.png
    (pre-injury appearance)​
    Name: Ulva

    Alias: Lady Ice

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Nation: Northern Water Tribe (exiled)

    Occupation: Princess of the Northern Water Tribe (contested), Member of the Resistance, Assassin

    Bending: Waterbender, healing bending, once in anger user bloodbending though no formal training

    Distinguishing Features: burns of several degrees on the left-hand side of her face, neck, shoulder, arm and chest.

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Height: 5ft 9in

    Weight: 55kg

    Born in the northern water tribe as the only daughter of the chief of the tribe and having an older brother. She was at first not expected to do much beyond being used as a diplomatic tool though she was from a loving and caring family. She was found to be a bender at a young age and therefore trained in healing bending as tradition dictated, and was a capable singer. Furthermore, she was also intelligent with even her father looking to her for advice, who in return taught her a little martial bending in secret, and generally well liked by her people. Still, during Ulva's teenage years, she caused stir with rumours in the upper class that she had a romantic relationship with the daughter of one of the larger families. However, this was suppressed and denied and due to Ulva's position it was ignored as a youthful indiscretion.

    Things changed though when her brother died in a naval engagement with the fire nation. This left him without a male heir, and questions come up about succession and the questions regarding Ulva's sexuality resurfaced. In truth, Ulva did not help matters, as she had various suitors came forward to marry her and the chef made the decision to allow Ulva to decide. Ulva delayed and avoided the decision. In addition, the war was going badly with Fire Nation baring down on them, the tribes' willingness for war had decreased and led to further questions to Ulva father ability to lead them through it on whether they should continue.

    A few of the nobility came together and set off a coup with the aid of fire nation. The killed Ulva father and despite her best attempts at defending herself and escaping, captured UIva and handed her over to the fire nation in return for their help. She was taken on a fire nation ship and was set to be transported to the fire nation as a trophy and slave. She did not make things easy for them and made several attempts to escape, but did not manage.

    When the ship was near the Earth kingdom lands, the ship was attacked by the Resistance aiming to free her. However, the attack went horrible wrong thanks to the combination of the attack and Ulva attempt to escape, causing the ship to explode. The explosion almost cost Ulva her life only the quick action of the Resistance attackers saving her though she was badly and irreversibly burned in the process. She woke up weeks later in a resistance camp where she was offered a place at a chance at revenge if not her restoration in the Northern water tribe. She accepted becoming one of the Resistance agents and assassins, earning a fearsome reputation.

    Weapon: Her father's war club and jaw dagger

    Talents: Bending, Stealth, negotiation, leadership, healing, some melee martial training, planning.

    Hobbies: Dancing, singing, travel, swimming.


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  • fabdacdb4e09d65732e05e6a03f3ae26.jpgName:






    Distinguishing Features:




    Nina was born in the Foggy Swamps and is the daughter of the chief. Growing up she lived a pretty happy life she was energetic and a hard working girl who was always practicing her bending. Her mother mostly taught Nina everything she knows. The tribe was very close, they were like one big family. Her father was very big on teaching her this and about staying away from the outside world. "Remember this Nina the tribe always come first. Everything we do is to protect the tribe our family. You must never leave this swamp. The outside world is a dangerous place and you can't trust anybody." Even though she was told this about a million times Nina couldn't help but be curious. All she had ever known was the swamp. She wanted to know what else was out there but she didn't want to disappoint her father. Besides, one day she would be in charge of the tribe, though she never really had the interest to. Nina could be a stubborn girl, she would be determined to do things her way or not listen. Sometimes she would end up right and other times she would be really reckless and up in trouble. Part of the reason why she was reckless was because she had a curious nature and sometimes she just couldn't fight it.

    The Foggy Swamps wasn't a usual place people would enter but their were times where strangers would pass through. The tribe usually just kept hidden and stayed quiet whenever a stranger did happen to pass through. Because of this is it was unknown to anyone that people actually lived there. There were times Nina would want to show herself and talk to the strangers but she was good and never made herself known. That was until one day Nina saw a man, who was badly injured came into the forest. He seemed to be bleeding and was in terrible condition. She wanted to help him but the others told her told leave him. Nina thought that was much to cruel. She knew the rule was to keep their identity safe but to let a man was in serious condition just lie there and slowly die it wasn't right. Not being able to ignore it she made herself known and appeared before the man. Come to find out the man was a fire bender and a hurt solider. She helped healed him and started to become friends with him. Her father was furious at what she did and told her to stop seeing him and to make him leave but of course she didn't.

