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And So It Begins - Seteris 11, 861 (DAY 1)

It has been over forty years since the last blessed individual emerged. The Crown Princess and a few members of her family have traveled miles up north to the mountains of their kingdom, to the Alter of Allalay. The altar is located in a deep cavern of the world's tallest mountain, Mount Hatcord. There the weather is temperate with moss and other plant life growing. It is strikingly different compared to the harsh, cold atmosphere outside. At the base of it all are stone, damp steps that lead to a summoning circle surrounded by pillars. The pillars are embedded with blue crystals said to be made from the remains of the very first bonded dragon himself. The crystals glow blue and act like a connection to Eavotora, the Realm of Dragons.

Crown Princess Aracelis stands at the center of it all with her party and family awaiting anxiously at the end of the enraged summoning circle. As she begins the ritual, something happens that leads Prince Denzin to unknowingly take part as well. When the crystals and circle glow red, the unexpected occurs.

Princess Aracelis and party are at the Alter of Allalay. The weather in the Grey Mountains is harsh and cold even though Ilavia has barely hit autumn. The inside of the cavern is warm and damp. There appears to be plant life but no signs of any animals.

Current Events
- The Kingdom of Ilavia is in celebration after the announcement of Princess Aracelis’s blessed status.
- Other nations are growing increasingly restless due to Ilavia growing power. Ilavians already possesses the Altar of Allalay and had Ema'rri to protect them; now the news of another dragon on the way is spreading across the continents.

- The Crown Princess will summon her dragon (and the prince too).
- The group left for Mount Hatcord on Sextilis 19, 861, meaning it took them approximately 22 days to get there.
- The kingdom is being monitored by the king and queen, who excitedly await the return of the princess and her dragon.

- Introduce characters and establish the setting.
- Let's get this bread so I can time skip to the castle.

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Ema'rriLocation: Altar of Allalay
Interactions: @jakthemenace

The sound of the stream flowing down into the cave's small lake echoed throughout the void. Ema'rri could hear her own breath as she glided up the wet, mossy stairway with ease. Her bells chimed melodically and they were followed by a quiet tap as her heeled boots dug into the stone with each step. She could feel her heart beat aggressively against her rib cage, and all she could do was clench a gloved hand on her chest. It did nothing to tame the anxiety and excitement that pumped through her veins, however. She was ready for the ritual and anyone that saw her knew it. Nothing could stop her from witnessing what was about to happen.

Though normally mindful of the humans she'd spent the last few decades with, the female couldn't help but trail ahead of the crowd during the entire journey. The only times she'd ever stopped to look back was during the most difficult parts of the trip. In the valleys, she'd offering a hand to those that needed it. Across the rivers, she made sure no one was being water-logged and weighed down. On the mountains, she'd carried the heaviest of bags so the others could climb easier. However, in the Allalay's Cave she was different. A small smile played on her plump lips as she'd seemed to almost skip. Her tail swished from side-to-side as her hips swayed happily. It wasn't until she and everyone else had finally reached the top that her suggestive actions ceased.

Spinning on her heals and twirling with the tips of her hair, Ema'rri watched the humans carefully set up for the ritual. There wasn't much to do except line up around the summoning circle, which no one could really get wrong. The only part they had to ensure they did correctly was reciting the chant that had been passed down for centuries. Though long and proven to be difficult to remember, the pay off was worth it. After all, the chosen human was blessed to have a dragon as their life partner.

Ema'rri's heart stung slightly, her eyes flickering away from the centered scene for a minute. Her mind briefly went back to when she was summoned. Her partner was young and naive, but someone that Ema'rri grew to adore and love deeply. Unfortunately, their partnership ended too soon as Lenora suddenly disappeared. For years, Ema'rri searched for her but it was all to no avail. Many people tried to convince her that Lenora had probably passed, but that would have been wishful thinking. If that were true, the crest on Ema'rri's hand would have disappeared and she would have been called back to Eavotora. She wouldn't be stuck in the human realm. Alone.

