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Realistic or Modern Echoes of Colors Past: A Modern Highschool Tale.

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The Blind Twins.
It's honestly as simple as that, a group of highschool kids in a small town just trying to figure out life and dealing with parents, problems, drama and all the wonderful things that made High School such a memorable thing for all of us (Most of us.) There's going to be romance, drama, action, heartache and hope - stories of triumphs and horrific defeats as these teens make their way through the chaotic labyrinth of Life and Social status...all without an instruction manual.

There may some interesting twists and turns depending on how many people I get interested in this, and what the gender balance looks like - though that's not a big concern as long as player count/character count is even.

Character Sheets go here!
OOC And Discussion!
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Akuma hantā 悪魔ハンター
where is the character sheet not to sound rude just can't seems to find it anywhere


The Blind Twins.
Primmrose Primmrose Yep, feel free to use the link in the top post here to make yourself a character sheet! Once you've submitted that, I think we're good to start the actual RP!

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