    Soon enough she started to fall for him and it seemed like he was falling for her to. Nina felt like she was on cloud nine she was so happy. But of course that happiness wouldn't last. The fire bender told Nina how he wanted to stay with her and her tribe and wondered if he could meet them and the chief. Nina of course was happy about this and she ended up telling him where the tribe was and that she would talk to her father first before she brought him. Nina ended up fallen asleep with him but the next day when she woke up he was gone. She looked around and didn't see him anywhere and she assumed he went to find food for himself. So she went on back home when she got there though she couldn't believe what she saw. She stood there in shock and confused. The place had been completely burned to the ground and except for a few dead bodies everyone was gone. Her eyes then noticed him, the fire bender. She stared at him and asked him who had done this. Without looking at her he said the fire bender soldiers had done it. But why? Why would these people attack her tribe and take them? How did they even know where they were? Then it hit her. He was the one that told them and then they attack. She tried to get him to answer why but he just stayed silent. Tears started streaming down her face and she watched as he walked away. Then suddenly she yelled out. "I swear if I ever see you again I'll kill you!! You hear me?!" He stop for a moment. He looked like he was going to turn around but he started walking again and disappeared into the fog. Nina went around desperately trying to find survivors. But sadly there was none that is until she found her father breathing slowly laying on the ground. She ran to him and bent down crying saying she was sorry. He looked at her and gave her sad smile. Her father died but before he did he tried to console her saying not to blame herself and that it wasn't her fault but it didn't help. Nina was now totally alone. There was nobody left. Her once energetic and happy self was now gone, full of anger and self hate. Her eyes had become lifeless. Never would she leave the forest and never again would she ever trust anyone especially fire bender. If she ever saw one again. She would kill on sight.

    The swamps now are said to be haunted with ghost and monsters and anyone that goes in can never fully cross through cause they usually run scared for their life. They would never guess it was just a single girl controlling the swamp and making it come to life.

    Keeps a dagger on her.

    Stealth, Very observant, Hunting, Bending, Fast Runner, Hand to hand combat,

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  • Feng

    feng.jpgJust Feng

    • Name: Feng

      Age 27

      Gender: Male

      Sexuality: Isn't overly interested in such things, but willing to try anything out

      Height: 201 cm | 6'7"

      Weight: 123 kg | 272 lbs

      Nation: Unaffiliated; Formerly Fire Nation

      Bending: Fire, of course

      Notable traits: Almost never takes off his armor, but funnily enough has a great number of scars and burns that mark his bare skin


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Name: Tashi Dolma

Appearance: Tashi is an image of resilience. His skin carries the tan hue of a summerโ€™s duskโ€”a soft tan that compliments the dark tone of his hair. His hair takes the shape of a Mohawk that rises with a smoldering ridge. At his front, his eyes are two obsidian wells with depths teeming with both trials and victories alike.

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Nation: Earth Kingdom

Occupation: Underground Fighter

Bending: Air Bender

Distinguishing Features: His scars map out stories of his life's battles. Some were minor skirmishes, small and faded, remnants of playful boyhood mischief. Others are formidable, wide, and jagged like a canyon carved by an unmerciful river. The young man wears his scars with dignity, transforming them from mere disfigurements to symbols of strength.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5โ€™9โ€

Weight: 143 lbs

Personality: He moves through life with a playful, spontaneous spirit that takes him on detours. Once an idea takes root in his mind, it grows relentless. Itโ€™s like a stubborn weed that refuses to be uprooted until he sees it through. This trait often propels him into whirlwinds of adventure, his whimsical nature pushing him to leap without looking, to taste the adrenaline that only the unknown can provide.

There is a stubborn undertow to his spontaneity that can make him seem disagreeable. His words rest on the edge of conflict, his words playfully challenging, poking, and prodding. He pushes against the current, not out of defiance but for the sheer thrill of the challenge. He is a thrill-seeker, drawn to the exhilarating surge of adrenaline that comes with courting the edges of danger and the unknown.