With a deep sigh, Ema'rri forced a smile on her face as her tail began to swish again. She turned towards the princess that had been blessed with Black Blood. "Are you ready, Princess?"
Location: Altar of Allalay // Interactions: @jakthemenace // Mentions: @Koala

The brisk winds of the Grey Mountains kissed sharply across his face. A rosy color bloomed over the tip of his nose and cheeks, an angry contrast against the paleness of his complexion, from the biting weather of high elevation. Denzin kept his eyes forward as he clambered on, fixedly upon the lone small figure ahead of him. He was sure-footed than most, though Ema’rri’s nimbleness exceeded his own. Every so often, ahead of him, her tail caught light and glinted back at him. His own excitement matched hers and he often wandered farther ahead of the group with his gaze casted outwards, drinking in the vastness of the sights below them.

Although their excursion to the Altar of Allalay was, at times, rather tiresome and drawn out, Denzin had welcomed the refreshing change of scenery. In placement of the usual uneven cobblestone streets of the kingdom’s towns, his soles greeted the solidity of earth and rock where few had traversed. The prince paused in his tracks. He drew a deep breath, filling his lungs with the cool mountainous air, before he glanced over his shoulder. He watched stray strands of gold fluttered in the breeze as he waited for his sister to catch up.

Recent knowledge of the Crown Princess’ blessed status had caused quite a stir across the kingdom. He had shared the same sentiments as all others though, admittedly, he finally found a reason to be the envious sibling. Growing up on the lore of dragons and their bonded humans, Denzin naturally regarded the entire concept of bonding and his sister’s upcoming ritual with utter fascination. More than once, the prince had toyed with the idea of the possibilities of his own bond with a dragon. It was a harmless notion that was only entertained with the acceptance of a near impossible likelihood. Still, it would be quite an impressive conversation starter. Perhaps the pub owner’s hard-to-get daughter would finally give him the time of day.

“Haven’t forgotten the lines yet, have you Ara?” Denzin grinned. Their long journey had given him many opportunities to tease her ceaselessly. He pondered aloud the possible consequences of messing up the words and the result of summoning an entirely different creature. “One with gaping holes as eyes and a rancid mouth with sharp teeth as long as your arm and flesh of its prey still fresh and dangling from it,” he said with a mischievous smirk upon his features. His fingers extended in a clawlike form and reached out to grab her shoulders.

Despite his good-natured taunts, Denzin had great faith in his sister. He admired her for her pure heart and dedication to the people of their nation. When they had reached the altar at last, it was with some relief as Denzin feared he was running out of jokes to entertain the group. The prince loosened the scarf around his neck, feeling the air shift drastically from cold to a comfortably mild temperature. His eyes settled upon the circle at the center and he gave the Crown Princess a nudge towards its direction, “Showtime, sis.”

The prince positioned himself respectably a few steps behind his sister. As his sister began the ritual chant, the circle began to glow. Unable to contain his intrigue, Denzin took a step forward and - of all the things that could have stood in his way throughout their entire trek - it was moss that caused him to lose his footing as he fell face-forward with a wet splat against the hard ground. A quick sharp pain shot through his hand and, as he brought his bleeding palm up to examine the damage, it came away revealing a dark smudge that crossed over the line of the ritual circle.

Sushi Muncher

Fyuri's Cult Apostle
Altar of Allalay, Grey Mountains
Kingdom of Ilavia

Interacted: N/A
Mentioned: Ema'rri (@Koala), Denzin (@sleepygingko), Aracelis (@jakthemenace)

Having braved twenty days on the long road towards the Grey Mountains, the Lecuyer siblings and their companies eventually came to the end of the road, where the Altar of Allalay awaited the inevitable ritual that was to take place. Platoons of the Kingdom's finest spanned the dirt path, with their arrays of silver spears steadfast against the rough mountain wind. Adorning their immaculate silvery armor and white cloaks were royal crests of old. Despite the dreary clouds and the eerily lifeless woods that surrounded them, the slumbering sun had managed to glimmer past the veils of clouds - shining brightly upon the Lecuyers' path towards the cavern before them. The coarse zephyrs would subside upon the cavern's entrance, blanketing the party with a warm and humid eruption of condensed air. Where his masters trod, the Crown's Shadow would follow suit in silence.

