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Multiple Settings earth - a roleplay search

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  • hello, i'm dirt. welcome to my interest check :). you may have seen me around rpn. i've taken a bit of a break from writing and i'm looking for a new long-term partner because there are no group rps open that particularly interest me. hoping to get my motivation back (it's been gone for months now, it's a problem)

    some things about me:

    - i curse. like a sailor.
    - keep in mind that i am a student with a very busy and unpredictable schedule, there might be days where i dont respond.
    - ghost-friendly! :ghost: fair warning, though, i tend to ghost people myself sometimes, but i will try my absolute best to get back to you as soon as i can
    - writing is not my specialty, but i do enjoy it and can give decent responses
    - i have no idea what i want to do with my life, yeehaw!
    - i love making friends and ooc chit-chatting is very welcome.
    - i prefer roleplaying here, but i also have discord for those who would rather use that
    - i type in lowercase ooc, i don't ic. deal with it :)

    some things about you (bold = required, normal = would be nice but not required):

    - ooc chats :)
    - maturity. or at least some maturity.
    - willing to share your ideas. please don't leave all the plotting to me, i cannot stress this enough.
    - post length. i don't care how long your post is (i care more about the quality of your posts), just no one-liners. i lose motivation fast.

    - love angst and fluff
    - talkative, please never stop talking i love when people go on and on
    - bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated.
    - understand grammar and spelling

    - fluff breaks.
    - romance. i need some degree of romance in a roleplay, if you're looking for something different, i suggest you click off now.
    - tell me your triggers
    -no mary sues/gary stus
    -no op characters


    - mxm is superior, but i'm okay with anything else. (in an mxf pairing, i would prefer to be the male)
    - i mainly roleplay realistic shit, as long as there are some modern and/or realistic elements, i'm chill.
    - not a huge fan of fandom rp
    - have fun <3

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