Tashi carries within him a shadow of insecurity. He views the world through a skewed mind, often misinterpreting people's intentions. He reads between lines that aren't there and hears sounds where there is silence. It's an echo of past battles, perhaps, a scar that doesn't show on his skin but lingers in his thoughts.

Backstory: Tashi's heritage stems from both passion and heartache. His mother was an air nomad who danced on the wind and chased the setting sun. Seeking respite from the confines of her people, she fled from her pack. Her journey took her to the rich expanse of the East Kingdom. It was in this landscape that she met Tashi's father, a man as grounded as she was adrift.

However, as quickly as love bloomed, it wilted. The call of her people was a song that she could not ignore. The weight of her secret life away from the nomads became a burden that she could no longer bear. With a heavy heart, she left behind the man she once loved and the child they had created. To the air nomads, she returned as one of their own, her secret safely tucked away and her past life reduced to a distant memory. Yet, in the heart of the Earth Kingdom, her legacy lived on in Tashi.

In the wake of his mother's departure, Tashi was left in the caring hands of his father. The man is a craftsman of exceptional skill. As Tashi grew, he was nurtured under the beat of his father's workshop. His days were filled with the symphony of clanging metal and the aroma of burning coal.

As he grew older, Tashi discovered a peculiar ability nestled within him that set him apart from his peers. It revealed itself subtly at first, a light breeze caressing his skin, a leaf suspended in air, the flicker of an unlit candle. Soon, he realized that he could command the air around him; he was an Air Bender, much like his mother. This newfound power was exhilarating, a silent whisper of his mother's legacy, a connection to a woman he had never known.

Yet, this gift was not without its burdens. In the Fire Nationโ€™s ruled Earth Kingdom, where strength was valued, Tashi's Air Bending was seen as a peculiarity, an anomaly. It set him apart, painting him as an outsider in a world where conformity was the norm. In his quest for acceptance and recognition, Tashi found himself drawn to the dark underbelly of the Earth Kingdomโ€”an underground fighting arena. Here, death was merely a part of the spectacle. Tashi presented a novel showing with his air bending, a fresh diversion for the bloodthirsty crowd.

His air-bending skills were honed not under the tutelage of a master, but through the fires of his determination. His training ground was the lessons learned in the crucible of survival; the speed of his learning was driven by necessity. Each day in the underground arena demanded new strategies and new techniques to stay alive. His self-taught fighting style was a fusion of raw power and intuitive fluidity. Tashi's unconventional methods often caught his opponents off guard. His fights were a spectacle of unpredictable maneuvers, his air bending is used in ways that baffle even the most seasoned fighters.

Tashi has carved a reputation for himself, his name is spoken of with a mixture of awe and fear. His time in the ring has outlasted many and his list of victories is slightly longer than his defeats. Each battle is a dance with death, a high-stakes game where the prize is survival and the cost, often, one's life.

Weapon: Brass Knuckles

Talents: Metalworking, quick improvisation, deft hand-to-hand combat, basic survivalist skills, understanding of structural weaknesses, creative problem-solving.

Hobbies: Wood carving, reading about air nomad culture, collecting different types of feathers.


  • Artist โ€” gelynele

    Tuuli โ€” Rebellion 2nd-in-command
    a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

    Artist โ€” UNKNOWN

    Zesru โ€” White Lotus Member
    You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.

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  • R.dd65d720c6e1a6491b07628136b9d29c

    Name: Noro Izan

    Age: 48

    Gender: Male

    Nation: Former soldier of the Fire Nation

    Occupation: Traveling bounty hunter/mercenary

    Bending: Fire Bender

    Distinguishing Features: An old scar running across his chest.

    Sexuality: Straight

    Height: 6โ€™7

    Weight: 245

    Born in Fire Nation, Noro lived a decent life thanks to his family name. Behind his family stood a long history of loyal service within the Fire Nations military. Every generation within the Izan family produced fine soldiers, skilled fire benders, or natural leaders. The Izan family held great pride in their ability to serve faithfully and create even greater offspring for the next generation of soldiers to march for their country. Though they were not considered official nobility, the Izan name garnered respect amongst those of the Fire Nation and would find many generals practically competing against one another to add a single member of the Izan family to their ranks.

