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Back from the Dead?
So, I've noticed a lot of Undertale and Homestuck roleplays out there. What I haven't noticed are roleplays of the RPG masterpiece that inspired them: Earthbound!

I believe that a good place to begin our tale would be in an alternate timeline in which Ness and his friends failed their task. My suggestion is that they are sent into the Phase Distorter without being put into robots, thus killing them. Things would grow more dire in the world as Giygas asserts his control more and more. This is when the new heroes, us, arise to stop them!

Of course this is just a suggestion. The plot could be carved out by us through discussion if that idea isn't a popular one.


Back from the Dead?
Cool. If we're gonna have the party o' four as is standard for Earthbound then we will need one more addition to our ranks!


The Sparking River under the Bed
But we could do a copy of Mother 1/Earthbound Zero/Earthbound Beginnings, and we'd have the perfect number!


Atom Bomb Baby
HI! I'm here! Honestly- about freakin' time we got an EB roleplay! Thank you so much for making this.


Localized Pajamas

I can see you have your main party lined up, but do let me know if you need any additional people to play side-characters and/or villains. I'd love to be a part of this.


Back from the Dead?
Ok! Looks like some extra people have come to join and I'm positively ecstatic to start! How are we doing this plot-wise? Is the idea of Ness and co. dying in the Phase Distorter a solid one or do ya have anything better?


Pencil Neck Geek
oh hey! i like the lore suggestion! please let me join! OwO
Hey, just a friendly tip from an experienced member. Try looking at when the thread was made before commenting on it.
The threads you left messages on were from three years ago. This is Necroposting and is generally frowned upon.

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