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Dungeons and Dragons: Looking for players


A Killing Machine Living Inside a Gamer's Body
So, What kind of campaign you have in mind, might be interested.
Either a normal medieval campaign similar to SKyrim or a zombie apocalypse campaign...depends on everyone who join's opinion


Slowly redacting last statement, and flipping through the pages of volos guide for the paladin of conquest, which are very fun to play and yell "CONQUEST".


The Crusader
Crusaders are the best, why not two tanks, i mean, all undead int he way die since we're both holy men XD
Crusaders are cool


Back after a year! Hello again!
Interested, but i only fight with crossbows and guns, just saying. Personal style n' stuff.


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If we're calling dibs on classes and roles, I have a few ideas for myself. Like a wizard who was expelled from his magic academy for punching out the school bully. Or a bard who became his own Zorro-esque folk hero. Or this idea for a lawful-good rogue I've been tossing around in my head the past couple days.

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