    Though the family name held much weight, Noro had never felt its pressure weigh on his shoulders. Though his family was proud of their history, Noro felt indifferent towards it all. There was love for his family and his country, but ever since he was a child he felt as if his path in life would stray away from the long road of service his family had chosen to follow for so long. Was it wanderlust? Spiritual enlightenment? Freedom? Destiny? Noro never knew what this tugging feeling was in his heart, but he knew that no other in his family felt it like him. For now, though Noro would enjoy his youth with his family while he could, train with his siblings, and attend the long lectures given by his father. There would be a time when heโ€™d see his chance to begin his real path in life.

    As the years went on however Noro would follow his family's wishes and become yet another gem of pride within his family's name, becoming an exceptional fighter and a skilled fire bender. As he became of age it took no time at all for him to enlist alongside his siblings and begin his real training to join the fresh wave of youth within the Fire Nations forces. Though the life of a soldier wasnโ€™t ideal to Noro, the time he spent in the military was memorable, having made many friends, a handful of whom he would consider brothers and sisters. Of course, the life of a soldier would eventually bring him to the battlefield. Bandits, pirates, and skirmishes between other nations' borders are what Noro dealt with for years within the army. Every battle was the same to him, just more fighting and killing for reasons he couldnโ€™t care less about. In truth Noro simply enjoyed the challenge thrown his way after every fight, that is if any presented themselves. Most of the time it was all rather boring.

    As things were going and the years went by, Noro still felt that tugging in his chest, the feeling that this life of a soldier wasnโ€™t meant for him. Even after eleven years in the military Noro felt this wasnโ€™t his life, this wasnโ€™t where he was supposed to be. He has always remained vigilant for a chance to change his path in life, but nothing has presented itself to him yet. However, little did he know at the time, he would get that very chance.

    After a rather successful raid on a pirate hideout Noro was summoned by his commanders along with a handful of other soldiers from different units, none of whom he recognized. Once gathered they were given a task to eliminate a group of spies disguised as a traveling group of merchants from the Earth Nation. Not much information was given other than that none should survive, and this mission should never be revealed to anyone who didnโ€™t participate. From the start Noro was suspicious, but from the feeling that hung over the room, he knew there was no refusing these orders.

    With the mission given Noro set out with the small team of hand-picked soldiers and began the hunt for these Earth Nation โ€œspiesโ€. It took them no longer than a week to find their trail and catch up to them. Waiting till the dead of night they struck the resting group. It was a blur, the chaos of battle so sudden yet ending just as quickly. As the fires calmed and the haze of battle fell Noro was horrified to see the aftermath of their successful mission. As he feared these were no spies, but instead civilians. Men, women, and evenโ€ฆ children. Why? What purpose was there for this slaughter? What gain!? In his confused and terrified state as Noro tried to find any reasonable answer to the madness that surrounded him, a shrill cry filled the night air.

    It didnโ€™t take long for Noro to discover the source of this cry. A child no older than a few months clenched tightly within the arms of a nearly dead woman. Standing above them was one of Noroโ€™s fellow soldiers, fire licking his fingertips as he aimed down at the pair. Before he could dispatch the two however he instead was engulfed in a blaze of fire, his screams filling the air and falling to the ground as Noro watched with unfiltered rage and disgust. In his rage he went on to kill the rest of his fellow soldiers, blocking out their pleas or questions. In the end, he was surrounded by fire and death, the only sound to reach his ears was the crackling of fire, the smell of smoke and burning bodies filling his nose to the point of revulsion. That is until the crying returned, seemingly snapping him out of a trance and setting his eyes on the crying infant once more.

    The mother was already gone, using the last of her strength to defend her child with her body. As Noro stared at the child, tears in his eyes, he gently took the child into his arms. Once in his arms, the child fell silent staring at him with confused, teary golden eyes. Soon he felt the same tugging feeling in his heart, stronger than it had ever been. This was it, this was his chance. A bittersweet smile came to his face, feeling like this was all a sick joke played by fate.

    With the only survivor cradled in his arms, Noro walked into the night, never to return to his country or family and becoming a traitor to the Fire Nation. It was by sheer luck and good fortune that he was able to escape his homeland, but afterward, he would stay on the run, caring for and raising the child he saved for many years. This was his path now, a path of redemption and atonement.

    Weapon: A heavy Kwan Dao

    Talents: Martial arts, blacksmith, tracking, strategy, first aid, sewing.

    Hobbies: Fishing, training both his martial arts and fire bending, books, writing.