Ruffled silver hair, dry lips and an aloof pair of light amethyst eyes, donned by the Senior Attendant of the Royal Family. Bearing black and white attires, Ardent's presence was all but expected of a well-trained butler. Ever since the group departed from the capital, the man had kept to himself and only responded where he was questioned. As a servant, Ardent was keen on seeing to the needs of his masters, doing what he can to accommodate their needs - especially on an important day such as this. At times, he would find himself commandeering the wagonmaster's reins during their nightly journey, and others fixed on the group's meals. Even on the road, it was as if the Lecuyers had never left home, with Ardent tending to their every needs to the book. Perceived as someone who was driven purely by his convictions and responsibilities, often times, even Ardent had questioned his own abilities to stay awake, despite a many tasks that he was given. It was as if he was more or less an automaton in the guise of a human, but the butler would digress. At the very least, Ardent was somewhat alleviated with the draconian that was with them. Ema'rri, as he recalled, was an ardent admirer of pastries. It was safe to say, Ardent and the wyvern were more or less on amiable terms when it comes to their shared interests in patisseries and the like, despite the huge gap in their years.

Ever since he was taken into the Lecuyer household in the capital, Ardent had practically become a manufactured personnel of diverse skill sets. Learning all he could, as well as being filled to the brim with endless training since his teenage years, Ardent had grown out of his delinquent curiosities and grasped for himself a refined personality of an astute handler. By adopting what was given to him by his generous overlords, the young orphan had developed a certain sense of responsibility and self-endowed outlook on life as a whole. What was once a troublesome youth, was now a colorless shadow that lingered around his masters' side.

Despite these changes, and that of his stern facade, Ardent had harbored a sense of elation regarding the ritual. It was, as traditions would have it, a grand affair for a commoner like him to be given the privilege to attend. Having accompanied High Prince Denzin and Princess Aracelis for more than half of his life, there was a certain pride and satisfaction to see his masters ascend the steps of their destined fates. By being able to escort the Prince and Princess to their fated ritual, Ardent could not help but shed a inward sense of gladness. However, even the most refined strings of fate would have its flaws, and the royal family is no different from the common folks. It is where Ardent would step in, to be the contingent and inherent force that is responsible for the deterrence of unexpected forces. Taking his stance behind Denzin and Aracelis, Ardent would do naught but tuck his hands behind his back. Dwelling in his silent observation, the butler took a deep breath, as he awaits the ceremony to begin, with his eyes scanning the stalagmites that surrounded the cavern around them. The reticent drips of the weathered cavern echoed throughout, with each drop counting down to the anticipated summoning.

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||{Aracelis Lecuyer}-{Location: Altar of Allalay}-{Mentions: Ardent @Sushi Muncher }-{Interacting with: Ema'rri @Koala , Denzin @sleepygingko }||

Never in her life would she have thought that Fate would destine her to this path that she was walking on. The grandiose landscape of the mountains around her honestly made her feel small and insignificant. It was as if she was a speck of dust getting blown and carried by the wind, giving in to wherever the gust takes her. But, her title as the Crown Princess of Illavia and the fact that she was blessed with the elusive Black Blood made her as important as ever. So important, in fact, that a whole crowd of people accompanied the woman to the Altar: the lines of knights trailing around her for protection, her dearest brother Denzin, her loyal servant Ardent, and the great dragon Ema'rri ahead of them.

Aracelis didn't have any energy for talking along the way, yet she kept looking back at the crew in concern and worry. Did they get any injuries along the way? Are they getting too tired carrying all of that load? Being the good samaritan she was, she would offer to carry things or support somebody if they tripped on a loose rock during the journey, regardless of standing. They had to walk the same amount of steps that she had, so it would be fair to aide them equally. Even as the cold frosted her fur cloak and froze her face numb, her body still had the will to power on through harsh conditions that anyone else would try their best to avoid. Her mental state wouldn't have the same resolve, however. Since this was also an significant ceremony, she also had to execute everything perfectly in order for the ritual to work as intended. She feared what would happen to her if she messed up one single word or stuttered on a syllable. Travelling all this way to let down everybody and even the whole kingdom would probably weigh down on her guilt for the next ten years.

