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Dungeons and Dragons: Looking for players

Well, there's a "dnd 5th edition" tag on the thread...

Hey everyone, let's remember what @Max_Destiny said about being an aspiring DM and maybe try not to overwhelm him by flexing our rules... "knowledge" too much, yeah?
Soooo, we ever going to do this? Because I'm preeeetty sure we got more than enough people, heck, we got enough people for a Mercenary Company D&D run.
@Fuzz IKR, I was making my own campaign IRL a little while ago (Still want to use it) based off the game 'Battle Brothers'. Where instead of being the hero sort of thing you keep going as a mercenary company until finally the company runs out of luck and dies out
Soooo, we ever going to do this? Because I'm preeeetty sure we got more than enough people, heck, we got enough people for a Mercenary Company D&D run.
I hope so, but maybe we can build a more solid hypothesis by reviewing/summarizing what's happened in this thread...

"Does anyone wanna play D&D with me? I've never been DM before, and I wanna give it a try."
"I'm in."
"I'd need to buy the book, but I'll play."
"You can borrow my book."
"We're doing play-by-post, right?!?"
"I call tank."
"Aww, I wanted to be tank."
"Oh wait, I found a cool sub-class in a supplemental book."
"I'll play, but I only use crossbows or guns."
"Snipers are wusses."
"Are we playing 3.5? I've got an elven rogue werebear pre-built."
Are you saying you'll run? Cause aside from the fact that it turns out the last comic/gaming store in town doesn't have a Player's Handbook, I'm willing to play.
no, i mean we could do that Merc. Company thing, should be pretty easy, i was hoping to play, but if you want me to be DM then i mean, why not
Basically all the players gather and start as mercenaries, they want money, they want battle, they want adventure, they want to doit for their cause, whatever their reason, and so instead of being the 'villains' or the 'heroes' they say 'well, we'll do it for money.', and so they'll take quests, jobs, etc. that pay gold, silver, anything that they want basically for jobs such as killing raiders/bandits, obtaining an artifact or idol, securing locations, etc.


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if we do a zombie apocalypse story I might have you make forms from something custom.... if we do the medieval one then we don't need to then))


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feytouched archfey warlock whose archfey patron is the maelstrom maiden. Sylph Pirate Queen, Liberator of Slaves and Symbol of Punishment to slavemasters anywhere. feytouched is a fancy way of saying "Half-Elf" without calling it half elf.
Ooo, new character concept, but it's a bit of a weird mix even for me, and I still haven't had a chance to look at the book. How bad would a half-orc cleric with a level or two in barbarian be for the party?


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I'm pretty new so I was thinking of running a fighter with two weapon fighting and cross over into barbarian. At fighter 5/ Barbarian 1 he'd be a monster. Dual wielding added with rage? That's three attacks after the initial rage with +2 from rage all with ability modifiers and battle master maneuvers


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Selene Hawkins. Female Feytouched Archfey Pact Witch and Former All Girl's Arcane Academy Student. well, she is still youthful upon graduation because archfey pact gave her eternal youth and half elf traits on a cosmetically human body. well, she was human before she made the pact. but human cosmetics. and she identifies as human, even if she is effectively a half drow who dies her hair black by boiling nuts. drow being specifically the palest elven subrace because they are normally underground.

well, other than appearing human and dying her platinum blonde hair black to hide the half drow appearance, despite her paleness and mostly human body. the maelstrom maiden gave her new life, after she died in the crossfire as a slave when the maelstrom maidens crew fought her master. who was a drow herself.


Gareth Aesir, the 'Blood-Bound'. Male Revenant, once a human whom trained with the finest experience that could be bought from his father, a Lord. He joined a holy order who's name he doesn't remember, no names he remembers in his past, though he remembers everything else. After a battle when ambushed he was run through and left to die from a cowardly blow to his back, after a Necromancer found the site and resurrected him he managed to overcome his master and kill them.

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