Character Sheet


Appearance: Skin deeply tanned; Hair is a dark brown, styled into a undercut style and generally tied into a messy top knot; Eyes are dark brown; Build is a lean muscular from training and activity, aiming to strike a balance between strength and agility; Outfits tend to be chosen for the ability to blend in with the local population.
Name: Bixi
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Nation: Air and Water
Occupation: Corsair Spy
Bending: Air Bender
Distinguishing Features: Scaring on arms and legs from activity. A tribal tattoo of a turtle just above her navel, used as a identifying mark for the Corsairs.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Backstory: Bixi is a child of a Water Nation sailor and an Air Bender Nomad. Since she was born, she has always been on the move, either on her father's boat, or traveling the world with her mom. She learned early on how to seem like she belonged where ever she was currently, whether that be an Earth Kingdom city, or a Fire Nation Colony. Though her travels with her mother taught her much, her most cherished childhood memories are of those times where she and her parents were together on the sea.
As she got older, she struck out on her own to find her own path. Not long after this, she fell in with a group of Water Nation and Air Nation people looking to find freedom away from the constraints of their nations. While they got by on fishing at first, they found smuggling and a little raiding on the rich to be quite profitable and fun. They took the name 'Corsairs' with pride.
With the exile of Iroh, the Corsairs found quite a few new recruits from Fire Nation people looking to escape their nation's return to thew conquerors path. With this new conflict, the Corsairs' talent for smuggling came even more in demand. Bixi herself acted as an agent or spy for the Corsairs on land thanks to her talent for seeming. When rumors of a rebellion stirring in the Fire Nation, Bixi convinced her compatriots to offer their services to this movement. She's currently working with Rebellion members to establish avenues for supplies to be "shipped" to them for a discounted cost.
Weapon: Staff, Boomerang
Talents: Expert sailor, detailed knowledge of customs of all four nations, acting ability to blend in with a population, skilled thief, stealth, singing, weapon combat, and air bending.
Hobbies: Sailing, singing, collecting stories, sightseeing.

Other: Has a pet owl cat named Hu
026C368E-1932-4205-BA3F-0715D9CDC7C1.jpegName: Kaizen

Age:22 years old


Nation: Northern Water Tribe

Occupation: Bounty Hunter (Rebellion member)

Bending: Waterbender (secretly a blood bender)

Distinguishing Features: His long hair and Tribal Tattoo on his right shoulder


Height: 6โ€™2

Weight:190 lbs

Backstory: Kaizen is the only son of the Commander Xie, Commander of the Northern Water Tribes Naval Forces who was a master swordsman non bender. From the moment Kaizen was born he had a planned future to become a weapon of war for his father, marry a princess to gain more power for his father, in other words to be a pawn, a window to look through to see all the things he couldnโ€™t reach himself. Kaizens mother was a powerful waterbender, proficient at all three forms of bending water, healing, blood. She was his mentor until she was killed when he was eleven years old, leaving him in the hands of his father. After his motherโ€™s funeral, Kaizienโ€™s father shipped him off to train under different masters for the next nine years returning home every three to four months for promotional events of his fathers( windows for plotting if anyoneโ€™s got history in the Northern water tribe?). When Kaizen turned 18 he returned home and joined the military completing missions on a small tight knit team assembled by his taking orders only from his father, capturing or killing targets, retrieving hostages, or recovering stranded forces members, and northern water tribe property.

After 3 years of being on this squad Kaizen began to put pieces together in his head a lot of the things his father had them doing was off the books no one must know so there would be no reason for anyone to question the why until they were sent to another government official of the Northern Water Tribes and exterminate them. That along with the fact that the newest member of the squad was a firebender and at the time of this war, what firebender would pledge loyalty to a water tribe commander, unless that commander has already bent the knee. It all made sense to him now, mind blown Kaizen knew that this was his time to escape. Kaizen returned home grabbed his His Hammer shell, Along with his Polar Bear Dog (Zero) and abandoned the North using his name and whatever wealth to get to Ba Sing Se picking up relatively easy bounties considering his skill set along the way.

Weapon: Has a Hammer shell which is just the cast of a war hammer that is hollowed out with holes in the side that Kaizen fills with water and freeze it now able to use bending to control the hammer freely as a self retrieving projectile.