“Haven’t forgotten the lines yet, have you Ara?”

As the procession, slowly but surely, made their way to the entrance of the cavern, the Princess flinched at Denzin's teasing. Her brother could be a sweetheart at times. but a time as inappropriate as now wasn't called for. Ara had been nervously reciting the chant under what little breath she could muster above high altitude. Every single word must be said loudly and clearly in unbroken succession of one another, and he just had to break the chain during one of her repetitions. Great, now her mind was totally clouded and the chant totally scrambled. She turned to Denzin with a weary face and gave him the weakest glare in the world before recollecting herself. "Now now, Den. I've been trying hard not to..."

Her soft-spoken reply tapered off and transitioned into a sound of awe as the crowd finally ventured into the depths where the grand Altar of Allalay stood. The Princess couldn't help but bow slightly as a sign of reverence to the dragons that were summoned here, as well as the dragon she would meet in the coming hour. She nodded to Ema's question with a faint smile as she mentally prepared herself for the task. "Don't worry about me, Ema'rri." With a few deep breaths, she began the chant as the circle started to glow a brighter and brighter red. She could feel herself getting lighter, overwhelmed as if she were the one being summoned. But just as she finished and was about to shed blood, she sees a smudge of black on the altar. It seemed to be coming from...Denzin? A moment of silence followed by a sudden wave of shock caused her to jab her arm and give herself a worse wound than needed.

Aracelis immediately rushed to her brother's aide, yet it was too late. Blackened blood had spilled, but not alone.



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Elaena Rhywin
Location: Eavotora to Alter of Allalay | Interactions: @jakthemenace | Mentions: @Koala @sleepygingko
Elaena flew through the lands of Eavotora, spreading her wings wide and allowing the cool breeze to brush past her feathers. It had been so long since the warring days that Elaena was almost allowed to forget what her realm looked like when Dragons shot each other out of the sky. Almost. As she flew, Elaena could still see, in her memory, Dragons strung all around the fields. Even then, it was still a beautiful sight to see. The vibrant colors and exotic flora that decorated Eavotora's landscape kept Elaena calm, as it was certainly better to see plants than fallen Dragons. Elaena spotted a particularly open field some miles ahead and flew quickly toward it, aggressively flapping her massive wings. Once she finally landed, the grass brushed against her claws and tail like a soft featherbed. Elaena allowed herself to curl up and enjoy the feeling for a moment, feeling freer than ever. Suddenly, a sound emanated from somewhere near Ealeana and her head perked up, looking around. In the distance, she spotted a strange shape, probably a lone animal. Deciding she had nothing better to do, Elaena stood with the intention of hunting down this massive bear-looking creature.

Just as she flapped her wings once, something stirred within her. It was as if something distant were calling to her. Immediately, Elaena stopped moving and looked around, trying to discern where this call came from. The call didn't seem to grow any louder but her desire to heed it did get stronger. It was something strange for Elaena, who'd only heard about a similar event from older Dragons who'd come back from the human world. Elaena still tried to fight it, unsure of what exactly was overtaking her and flailed in confusion, burning away a good chunk of grass. Eventually, however, the call became more soothing, as if it were draining all of Elaena's resistance away. She'd never wanted to go to the human world, but something about the call was almost irresistible, like a voice that quelled all of her doubts with a single word. Her eyes fluttered briefly and she looked off into the horizon, feeling her thoughts slip away from her. As her mind cleared, Elaena felt something take her, like a gust of wind that gently carried her. Suddenly, a red beam shot out from her wing, then another from her leg, then another from her snout. Quickly enough, the red beams began to spread and coalesce into a bright red light that covered Elaena's body entirely. Then, she was gone.