Talents: Martial combat and reconnaissance

Hobbies: Train and study, Kaizen believes that his father had something to do with his motherโ€™s death and wants to figure out why, and how to destroy him for it.

Theme: (Optional) (What music defines your character?)

Other:He has a Polar bear dog named Zero that heโ€™s raised from a puppy given to him by one of his Mothers friends.

DF836567-7208-45AD-9313-4C8A6012A99A.jpegAppearance: (What does your character look like?)

Name: Hando / Stone Prince

Age:23 years old


Nation:Earth Kingdom

Occupation: Son of the king

Bending: Earth bender/ Metal bender/ learning sand bending

Distinguishing Features:Hando always wears a green robe with golden embroidery along both sleeves.


Height: 6โ€™3

Weight:220 lbs

Backstory: Hando was born the eldest son of the Earth King making him the Heir to the throne. As an heir Hando was subjected to a childhood of studious activities to prepare him for a future life of diplomatic responsibilities, most days Hando would be locked away in his fathers study reading and learning for a life he didnโ€™t exactly want. Hando longed to be a warrior, he wanted to learn to fight not to rule, which began to affect his studies, nothing to do with his ability to learn but due to the fact that he would practice on his own sneaking out of his fathers study and into the court yard. It wasnโ€™t long before his father grew tired of his antics and placed his best personal guard Jeng in charge of monitoring Hando on a daily basis, issuing his son a deal Hando couldnโ€™t pass on, being promised that after he had completed his work for the day he could train on learning earth bending. Hando thought that was what he wanted until his first day of training, waking up before the sun he sped through his work so he could spend most of the day training, but to his surprise the soft spoken guard who kept him safe turned into a screaming badger mole in an instant.

Over the years Jeng became more of a father figure than his own father, nothing against his father, but the life of a King is extremely busy leaving little to no time for family. Jeng went on to train Hando from 8 years old until he was 21 years old, at which time Jeng was killed in an assassination attempt meant for Hando and his father. Jeng had made Hando one of the most formidable Earth benders in the Earth kingdom, excelling at metal and earth bending, becoming even less interested in his future of becoming king knowing that his skillful bending would never be utilized. Over the time of the firenations siege on the world Hando had become a quite different individual, the Earth Kingdom had been the last standing nation against the firenation, causing tension to grow in the royal household his father stressed not wanting to admit to it, the constant worrying of the civilians, the enormous amount of refugees, and the loss Jeng began to change Hando for the better, he began to see things for more than what he wanted alone, but for what the kingdom needed as a whole.

It wasnโ€™t long before Hando learned of a rebellion growing in his city called the Blooming Lotus and grew interested, it took him a bit of contemplating but he eventually displayed said interest, requesting for a meeting with their leader, coming with offerings such as, provisions when able, under the table funding/support, and medications, while also keeping their presence as best hidden as he could from the King. Hando knew that the rebellion is what the world needed, his father on the other hand could never learn of this, he only wanted to worry about his kingdom but without the other nations it would only be a matter of time before they fell to the firenation as well.

Weapon: he has metal bands layered up his torso and arms underneath his robe creating a layer of armor that could be weaponized with his bending.

Talents: Diplomacy, persuasion interrogation, resourcefulness, deception, organization skills, strategic intelligence, martial arts/ unarmed combat.

Hobbies: Reading, working out, Traveling, writing, and exploring.

Theme: (Optional) (What music defines your character?)

Other: Has a Shirshu name Nahzir
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Name: Aidana Calida

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Nation: Fire Nation

Occupation: Traveler

Bending: Fire Bender

Distinguishing Features: Long white silky hair, bright purple eyes

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'2

Weight: 120Ibs

Backstory: Aidana is a mere traveler trying to find her place in the world. But don't let her friendly features fool you. Beneath her kind exterior, Aidana is a fierce soul filled with determination and maybe a bit of sass. She was born as part of the fire nation, but not long after, her parents fled. Since then, they've been moving from place to place, trying not to be noticed by anyone. As a child, Aidana's parents taught her one thing. Something she considers to be the key to survival in this cruel world; Never trust anyone except yourself. Aidana used to think that was a tad bit harsh towards people she never met. She never wanted to judge anyone without knowing them first. But that all changed the day of her parents' death. That tragic day, Aidana let a stranger in the house when her parents weren't home. The person seemed kind and just wanted some shelter for the night. They had gotten to know each other and she thought they were beginning to be friends. However, when her parents came home the stranger changed. She killed Aidana's parents as soon as they came in the door and stole everything they had. Aidana was too stunned to do anything. Ever since then, Aidana made a promise to herself to never EVER trust anyone again. The lesson her parents taught her is the only thing that matters now. Though, every now and then she'd find a companion to travel with her awhile. It never lasted longer than a week. She never wanted it to. However deep down, she knew she longed for some sort of friendship. Now, Aidana travels alone once again. So far, she hasn't encountered her next new companion.

Weapon: Scythe

Talents: Singing, intelligent, physical strength and durability

Hobbies: Reading, horseback riding, hiking
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  • ZKEZK0Z.jpg

    Hair: Long, black silky hair, usually half up with a pointy metal hair stick.
    Eye color: Emerald Green
    Height: 5"7
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Distinguishing Features: 2 Moles under her left eye, typically wears a simple eyeliner design on her left eyelid. (Her left - image right) - rarely wears shoes.
    Sexuality: Panromantic-Demisexual

    Name: Nari Song
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Nation: Fire Nation / Earth Kingdom
    Occupation: Pottery / sculpture Artist - Merchant | Rebellion "Blooming Lotus" Informant / spy
    Bending: Earth: -> Specialty: Lava Bending, also capable of seismic sense >> may learn metal bending later?

    Affiliation(s): ----open----

Color Code: #c34bfa>> Hello~

Art by me
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  • This will be designed in tabs and just kept casual as I am far too lazy for codes at the moment.
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  • (WIP)

    Name: Sorroq

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Nation: Northern Water Tribe

    Occupation: Wandering Spiritual Guru

    Bending: Waterbender (specializing in the use of ice, much more aggressive forms and uses than your typical Waterbender)

    Distinguishing Features: His glasses, white clothing, stark white hair, and lanky build.

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 175 lbs.

    Backstory: (What shaped your character to how they are today? No less than a paragraph.)

    Weapon: N/A

    Talents: Strong connection to an ice spirit named Hau, bending, empathy, swimming

    Hobbies: Calligraphy, meditation, reading


    Other: (Optional)(Anything else you might want to add.)


NAME: Haru Endo
Nation: Ex-Fire Nation Spec Ops
Occupation: Reconnaissance for Rebellion
AGE: 30
Bending: Violet Fire/Lightning Bending
Sexuality: Demisexual
  • 01
    HEIGHT: 6'1"
    WEIGHT: 185lbs
    FACECLAIM: Lauren Iroas

    Standing at a height of 6'1'' and weighing roughly 185 lbs, Haru has bright red hair and emerald-colored eyes. Unlike ordinary people, however, his pupils are slitted, similar to that of felines. He wears a small black earring on his left earlobe and his tongue is surgically forked. Due to his soft facial features, Haru is constantly mistaken for a female. Under his gear, however, he is a well-toned male with multiple burn and slash scars that litter his back and chest. His attire normally either consists of either wearing a black suit and ties or when on the job, he dresses as causal as he possibly can to avoid any suspicion.
    โ€œDoing the honorably right thing doesn't always mean it's the morally right thing.โ€
    To those he works within the rebellion, it can be assumed that Haru has a dual personality disorder due to what some people have witnessed. While on a mission or even during a fight, Haru tends to blackout and becomes a heartless killer that would put his own team at risk if it meant getting a mission done. Even if it meant the death of loved ones or civilian casualties, he shows no remorse for anyone he has to kill or that would be killed due to collateral damages. After a mission is completed successfully or not, he appears to have no memory about the mission nor what type of actions he took let alone who might've been killed on the mission, only that the mission was successful or failed and the last moments before it happened. Because of this, it was decided that Haru was to not ever be assigned a team of his own and that his main role in the rebellion was to stick to reconnaissance and only fight when absolutely necessary.