It didn't take more than a moment, but it felt like half an eternity for Elaena. She seemed to be flying between dimensions and seemed to be moving infinitely quickly and infinitely slowly at the same time. Elaena was surrounded with bright lights which quickly began to dissipate, revealing a strange world around her. Beneath her, there were two seemingly human beings with dark blood spilling out of them. Elaena instantly recognized the female as the one whose blood called her to this realm and she tilted her head to study her. It was then that Elaena realized that she felt lighter and... smaller. She brought her hands up and touched her face and torso and realized she was in her human form. Elaena then looked around, her eyes instantly landing on a short woman with horns on her head who Elaena instantly recognized as a Dragon. Her eyes drifted and closed for a moment as she recollected her thoughts. After a few moments, Elaena's eyes flung open and looked back down at the female woman below her. "You who called me here... what is your name? What are your intentions?" Elaena's gaze looked deep into the woman's eyes, trying to study her and gauge her reaction. She wasn't sure what to expect of the woman who'd summoned her, but she was undoubtedly curious.


~Iravos Kestrein~

Deep within the hollowed out vent of a long since dormant volcano, a large serpentine beast lay; his body woven among the multitude of stalagmites standing erect at the base of the large earthen rupture, the residual heat from the magma below warming his body in its entirety. The beast had long since claimed this volcano to be his own; the isolation it provided working for him as well as those that still viewed him in such a negative light. Of course, it wasn't as bad as it had first been when he was hatched; the animosity that his deformed form had garnered doing little to make him feel welcomed into the world. The hybrid scion hatchling of a Wyvern and Eastern, the resulting creation that Ira was, had created quite a stir among the dragons of Eavatoria, the general consensus being that Dragons stuck to their own species. Whilst it was not the first time that an inter-species union had come to be, the results had always been the same and it was because of this that the union had often been seen as taboo. High infertility among hybrids, had made it almost unspeakable subject among the dragons. That being said, there were still several of the older dragons who still held negative opinions about Ira; their resolve unchanging despite Ira's own accomplishments; having proved that he himself is just as much a dragon as the others are.

Eye's twitching as he slept, Ira's dreams had soon began to morph; remnants of his past which had danced around his slumbered thoughts had began to change; dissolving into the canvas of a black and empty void until his mind itself had embraced 'nothingness'. Like the realm beyond the world; this black and empty canvas would soon begin to unravel; faint lights appearing in the furthest of corners just out of sight; disappearing whenever the 'eye' would wander over to it; only to appear elsewhere once more. Like stars in the night sky, these pulsating lights would grow ever brighter; their colored glows revealing visions of a world unknown to the dragonkin; these visions only lasting an iota of a second before disappearing once more.

Gradually, Ira had begun to stir; his eyelids raising ever so slightly as his body shifted among the stalagmites around him; several crumbling against the weight of his serpentine body as he haphazardly rose to his feet; the dragonkin teetering on the edge of slumbers grasp.

Among the dancing lights that haunted his dreams, one stood out the brightest among the others; the large almost golden glow drawing him in; the warmth which radiated from its core overpowering Ira's desire to remain in this world for much longer. Half asleep, Ira could do little to fight the allure of the golden light; his body clambering upwards along the vent of the volcano; slithering into one of the many side vents that dotted the large column.

Slowly Ira continued to move; both arms clawing away at the obsidian covered ground beneath his feet; the black glass cracking underneath his weight as he pushed forward, the ringing in his head doing little to stop him. If anything, it spurned him forward even more; the underlying instinctual desire to enter the blinding light in front of him growing ever stronger the closer he got to it; the welcoming light beckoning him forward with every step.

It was as if something was calling him closer.​


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Ema'rriLocation: Altar of Allalay
Interactions: @jakthemenace @sleepygingko @Sushi Muncher @Javierrz @Phayne

Minutes passed as Princess Aracelis recited the chant. The temperature in the cavern dropped almost instantly and it felt like air was being sucked out of Ema'rri's lungs. Wind swirled around the altar as she watched the hairs on her arms rise with goosebumps. Her body felt light and airy, as if it were on the verge of floating away. A part of her wanted to step forwards onto the summoning circle itself--to go back to her home-- but she held herself back. The dragon held her stance as a gust of wind rushed by before smoke and red light blinded her. Then someone emerged from the mist.