    When not on a mission, Haru simply enjoys relaxing however he possibly can, whether that means sitting back and having a cup of tea or just taking a walk around the city and doing some window shopping. He is more than willing to offer any assistance to anyone that is in need and accept nearly any job offer that is given to him whether it pays well or not. These tasks can range from anything such as helping to carry in some furniture to repairing a sign for an old shop. The only kind of job he would not undergo would be is if someone required another person to be murdered as a hitman or something similar to that. In fact, if he is given such an offer, Haru tends to try and find the victim and warn them about the possible attempts of being a target if he has the ability to do so.
    Tea, spicy foods, sleeping, reading, meditating, foreign foods
    Fighting, fire-bending, excessive amounts of blood, killing, overly salty foods, bland foods, ignorance, cockiness
Code by Nano
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Hanami - The Unseen



153 cm (5 Feet)

50 kg (106 lb)

Fire Nation

Assassin / Independent Rebel

Fire Bending

Distinguishing Features
Identifying Hanami is both a very difficult and very easy task. She has a very common body type, appearing very indistinguishable from most Fire Nation girls between the ages of 14 to 18. However, her eyes give away her identity very easily to those who are aware of them. Most who would get to see the eye colour are amongs the number of individuals she's been hired to remove from society, however any who survive an encounter with her, or by some stroke of luck meet her outside of her work, would be able to fairly easily identify her almost instantly.


Born to a middle-class family in the Fire Nation, Hanami was raised with the intention of becoming a soldier. Every day was wake up, go to school, train, eat, sleep, repeat. Other than training, she had nothing. Other kids avoided her, calling her weird and excluding her because her eyes were different; or as the popular kid put it, disgusting. One day, however, this routine changed. Having had a particularly horrid day full of harassment and verbal abuse from classmates, the expectations of her father during training sent Hanami over the edge. As her father turned his back, she struck him in the neck at full force, bending, fist, and all, reminding him of his own 'advice' to never look away from an opponent. This was the first of Hanami's kill, leaving her with an odd sense of peace and satisfaction.

For the next six years, Hanami separated herself from society, only interacting with the dark underbelly where the only things that mattered were cold hard cash and what people were willing to do for it. She took to life as an assassin very fast, finding her conscience uncaring about the kinds of deeds she performed. In her first four years, there wasn't a single job she couldn't complete faster than the client was expecting. However, one person, just one person, managed to not just escape her, but escape unscathed. It was a young man named Kaseki, whom was of the same type of profession as her, though from the Earth Kingdom. What's more, his eyes were the same as hers; a golden hue, and filled with detachment and resignation.

Having found Hanami to be similar to him, Kaseki intruded upon her every job, getting to know her and establishing a one-sided friendship of sorts. The two started to grow close over time, with Hanami even enjoying their time together. The two would share information, compete for jobs, and overall push one another to see how far they could go as fellow killers. They would maintain this type of relationship for a while, with Kaseki occasionally joking about how they should get married and start a family tradition of being assassins. Every time, Hanami would refuse, though once, just once, she decided she would say yes to see how he would react. That time would never come, however.

When Kazuki took rule of the Fire Nation by force, Kaseki took it upon himself to assassinate him, knowing it would likely put a swift end to the sudden betrayal the Fire Nation had begun delivering to the world. His plan would not succeed, however, finding himself outwitted by the Fire Lord's retinue. Upon failing, he was publicly executed in front of the masses; used as a display of force and a warning. Something clicked in Hanami's head; this was the first time she had felt anything toward someone's life ending other than satisfaction or relief. She felt confused, lost; scared, even. She didn't know exactly what it was that she was feeling, but one thing she did know was that she wanted Kazuki's head to roll, and that not even death itself would be enough to stop her from pursuing this goal.

Large and thin needles designed to easily puncture vital organs, as well as a pair of daggers.

Hanami is exceptional when it comes to stealth and up close or hand-to-hand combat. She is also highly mobile, moving in a way similar to, but not quite as fluid as, an air nomad.

Evening and late-night walks are about as far as Hanami's hobbies go. She has very little interest in any sort of games or social activities, though often engages in counting the stars and sight-seeing the world at its dimmest hours.


  • Name: Kana

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Nation: None, has no real allegiance to a single country or nation

    Occupation: Top "cleaner" for the underground society

    Bending: Fire bender

    Distinguishing Features: While she's out in public mingling with the everyday folks there really isn't anything that can distinguish her from a high-functioning sociopath. However, all across her bare back, arms, and stomach are tattoos and markings of those that she have made dealings with and have made a connection to her. Also, if you find her wearing a black kimono then better be careful~

    Sexuality: Was never much of a concern since the concept of living to see the next day was something she struggled with on a daily basis

    Height: 5'7"

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