A dragon. Finally.

Ema'rri felt her lips curl upwards as she tried to contain her excitement. She rolled back and forth on the balls of her feet, holding onto Ardent's arm firmly. However, her excitement soon morphed into confusion when another scent filled her nostrils. The purple-haired female turned towards Denzin, noting something she hadn't sensed earlier. Blood dripped from the man and it wasn't just normal blood. It was the color of an onyx.

The feeling from earlier quickly returned as she stared wide eyed at the summoning circle. Once again, she was blinded by both smoke and light. The gust of wind was much, much stronger and she instinctively stepped in front of Ardent to keep him from blowing away. When she opened her eyes again, they were met with fiery red hair and golden eyes that rivaled her own. She could feel herself shake from both awe, shock, and excitement. Two dragons at once was... impossible.

Ema'rri finally left her post and walked over to both the dragons. She was forced to tilt her head upwards as she faced the two. "Hello, I am Ema'rri." The female said, grasping one of their hands in her own, tail swishing side-to-side.
Location: Altar of Allalay // Interactions: @jakthemenace @Sushi Muncher // Mentions: @Koala @Javierzz @Phayne

The gash across his palm throbbed angrily as blood slowly pooled and dripped down like dark ink. The sight of the unexpected color was alarming but his initial confusion was soon taken over by shock as his senses were momentarily shrouded by a mixture of smoke, light, and a rush of wind. With his sister at his side, he held tightly onto her uninjured arm to steady the both of them. The prince blinked against the harsh light as he directed his attention toward the fluster of activity occurring within the summoning circle.

As the smoke cleared away, Denzin stared wide-eyed upon two figures standing before them. Instinctively, he took a small cautious step back. The gravity of the situation sunk at the bottom of his stomach like a cold rock; this wasn’t supposed to happen and he knew his carelessness was at fault. Denzin looked to his sister and, for once, struggled to find words as he gave her an apologetic grimace for his untimely interference. A shiver ran through him at the sound of an unfamiliar voice that spoke up from the circle. He glanced over his shoulder towards Ardent in hopes of some sort of guidance. Then he watched Ema’rri as she was the first to approach and introduce herself to the two dragons.

“Looks like the ritual worked. Isn’t that a relief, Ara?” Denzin said shakily under his breath as he slowly released his grasp on Aracelis. “And two of them, too,” he mumbled as he glanced down at his bleeding hand, sticky and warm. The color stared back at him against the paleness of his skin. A second dragon. Gingerly, he curled his fingers into a loose fist while his mind reeled at the implication of it all. Could it be…? He didn’t dare to speak aloud the truth of the matter. “It must be your lucky day.”


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||{Aracelis Lecuyer}-{Location: Altar of Allalay}-{Mentions: Ema'rri, Ardent }-{Interacting with: Elaena @Javierzz , Denzin @sleepygingko , Iravos @Phayne }||

She was crouching next to her brother at his level before the summoning was complete, trying her best to ignore the pain and pull him up to his feet. The poor princess was about to respond to Denzin when suddenly, a huge flash of light and an intense gust of wind was enough to make her stumble and almost bring them both down to the uneven ground. Her legs fortunately succeeded in keeping her balance, but strained to stop shaking. Eyes shut and bracing for impact, Aracelis expected the worst to happen due to the accident. Even if the prince himself had caused trouble, she would claim responsibility out of a desire to repay him for accompaniment and take the damage to her reputation. And so, the ten years of guilt she so dreaded would creep up and cling onto her back. . .unless it was supposed to happen?

While Denzin was staring at the altar with wide eyes, Ara was still clasping onto his arm in shock and fear. With eyes clamped shut, she refused to let go unless the situation was deemed safe. The princess wanted this ritual to go as smoothly as possible and present herself as capable to her future dragon, but right now, she looked like a cowering, measly human. Where did the future Queen go? Why couldn't she look at whoever was standing on that circle with an air of poise and bravery? If not for the crown that laid on top of her flowing veil, she would have been mistaken for a maid. However, when Ema'rri's voice cut through the stunned atmosphere around the royal congregation, Ara decided that trying to shy away from the result wasn't fitting of the ceremony. She slowly opened her eyes once the environmental chaos died down and laid them upon two striking individuals.

A woman and a man appeared from the red rays of light that dissipated in a flash, both seeming to be the dragons that awaited the siblings. However, she didn't know for certain whose was whose. She could only gawk at them speechless.

“Looks like the ritual worked. Isn’t that a relief, Ara? And two of them too. It must be your lucky day."

"It is a relief that at least nobody is majorly injured, especially you, Ard and the rest," assured the woman with the deeper gash across her lower arm. Aracelis couldn't believe that she would have two dragons for fate's sake. She definitely saw Denzin shed his blood onto the ring, which was coming from his wound. Not to mention it was the same shade as hers. Could he have a dragon too? But he didn't say any word from the chant, as it wasn't even his duty to remember it anyways. The fact that a second one was summoned shouldn't be possible then. Or maybe, her reciting the full thing was enough fulfillment for the both of them.

"You who called me here... what is your name? What are your intentions?"

Either way, Ara did not want to admit that this was overwhelming for her highness. She clasped her hands together as she stepped up to the two dragons, trying to present herself as composed as possible. Black dripped from the stain on her dress sleeve as she looped a stray lock of her hair around her ear. "Great dragons, I offer an apology for our sudden calling. But I am Aracelis Lecuyer, Crown Princess of Illavia. I have summoned you to form a bond, if you will allow me. My brother standing behind me is Denzin, Prince of Illavia." She curtsied slightly out of habit.
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Elaena Rhywin
Location: Altar of Allalay | Interactions: @Koala @jakthemenace @sleepygingko @Phayne | Mentions: None
Elaena turned, rather sharply, toward the other Dragon that appeared next to her. She didn't know everything about this "summoning" that the humans did to her kind, but it still surprised her to see another Dragon summoned. Looking about, it seemed about as grand of an event as she could imagine humans hosting, particularly due to the big altar where it took place. The look of concern on the male human standing below her further reinforced the notion that something hadn't gone as planned. Regardless, Elaena was somewhat thankful to have been brought over to this world with some company; someone who would understand her as she adjusted to a whole new land and its inhabitants. She was surprised to find the female who'd summoned her looking like she was ready to run away. Elaena was used to fear, but surely someone who'd summoned her would know what they were doing.

Before the human could compose herself to answer Elaena's question, the small Dragon who she'd spotted moments earlier approached. She had taken Elaena's hand, as well as the other Dragon's. Elaena tilted her head as she looked down toward this Dragon who called herself Ema'rri. "Hello, Ema'rri. My name is Elaena." A smile appeared on her lips as she greeted Ema'rri, glad to have two Dragons with her. It was then that the female human seemed to compose herself as she began approaching the altar with her hands clasped together. Even though she still didn't look like much to Elaena, she certainly looked better than she did moments before. "Aracelis the Crown Princess... I've not heard of Illavia, but I trust I'll become well acquainted with it soon enough." Elaena stepped down from the altar, gently letting go of Ema'rri's hand as she walked up to Aracelis.

She stopped inches away from the human girl and looked her up and down, deciding whether or not she liked what she saw. Elaena paid no mind to the male who Aracelis called Denzin, feeling that it was the girl's blood that had called her to this new world. Despite the initial fear she had displayed, there seemed to be something about her that drew Elaena to her. She couldn't quite place what it was, but something inside of her told her that this girl was worth giving a chance to. It didn't hurt that she'd curtsied a little for her, either; Elaena could be quite prideful. She placed a hand on Araceli's shoulder as her gaze finally went back to looking the girl in the eyes. "I will accept your offer, Aracelis. You can call me Elaena." With that, she leaned into Aracelis and planted her lips firmly onto hers.

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